» n-Track Studio v9.1.5 Beta Build 4389 Released
02/09/21 16:00 from n-Track Studio changes log
New nEfx Arpeggiator MIDI effect [New Feature] New nEfx Dynamic EQ effect [New Feature] New nEfx Lo-Fi noise generator [New Feature] Periodic shapes for automation nodes (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth) [New Feature] Record automations...

» 5 Things You Never Knew Reformer Pro Could Do For You
01/09/21 16:54 from Krotos
Reformer Pro allows you to perform your sound design creatively and with limitless flexibility. Matthew Collings, our Head of Product, demonstrates 5 super useful tips in Reformer Pro that are guaranteed to fuel your creativity! The post...

» TIM AKERS (1962-2021)
31/08/21 13:32 from Hammond USAHammond USA
Devastated by the passing of our Hammond Brother TIM AKERS. A total virtuoso, and the nicest guy you could meet. He played with Rascal Flatts and Vince Gill, among others,

» How to play chords on a bass guitar?
27/08/21 12:19 from Guitar Pro 6's blog - Arobas Music
Studying chords on the bass will certainly help you make a lot of progress, in the broadest sense of the word! Learn more about this technique from professional bassist Bruno Tauzin, teacher, and author of numerous bass methods. Chord pl...

» Audio Director Steve Whetman Reveals How He Performed The Predator “Clicks”
27/08/21 08:42 from Krotos
Steve Whetman was able to get hold of the Predator recording session from the original tape! Once added and analysed by Reformer Pro he was able to perform Predator for the game whilst maintaining that authentic Peter Cullen sound! The p...

» 10 essential strumming patterns for guitar
26/08/21 14:53 from Guitar Pro 6's blog - Arobas Music
Playing the right strumming pattern with the right feeling on guitar is not an easy task at all! In this article, discover where to start and how to get better at it. Then practice these 10 rhythm patterns from great pop songs. Let’...

» Weaponiser GIVEAWAY!
26/08/21 08:03 from Krotos
We're giving fans of Krotos the chance to win Weaponiser. With Weaponiser you'll have weapons, footsteps, whooshes, impacts… any sound at your fingertips! The post Weaponiser GIVEAWAY! appeared first on Krotos .

» We Have A Winner! Dehumaniser 2 Giveaway August 2021
25/08/21 12:50 from Krotos
We recently ran a giveaway, giving sound designers and fans of Krotos the chance to win Dehumaniser 2, our powerful vocal processor for designing complex vocal sound effects and processing dialogue. The number of entrants was incredible ...

» How to Sound Design Water Movement Using Reformer Pro
23/08/21 10:07 from Krotos
In this video James David Redding III demonstrates just how quickly and easily you can create water movement sounds using Reformer Pro. A task that would be laborious using more traditional methods, becomes fun and performable. The post ...

» SALE 40% OFF Reformer Pro
19/08/21 10:47 from Krotos
Don't miss out on this incredible offer! A huge 40% off Reformer Pro, our unique ‘sound design instrument’, that transforms pre-recorded audio files into performable sound effect libraries. The post SALE 40% OFF Reformer Pro appeared fir...

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