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Listing your latest played songs on your Web site

Audioscrobbler/ provides a useful service which tracks which songs you listen to on your PC. It collects this information and uses it to generate statistics about your musical interests. They provide an RSS feed so that you can get a regularly updated record of what you’re listening to, and FeedDigest means you can get this […]

Two bug fixes

Nothing exciting this week, but we’ve fixed two bugs which were causing some users a lot of inconvenience: Some ISPs were rejecting our queries for feeds as our requests were slightly malformed. 99.9% of feeds have worked perfectly, but some ISPs have very picky conditions set up to prevent security problems, and such. The FeedDigest […]

Yes, FeedDigest receives funding!

Yes, you heard it here.. last. News has a funny way of leaking out when you’re in the Web industry, so it’ll be news to many, but not to some. FeedDigest has received funding and is proud to take its place in the Curious Office incubation partnership. You can read our official press release if […]

Using FeedDigest and Blogger to make a photo gallery

Some people’s creativity never fails to surprise me. This guy has worked out how to use Blogger and FeedDigest to create a photo album site. Smart!

Help Raise $1 Million for Katrina Victims

Not FeedDigest related, but something we want to promote. Did you see Million Dollar Home yet? A 21-year-old British guy is selling pixels of advertising space for $1 each, and has already made enough to pay for his university course. Well, now it’s gone one step further and you can buy pixels at a […]

FeedDigest consultants

Are you a proficient webmaster with basic PHP and HTML skills looking for new clients? It’s slow at the moment, but we are beginning to get people asking for help with installing FeedDigest on their sites. While we aim for FeedDigest to be easy for anyone to install, many people who aren’t techncially confident can […]

Contingency plans for Rita

Due to where we are on our development (as in, right near the start) our contingency plans aren’t quite up to the levels of Google or Microsoft just yet. We have multiple servers, but they’re all sitting in Houston (though in different buildings), or, as we’re saying today, the path of Hurricane Rita! We’re reasonably […]

Hurricane Rita and FeedDigest

FeedDigest’s servers are located in Houston, TX, which may be hit by Hurricane Rita on Saturday morning Central Daylight Time. The storm has shifted to the east somewhat, but staff have been evacuated none-the-less, with the data center being staffed by a large group of brave volunteers. Not being directly on the sea, there shouldn’t […]

Database migration complete

Phew, the database (very large!) has now been migrated to a very powerful machine, a nice dual Pentium 4 stacked up with CPUs and memory. The Web site, application, and server daemon are still on a different machine, and database access is being done across a network. The FeedDigest daemon will be moved to […]

Delay to crawling, and confirmed upgrade time

Today there was a delay in crawling, so some digests will seem a little behind the times. I’m running multiple crawlers to catch up now, and have learnt a good lesson in managing the crawl cache! I’m investigating and testing new options for the feed cache right now, and will have something ready for the […]