» Gum infection may be a risk factor for heart arrhythmia, researchers find
27/01/23 13:11 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Periodontitis, a gum disease, can lead to a litany of dental issues from bad breath to bleeding and lost teeth. Now, researchers have found that it could be connected to even more severe problems elsewhere in the body -- the heart. In a new study,...

» New customizable, strontium-filled scaffold could improve dental implant healing, study finds
09/12/22 15:31 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have developed a new strontium-loaded scaffold that can be personalized to fit any size dental implant and could help improve healing and tissue attachment in patients.

» Study identifies potential link between oral bacteria and brain abscesses
07/12/22 10:04 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have examined the records of 87 patients admitted to hospital with brain abscesses, and found that the 52 patients for whom no cause had been found were about three times as likely to have oral bacteria present in their samples.

» Using vapes may set the stage for dental decay
23/11/22 12:51 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have found that patients who said they used vaping devices were more likely to have a higher risk of developing cavities.

» New hope for patients with severe bone loss
09/11/22 12:44 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
An innovative technology has been developed to enable bone regeneration to correct large bone defects by means of a special hydrogel. Following successful tests in an animal model, the researchers now plan to move forward to clinical trials.

» No adverse effects of early fluoride exposure found on childhood development
11/10/22 12:01 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
A new study has provided evidence that exposure to fluoridated water by young children was not negatively associated with child emotional, behavioral development and executive functioning in their adolescent years.

» Gel treats gum disease by fighting inflammation
20/09/22 11:56 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
A topical gel that blocks the receptor for a metabolic byproduct called succinate treats gum disease by suppressing inflammation and changing the makeup of bacteria in the mouth, according to a new study.

» People who receive periodontal care have better outcomes after heart attack, study finds
15/09/22 12:37 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers studied patients receiving periodontal care, dental cleanings or no dental care during 2016-2018 and who had acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) in 2017. They found that patients who had heart attacks and received periodontal ma...

» Water fluoridation: Effective prevention for tooth decay and a win for the environment, research shows
29/08/22 19:47 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have demonstrated the low environmental footprint of water fluoridation compared to other preventive measures for tooth decay. Research findings also strengthen the case internationally for water fluoridation programs to reduce dental ...

» Microbial food chain: Nutritional interactions promoting periodontitis
22/08/22 13:03 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers led by Osaka University shed light on a metabolic network integrated by an oral microbe Fusobacterium nucleatum (F. nucleatum). Analysis of co-cultures of F. nucleatum with other commensal oral bacteria revealed that metabolic cross-fe...

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