Sep 20 What’s the point in reading if you don’t get a free pizza?
In March of this year, Senate passed a bill called The Sunshine Protection Act, which makes daylight saving time the new, permanent standard time, effective November 5, 2023. Read More
Sep 6 Father’s Club is Making a Difference in Kansas City High Schools
Father's Club is making a difference in KC High Schools. Mental health issues and teen suicide are at the top of the list. Read More
Aug 16 The 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline is Ready to Help.
The FCC launched a new 3-digit dialing code (988) that connects callers to the nationwide hotline for mental health crises. Read More
Aug 2 The winds of change are blowing… in a cooler direction.
If you are like most of us here at Home Rental Services, you’ve probably been waiting and wondering when we would see the real estate market cool down. Well, it appears that time has arrived. Read More
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