» When it comes to bad breath, some bacterial interactions really stink
15/02/24 11:37 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers found that the oral bacterium Streptococcus gordonii activates another bacterial species, Fusobacterium nucleatum, to produce large quantities of methyl mercaptan, a compound responsible for bad breath. Disrupting this interaction coul...

» Gargling away the 'bad' bacteria in type 2 diabetes
14/02/24 12:25 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have found that gargling with an antiseptic mouthwash can reduce so-called 'bad' bacteria in the mouths of patients with type 2 diabetes. Notably, this reduction in bacteria was accompanied by improved blood-sugar control in some patie...

» Bacteria in the mouth linked to pulmonary fibrosis survival
07/02/24 12:03 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Bacteria in the mouth may play a role in survival from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), finds a new study.

» Archaeological evidence of seasonal vitamin D deficiency discovered
31/01/24 18:34 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Rickets ran rife in children following the Industrial Revolution, but new research has found factory work and polluted cities aren't entirely to blame for the period's vitamin D deficiencies.

» Ancient 'chewing gum' reveals stone age diet
18/01/24 12:21 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
What did people eat on the west coast of Scandinavia 10,000 years ago? A new study of the DNA in a chewing gum shows that deer, trout and hazelnuts were on the diet. It also shows that one of the individuals had severe problems with her teeth.

» How gum disease aggravates chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
14/01/24 21:21 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
A new study shows how periodontitis, an oral disease, activates immune cells associated with aggravated progression of COPD.

» Toothbrushing tied to lower rates of pneumonia among hospitalized patients
18/12/23 12:59 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Researchers have found an inexpensive tool that may help reduce rates of pneumonia for hospitalized patients -- and it comes with bristles on one end. A new study examined whether daily toothbrushing among hospitalized patients is associated with ...

» Viking dentistry was surprisingly advanced
14/12/23 13:26 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Widespread caries and toothache -- but also some dental work and filing of front teeth. Viking Age teeth from Varnhem bear witness to surprisingly advanced dentistry.

» Newly discovered autoimmune disorder disrupts tooth enamel development
13/12/23 11:25 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
A study may shed light on tooth enamel development disruption by revealing a new children's autoimmune disorder that hinders proper tooth enamel development. The disorder is common in people with a rare genetic syndrome and in children with celiac...

» Scientists work to bring tissue regeneration to replace root canal treatment
01/12/23 12:37 from Dentistry News -- ScienceDaily
Scientists are testing a novel technology to treat endodontic diseases more effectively through tissue regeneration instead of root canal therapy. Because the technology promotes formation of the type of stem cells that can differentiate into dent...

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