» Avocado Seed Extract Shows Promise as Anti-Inflammatory Compound
22/03/19 13:38 from Newsroom RSS Feed
The researchers developed the extract over the last decade as a food colorant and it is not known whether the compounds responsible for the extract's vibrant orange color play any role in its ability to inhibit the production of pro-infl...

» Pork Essentially Free of Veterinary Drug Residues
21/03/19 16:10 from RSS
In a survey of more than a thousand pork kidney samples, none were found to have veterinary drugs at levels that even approached close to U. S. regulatory limits. Pork Essentially Free of Veterinary Drug Residues By Kim Kaplan March 21, ...

» Computational Fluid Dynamics to Design Future Dairy Housing
21/03/19 15:00 from Newsroom RSS Feed
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed computational fluid dynamics models that can provide a clear picture of how new dairy housing barns—designed for ventilation and cow comfort—will perform in real-life sett...

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