Paying customers to get their own servers

We've come to a decision on how we're going to organize our infrastructure for the next release of FeedDigest, and we wanted to give you a rough idea of how we see the transition occurring.

First off, we're setting up a beta site that will showcase aspects of our new interface and control panel. It will be based on the current FeedDigest "back end" though, so is really a beta of our new control panel and interface improvements. This is due this month.

At the same time we'll be setting up a second set of servers and rolling out a whole new backend.. a "FeedDigest 2", if you will. When we feel it's ready for action, we'll be moving the beta over to the new backend and migrating all paying customers to the new set of servers. We will also upgrade the first set of servers (for free users) to the new version.

This means paying users and 'free' users will be on separate servers, so that we can make sure the service paying customers receive is not impeded, while having the 'free' servers as a backup plan. We're not planning to ditch the free plans at all, quite the contrary, but we're also aware that paying customers do demand a certain added level of service, and by keeping two separate sets of FeedDigest servers, we can ensure performance is increased for everybody.