Autodiscovery; WAP support; Feed suggestions; more upgrades

Some upgrades to FeedDigest today.

Feed autodiscovery. If you put a regular Web page URL into any of the boxes on FeedDigest now, it'll try to work out if that page has an associated RSS or Atom feed with it, and if so, it'll let you know what the URLs for the feeds are. Makes life simpler!

Cellphone / WAP support (beta). On top of HTML, JavaScript, PHP, RSS, and Atom (hybrid 0.3/1.0) output, we now offer WML output. Just change your digest's URL to have .wml on the end, or find the WAP / WML link for your digest in your Control Panel. WML is the Wireless Markup Language and is used by almost all cellphones which can get Internet access. So, if you want to check out your feed or digest while you're on the move, you can now do so! It's in beta, so please, please, please let us know of any issues with it.

Feed suggestions (beta). Perhaps you're not a clued-up technogeek like some of our visitors and you want us to find some cool feeds for you. Our new suggestion feature (also in beta) lets you search for feeds that cover the subjects you're interested in. Give it a spin by looking for blogs related to Google, politics, or Boston. Again, it's in pretty early beta, so expect the unexpected. Work continues.

Expect a lot more upgrades over the next week including statistics and click tracking for your feeds (yes, for free). I also plan on tidying up the two aforementioned features, as well as add a facility for you to mark certain feeds as 'private' (currently there is no assumption of privacy of feeds or feed items - but your personal data are totally safe).