» Taking Your Sales Performance Up-a-Notch
11/07/18 09:35 from Blog – Commence CRM
We don’t get paid for what we know. We get paid for the results we bring as a result of the actions we take.

» Finally a Comprehensive CRM Solution for Midsize Firms
03/07/18 08:55 from Blog – Commence CRM
Commence CRM’s functionality and price points place it firmly in the mid-market segment for those who need advanced functionality at an affordable cost.

» Good Sales People Are Problem Solvers
25/06/18 10:11 from Blog – Commence CRM
We see what we look for and we don’t see nearly as much of what we don’t look for.

» Small Businesses Struggling to Adopt CRM Software
19/06/18 09:46 from Blog – Commence CRM
Successful firms view the implementation of CRM as a critical next step to improving their business performance, and are willing to put in the commitment.

» Best CRM Solutions of 2018 by Company Size, Mid-Year Roundup
11/06/18 10:48 from Blog – Commence CRM
Our top two picks of the year for best CRM solutions of 2018, broken down by company size.

» Dealing with Difficult Customers
05/06/18 12:04 from Blog – Commence CRM
Professional sales tips for dealing with difficult customers.

» Sales managers most common mistakes, #1 of 3
31/05/18 11:13 from Blog – Commence CRM
A highly focused, strategically-designed sales structure can be one of the company’s greatest assets, as it ultimately shapes the behavior of the sales force.

» Small Businesses Should Not View CRM as a Commodity
21/05/18 09:09 from Blog – Commence CRM
Most small business executives view CRM software as a commodity product and it is easy to understand why. Today, there are several hundred solution providers that cater to the small business community.  They all offer the same basic func...

» Discipline is Key to Successful CRM Installations
18/05/18 10:22 from Blog – Commence CRM
As a sales executive I can tell in just a few minutes if the company I am talking with is going to be successful with our software.

» Salesforce Functionality at a Small Business Price
15/05/18 09:26 from Blog – Commence CRM
Companies looking for a CRM solution for their business immediately think of Salesforce.com. Then they learn what everyone else has – it’s too expensive and too hard to use and they are right, but perhaps for the wrong reason.  Salesforc...

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