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ResearchBuzz and rights issues

August 3, 2005 – 4:20 pm

One of my most respected sources, ResearchBuzz, has reviewed FeedDigest. You can trust Tara to tell it like it is, and she holds no punches. Her points are valid, although most have valid background reasons I had to rationalize during the development. Still, I’ll be taking it on board and making the user experience even […]

Automatic upgrade now open!

August 3, 2005 – 3:45 pm

You can now upgrade your FeedDigest account without having to e-mail me. It should all be automatic once payment has been processed. If not, you can always e-mail me, but it seems good. I’m letting it slide out slowly and without too much fanfare so that I can see how it goes. So, if you’ve […]

“Live items” only; more encodings

August 3, 2005 – 3:02 pm

Show Only Live Items.. Feed Digest archives the feeds it crawls. This means that even if a feed no longer contains a certain entry, if it once contained that entry, we still have it on record. This can come in handy if you’re running a large digest with feeds which update very regularly. It’s not […]

Nice quotes

August 3, 2005 – 5:25 am

"Feed Digest is by far the one tool that is going to blow all the others away" – Library Clips ".. another gee-whiz step forward in how I experience the net[.]" – "If you have a website, you must try FeedDigest!" – Nick Gray "It has all the features I’d been waiting for … […]

More mentions

August 3, 2005 – 12:38 am

A review from iMakeContent, an annoucement from PakPromo, a mention in a really cool Italian blog, a Chinese review from Ken Lee (anyone translate?), some nice words from heyblog, and Nick Gray calls me a one-man design rock star! Thanks guys! Now I’m waiting for the bigger, slower weblogs to catch up :) They get […]

Dupe filter

August 2, 2005 – 4:14 am

You can now change an option on your digests so that duplicate posts are automatically removed for you. You can choose to have items with either dupliate titles (post names) or duplicate URLs removed. This feature is available to everyone immediately, and if you edit your existing digests you can turn it on, though, by […]

Chinese digesters rejoice

August 2, 2005 – 4:13 am

GB2312 encoded output is now an option on your digests. Just edit your digest (or create a new one, if you haven’t yet) and select GB2312 from the character encoding drop down. I’ve been surprised how many Chinese users Feed Digest has accrued over the past few days.. we must have been mentioned on a […]

Want a free upgrade?

August 2, 2005 – 12:24 am

Want to upgrade but don’t want to spend the cash? I’ll upgrade you to the Basic plan ($11.95 value) for free in return for a review on your blog or site. A lot of webmasters have benefited from our free accounts, but if you want to get a better account for free, sending a few […]

Micro-banners / promo buttons

July 31, 2005 – 1:40 am

Several users have asked if we have any graphics available that they can use to link to us with. We do now! These are also linked from our PromoButtons documentation page and will be kept updated there. We do prefer that you save these and use them by uploading them to your own Web space […]

Now 5 digests for free

July 31, 2005 – 1:16 am

I’ve upgraded all free accounts from having a maximum of 3 digests to a maximum of 5 digests. Enjoy! Other upgrades include an increase from 10 max feeds per digest to 12 on the Basic package, and the Pro package moves up to 150 digests and 100 feeds per digest max. I guess the next […]