New version of Feed Informer is set to be released in a few days

The Feed Informer development team is happy to announce that the new version of the service is set to come out on Monday, July 01.

We have been working on it for quite a while, since we realized that the software architecture we used before essentially prohibited Feed Informer’s further development. On top of this, architecture deficiencies of the current version made it difficult to compensate the ever increasing load of our servers.

Thus we had no options other than to rework FI codebase almost completely. Now we have a strong foundation for the future service development, while maintenance costs should reduce significantly.

Despite the fact that visible changes is just the tip of the iceberg, here are some of the new features available right after the launch:

  • Widgets are introduced as a form of digest visual representation.
  • You can share your widgets with anyone, even if they have no account on Feed Informer.
  • Media content tags (such as those present in Yahoo's Media RSS, iTunes, Twitter or Google syndication) processing is now supported, several new tags (unrelated to media content) are introduced.
  • Source feeds statuses are tracked and available for user review.
  • Digest now can be cloned within the same user account.

Other new features will be implemented gradually over next months, we will keep you informed on these matters via our blog and forums. As always, we’ll be grateful if you share your thoughts of what else to be done to make Feed Informer better.

The most obvious change that will be available Monday is the new look and feel. We made sure that along with modern and stylish look FI’s user interface will be much more straightforward and easier to use.

We've spent months testing the new version, but the experience suggests that there is always a room for some bugs when it comes to real-life usage scenarios. If you encounter any bugs once the new version of Feed Informer is online please report them using our forums or contact form, and we’ll do our best to fix them ASAP.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to avoid service downtime during the switch to the new software, but we'll try to minimize it as much as possible.

We thank you for your understanding and apologize in advance for any inconveniences the switch may cause.

We've been working hard on the new Feed Informer and really hope that you'd get used to the new version pretty fast and appreciate all the new features we got in store for you.