Q: How long it takes for a new feed to update through Feed Informer?
It seems like my feed hasn’t updated in a long time.

A: Please make sure that the page where your widget is embedded is accessed on a regular basis, otherwise Feed Informer will not update widget's contents. For example, if you embed a widget into a test page that is not requested often (or not accessed at all), that widget won't update.
For advanced users: until your site has enough visitors to keep widgets up to date you might need to use a crontab job to access your widgets at regular intervals.

Q: I modified the source feed(s), but the widget is displaying old information.
A: An item of a digest is updated if at least one of the following fields if its source feed's item has been changed:

  1. Title
  2. Link
  3. PubDate

Please also note that data in a digest gets updated only when FI robots revisit its source feed(s), i.e. do not expect that widget will be updated immediately after the source feed has been edited. It may take up to 30 minutes (max) to update a widget, though it might get updated even in one minute.

Q: Pictures aren't displaying.
A: You should put
instead of
for HTML tags rendering.

Q: How to get the feed article link to open in a new window?
A: You should change
<a href="%URL%">%TITLE%</a> tag
<a href="%URL%" target="_blank">%TITLE%</a>

Q: Is it possible to edit a flash widget in terms of its width and length? It seems I can adjust the width of the actual box, but then the content inside i.e. the feed is not fully visible and cut off on both the left and right.
A: Unfortunately, right now it is not possible, maybe in future we'll get some flash editing feature.

Q: Is there an option to filter digest contents? I want posts only with particular key words to be shown.
A: Yes, there are two filters (AND and OR) you can use. They are available in the “Digest Properties” tab of every digest.
Use AND Filter to show items containing ALL the words mentioned. For example if you want to see only posts including both "blogging" AND "weblog", enter the following query in the AND Filter field: blogging weblog.
Use OR Filter to show items containing ANY of the words mentioned. For example if you want to see topics including words "blogging" OR "weblog", enter the following query in the OR Filter field: blogging weblog.

Q: Is it possible to remove "Feed Informer" logo from my widget?
A: The Logo can be removed through the settings of every digest, but it is a paid option: the fee is $50 a year for one digest.

Q: What are the benefits of the Premium Account subscription?
A: The main advantage of the subscription is the e-mail technical support. Besides, you will be able to create up to 1000 digests with 500 feeds per digest.
You can upgrade any minute through your account's Information tab. The fee is $100 per year.

Q: Why have I been charged for EXTENDED DOWNLOAD SERVICE, which I did not buy?
A: EXTENDED DOWNLOAD SERVICE is added to every purchase by default. It is done by the payment service and you can see the details here . Considering EXTENDED DOWNLOAD SERVICE is not required for purchasing Feed Informer logo removal or when upgrading to premium user, we advise you to delete this line from the cart before you proceed with the checkout.

Q: I purchased FI Logo removal/Premium account, but the digest/account is still not updated.
A: Please note that we check for payments and add the corresponding option manually. Thus we appreciate it if you could notify us about the purchase through our contact form at once. In case you make your payment on weekends or holidays, the changes are likely to be applied on the first working day.

Q: How to get Blogspot (Blogger) feeds working properly?
A: A solution to this issue is to use exclusively the RSS formatted feed generated by the Blogger system.
When adding feed to the digest, instead of the Atom formatted feed:
submit its RSS counterpart: