» GCHQ director urges co-operation after Brexit
20/06/18 02:57 from BBC News - Home
Jeremy Fleming says the agency has helped foil at least four European terror plots in the past year.

» The FBI said I was my parents' stolen baby - but I found the truth
20/06/18 02:12 from BBC News - Home
Foundling Paul Fronczak was given to a family whose baby had been stolen - but was he really thei...

» Canada legalises recreational cannabis use
20/06/18 02:06 from BBC News - Home
The country is the first in the G7 group of nations to legalise the drug's recreational use.

» Life after Mr Heroin - what now for the former user?
20/06/18 01:53 from BBC News - Home
Maurice Abbey Bey is a former user who spent every cent he had on drugs, but what would he do wit...

» The Australian town that killed its residents
20/06/18 01:46 from BBC News - Home
The town that killed its residents

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