FeedDigest search system disabled for non subscribers

As you may know, FeedDigest is gearing up for a relaunch and rearchitecture in the next month. One major part of this is that the concept of query and search based feeds is going. They're impractical to maintain and significantly slow down our systems, disturbing service for everybody. This does not include external feeds which are based on searches, such as those from Google News, Yahoo, NOAA, etc.. it means feeds using FeedDigest's internal search only. So if you're using external services, your feeds will still work fine.

This is not going to win us any brownie points, but effectively immediately we are deactivating all query / search based digests. These make up only 2.2% of all digests, and if you don't know what they are, you're probably not using them! We are still allowing paying subscribers to use this feature until it is superceded by our new query system, launching in a few weeks' time, so if you're a paying subscriber, do not worry! We will be attempting to seamlessly migrate your digests when the time comes.

We suggest to users that a temporary solution is to use Google Blog Search, Technorati, Feedster, IceRocket, and Yahoo Search with your chosen search parameters, and then feed the resulting feeds into FeedDigest. That way you get the same results, but with less hassle and a much wider group of sources.

Again, we apologize, but this is a necessary growing pain in order to keep our service working well. It affects only 2% of digests and only for free users.

(Added 16 Feb 2006: Free users may now recreate or readd search terms to their feeds if they wish.)