Feed Informer logo removal

Dear FI users,
Starting today, there is a new setting availabe in your digest settings panel. This is a "logo removal" setting, new paid option. This option is already available, and you can make a payment for it, but the payment processing will start on Monday, next week.
Let me use an example: you have a digest and you want the logo removed from it. You can pay today, your payment will be processed on Monday and your digest will not have the logo. You can pay on Monday or any other day as well, of course.
Starting next week, payments will be processed in 24 hours. We added the payment option prematurely to make sure everyone who wants the logo removed has enough time to use the option before we start displaying those logos.
Please note also that if you had no logo before, you still need to pay for "logo removal" option to keep, well, this logo removed, and, if you pay before Monday, it will not appear at all.
And, of course, if you don't care about the logo, you don't need to do anything.
FI Team