» Meeting on U.S. gov't shutdown cancelled after Tresurer declines to attend
23/01/19 20:55 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Colleagues downplay impact of BDS-supporter Ilhan Omar on top House committee
23/01/19 20:50 from The Times of Israel
Jewish Democrats say the Muslim Congresswoman, who backs Israel boycotts, will not influence the key Foreign Affairs Committee on the issue; Omar vows to focus on human rights

» North Korea praises Trump ahead of second summit
23/01/19 20:49 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Yad Vashem launches Facebook campaign to remember Holocaust victims
23/01/19 20:17 from JPost.com - Israel News
Facebook users can search for a Holocaust victim to memorialize on their profile.

» May: Corbyn willing to sit with Hamas but not with me
23/01/19 20:03 from Arutz Sheva Videos
British PM rips Labour leader over his refusal to discuss Brexit, takes jab at him on comments on Hamas and Hezbollah.

» Likud activist crowdfunding for Netanyahu legal defense
23/01/19 20:02 from The Times of Israel
Move comes after State Comptroller’s office rejects request from prime minister to have wealthy foreign benefactors cover the costs of his legal fees in three corruption cases

» U.S. rejects Maduro attempt to break diplomatic ties
23/01/19 19:54 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Palestinian Authority condemns coup against Venezuelan President Maduro
23/01/19 19:51 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Putin and Erdogan agree to coordinate actions in Syria
23/01/19 19:34 from Arutz Sheva News
Russian President and Turkish counterpart meet in Moscow in the wake of US decision to withdraw forces from Syria.

» Insisting it’s not anti-Semitic, NJ group launches anti-ultra-Orthodox campaign
23/01/19 19:24 from The Times of Israel
Video that echoes holocaust poem urges residents of the towns surrounding Lakewood not to sell to haredi Jews, warning they are taking over the area and harming 'quality of life'

» Beat BDS on its home court
23/01/19 19:17 from Arutz Sheva News
Lev HaOlam sends 1,000 packages of Made In Yesha products each month to places all over the world.

» Five killed in Florida bank shooting, suspect in custody
23/01/19 19:16 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Pelosi seeks to block Trump's State of the Union
23/01/19 18:42 from Arutz Sheva News
House Speaker says she will block Trump from delivering State of the Union until the government reopens.

» Israel, UK agree post-Brexit trade deal
23/01/19 18:23 from The Times of Israel
The Jewish News: Economy Minister Eli Cohen and British International Development Secretary Liam Fox reach understanding on sidelines of Davos conference

» Venezuelan President kicks out US diplomats
23/01/19 18:10 from Arutz Sheva News
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro breaks diplomatic relations with the US after Trump recognizes opposition leader as president.

» Jonas Mekas, ‘godfather’ of avant-garde, dies at 96
23/01/19 18:01 from The Times of Israel
Lithuanian-born film director, critic, patron and poet, survived a Nazi labor camp and, though not Jewish, considered moving to Israel after the Second World War

» Most Lima Group members support Guaido as he declared himself president
23/01/19 17:49 from JPost.com - Headlines

» How many Iranians have been killed in airstrikes in Syria?
23/01/19 17:37 from JPost.com - Israel News
Since the beginning of the Syrian conflict in March 2011, Israel has admitted carrying out airstrikes.

» 5 shot and killed inside Florida bank, suspect arrested
23/01/19 17:35 from The Times of Israel
The shooter called police to say he had opened fire and eventually surrendered after a SWAT team entered the bank; motive not clear

» Likud MK enlists Hebron shooter Azaria to back his reelection campaign
23/01/19 17:22 from The Times of Israel
Deputy Environment Yaron Mazuz sits beside the controversial former soldier in new video ahead of party primary on February 5

» To learn just to learn
23/01/19 17:17 from Arutz Sheva Opinion
When you learn, you open your mind to new ideas, you improve your analytical skills and you become a more well-rounded person.

