» Insight Avionics
19/10/20 17:48 from PlaneTalk

» FlyGTA Airlines
13/10/20 16:31 from PlaneTalk

» Who is Leasing the Pickering Airport Lands?
10/10/20 10:41 from Friends of Pickering Airport
By Mark Brooks In response to a Freedom of Information request, we have received the list of leaseholders for the Pickering lands retained for economic development, including an airport. A big thank you and shout–out to Transport C...

» Mooney IFR flight Winnipeg to Kenora Oct 2020
07/10/20 23:53 from Humberto Villalobos

» Supporting Aviation Key to Canada’s Pandemic Recovery
05/10/20 17:30 from Friends of Pickering Airport
  Written by Mark Brooks, Oct 5 2020. The Canadian economy is in recession, the planet is on fire, racial injustice has been laid bare and a global pandemic threatens to kill our most vulnerable citizens.  As 2020 turns in...

» Anthony Norejko – CBAA
05/10/20 08:40 from PlaneTalk

» Fall colours at Paudash Lake Ontario Canada shot with a Mavic Mini
04/10/20 18:23 from CPsVids

» Mooney GGPG RNAV runway 15 approach Buttonville May 2020
25/09/20 16:32 from Humberto Villalobos

» The New Aircraft of Pickering Airport: A Quest for Efficiency  
17/09/20 10:35 from Friends of Pickering Airport
Mark Brooks, Sept 17, 2020 In 2029, Pickering Airport will be open. What type of aircraft will call it home? To answer that question, we need to understand two of the forces driving the need for the new airport. One is the economic freed...

» Mooney GMGR Toronto City tour Aug 2020
16/09/20 14:27 from Humberto Villalobos

» Nemo Weather
07/09/20 13:42 from PlaneTalk

» Misinformation to Stall Airport
29/08/20 08:21 from Friends of Pickering Airport
by Mark Brooks, August 27 2020. A citizen, worried that the pandemic is being used as cover to reward insiders, writes a letter to his Liberal MP.  The reply he received was laced with misinformation and should worry every Canadian. It h...

» Aviation Watches
25/08/20 12:39 from PlaneTalk

» Angle of Attack
24/08/20 15:14 from PlaneTalk

» Toronto’s Pandemic Recovery Will Require New Airport Infrastructure
07/08/20 09:54 from Friends of Pickering Airport
By Mark Brooks Passenger aviation is now in the early stages of restarting from its COVID-19-induced shutdown. As the pandemic continues to turn the world upside down, airports and airlines are grappling with the new normal. How can they...

» Cessna 172 Holland Landing to Goderich - 4K TimeWarp (HyperLapse)
02/08/20 17:41 from CPsVids

» Air Data AHRS
30/07/20 10:36 from PlaneTalk

» Canadian Airports Will Be Carbon Neutral
29/07/20 21:36 from Friends of Pickering Airport
By Ted Nickerson The future of long distant transportation in Canada is aviation. But thanks to the flight-shaming movement, you may have been led to believe that there is no place for aviation in a carbon neutral future.  That’s not tru...

» Emergency Notification Systems
29/07/20 14:57 from PlaneTalk

» Mooney Acclaim night flight Feb 2019
26/07/20 19:50 from Humberto Villalobos

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