Jul 4 All-Out War of Annihilation
A massive new war has erupted between Goonswarm and TEST that will draw in a number of alliances too. This is the MAXimum Damage (2008), Fountain War (2013), and WWB (2016) combined, drawing from characteristics of both, but unlike those wars, thi...
Jul 4 New Eden Podcast #102 – Last flight
Alles hat ein Ende, jedes Schiff stirbt irgendwann wann, jede Station geht mal der Sprit aus und auch bei uns ist es nun der Zeitpunkt gekommen an dem wir uns das letzte mal ans Mikrofon setzen. Nach ewigem gequängel und generve hat Alex es gescha...
Jun 28 197: Hoes Over Bros
“80% of our CSM voting WH audience prefers hoes to bros.” http://www.declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/dow197.mp3 Download Link -World War Chappy aka ChappyFest aka best and most bittersweet birthday party in New Eden History -Contract ...
Jun 28 05: Eve North Throwback
Eve North would have been this week, but was unfortunately canceled for COVID.  Instead we are joined by the organizers to share stories from last year's event.
Jun 27 Chappy’s Wrecking Machine
Chappy78 got terrible news his cancer had returned and he would have to leave EVE Online to fight it. For birthday and he wanted to see one last a major fight. Tentyfour hours later more than 2,000 players piked into one system to destroy each oth...
Jun 25 Pando with Asher Elias & Kendarr (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Asher Elias & Kendarr (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
Jun 20 Vily withdraws from Imperial Legacy Pact
Fleet commanders; Pando, Vily, Killah Bee, Hy Wanto discuss the recent events in Pure Blind and the end of Imperial Legacy. Vily sets a timeline of 2 weeks to withdraw Legacy Coalition from the Non-Invasion Pact with the Imperium. The Imperium dec...
Jun 20 04: Banter Night
A bit light on news this week so we tangent where the Tito's takes us.
Jun 18 Pando talks with Jin’taan (FC Chat Series)
Pando sits down to talk with FC and former CSM Jin’taan (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
Jun 14 196: Insecurity
“I don’t see this shifting the nullsec meta” http://www.declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/dow196.mp3 Download link -CSM15 election results -Player support for Triglavian invasion turning several highsec systems into lowsec! -Early...
Jun 13 Who is Kenneth Feld?
Who is Kenneth Feld?
Jun 13 03: CSM 15 Elected
The Council of Stellar Management 15 has been revealed: Brisc Rubal, Gobbins, Innominate, Kenneth Feld, Maria Taylor, Merkelchan, Mike Azariah, Phantomite, Torvald Uruz, Vily.  We chat about the results.
Jun 11 Pando’s CSM 15 Post-Election Celebration
Pando talks with the winners of the CSM15 Election moments after their victories on a live results stream from CCP. (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
Jun 6 Forsaken Fortress Massacre
We meet Sully, the leader of a small band of marauders that stumble upon the biggest payday in EVE Online's history, a four trillion ISK loot drop from a forsaken fortress.
Jun 6 02: EDENCOM Review
We are joined by CCP Convict and progodlegend to discuss the new EDENCOM ships coming out June 15 and the Triglavian invasion.
Jun 4 Pando with Jeronyx & WaTeR Ubersnol (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Jeronyx & WaTeR Ubersnol (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
Jun 4 Alek’s CSM15 Ballot
With protests against police violence sweeping the country and being met all too often by more police violence, it has been difficult to maintain my usual enthusiasm for spaceship politics. But it’s still very important to vote for CSM and &...
Jun 2 CSM15 Candidate Roundtable 2
http://www.declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/CSM2020p2.mp3 Download Link -Featuring Brisc Rubal, Darius Caliente, Dhuras, and Phantomite -Topics: Conflict Drivers, QoL changes, Structure iteration, Alliance level income, and more! VOTING IS LIVE!!!
May 31 01: Channel Premiere
We have launched the new Twitch channel: www.twitch.tv/OpenCommsShow ! This week we discuss the upcoming CSM elections along with watching some of the candidates' promotion videos.  CSM candidates (including the hosts) are Blazingbunny, Brisc...
May 30 CSM15 Candidate Roundtable 1
http://www.declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/CSM2020p1.mp3 Download Link -The all M edition featuring Meredith en Thielles, Mike Azariah, and Murray Rothbardo -Topics: Not-New-Player Retention, the CSM and EVE’s storyline, and Logistics balance
May 30 CCP’s Invasion Design Team
CCP drops in to talk all about the Invasions and how they were created. Guests: CCP Burger CCP Goodfella CCP Coyote CCP Sledgehammer TIS Crew: January Valentine (Producer) Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion]) Fonsui (Signal Cartel ...
May 28 Pando with Cainan & Murray Rothbardo (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Cainan & Murray Rothbardo (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
May 23 Invasion Phase 3
A look at the new Invasion entering EVE Online this month, with help from ARC members Makoto and DutchGunner. Guests: Makoto Priano (Coordinator Emeritus of [Arataka Research Consortium]) DutchGunner (CEO and Founder of Circle of Abyss [FC for Ara...
