» 'Jews will leave Palestine like rats'
20/09/18 20:37 from Arutz Sheva News
Senior PA journalist says Arafat told him he didn't believe the Oslo path but went along in order to cause Jews to leave "Palestine".

» French far-right leader ordered to undergo psychiatric test
20/09/18 20:09 from Arutz Sheva News
Marine Le Pen outraged after being ordered to undergo psychiatric tests for tweeting pictures of atrocities committed by ISIS.

» UN official: Palestinian glorification of Fuld terror attack reprehensible
20/09/18 19:24 from JPost.com - Israel News
“Hamas leaders continued to incite violence, with one senior official speaking of “cleansing Palestine of the filth of Jews,” and threatening to decapitate Israeli leaders,” Mladenov reported.

» Michigan professor embroiled in Israel boycott row
20/09/18 19:09 from BBC News - Middle East
The academic declined to provide a recommendation letter for a student wishing to study in Israel.

» 8 countries warn Israel against demolishing Bedouin outpost
20/09/18 19:07 from Arutz Sheva News
Eight European countries at the United Nations call on Israel to reverse its decision to demolish Khan al-Ahmar.

» Trump’s ex-lawyer Cohen reportedly cooperating in Mueller probe
20/09/18 19:02 from The Times of Israel
Cohen 'has participated over the last month in multiple interview sessions lasting for hours" with Mueller's team, ABC reports

» Singing out water from the rock
20/09/18 18:50 from The Times of Israel
A personal meditiation intertwined with Moses’ lyrical last words, his injunction to follow the words of the Torah (Haazinu)

» After protest, publisher pulls unlicensed Hebrew translation of Arab writers
20/09/18 18:40 from The Times of Israel
Israel's Resling Publishing under fire for publishing, 'Huriya,' a translated collection of Arab women authors, without their consent

» US: Why should we fund PA hospitals, when Abbas diverts money to pay terrorists?
20/09/18 18:18 from The Times of Israel
State Department defends its defunding of Palestinian Jerusalem hospitals by noting that the PA intends to give a stipend to family of terrorist who killed American-born Ari Fuld

» Liberman furious after Chief of Staff's comments leaked
20/09/18 18:08 from Arutz Sheva News
Defense Minister demands that leaks from Cabinet meetings be prevented.

» IDF asserts its preparedness for battle
20/09/18 17:50 from ynet - Opinion
צילום: דובר צהOp-ed: In the past, the IDF was caught off guard as vehicles were immobilized, emergency stores neglected and field and air training cancelled due to budget constraints. However, now the military is implementing a multi-year plan, training has resumed vigorously and emergency supplies replenished.

» The American government confronts the PA house of cards
20/09/18 17:41 from Arutz Sheva Opinion
It seems that the proverbial penny has dropped in Washington and the US government has begun behaving rationally with regard to the delusionary Palestinian State.

» Trump and Netanyahu to meet at U.N.
20/09/18 17:35 from JTA Middle East
WASHINGTON (JTA) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is one of six world leaders who will have bilateral meetings with President Donald Trump next week at the United Nations General Assembly. Trump will meet between Sept. 24-26 with Netanyahu, a White House schedule released Thursday said, as well as with the leaders of five other... The post Trump and Netanyahu to meet at U.N. appeared first on Jewish Telegraphic Agency .

» Incendiary balloon explodes, IDF attacks in Gaza
20/09/18 17:19 from Arutz Sheva News
Incendiary terrorism from Gaza continues, with 10 fires raging near the Gaza border.

» At UN, 8 European countries urge Israel not to demolish Palestinian village
20/09/18 17:13 from The Times of Israel
Envoys from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands warn razing Khan al-Ahmar would undermine peace efforts

» Why these Dutch Christians are celebrating Sukkot
20/09/18 16:59 from Arutz Sheva News
Dutch churches build sukkot for their congregants in appreciation of holiday's ecological significance.

» French soccer club says it will ban fan who made Nazi salute
20/09/18 16:54 from The Times of Israel
As soon as he's identified, Lyon supporter to be 'excluded for life' from games, team says

» Not Quite Finished Tel Aviv-Jerusalem Rail Line Inaugurated in ‘Historic Moment’
20/09/18 16:52 from Israel – Algemeiner.com
The new fast train line from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was inaugurated on Thursday at a ceremony attended by Prime...

» Gordon Ramsay visits Jerusalem, agape and in awe
20/09/18 16:49 from The Times of Israel
Celebrity chef appears stunned by the Old City and Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Instagram videos

» French soccer club to ban fan who used Nazi salute
20/09/18 16:49 from Arutz Sheva News
Leon supporter who made Nazi salute during game against Manchester to be banned from attending further games.