» Is the publication of the bombings related to the elections?
23/01/19 17:09 from Arutz Sheva News
Why did Israel move from ambiguity to a “show and tell” policy with regard to its actions in Syria?

» N.Korea's Kim satisfied concerning recent talks with U.S.
23/01/19 17:06 from JPost.com - Headlines

» MK Swid scoffs at Netanyahu's lawyers’ indictment leak probe
23/01/19 17:01 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Report: Qatari enters Gaza to transfer remainder of funds to Hamas
23/01/19 16:53 from JPost.com - Headlines

» The US is more important to Israel than Chad
23/01/19 16:50 from ynet - Opinion
צילום: קובי גדעון, לעOpinion: As the Jewish state reheats its relationship with the central African country, Netanyahu's failure to find common ground with the Democratic Party and American Jewry resonates even more; the prime minister chose short-term political gains over long-term national interests.

» Netanyahu likely to approve transfer of money to Hamas
23/01/19 16:36 from Arutz Sheva News
Growing belief that the prime minister will announce on Thursday that he has approved the transfer of $15 million from Qatar to Hamas.

» Rivlin warns Macron: Israel could strike Hezbollah rocket factories in Beirut
23/01/19 16:28 from The Times of Israel
In Paris, president says Iran-backed terror group is manufacturing weapons under civilian cover in Lebanon's capital, urges France to intervene

» Rivlin warns Macron: Israel may have to hit Hezbollah rocket factories in Beirut
23/01/19 16:28 from The Times of Israel
In Paris, president says Iran-backed terror group is manufacturing weapons under civilian cover in Lebanon's capital, urges France to intervene

» Show us who you are, Benny Gantz
23/01/19 16:12 from ynet - Opinion
צילום: APOpinion: After a decade of Netanyahu, the nation deserves a harbinger of good news who is honest and direct; so it's about time the newest political hope started answering questions.

» 'Threats from Lebanon could force us to respond'
23/01/19 15:57 from Arutz Sheva News
President Rivlin meets with French president at Elysée Palace, addressing Iranian entrenchment in Middle East.

» Venezuela’s opposition leader declares himself president, wins US recognition
23/01/19 15:49 from The Times of Israel
Juan Guaido, 35, says he seeks to rescue country from Maduro's 'dictatorship' and restore constitutional order amid mass protests

» German far-right lawmakers walk out of speech by Holocaust survivor
23/01/19 15:37 from The Times of Israel
AfD members' protest in Bavaria comes as Charlotte Knobloch, a former head of Germany's Central Council of Jews, accuses the party of downplaying Nazi crimes

» Trump calls on Venezuelan president to step down
23/01/19 15:37 from Arutz Sheva News
US president recognizes Juan Guaido as Venezuela's rightful leader after legislature votes to remove Nicolas Maduro from power.

» Netanyahu derides Israel’s top 2 TV news stations as ‘propaganda channels’
23/01/19 15:30 from The Times of Israel
In fresh attack on media, PM says Channels 12 and 13 seek to 'brainwash' public into ousting him, installing 'left-wing regime'; lawyers demand probe of leaks from investigations

» Venezuela's Maduro says he is breaking diplomatic relations with US
23/01/19 15:29 from ynet - Updates for RSS

» Netanyahu meets with father of Israeli student killed in Australia
23/01/19 15:28 from ynet - Updates for RSS

» Trump recognizes Venezuela's opposition leader as interim president
23/01/19 15:21 from ynet - Updates for RSS

» Security guard thwarted attack on Jewish Agency rep in Paris
23/01/19 15:12 from Arutz Sheva News
Security guard thwarted an anti-Semitic assault on the top representative of the Jewish Agency for Israel in France, witness says.

» Israel’s Fundbox - closing the credit gap for women entrepreneurs
23/01/19 14:59 from JPost.com - Israel News
The report concludes with Fundbox’s own empirical data demonstrating that transaction-focused risk models help reduce access-to-credit friction for women.

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