» Exposure to New Ideas
17/10/18 10:22 from Blog – Commence CRM
By Dave Kahle In order for an individual or a society to reach its potential, it must continuously grow and develop. That requires consistent, methodical exposure to new ideas. Unfortunately, many people have arrested their development b...

» Lower Our Price or Lose the Deal
09/10/18 10:34 from Blog – Commence CRM
What can you do to win the business and retain your price points when faced with this ultimatum?

» Small Business Struggling to Adopt CRM Software
03/10/18 13:15 from Blog – Commence CRM
CRM has become critical to the success of many corporations. Despite this, there is a business sector that has struggled with adoption. That’s small businesses.

» Time Management: An ounce of prevention
27/09/18 08:57 from Blog – Commence CRM
What would you do if the phone lines went down for an extended period of time? How about the electrical power? What if a virus took down your computer system? What if you had your laptop stolen?

» Ticket Automation Key to Quality Customer Service
19/09/18 09:13 from Blog – Commence CRM
Customers have an expectation that they can get their questions resolved 24/7. To get a leg up on your competition you need to provide this level of support.

» Commence Corporation: Delivering Top-Notch Solutions to Businesses Around The Globe
14/09/18 07:45 from Blog – Commence CRM
The CRM software sector has become a mature market, and the presence of hundreds of the CRM solutions providers has made the market a commodity today.  The majority of companies offer products that are specifically targeted at improving ...

» Commence CRM Filling the Gap for Middle Market Companies
06/09/18 09:53 from Blog – Commence CRM
Even with hundreds of CRM systems to choose from, mid-market companies are still having difficulty finding the right solution at a price they can afford.

» Sales Q & A – Creating Change
30/08/18 10:28 from Blog – Commence CRM
You have mandated some changes, and a good percentage of the sales people are not making them. Time to take some action.

» 5 CRM Buying Tips for Serious Shoppers
22/08/18 10:23 from Blog – Commence CRM
Tips for small to mid-size businesses looking for a CRM solution.

» Sales managers most common mistakes, #3 of 3
17/08/18 10:13 from Blog – Commence CRM
The wise sales manager will require some minimum standard for entry level people, and then regular and continuous development of those who are on the inside.

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