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RSS Digest provides digests in HTML and JavaScript format. You can include the HTML format with a PHP include or IFRAME, or simply view it direct in your browser. The JavaScript format allows anyone to include a digest on any page using a <SCRIPT> JavaScript include. Feed Digest, on the other hand, supports HTML and JavaScript, as before, but has a few new output formats:

RSS! Yes, you can fetch a digest in RSS format. Your template won't apply, but each item in your digest will be in an RSS feed. This is particularly useful if your digest mixes multiple feeds together, as you can then subscribe to the new feed in your favorite aggregator. It means you can consolidate your feeds into one single "digest" feed, or use it like a Technorati Watchlist in conjunction with the "global search" feature discussed in the last post. No more need for!

Atom. You might not be keen on RSS, so you can also fetch a digest in Atom format. This could also come in useful if you want to convert RSS to Atom, as you can supply an RSS feed as your digest's main source, and then pull an Atom feed back out again.. or vice versa!

WAP. Want to be able to read your digest from a mobile phone? You can do just that with Feed Digest's WAP output support. - Actually, this needs to be perfected, so will be available after a few weeks.

So, what other formats would you like?

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  1. Hi, I’d implanted my digest on my website.. but I would like to display items inline rather than in block… css doesn’t allow me to do it.. I think because in some of your code might say block.. could you tell me please if there is the possibility of make them inline?

    Thanks a lot


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