Jul 16 The Importance of Keeping Your Grill Away from Your House to Preven...
By keeping your grill at least 10 feet from your house and following recommended safety guidelines, you can enjoy your outdoor cooking experience with peace of mind. Read More
Jul 2 Grass Clippings: Please keep them out of the storm drains.
We wanted to share a public service announcement about keeping grass clippings out of storm drains. Grass clippings and other yard waste blown into the street can cause localized flooding by clogging curb inlets and pipes. Read More
Jun 18 If it ain’t broke, break it! Introducing our Resident Benefit Package
We are excited to be working with Second Nature and to be able to add an additional benefit to our renters. Happy renters means happy owners, and that means everyone is winning.  Read More
Jun 4 Rental Properties are an INvestment, not an OUTvestment
Have you heard of OUTvestments? It seems that is where a lot of the focus tends to go when investing, especially in real estate. Read More
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