New template tag – COUNTER

Want to number each item in your digest? A few people have asked for this over the past few weeks, so we've added a tag to do it. Just edit your digest's template and include the %COUNTER% tag. It'll start from 1 and work up to however many posts are in the digest. This isn't useful for everyone, but if you need this feature, it's now available :)

If you want to suggest any other tags we should implement, please do so here.


  1. Isn’t this also possible wrapping your items in ol tags, with li’s for each one?


    Posted June 8, 2007 at 3:42 pm | Permalink
  2. In theory, but the real utility of the %COUNTER% tag is for using in CSS IDs and class names so you can style, say, the first item in a digest in a different way, etc.

    Posted June 8, 2007 at 6:33 pm | Permalink