New template tag to display the first item’s image is available

We are happy to announce that two more template tags are available:


Both tags search for the first <img> HTML tag occurence in description/summary and content sections respectively, and return the processed img tag, with basic attributes kept intact, for example:

<img src="picture.gif" height="300" width="200" alt="Sample" class="feed_informer_first_image" />

Predefined class "feed_informer_first_image" is assigned to each image to make it easier to style them as you wish.

These template tags are best used in combination with plain text tags, such as %DESCRIPTIONPLAIN,100WORD% or %CONTENTENCODEDPLAIN%.

To make images in your widget look like thumbnails, we recommend using CSS abilities to resize images proportionally, for example:

div#widget1 img.feed_informer_first_image
	width: 150px;
	height: auto;
	border: none;

Our thanks for the idea go to Lee from TalkWarGaming.