» Hospitals told to brace for double wave of Covid and child infections
16/06/21 17:07 from Channel 4 News
At the same time the third wave of severe Covid cases is likely to peak in hospitals, in early August, NHS leaders are also predicting a national wave of Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV infections.

» FactCheck: Hancock claims about care home lists don’t add up
16/06/21 13:16 from Channel 4 News
The Health Secretary said the government didn't have a list of all the elderly care homes in England.

» What are the Delta variant symptoms?
15/06/21 23:00 from BBC News - Health
The Delta variant of Covid-19, first identified in India, has changed how the virus is spreading.

» Covid-19: 'Immunisation moving us to a better place everyday'
15/06/21 08:23 from BBC News - Health
Prof Adam Finn says he understands why people need dates to hold on to but "this is a process".

» Covid: Lockdown easing in England delayed to 19 July
14/06/21 21:40 from BBC News - Health
Most remaining curbs on social contact will continue - but the cap on wedding guests will be lifted.

» Covid-19: Vaccine booster study begins in Cambridge
14/06/21 15:24 from BBC News - Health
The Cov-Boost study is testing seven vaccines to see which works best as a third dose.

» Covid-19: Hospital data key to 21 June lockdown end, says Raab
13/06/21 16:39 from BBC News - Health
Dominic Raab says the decision depends on breaking the link between cases and hospital admissions.

» G7 leaders pledge 1bn doses of vaccines for poorer countries - Johnson
13/06/21 13:47 from BBC News - Health
G7 leaders pledge one billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines for poorer countries, says PM Boris Johnson.

» Covid-19: 'We will have a substantial third wave'
13/06/21 09:12 from BBC News - Health
Sage scientist warns opening up too soon would "fan the flames" of a third wave of coronavirus.

» Vaccinating children against Covid-19
11/06/21 23:00 from BBC News - Health
Ros Atkins on the debate about giving Pfizer vaccine to children aged 12-15.

» FactCheck Q&A: how much good will the G7 vaccine pledge do? 
11/06/21 16:37 from Channel 4 News
Campaigners have accused rich countries of doing too little, too late to stop the spread of the pandemic around the world.

» FactCheck: how many care home outbreaks were caused by hospital patients?
11/06/21 09:27 from Channel 4 News
Matt Hancock said the "best estimate" was 1.6% - but there's key data missing.

» Covid-19: Could a third wave change 21 June plans in England?
07/06/21 17:05 from BBC News - Health
Rising coronavirus cases have called the planned 21 June relaxing of rules in England into question.

» Coronavirus: Intensive care and other key terms explained
03/05/20 00:06 from BBC News - Health
Use our tool to check the meaning of key words and phrases associated with the Covid-19 outbreak.

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