» MEGATOR – Toronto in the year 2100
18/09/23 11:20 from Friends of Pickering Airport
Do you remember the future? Flying cars, high-speed trains, and robots servicing our every whim?   The Greater Golden Horseshoe or just the “Toronto Region” to the rest of the world, has been Canadas golden child of growth since the 1970...

» Shahin at Buttonville (CYKZ)
13/09/23 06:35 from PlaneTalk

» Bonanza flight to Milwaukee July 2023
14/08/23 20:48 from Humberto Villalobos

» Federal Inaction Fueling a Housing, Productivity and Aviation Crisis in Toronto.
09/08/23 23:11 from Friends of Pickering Airport
It is hard to find the words to describe the misery of Canada’s housing crisis in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). For a decade demand has outstripped supply causing prices to soar.  For most, buying a home is now an unattainable dream. M...

» AirSpace Auctions
07/08/23 12:38 from PlaneTalk

» AirEV at AirVenture 2023
06/08/23 18:47 from PlaneTalk

» Elixir Aircraft at AirVenture 2023
06/08/23 15:32 from PlaneTalk

» HydroPlane at AirVenture 2023
06/08/23 15:19 from PlaneTalk

» CASARA at Edenvale
22/07/23 21:23 from PlaneTalk

» Kevin ‘Tombstone’ Lacey and Tango 31 Aero Clube
21/07/23 19:54 from PlaneTalk

» COPA President and CEO Mark van Berkel
11/07/23 08:00 from PlaneTalk

» Concorde Battery at SUN’nFUN 2023
11/07/23 07:43 from PlaneTalk

» Flight Helmets at SUN’nFUN 2023
11/07/23 07:37 from PlaneTalk

» Kevin ‘Tombstone’ Lacey at SUN’nFUN 2023
10/07/23 15:48 from PlaneTalk

» Time for an NHL expansion team in the GTA
03/07/23 17:26 from Friends of Pickering Airport
This year the Las Vegas Golden Knights, an expansion team founded only six years ago, won the Stanley cup.  How did a desert oasis in Nevada, with a population less than half of the 6.3 million of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), achieve ...

» Diamond Aircraft At SUN’nFUN 2023
01/07/23 08:32 from PlaneTalk

» Piper at SUN’nFUN 2023
30/06/23 16:22 from PlaneTalk

» The Goals and tactics of NIMBYism
25/06/23 11:06 from Friends of Pickering Airport
NIMBY stands for Not In My Back Yard. It is a social trend in Canada and other parts of the developed world in which a local group of usually wealthy (often retired) citizens enjoying the status quo, block the growth of the community tha...

» Pickering Airport Passenger Routes Part 2
16/06/23 21:53 from Friends of Pickering Airport
Airline Considerations for New Routes In Part 1 we discussed Pickering Airports advantage of location, location and location! We explored how the new airport will complement existing operations at Pearson airport including providing a ho...

» MotoArt at SUN’nFUN 2023
16/06/23 18:06 from PlaneTalk

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