» Two Simple Rules to Close More Effectively
18/04/18 10:09 from Blog – Commence CRM
Tired of chasing too many prospects that just won't close? Implement these two principles and you’ll dramatically improve your productivity.

» It’s Time to Adopt a Digital Marketing Strategy
13/04/18 09:40 from Blog – Commence CRM
Are you still using old school marketing programs to generate new business?

» Commence CRM Helps Businesses Focus on What They Do Best
03/04/18 12:39 from Blog – Commence CRM
Nearly 3 Decades of CRM: How Commence Corporation Software Eases the Strain of Managing Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service - HostingAdvice.com

» Managing Information
29/03/18 09:19 from Blog – Commence CRM
Get back hours of selling time by learning how to screen and triage information.

» CEO Has Solution for Inaccurate Sales Forecast
23/03/18 09:08 from Blog – Commence CRM
CRM lead rating feature takes the guess-work out of lead qualification and produces more accurate sales forecasting.

» White paper: How to Compete Against the 800-pound Gorilla
16/03/18 09:54 from Blog – Commence CRM
Every industry has an 800-pound gorilla, but that does not mean you cannot effectively compete against them and grow your business.

» What’s Wrong with CRM Software?
14/03/18 09:24 from Blog – Commence CRM
Four questions to ask yourself to determine if you are ready for a CRM solution.

» CRM Software Company Adds SEO Services for Small Businesses
06/03/18 09:40 from Blog – Commence CRM
Marketing enablement program combines CRM lead generation with professional SEO services to deliver organic inquiries that cost much less for small businesses.

» Are You Hindered by Formerly Effective Sales Policies?
28/02/18 10:09 from Blog – Commence CRM
Your customers expect previously outstanding levels of service and quality from every supplier. What was sufficient a few years ago is still necessary today, but no longer sufficient.

» Salesforce – Customers Say Too Hard, Too Expensive
21/02/18 09:30 from Blog – Commence CRM
The good news is that today there are several vendors with robust offerings that are attractively priced and easier to use than Salesforce CRM.

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