Seven habits of highly successful Primary Care Networks

The NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) rests highly on the success of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) as the core of integrated care systems. In this blog, Dr Jonathan Steel and Rose Taylor discuss the factors that GPs and other health professionals should be adopting to ensure the success of PCNs to deliver better and more efficient care within communities.

Making the UK fairer: How we work

With a new Conservative government in place after the general election, we’ve been reflecting on what we’ve been hearing from the public on priorities for building a fairer future for everyone in the UK.

Back to the mission: what fundraisers should be thinking about for 2020 and beyond?

Andy Theedom recently attended a meeting of the Institute’s Directors’ Network, to discuss what fundraisers should be thinking about for 2020 and beyond. This blog is an abridged version of those remarks.

How data can drive Good Growth for Cities

As we enter a new chapter in public spending, it’s a good time to reflect on the impact of sustained years of reduced funding and slow economic recovery from recession and how they have reshaped the places in which we live.

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