All about New Year Eve maintenance on FI

Dear FI users,

We are deeply sorry for letting you down on New Year Eve, but an unexpected thing has happened to FI Data Base recently. We are trying hard to sort the problem out and will keep you up-to-date.

Hope that it won't affect your plans much.

Best regards,
FI support team

Merry Christmas and Cheerful New Year!

Hi there!

Do you know that Christmas is almost here? We believe you do, because it is time to leave all those “business” thoughts behind and get yourself ready for the mysterious things to happen.

No matter either you get homesick and spend the holidays with your family every year or prefer traveling, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and Cheerful New Year!

Thank you for joining Feed Informer and staying with us. We are currently using your feedback (if you had no idea we need it, click here to share your mind) to develop a new version of the project (the details will be available as soon as it is launched). Besides we promise to become a better bloggers for you to know about our steps instead of guessing. :)

Well, here it is - the final countdown! Make sure you’ve got a wish to make! ;)

FI Support team

New Flash Templates

Dear Feed Informer users,

We are glad to introduce our new flash templates we were talking about some time ago.
Now you can make your feeds look exactly as you need it for your site design. You can find a new tab with detailed flash template settings in your digest settings menu.
We actually invite you to test this new option and comment on it.
Hope, you will enjoy our new adjustable flash templates!

FI Support team

Feed Informer logo removal

Dear FI users,
Starting today, there is a new setting availabe in your digest settings panel. This is a "logo removal" setting, new paid option. This option is already available, and you can make a payment for it, but the payment processing will start on Monday, next week.
Let me use an example: you have a digest and you want the logo removed from it. You can pay today, your payment will be processed on Monday and your digest will not have the logo. You can pay on Monday or any other day as well, of course.
Starting next week, payments will be processed in 24 hours. We added the payment option prematurely to make sure everyone who wants the logo removed has enough time to use the option before we start displaying those logos.
Please note also that if you had no logo before, you still need to pay for "logo removal" option to keep, well, this logo removed, and, if you pay before Monday, it will not appear at all.
And, of course, if you don't care about the logo, you don't need to do anything.
FI Team

Feed Informer logo removing

Dear Feed Informer users,

We are glad to announce we're launching the logo removal service.
According to the new scheme, anyone will be able to remove the Feed Informer logo from the digest bottom. From now on the logo removing will be paid per digest, regardless of the
account type.
In two weeks this new option will be introduced in your Digest Settings of
the user menu. At the same time Feed Informer logo will appear on every digest including
those that were hidden untill now.
We will also notify such subscribers via email.

Feed Informer Team

Feed Informer stability issue

Dear Feed Informer visitors,
As you're already aware, FI experiences stability problems for several days in a row. We have found the potential source of the problem and we need a few more days to monitor the site closely and fix the issue.
We know that you're aren't happy right now, that's understandable, but please let us find a permanent solution, we do not want to apply ASAP some kind of quick patch or workaround that will fail sooner or later.
Yours truly,
FI team

Maintenance message

Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that tomorrow, 3 June 2009, between 3 and 8 AM EDT, we will be shutting down the main database server for maintenance.

During this time all digests will be operational but not updating.

Please forgive the inconvenience.

Let’s discuss our development plans

Dear Feed Informer users,
today we would like to discuss with you Feed Informer future developments.

We get your recommendations and suggestions all the time, and using those comments we created a plan of changes to FI service. We would like to hear your opinion on this plan Read More »

Technical problems solved, new server about to speed up the service

Hello everyone,
We had some technical problems with Feed Informer servers during those two days, and we are glad to inform you that these problems are gone now.

Also, we plan to add a new extremely fast and powerful server to the system this week, and we expect a significant performance improvement once this addition is made.

Hopefully Feed Informer users' experience will be improved as well :)

Feed Informer team

Good news for all Feed Informer users!

Hello everyone,
We are glad to inform you that our project team decided to provide our users with nearly unlimited number of feeds per account:)!
Seriously, you can forget about the six feed limitation since you can create up to one hundred feeds. Yes, there's still limit, but we cannot remove it completely without putting server stability at risk. I sincerely hope that one hundred is more than enough even for advanced FI users.
Also, we plan to improve FI service in general, add features, provide e-mail based technical support and so on and so forth:)

and FI project team
p.s. You will hear more new names soon, and the project is about to change:)