» U.S. study analyzing tooth survival after root canal in general population
17/05/22 09:48 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Oral health is a public health issue that significantly affects people's overall health. A ground-breaking study of root canal longevity using electronic dental record data from 46,000 root canal patients treated in community dental practices foun...

» How one inflammatory disorder exacerbates another
27/04/22 11:58 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
People with severe gum disease are at a higher risk of other inflammatory conditions, such as heart disease and arthritis, and the reverse is true as well. New research unpacks the mechanism underlying this association, demonstrating in mice that ...

» Could blocking or deleting a protein help prevent common oral cancers?
25/04/22 21:21 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Around one-third of people with oral squamous cell carcinoma don't survive it, but dental researchers have found deleting or inhibiting a protein in the tongue might stall tumor growth.

» Wearing dentures may affect a person's nutrition
21/04/22 10:01 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Dentures may have a potentially negative impact on a person's overall nutrition, according to new research. The research team leveraged electronic dental and health records of 10,000+ patients to gain a better understanding of how oral health trea...

» Researchers take important step towards development of biological dental enamel
21/04/22 09:41 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
To this day, cavities and damage to enamel are repaired by dentists with the help of synthetic white filling materials. There is no natural alternative to this. But a new 3D model with human dental stem cells could change this in the future.

» Study helps explain how xanthan gum, a common food additive, is processed in the gut
14/04/22 11:07 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
A new study examines the ability of the human gut microbiome to digest xanthan gum, a relatively recently introduced food ingredient found in many processed foods.

» Newly identified cell type could be the key to restoring damaged salivary glands
12/04/22 16:16 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Scientists have discovered a special type of cell that resides in salivary glands and is likely crucial for oral health.

» Carbs, sugary foods may influence poor oral health
05/04/22 10:28 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
New research on postmenopausal women identifies associations between commonly eaten foods and the diversity and composition of oral bacteria.

» New dental tool prototype can spot the acidic conditions that lead to cavities
08/03/22 15:56 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have shown that a dental tool they created can measure the acidity built up by the bacteria in plaque that leads to cavities.

» Nocturnal teeth grinding can damage temporomandibular joints
03/03/22 11:22 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Nocturnal teeth grinding and clenching of the upper and lower jaw are known as sleep bruxism and can have a number of consequences for health. In dental science, the question of whether sleep bruxism is associated with the development or progressi...

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