Jun 6 Opportunity Costs for Rental Investments
When we see folks wanting to “save money” by obtaining numerous quotes or raising the rent too high, we often refer to this as “stepping over dollars to pick up dimes”. Read More
May 16 Mom Says, “Change Your HVAC Filter”
People don't always change their HVAC filter as much as they need to. Here is a PSA about why it really matters! Read More
May 2 Zoom Meetings Aren’t New: Hollywood Squares or Brady Bunch Anyone?
In this blog post, we will explore the similarities between Zoom Meetings and two iconic television shows: Hollywood Squares and the Brady Bunch (intro). Read More
Apr 14 10 Tips For Selecting Your Next Investment Property
Real estate investments can be an excellent way to build wealth, hedge against inflation and secure your financial future. That being said, to achieve success in real estate investing, you need to pick the right properties and have a great team to support you. Read More
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