» Buttonville Mandatory Frequency
25/05/20 17:08 from PlaneTalk

» Pickering Utility Airport Economics
14/05/20 04:20 from Friends of Pickering Airport
By:​​ Phil Lightstone, Mark Brooks The havoc created by COVID-19 has affected all elements of the Canadian economy.  While many Canadians languish in self-imposed isolation, the Canadian economy has slowed down.  The pre-pandemic shutdow...

» Personal Locating Devices & Beacons
12/05/20 16:56 from PlaneTalk

» Glass Engine Management
28/04/20 17:44 from PlaneTalk

» TBM850 Night Flight Oshawa to Toronto Buttonville Nov 2019
27/04/20 11:51 from Humberto Villalobos

» Mooney Wiarton to Burlington by Toronto Pearson Apr 2020
17/04/20 09:57 from Humberto Villalobos

» Buttonville Airport in Photos
16/04/20 03:50 from Aviation – Vividcomm
Buttonville Airport, located just 19 kilometres north of downtown Toronto has a rich aviation history. CYKZ as it is designated is a part of Toronto’s history too, even if it is located in Markham, Ontario. It is a vital piece of C...

» $4 Billion in “Modest Expansions” Accounting
12/04/20 08:03 from Friends of Pickering Airport
The Study commissioned by Transport Canada, Pickering Lands Aviation Sector Analysis, concludes that through “modest expansions in aircraft apron and air terminal facilities”, Pickering Airport’s passenger capacity is not needed before 2...

» Personal Reinvention
10/04/20 04:00 from Aviation – Vividcomm
Imagine a sculptor sitting down in front of a block of granite. The cold, hard stone tells us nothing of the warm, soft, elusive art form that will emerge from it.  However, in the eye of the sculptor, each tap on the chisel slowly ...

» COVID-19 and Aircraft
06/04/20 18:12 from PlaneTalk

» Ending the “Build Pickering Last” Strategy
04/04/20 16:37 from Friends of Pickering Airport
On March 5, 2020, Transport Canada released the Pickering Lands Aviation Sector Analysis (the Study). It was much awaited, and hopefully will be the definitive study on the need for and timing of a new commercial airport in Pickering, On...

» Pickering Airport in a Post-Pandemic Toronto
26/03/20 00:46 from Friends of Pickering Airport
Right now the Canadian economy is crashing under the fear and anxiety created by a global pandemic. Under today’s conditions, communal vehicles – buses, trains and planes – are breeding grounds for the virus. Until today, the...

» Mitsubishi MU2 Ottawa Toronto Oshawa Mar 2020
20/03/20 19:18 from Humberto Villalobos

» O’Connell’s Baffling Misread Of The KPMG Report.
20/03/20 00:19 from Friends of Pickering Airport
The recent release of a report from consulting firm KPMG, regarding when to build Pickering Airport, has Canadian political observers holding their breath. The report lays out why the Greater Toronto Area needs a new airport, states wher...

» USB Power Update
17/03/20 16:57 from PlaneTalk

» KPMG Report Reaffirms Need for Pickering Airport
11/03/20 15:33 from Friends of Pickering Airport
By:​​ Mark Brooks, Phil Lightstone. The long-awaited Pickering Lands Aviation Sector Analysis (the “KPMG report”) has...

» Pickering Airport Featured in COPA Magazine
10/03/20 20:13 from Friends of Pickering Airport
The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) is featuring an article from The Friends of...

» Business and General Aviation at Pickering Airport
03/03/20 14:08 from Friends of Pickering Airport
From group evacuations, to moving corporate or government decision makers and technical specialists, Business Aviation...

» C-172 Thomas day and night circuits at Buttonville Feb 2020
02/03/20 23:41 from Humberto Villalobos

» Cockpit Weather
02/03/20 08:56 from PlaneTalk

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