» Four ACA open enrollment mistakes to avoid
17/10/19 00:01 from healthinsurance.org
Avoiding these four common open enrollment-period mistakes could save you some serious money.

» The Scoop: October 16 Edition
16/10/19 12:38 from healthinsurance.org
In this week's edition of The Scoop: open enrollment is underway in California; window shopping is available in several states; Medicare open enrollment started October 15; Idaho will implement Medicaid expansion; North Carolina transitions to Medicaid managed care; judges express concerns about Medicaid work requirements; the legal battle over 'captive' agents in Florida continues; California is busy enacting healthcare legislation.

» Kentucky health insurance marketplace: history and news of the state’s exchange
16/10/19 03:50 from healthinsurance.org
For 2019, both insurers remained in the exchange, and Anthem has expanded their coverage area. The average rate hike was 19.4% for CareSource and 4.3% for Anthem.

» Florida health insurance marketplace: history and news of the state’s exchange
15/10/19 15:49 from healthinsurance.org
Florida has the highest exchange enrollment of any state in the country, with more than 1.78 million people enrolled for 2019 (a new record high). The average proposed rate increase for 2020 is just 1.2%, and two insurers — Bright and Cigna — plan to join the exchange for 2020.

» What happens if my income changes and my premium subsidy is too big? Will I have to repay it?
15/10/19 08:41 from healthinsurance.org
If recipients end up earning more than anticipated, they could have to pay back some of the subsidy. This can catch people off guard, especially since the tax credits are paid directly to the insurance carriers, but if overpaid, they must be returned by the insureds themselves.

» If my income is less than expected this year, I might be eligible for Medicaid. What can I do to cover my bases?
15/10/19 08:16 from healthinsurance.org
Q: I'm self-employed, so my income varies from one year to the next. I enrolled through the exchange and projected an income that makes me eligible for premium subsidies, but what if my income actually ends up being low enough that I would have been eligible for Medicaid instead? Will I have to pay back those subsidies? What if I don't take monthly subsidies and use my savings to pay premiums, hoping my income will increase? What's the best strategy for me right now?

» North Carolina and the ACA’s Medicaid expansion
15/10/19 01:09 from healthinsurance.org
North Carolina has not yet expanded Medicaid under the ACA, but Governor Roy Cooper, who took office in January 2017, has long pushed for expansion. A primarily GOP-led expansion bill (with premiums and a work requirement) is being considered by lawmakers, and Cooper vetoed the GOP-backed budget in 2019 because it didn't include Medicaid expansion. The state's transition to Medicaid managed care is underway, with enrollment in late 2019 and coverage effective in February 2020.

» Arkansas and the ACA’s Medicaid expansion
14/10/19 08:44 from healthinsurance.org
Arkansas expanded Medicaid by usingMedicaid funds to purchase exchange plans for eligible enrollees. The program has been altered over time and is now called Arkansas Works. Under the Trump Administration, the state imposed a Medicaid work requirement in June 2018, causing 18,000 enrollees to lose coverage by the end of 2018. A federal judge has halted the work requirement, and an appeals court appears poised to uphold the lower court's ruling.

» Kentucky and the ACA’s Medicaid expansion
14/10/19 08:15 from healthinsurance.org
HHS approved Kentucky's Medicaid work requirement, but a federal judge rejected the waiver and sent it back to HHH for additional review. HHS reapproved the waiver in November 2018, with a work requirement set to take effect in April 2019, but the judge blocked it again in March 2019. An appeal is ongoing, but federal judges appear inclined to uphold the lower court's ruling that overturned the work requirement.

» What is Known, Unknown About Lung Illnesses Linked to Vaping
11/10/19 12:12 from Insurance Journal
Government public health officials are continuing to advise people to stop e-cigarette or vaping products, especially with THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued …

» Medicare in Kansas
11/10/19 01:16 from healthinsurance.org
As of July 2019, more than 533,000 Kansas residents were enrolled in Medicare. Medicare Advantage enrollment in the state is lower than average, and Kansas guarantees access to Medigap plans for disabled enrollees under the age of 65.

» Supreme Court’s High-Profile Cases in Its New Term
07/10/19 08:24 from Insurance Journal
The biggest cases before the Supreme Court are often the last ones to be decided, and the focus on the court will be especially intense in June, just a few months before the 2020 election. A look at some of …

» Recent Fatal Crashes Involving Vintage Aircraft
06/10/19 19:48 from Insurance Journal
Last Wednesday’s crash of a World War II B-17 bomber in Connecticut was the latest in a long list of fatal crashes involving vintage planes used or designed for military purposes. Some other recent fatal crashes in the U.S. and …

» Tackling the U.S. flood insurance challenge
28/02/18 13:41 from Property Casualty 360
Flood risk is one of the most severe natural hazards in the United States, yet one of the least well-managed. Nearly all the risk is borne by one participant

» A monumental disaster
28/02/18 11:00 from Property Casualty 360
If insurers stopped taking statements — and written, signed ones are better than recorded — they will spend more defending lawsuits than they would settling owed claims.

» Around the P&C insurance industry: Feb. 28, 2018
28/02/18 06:30 from Property Casualty 360
News from Ryan Specialty Group LLC, J.S. Held, RIMS and more.

» Who pays when tenant improvements are damaged?
28/02/18 05:15 from Property Casualty 360
Whether residential or commercial, a tenants' insurance policy does not offer the same coverage as a homeowners' insurance policy.

» The hidden risks of foodborne illness claims
28/02/18 00:00 from Property Casualty 360
Claims pertaining to food-related issues are often overlooked until it’s too late. Here is an in-depth view of foodborne illness claims and how to protect against potential gaps in coverage.

» Top 10 most affordable states for home insurance
27/02/18 23:00 from Property Casualty 360
Homeowners nationwide must manage diverse risks. From natural disasters to robberies, there are innumerable exposures waiting to strike.

» Dissecting Warren Buffett's annual letter to shareholders
27/02/18 11:00 from Property Casualty 360
Berkshire likely could expect 3% of insured losses for future American mega-catastrophes.

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