Apr 16 $35,000 in Renovations = $2,995/mo Rent
We helped a client acquire his fifth investment property. After $35,000 in renovations, we were able to rent the property for $2,995/mo in just five days. Read More
Apr 2 A chirping smoke detector will not save your life.
Despite their importance, smoke detectors are often overlooked until tragedy strikes. Even worse, some people let their smoke detectors chirp forever. Read More
Mar 19 It’s Raining Cats and Dogs
PetScreening is a pet management software company that HRS started working with about a year ago. When a profile has been completed, the pet is given a FIDO Score. How cute is that?!? Read More
Mar 5 We recently helped another great client acquire their fifth investm...
Did you know that we not only lease and manage rental properties, but we also help guide you in the process of selecting your next investment? Read More
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