» Lapid slams ‘Polish hatred of Jews’ after Poles burn Jewish effigy
21/04/19 21:25 from JPost.com - Israel News
The town of Pruchnik in southeast Poland decided to keep the antisemitic Easter practice of judging Judas Iscariot by beating and burning an effigy made to look like a haredi Jew.

» US to end sanction waivers for some nations importing Iranian oil
21/04/19 21:18 from The Times of Israel
Pompeo expected to announce Japan, South Korea and Turkey will face sanctions if they continue to trade with Tehran, India and China still exempt

» Stop & Shop, workers reach tentative contract agreement, end strike
21/04/19 20:40 from The Times of Israel
Chain has highest sales of kosher products among New England grocery stores; some rabbis had said crossing picket lines to buy at store meant goods were not kosher

» Google blocks Iranian site that says Israel experiments on Palestinian prisoners
21/04/19 20:09 from The Times of Israel
Internet search giant cracks down on Spanish-language accounts of HispanTV, operated by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

» Meet the new MK: Shlomo Karhi of Likud
21/04/19 20:06 from JPost.com - Israel News
The link between the social and the economic areas is one of my fields of expertise and I want to bring it into the public arena.

» Google blocks Iranian accounts claiming Israel experiments on Palestinians
21/04/19 19:58 from JPost.com - Israel News
The anti-Israel news website Hispan TV denounced it as “an act against freedom of expression.”

» Health Ministry urges Israeli airlines to vaccinate crews against measles
21/04/19 19:26 from The Times of Israel
More than 250 El Al workers vaccinated at special center set up at Ben Gurion airport; flight attendant in coma after contracting disease on a flight from New York

» Tel Aviv city hall lights up with Sri Lanka flag
21/04/19 18:47 from JPost.com - Israel News
"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Sri Lanka."

» Zelensky win makes Ukraine 1st country outside Israel with Jewish PM, president
21/04/19 18:43 from The Times of Israel
Marvels one columnist: 'Imagine, a pure-blooded Jew with the appearance of a Sholom Aleichem protagonist wins by a landslide in a country that glorifies Nazi criminals'

» Report: Netanyahu offered Kahlon the Foreign Ministry
21/04/19 18:38 from Arutz Sheva News
Kulanu chairman rebuffs offer of Foreign Ministry, insists on keeping Finance Ministry.

» Palestinian critically injured when he collided with safety railing
21/04/19 18:37 from JPost.com - Headlines

» Smotrich: They warned me against taking Justice Ministry
21/04/19 18:12 from Arutz Sheva News
MK Smotrich seeks the Justice Ministry despite warnings he'll be targeted with investigations. 'I don't want to think it's true.'

» Passover: When the past fits into the future
21/04/19 18:04 from Arutz Sheva News
What are some of the memories which shape you, and what is your favorite Passover memory?

» Reverse exodus: Defying terror warning, 20,000 Israelis go to Sinai for Passover
21/04/19 17:58 from The Times of Israel
Vacationers ignore government terror level that cites 'a very high concrete threat' of attacks in Egyptian peninsula beset by Islamist insurgency

» NY yeshivas won't have to increase secular studies
21/04/19 17:50 from Arutz Sheva News
NY State Supreme Court judge strikes down regulations ordering more secular studies in yeshivas.

» Rabbis 'confident' police will catch arsonists
21/04/19 17:30 from Arutz Sheva News
Head of Moscow yeshiva targeted in arson attack says he trusts Russian government, police, to locate arsonists and bring them to justice.

» How Volodymyr Zelensky went from being a TV president to the real deal
21/04/19 17:25 from The Times of Israel
Comedian blurred the line between politics and entertainment on the campaign trail, but now will have to prove his presidency is no joke

» How are celebs celebrating Passover?
21/04/19 17:21 from JPost.com - Israel News
Mayim Bialik, Yael Grobglas, Roseanne Barr, Joshua Malina, Matisyahu and more get in the holiday spirit.

» Ukrainian detainees a top focus of country's new president
21/04/19 17:20 from ynet - Updates for RSS

» 11-year-old in critical condition after hit-and-run in Jerusalem
21/04/19 17:12 from The Times of Israel
Police searching for driver, find suspected vehicle near settlement adjacent to capital, after crash on Golda Meir Boulevard

» Travel platform Agoda sets sights on increased Israeli footprint
21/04/19 17:05 from JPost.com - Israel News
Headquartered in Singapore and owned by American Internet travel giant Booking Holdings, Agoda has long-dominated the Asia Pacific online travel industry.

