Database migration complete

Phew, the database (very large!) has now been migrated to a very powerful machine, a nice dual Pentium 4 stacked up with CPUs and memory. The Web site, application, and server daemon are still on a different machine, and database access is being done across a network. The FeedDigest daemon will be moved to a faster server soon too, but this is the first stage of the migration complete. We managed to do it without taking the Control Panel down at all, although if you were doing major work in there for a small four minute window, you may find your changes have been reverted. If so, we apologize!

FeedDigest performance will now be improved by quite a bit, but once we migrate the server daemon to a faster machine, it'll be positively flying. Now we can start using some of this extra power to deliver those features we've been promising like statistics and automatic digest generation!

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  1. U Rock admin!

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