» Hackers Went after Now-Disgraced GOP Fundraiser. Now He Is After Them.
20/09/18 16:49 from Israel
Elliott Broidy, an ally of President Trump, was disgraced by sordid revelations and hacked emails. His legal team is going after the hackers — and blames Qatar.

» Hackers Went After a Now-Disgraced G.O.P. Fund-Raiser. Now He Is After Them.
20/09/18 16:49 from Israel
Elliott Broidy, an ally of President Trump, was disgraced by sordid revelations and hacked emails. His legal team is going after the hackers — and blames Qatar.

» Hackers Went after Disgraced GOP Fundraiser. Now He Is After Them.
20/09/18 16:48 from Israel
Elliott Broidy, an ally of President Trump, was disgraced by sordid revelations and hacked emails. His legal team is going after the hackers — and blames Qatar.

» US unemployment claims fall to lowest level in 49 years
20/09/18 16:43 from Arutz Sheva News
Unemployment fillings fall to lowest level since 1969 as number of job openings hits all-time high.

» In this Argentine film, a Holocaust survivor leaves home to find the man who saved him in WWII
20/09/18 16:31 from JTA Jewish Life
(JTA) — When the Argentine-Jewish filmmaker Pablo Solarz was 5 or 6 years old, he asked his grandfather if he was Polish. On the phone recently, in heavily accented English, he described his grandfather’s reaction. “He gave me a very dead face,” Solarz recalled. “My father said that [Polish] is a very bad word, and... The post In this Argentine film, a Holocaust survivor leaves home to find the man who saved him in WWII appeared first on Jewish Telegraphic Agency .

» Why is Mahmoud Abbas a free man?
20/09/18 16:29 from Arutz Sheva Opinion
If only Netanyahu would learn some good old-fashioned chutzpah from Trump.

» Promising power over death: Seductive appeals of Jihadist terror
20/09/18 16:27 from Arutz Sheva Opinion
While opposing jihadist terror has become a security obligation in the US, Europe, and Israel, too-little analytic attention has been directed toward focused remedies for such terror, those that could build solidly upon searches for immortality.

» IDF aircraft fires at Gazans launching arson balloons at Israel
20/09/18 16:23 from The Times of Israel
Strike comes after at least nine blazes sparked Thursday by airborne devices

» President Trump to meet with Netanyahu next week
20/09/18 16:22 from ynet - Updates for RSS

» Officers won't stand trial for injuring Arab MK during riots
20/09/18 16:20 from Arutz Sheva News
Investigation finds police actions in riot where Joint List chairman MK Ayman Odeh was injured not criminal.

» ANALYSIS: Who's really to blame for downed Russian plane?
20/09/18 16:19 from Arutz Sheva News
The Israeli and Russian versions of the incident differ greatly, but Putin is calming the waters.

» New Jordanian ambassador to arrive in Israel within days
20/09/18 16:13 from The Times of Israel
Jordan earlier this week announced the appointment of Ghassan Majali, who previously served as envoy to Spain

» Police probe clears Israeli ambassador to UN of suspicion
20/09/18 16:06 from Arutz Sheva News
Police investigation finds no evidence of criminal offenses by Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon.

» Police drop corruption probe into UN envoy Danny Danon
20/09/18 16:06 from The Times of Israel
Citing insufficient evidence, investigators end inquiries into former Likud MK, who was accused in TV report of widespread misconduct

» Israeli delegation in Moscow to share data on plane downing
20/09/18 16:00 from ynet - Updates for RSS

» Trump to meet Netanyahu in New York
20/09/18 15:43 from Arutz Sheva News
White House confirms President Trump will meet Prime Minister Netanyahu in New York next week.

» Court fines ultra-Orthodox radio station NIS 1 million for keeping women off air
20/09/18 15:38 from The Times of Israel
Precedent setting ruling against Kol Berama, which only broadcasts male voices, comes six years after class action suit

» Ex-aide to Jimmy Carter named head of UN probe into Gaza clashes
20/09/18 15:37 from The Times of Israel
Argentinian Santiago Canton replaces David Crane, who reportedly quit Human Rights Council panel after it emerged he had previously done advisory work for the Israeli government

» Netanyahu and Trump to meet at UN confab, White House confirms
20/09/18 15:33 from The Times of Israel
US president will also sit down with leaders of Egypt, France, UK, Japan, and South Korea on sidelines of General Assembly next week

» Watch: Ivanka and Jared take the kids to Yom Kippur services
20/09/18 15:28 from Arutz Sheva Videos
President Trump's daughter and son-in-law spotted making their way to Washington DC synagogue for Yom Kippur holiday.

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