May 21 Pando with Baltrom & Phantomite (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Baltrom & Phantomite (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
May 20 195: Viral Content feat. Laevateinn and Kravma
Stay home. Wear masks. Keep your distance. Disinfect. http://www.declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/dow195.mp3 Download Link -Laevateinn and Kravma return for this jam packed episode! -Laev, MD reports from the front lines of the NHS’s effort ...
May 16 Shadoo and MisterVee
Legendary fleet commanders Shadoo (Pandemic Legion) and MisterVee (Goonswarm) recall battles of old with Hedliner and Vily.
May 14 Pando and Hanzo Viper (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Hanzo Viper (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
May 9 UAxDEATH and Grath Return to EVE
UAxDEATH, Grath, JSilva return to EVE Online, While Olmeca Gold takes a break from the game. Guests UAxDEATH (The xDEATHx Squadron [Legion of xXDEATHXx]) Major JSilva (4S Corporation [Goonswarm Federation]) Grath Telkin (Akkoro [Ocularis Inferno])...
May 7 Pando with Brookss & Vertiso (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Brookss & Vertiso (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
May 7 194: CSM14 Summit Minutes
http://www.declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/dow194.mp3 Download Link In which Alek, Andy, and Artimus dive DEEP and HARD into the recently released CSM Summit minutes. Download the minutes for yourself: https://web.ccpgamescdn.com/aws/community/CS...
May 2 The Abyssal Life
Explore Abyssal space with two experts, Fonsui and Torvald.
Apr 30 Pando and Tau AD (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Tau AD (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
Apr 28 Martin Lockheart of the Lockheart Trading Company
Martin Lockheart of the Lockheart Trading Company
Apr 25 Valasius and KiithSoban on the State of Low Security Space
The Current State of Low Security Space according to Valasius from Dock Workers, and KiithSoban from Ushra’Khan. Memorial message for former Brave leader Lychton Kondur.
Apr 23 Pando with Fu1crum (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Fu1crum (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
Apr 22 Julianus Soter on Faction War Updates
Check in with Julianus Soter post CCP Faction War updates and changes. Appearing: Silver Suspiria (Mecha Enterprises Fleet [Federation Uprising]) Julianus Soter (Leader GMVA) Off camera: Content Guide: How did the Champions of Low Sec event impact...
Apr 18 An Empire Space War and TDSIN joins INIT
Captator talks about the troubles in high sec against PIRAT, and the leader of The Dark Space Initiative talks about their move to Initiative Alliance. Guests: Captator (Empire Assault Corp [Dead Terrorists]) ExookiZ (The Dark Space Initiative [In...
Apr 16 Pando with John Hartley and Ultra Cow (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with John Hartley and Ultra Cow (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando)
Apr 13 193: Resistance is Futile feat. Brisc Rubal
“Well well well, the tables have turned.” http://www.declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/dow193.mp3 Download Link -Best Guests Andy Astronaut and Brisc Rubal return for a jam packed show -Noir. Academy EU edition is now recruiting! Apply ...
Apr 12 Resistance is Futile feat. Brisc Rubal
Apr 11 Surgical Strike
A review of the Surgical Strike patch that will be released on April 15th with experts. Appearing: Matterall Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthenasia [Pandemic Legion]) Carneros (Ancient Hittite Corporation [The Bastion]) Pandoralica (DEFCON. [The Init...
Apr 9 Pando with CCP Rise (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with CCP Rise (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando) April 10, 2020
Apr 9 2019 Black Mark Awards summary
If you missed our episode revealing the winners of last year’s Black Mark Awards, catch it here. But for posterity, here’s a list of the winners of each category: -FC of the Year: Pando -Doctrine of the Year: Stukas -Best Game Update: ...
Apr 7 Recking Crew and FEDUP
Recking Crew and FEDUP
Apr 4 Eclipse, Serenity and Ecology – CCP Ratati and Goodfella
CCP Ratati and CCP Goodfella show up to talk about Eclipse, the third and final chapter of the Triglavian invasions. Appearing: Matterall Elise Randolph (Habitual Euthenasia [Pandemic Legion])  RonUSMC (Dreddit [Test Alliance Please Ignore]) CCP G...
Apr 4 Tournament Play (EVE Universe)
EVE Universe Podcast returns to spend chat and try to avoid being scrammed by DTM135, streamer, and the orchestrator of EVE-CS. Will our noob survive his time with the “B-Team?” Ashterothi – Twitch Streamer – Commander of Convocation of Empyreans ...
Apr 4 Pando with Hedliner (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Hedliner (Audio from live recording on https://www.twitch.tv/zehpando) April 5, 2020
Mar 31 Homefield Advantage
Home defense and offense in the post blackout era.
Mar 31 192: Sweeps Week feat. Andy Astronaut
“Transitioning from one area of space CCP has long neglected but recently changed a little to another…” http://www.declarationsofwar.com/episodemp3/dow192.mp3 Download Link -Carrying 3 Black Mark Awards in tow, Andy Astronaut joi...
Mar 28 The Terrifying League of Dog Fort
We talk to Cainun from The Terrifying League of Dog Fort. They describe why they shutdown Liberty Squad SIG, left the Imperium. Now they are fighting in Vale of the Silent. 
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