HP&M is Pleased to Welcome Gail Javitt to the Firm as a Director (Jan 16, 2020 22:55)
By Kurt R. Karst —

An Overview of FDA OPDP Enforcement for 2019 (Jan 16, 2020 02:17)
It is time to look back at enforcement for the 2019 year. It is still possible that FDA...

FDA Says That Theranos Discovery Strain Is Causing Other FDA Enforcement Efforts to Take a Backseat (Jan 16, 2020 00:05)
By Véronique Li, Senior Medical Device Regulation Expert & Sarah Wicks* —

The Vanishing PMA Device Advisory Panel Meeting (Jan 14, 2020 21:59)
By Jeffrey N. Gibbs & McKenzie E. Cato —

HP&M Files Citizen Petition Challenging FDA’s Restrictions on Pharmacogenomic Data (Jan 14, 2020 04:42)
By Jeffrey N. Gibbs & Gail H. Javitt & McKenzie E. Cato —

The Growing Profile and Influence of ICER (Jan 14, 2020 02:30)
The year began with a prediction from Senator Mitt Romney to pharmaceutical executives ...

Cert-ainly Interesting Times for the FTC at the Supreme Court (Jan 13, 2020 04:59)
By JP Ellison & Anne K. Walsh & Rachael E. Hunt —

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