» Thousands of Israelis die every year from hospital-acquired infections
21/04/19 17:03 from JPost.com - Israel News
Hospitals were divided into three categories - large, medium and small - to enable a fair comparison of infection rates, taking into account that larger hospitals treat the most complex patients.

» Israel ranked as 8th most influential country in the world - annual report
21/04/19 17:00 from JPost.com - Israel News
Annual report ranks Israel as 8th most influential country in the world

» German MP becomes first to urge banks to shut accounts of BDS group
21/04/19 16:55 from JPost.com - Arab Israeli Conflict
The Green Party politician Volker Beck tweeted on April 8: “Hello Bank for Social Economy. Boycott the boycotts! Close the account of BDS supporters!”

» IDF troops take part in US-EUCOM’s Spirit X
21/04/19 16:51 from JPost.com - Arab Israeli Conflict
Nearly 1,300 troops from the US military took part and approximately 4,400 troops from allied and partner nations participated.

» Google bans account of Iranian anti-Israel propaganda site
21/04/19 16:50 from Arutz Sheva News
Digital giant blocks accounts of Iranian site which claimed Israel experimented on Arab prisoners.

» India approves 'emergency purchase' of Israeli-made SPIKE Missiles
21/04/19 16:49 from JPost.com - Israel News
RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems says "no comment" on India reports to purchase 240 ATGMs and 12 launchers.

» IDF arrests two Palestinians with knives who crossed Gaza border
21/04/19 16:47 from The Times of Israel
Gazans with knives arrested near fence, latest in a rash of border infiltrations this year

» UNDOF commander dies unexpectedly in Israel
21/04/19 16:43 from JPost.com - Israel News
Maj.-Gen. Francis Vib-Sanziri reportedly died from a heart attack in Eilat.

» Report: Yisrael Beytenu in talks for merger with Likud
21/04/19 16:38 from Arutz Sheva News
Is Yisrael Beytenu on the verge of joining with the Likud? Likud leaders say talks progressing - but will hinge on Liberman's demands.

» Is Islam inherently violent?
21/04/19 16:36 from Arutz Sheva Opinion
Right from the start, violence served as the engine of Islam under the command and supervision of Muhammad himself. And no, this is not Islamophobia`````

» Khamenei Names New Chief for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards
21/04/19 16:34 from Middle East – Algemeiner.com
Iran’s top authority Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has replaced the head of the influential Revolutionary Guards Corps, state TV...

» Gaza border high school student will light independence day torch
21/04/19 16:31 from JPost.com - Israel News
Gil Shlomo, having lived all her life under the constant threat of rockets from the Gaza Strip that left its mark, is an outstanding student who has devoted her time to fighting for social justice.

» US ambassador accused of offending Poland with Passover tweet
21/04/19 16:28 from ynet - Jewish Scene
מתוך שגרירות ארהPassover wishes written in Polish by Georgette Mosbacher are labeled 'provocation' by right-wing lawmakers; 'Christ died and was resurrected also for you, pagans and traitorous Jews'

» Netanyahu offers aid to Sri Lanka after Easter attack
21/04/19 16:27 from JPost.com - Israel News
No Israelis were hurt in the attacks, according to the Foreign ministry.

» IDF orphans send letters to their fallen fathers – with balloons
21/04/19 16:24 from JPost.com - Israel News
The orphans took part in a summer camp in Tiberius arranged by the IDF Widows and Orphans Organization.

» France's harsh message to Israel
21/04/19 16:22 from Arutz Sheva News
The French president asks Israel to transfer tax revenues to the PA. Netanyahu: 'Your request is morally and politically wrong.'

» Want to be in Fauda? Take your shot
21/04/19 16:18 from JPost.com - Israel News
The famous Israeli television show is looking for actors. Could you be one of them?

» Fatah official: Arab states pressuring us to accept ‘deal of the century’
21/04/19 16:17 from JPost.com - Arab Israeli Conflict
Trump has nothing to offer us, Netanyahu doesn’t believe in peace, says Abbas

» Rain, wind and hail hit Israel over Passover - watch
21/04/19 16:14 from JPost.com - Israel News
Rare rain and hail hit Jerusalem as Israel experiences the coldest, wettest April in years.

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