Why RSS Digest became FeedDigest

Richard MacManus has solicited opinions on the branding of RSS or 'feeds'. The comments are interesting, but go exactly as I'd expect. The term 'feed' is now ubiquitous and obvious, whereas 'RSS' is more arcane. Most people in the industry know what RSS is, but 'feed' is significantly more useful to be able to market the concept to end-users.

In renaming RSS Digest to FeedDigest, I took a number of things into consideration. First, companies like FeedBurner and Feedster were cropping up, whereas companies beginning with 'RSS' weren't to be seen. Secondly, FeedDigest deals with RSS and Atom (and soon OPML) so sticking solely to 'RSS' seemed short-sighted. Lastly, 'RSS' is technical jargon, whereas 'feed' or 'Web feed' has the ability to take the technology to the masses. Much like the invention of the term AJAX caused a whole industry to flourish, so shall 'Web feed'.