Two bug fixes

Nothing exciting this week, but we've fixed two bugs which were causing some users a lot of inconvenience:

  • Some ISPs were rejecting our queries for feeds as our requests were slightly malformed. 99.9% of feeds have worked perfectly, but some ISPs have very picky conditions set up to prevent security problems, and such. The FeedDigest feed crawler has now been updated to a high standard and feeds which were being rejected before now appear to be retrieved correctly.
  • Some users have also reported that when using the "show only live items" feature, sometimes their digests appear blank. This occurred when a feed was unable to be fetched (due to network issues, slow remote site, feed is down, etc) and the FeedDigest crawler had already set the feed's items to be "not live" anticipating the live items to be renewed again in the crawl. We have now fixed this issue.