» SM role in a scrum proficient team
06/05/21 19:40
I am a developer working as a scrum master in a team where they have a pretty good understanding of scrum. Development work aside, my scrum duties that I am doing are:

» I want to be a Scrum Master but.....
06/05/21 19:19
Hi everyone.   It's nearly 2 years since I wrote this blog post: https://www.scrum.org/forum/scrum-forum/30548/changed-my-life-become-sc… I went from asking about how to get a job as a Scrum Master to interviewing Scrum Masters for posit...

» Product Backlog refinement
06/05/21 14:31
No where in scrum guide i could see "Backlog Refinement" but i could see people quoting as "The Scrum Guide does mention that Backlog Grooming should take place" really confused to see most of the people say that ..Please help   Thx S

» Agile Projectplaning the right way
06/05/21 09:54
Hi folks,

» Have defects when sprint running, what should I do?
05/05/21 02:53
Hi, guys. I need your help with the follow question: The project comes into operation and often has defects that need to be addressed urgently. Defects are not clearly when the Sprint starts, it arises during the Sprint. In this case, wh...

» Impact of organizational structures on the product owner
04/05/21 21:21
Wondering if anyone might have ideas/thoughts to share regarding how different organizational structures, e.g., functional, matrix, divisional, flat, etc. might impact the product owner role. Granted, an organization's culture will play ...

» Disruption on daily scrum
04/05/21 12:11
Hi all, during a daily scrum meeting someone with authority like an IT manager step in and disrupt the team by asking questions . Normally SM is not there . Shall the team handle this on its own as a self managed team or let this to be h...

» Developers shared between multiple Scrum team for a product backlog
03/05/21 17:53
We are working in multiple Scrum teams for a single feature based Product Backlog. There is no issue with capacity and knowledge. Each team is capable of delivering releasable software.   Is it better to share developers within Scrum Tea...

» Conflicting stakeholder needs
03/05/21 17:00
What techniques have product owners found to be useful in prioritizing stakeholders' conflicting needs? 

» How to consider two potential Product Owners?
03/05/21 13:06
Dear all, we're going to start a software project in our pharma company. The goal is to develop a software to support production and quality processes. The business wants to provide a Product Owner. The employee has a deep knowledge abou...

» Decrease the popularity of PSM exam.
02/05/21 17:49
I am very sorry for maybe a little bit unethical question from my side, but don't you think that PSM and PSPO certifications are not so valuable as in the past?  I am asking because i am working i a big and we'll known company currently ...

» Work Done by Scrum Team members during Scrum
02/05/21 16:23
Lets take a normal team where we have 1 BA, 3-4 Dev, 2-3 QA. When a scrum starts, BA will refine the USs & explain to the team. Dev will code and post that QA will test. So my questions is :

» Artifacts- inspection an adaption
02/05/21 15:17
I would like to formalize my understanding of inspection and adaptation in scrum. What formal events what artifacts are inspected and adapted? 1) sprint planning: pb and pi are inspected, and sprint backlog is the result of adaptation 2)...

» Question (Developers say: Estimating PBIs and tasks are not needed for sprint planning...)
02/05/21 09:20
What is the best treatment, when developers say: " There is no need for estimating the PBIs and tasks for sprint planning event? We work at a sustainable pace and there is enough seniority to forecast PBIs... "

» Sprint review inspection
01/05/21 19:06
I see in new SG that during sprint review outcome (not increment) is inspected. Do I get it right that this is important change not only wording? It means that the team can for instance focus the meeting to discuss feedback from users (w...

» What would have been your approach?
29/04/21 21:09
Hi, Recently I've joined a reputed company as a scrum master. What I was told before joining and what I see here is completely different.

» Remote Scrum teams
29/04/21 20:02
Hi everyone!   I assume a lot of Scrum teams switched to working remotely last year because of COVID. Therefore I wonder how much working remotely affects your scrum team.   Do you think the online tools availlable cover most difficultie...

» Scrum Guide 2020
30/08/20 14:50
Lean and focused. Thirteen pages long. To be released this fall.

» Migration and Clarity
14/08/20 15:08
Massachusetts, my home, has experienced progressively warmer winters. One consequence is that many birds that used to migrate through Massachusetts now stop in Massachusetts for the winter. The result is birds everywhere. Ben, a farmer i...

» Mildred the Goose
13/07/20 15:00
Overview:  Agile processes are easy to grasp after you’ve been on a project that employs them. Until then, many have trouble understanding what an agile process or an agile project is all about. Whereas traditional project management app...

» Muck the Duck
12/07/20 15:52
These are the jokes I told in my Scrum Master classes. Brick-Laying Duck New buildings were going up all over town. The best were made from brick. And, as you would expect, bars were always nearby to salve the pains of the working folk I...

» Scrum.org Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) Exam Study Tips
08/05/20 14:01
Read and thoroughly understand/internalize the Scrum Guide. Read it several times in different sittings. We recommend that you download the PDF and read it like you would a book. Over, and over again! Take the Scrum Open assessment numer...

» The End of Kurt Cagle: Or At Least the End of his Movie Studio Model.
10/09/19 03:01
Disclaimer Up Front:  I have been “Crazy” about Scrum since I first learned about it, and I myself have been known to act a little “Crazy” at times in my life, and this is why my blog and company operate under the...

» More Aspects of Agile Communities of Practice
25/07/19 02:14
This is a follow up article to my article about An Agile Community of Practice Starter Kit.  I wanted to share some details on other aspects of CoP’s. Scope and Nature of a CoP The scope of an Agile CoP can be of varying sizes and ...

» Better SAFe Than Sorry
25/03/19 15:38
The presentation demonstrates why SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is the most widely adopted agile scaling framework. SAFe’s practices have evolved from Agile practices and methods, Lean product... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit ...

» Agile Coach Camp Canada, Cornwall, Canada, June 7-9 2019
21/03/19 07:00
Agile Coach Camp Canada is a conference that creates opportunities for the Agile and Scrum coaches community to share successes, learning, questions and unresolved dilemmas. All this happens in an... [[ This is a content summary only. Vi...

» AgileCraft Acquired by Atlassian
20/03/19 14:48
Atlassian, the vendor of the JIRA tool, has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire AgileCraft, a provider of enterprise agile planning software. AgileCraft helps... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit m...

» Using Commercial Scrum Tools for Free
19/03/19 07:00
If the development of open source Scrum tools was in vogue some years ago, a lot of these projects have now been abandoned. Some are still active, but this is because their development is sponsored... [[ This is a content summary only. V...

» ZenHub Adds Agile Reporting
15/03/19 14:42
ZenHub project management tool for software development teams using GitHub has released a new Agile reporting suite aimed at enterprise software teams looking to optimize their development lifecycle.... [[ This is a content summary only....

» Agile Coach Camp Denmark, Dragor, Denmark, May 23-25 2019
15/03/19 07:30
Agile Coach Camp Denmark is a three-day event that serves as an unconference for Agile and Scrum coaches of Denmark and other countries. The Agile Coach Camp Denmark is a free, not-for-profit,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit ...

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