Sep 28 18: We Require More Minerals
Sorry for the low volume in the first 2 minutes, had a small sound issue. (It's just early banter so you can skip to 2 min in) Long episode this week as we had lots to cover: Japanese localization, harder Project Discovery, Rolling Thunder patch i...
Sep 26 Mineral Scarcity
Significant mineral redistribution changes are coming to EVE. CCP announces that in October, mineral based asteroids will no longer be found everywhere. They will instead be in specific places.
Sep 24 201: Don’t Call it a Comeback
Get your swag on -The latest on WWB2 including: The Reclamation of Fountain, the Trenches of Querious, and the new southern front of Period Basis promised by the Anaconda Coalition -Noir.’s continuing role in the conflict via recaps of sever...
Sep 23 17: Redemption
New tier 0 and 6 abyssal sites. The thicc Aeon is brought back to normal. Next Proving grounds, 4 player tech 1 cruiser free-for-all. Upcoming Rolling Thunder update will rebalance EDENCOM ships, some Fax and black ops. CCP announces changes to ba...
Sep 19 Crossing the Rubicon (49-UQU)
Dunk returns and blesses the "Anaconda Coalition" name while marking the crossing of the Rubicon. The Invading forces mark this turning point in the war. The construction of Delve begins, according to PAPI aka Anaconda Coalition.
Sep 16 16: GM Week
After a bit of remembrance for 9/11 we talk Empires of Eve 2. Quantum Cores are now live, and this week starts GM Week.
Sep 12 War Logistics
Today we'll review the weeks news for both the game and the players. Later in the program, we take a look at the alliance logistics' role. Our guest is Industrialist Dunk Dinkle. He is a member of Brave Newbies and the sub coalition "Voltron."
Sep 8 15: Eve Quantum
Best skin bundle pack for 2020 released as well as the next Proving Grounds event. Quantum cores for citadels announced.
Sep 5 Quantum Cores and Missions
What to know about the Quantum Cores for structures. Meet Hateless, the master of missioning in EVE Online.
Sep 3 Network Effects #2 Sept. 2020
Aug 31 14: Good Guys
The Dreaded Collective patch is now live as well as the next Proving Grounds (5v5 corvettes). New MER was released. We discuss Asher's post on Goons being the current good guys in Eve.
Aug 29 Niarja Star-system Invaded, Now What?
How important was Niarja to Empire space, and what does a post Niarja world look like? That and much more on this episode of TIS Weekender.
Aug 26 13: Power Node
New Thursday talk show Lasers and Lace premiered last week. Niarja try null life and Imperium Keepstar saved by a node crash.
Aug 23 200: The Roast of Alekseyev Karrde
Aug 22 Niarja and the Silk Road
Niarja system loses security and becomes too dangerous to pass through, ultimately breaking the trade route between Jita and Amarr.
Aug 19 12: Echoes
Eve Echoes has been released, new patch, and storms are now live (with a couple nerfs).
Aug 15 Y-2 Bomber Victory – Talking In Stations
Bombing Fleet Commander Dabigredboat of Goonswarm is the key to stunning victory for his alliance. With help from SisterBliss of Initiative, Boat sinks nearly 200 Raven battleships and saves the Keeepstar armor timers, setting PAPI forces back.
Aug 15 Network Effects #1
Aug 10 199: And Now The Weather feat. Phantomite and Loroseco Kross
“The intent looks like it’s to make life more difficult and dangerous” Download link -CSM winner Phantomite and WH CSM hopeful Loroseco join us for a spirited discussion of t...
Aug 9 11: Storm Warning
Foundation Day along with the next iteration of the Proving Grounds: 3v3 Imperial Navy Slicers.  Major news is the announcement of upcoming storm systems that will roam New Eden.
Aug 8 Boat Un-anchors in Delve
High-flying show as longtime Goonswarm FC DeBigRedBoat (Boat) gets us up to speed on the Imperium's strategy for the war, Hedliner expresses big opposition to Metaliminal Storm feature. Cable and Vily discuss Tranquility Trade Tower and collusion.
Aug 8 The Anoikis Connection
Tiberius Inkunen brings together wormhole specialists from various corporations on this first episode of The Anoikis Connection.  Captator, Stitch, Loroseco, Sin Alarma, Mortarian      
Aug 3 10: Command
Dylana and Ivy join us as we get to the next round of Proving Grounds with 5 pilot destroyer free for all.  Also command ships get some boosts.
Aug 1 Fountain Falls, The Alliance Open
We review the fall of Fountain as PAPI forces drive Imperium into Delve. The guys from EVE_NT tell us about the Alliance Open PVP Tournament. Ithica's EVE Map.
Jul 27 09: Memorial
The memorial to fallen players was deployed. We are joined by Ivy and Dylana who also bring up plans for next year Toronto and New Orleans meets. 
Jul 27 198: Soloing
“Boy this show goes fast when you have no cohosts…” Download Link -The first ever solo edition of DoW as Alek goes it alone -WWB2 update -Noir.’s contract and activity ...
