» Market Match Means More Money, Healthful Food on the Table
19/10/18 12:08 from Newsroom RSS Feed
Many reports show that incentivizing the purchase of fruits and vegetables at farmers markets is a wise investment, one that addresses health and food security while also delivering a substantive, economic impact for farmers and farming ...

» It’s a Small World After All
17/10/18 18:38 from Newsroom RSS Feed
Delaware State University (DSU) used a 1890 Capacity Building Teaching grant to give its students the world. In turn, they also built stronger ties of research and learning with other 1890 institutions, universities in Costa Rica, and USDA.

» Alabama Ensuring the Cotton Industry Doesn’t Shrink
17/10/18 18:18 from Newsroom RSS Feed
From the shirts on our backs to the bandages we use to help heal our wounds, cotton is an important part of our daily lives. Unfortunately, many challenges, such as changes in climate and shrinking arable lands, threaten future crop prod...

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