More blog mentions

Something I've learned about tools like Technorati and Feedster is that, well, they really don't track blog mentions that well after all. Feed Digest has had a lot more coverage than these tools have reported to me..That said, here are some recent blog mentions of note:

Thanks guys! (I am now trying some slightly different searches and tools to look for citations, I'll report on any results!)

Added 2 hours later.. well done to Feedster and Scott Rafer for being on the ball and commenting here. I've now been checking Feedster's look at my citations, and they're pretty good. Perhaps I'll have to start recommending them over Technorati. A bit of a shame as I love Technorati's new cute look, but.. it's all about the results. Off to try IceRocket in further depth too now..


  1. How do you think we fell down on the job? Let me know and we’ll try to fix it.

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  2. My various watchlists haven’t been giving me all of the mentions I’ve been forwarded, told about, or that I’ve found independently via Google. They’ve come up with some of them (less than half), but overall they have been lacking. This has surprised me since most of the mentions are on blogs, which these services should be watching like a hawk.

    I am removing Feedster from my post, however, as I just noticed I didn’t subscribe to the Feedster feed for this! I’ve been using Technorati and PubSub, so a correction is in order. I’ve now added Feedster’s equivalent to my feed reader, and shall see if it gives me better results. Thanks for posting!

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  3. icerocket has just launched code for a ‘linking posts’ link to be displayed on a blog. This has turned up a few links I wasnt aware of from Technorati etc

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  4. Peter-

    I think one problem you might be having with your SE’s is the difference in the search term feeddigest compared with feed digest…… That is why I emailed you last week about your “branding” campaign…. This makes a huge difference in results….

    In the end, your site rocks! People will find it…..


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  5. Apologies if I didn’t understand it correctly, because I don’t think it’s a problem with the SEs in regards to the TERM since that term appears in the PT, KW, and Description as feed digest. But of course it could be feeddigest or feed-digest or feed-di-gest in the FN. It doesn’t matter there if your web building tools support “fractionaliizing” the term;-) “-” is better than “_”.

    I searched Google using both feeddigest and feed digest. The result for the first term gave me this site at the first (top) of 67,800 sites. The second gave me this site in the second place out of 8,000,000 WOW.

    But when you search using the reversal of the term you’ll find this site first at Technorati tag at point 18 out of 8,040,000 pointed out as this: Peter Cooper in the UK has just launched Feed Digest, the successor to the very
    popular RSS…. Peter, are you Peter Cooper? This could be my first time here;-)

    Hope this will give you all an idea.


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