Jul 25 Grand Theft Ammo
The invasion of Delve continues with sov changes in Fountain. Provibloc breaks up as CVA moves out of their traditional home, Providence. New wrinkle in Triglavian war. Tridget of Iron Armada steals a bunch of bombs from Imperium structures.
Jul 21 08: Proving Grounds
Proving Grounds are live, the war continues, and Zenith is on the horizon. YouTube URL for the trailer if you need it:
Jul 18 Provi Bloc, Relic of the Past
Are providence sov holders known as "Provi Bloc" finally calling it quits in the face of changing time? Has the Super capital meta brought doom to their way of life? We talk to Provi and their enemies. Please excuse some technical problems.
Jul 13 Quadrant 3: Zenith (CCP Devs)
Talking in Stations plays host to CCP on their Twitch channel for a conversation about Quadrant 3
Jul 12 o7: Return of the Grath
The war has brought some familiar faces back to Eve. Grath and Hedliner both join us to discuss the war and anything else we tangent onto.
Jul 12 06: Happy 4th
Hope those in the States had a good July 4th and those in Canada a good Canada Day on the 1st!  New updates coming later in July we get into as well as some awful Country Roads singing. Sorry.
Jul 11 EVE’s World War (World War Bee II)
It’s official, Laz and Grath named the war. PL’s Hedliner, Elise, and Kenneth Feld talk about the war with Imperium’s Laz and Grath. Speakers Laz Telraven Hedliner Grath Telkin Kenneth Feld Matterall, Elise Randolph, MacCloud Top...
Jul 9 Pando with Lazarus Telraven & Kendarr (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Lazarus Telraven & Kendarr (Audio from live recording on
Jul 4 All-Out War of Annihilation
A massive new war has erupted between Goonswarm and TEST that will draw in a number of alliances too. This is the MAXimum Damage (2008), Fountain War (2013), and WWB (2016) combined, drawing from characteristics of both, but unlike those wars, thi...
Jul 4 New Eden Podcast #102 – Last flight
Alles hat ein Ende, jedes Schiff stirbt irgendwann wann, jede Station geht mal der Sprit aus und auch bei uns ist es nun der Zeitpunkt gekommen an dem wir uns das letzte mal ans Mikrofon setzen. Nach ewigem gequängel und generve hat Alex es gescha...
Jun 28 197: Hoes Over Bros
“80% of our CSM voting WH audience prefers hoes to bros.” Download Link -World War Chappy aka ChappyFest aka best and most bittersweet birthday party in New Eden History -Contract ...
Jun 28 05: Eve North Throwback
Eve North would have been this week, but was unfortunately canceled for COVID.  Instead we are joined by the organizers to share stories from last year's event.
Jun 27 Chappy’s Wrecking Machine
Chappy78 got terrible news his cancer had returned and he would have to leave EVE Online to fight it. For birthday and he wanted to see one last a major fight. Tentyfour hours later more than 2,000 players piked into one system to destroy each oth...
Jun 25 Pando with Asher Elias & Kendarr (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Asher Elias & Kendarr (Audio from live recording on
Jun 20 Vily withdraws from Imperial Legacy Pact
Fleet commanders; Pando, Vily, Killah Bee, Hy Wanto discuss the recent events in Pure Blind and the end of Imperial Legacy. Vily sets a timeline of 2 weeks to withdraw Legacy Coalition from the Non-Invasion Pact with the Imperium. The Imperium dec...
Jun 20 04: Banter Night
A bit light on news this week so we tangent where the Tito's takes us.
Jun 18 Pando talks with Jin’taan (FC Chat Series)
Pando sits down to talk with FC and former CSM Jin’taan (Audio from live recording on
Jun 14 196: Insecurity
“I don’t see this shifting the nullsec meta” Download link -CSM15 election results -Player support for Triglavian invasion turning several highsec systems into lowsec! -Early...
Jun 13 Who is Kenneth Feld?
Who is Kenneth Feld?
Jun 13 03: CSM 15 Elected
The Council of Stellar Management 15 has been revealed: Brisc Rubal, Gobbins, Innominate, Kenneth Feld, Maria Taylor, Merkelchan, Mike Azariah, Phantomite, Torvald Uruz, Vily.  We chat about the results.
Jun 11 Pando’s CSM 15 Post-Election Celebration
Pando talks with the winners of the CSM15 Election moments after their victories on a live results stream from CCP. (Audio from live recording on
Jun 6 Forsaken Fortress Massacre
We meet Sully, the leader of a small band of marauders that stumble upon the biggest payday in EVE Online's history, a four trillion ISK loot drop from a forsaken fortress.
Jun 6 02: EDENCOM Review
We are joined by CCP Convict and progodlegend to discuss the new EDENCOM ships coming out June 15 and the Triglavian invasion.
Jun 4 Pando with Jeronyx & WaTeR Ubersnol (FC Chat Series)
Pando talks with Jeronyx & WaTeR Ubersnol (Audio from live recording on
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