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» #FBI FBI #IntelligenceSecurityServices collected all the knowledge about the deepest #dirt of #HumanBehavior & converted this knowledge into their #skills, #tools & #ManipulationLevers. They see & call this Human Mental Waste Management System a "craft"!
» thestrategybridge.org/the-bridge/202…
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: Denmark joins the drills: another 130 instructors will train Ukrainian servicemembers as part of a UK-led program. Thanks to @Forsvarsmin and my
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: Breaking News: Donald Trump will face questioning under oath Wednesday by the New York attorney general’s office, which is investigating his business practices. nyti.ms/3Ad4Mmi
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: РФ не может обвинить Украину в ракетном ударе по аэродрому Саки в Крыму, потому что это продемонстрировало бы неэффективность российской системы ПВО, "что уже показало потопление крейсера "Москва", считают в
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: Мэр Нью-Йорка Эрик Адамс проводит третий “Общественный разговор по вопросам общественной безопасности” tv503.com/?p=24702
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: Did you know one-third of all the chips in the world use the polysilicon made in the great town of Hemlock, Michigan? Imagine if we had more of those kinds of factories across the country. The CHI
» TOO OBSCURE TO MATTER William Randolph Hearst was so close to German officials, particularly spy chief Johann von Bernstorff, rumors circulated he was sending signals to U-boats in the Hudson River from his Riverside Dr apt. ino.to/QgWVs6g
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: My latest cartoon on @TinyviewComics: tinyview.com/rob-rogers/202… #MarALago #FBI #TrumpRaid #Trump
» Toilet Plunger tinyview.com/rob-rogers/202…
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: Mar-a-Lago search just part of one of several Trump probes #BreakingNews #Congress #Senate #CapitolRiots #Insurrection #Sedition #DonaldTrump #JoeBiden #Impeachment #USCapitolPolice #
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: @hugolowell Just ask Trump to release his copy of the search warrant, and the list of items the #FBI took from his hotel. #MOG
» @HerrEngelbert Agent Orange does not read books, he watches FOX and his other little foxes.
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: The next big lie: FBI planted evidence. #FBI #MarALagoRaid
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: @VernonForGA @BarackObama IF Obama had removed boxes of documents belonging to the American people... and refused to return them.... I would not only IMAGINE the #FBI raiding his home, I would INSIST upo
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: Multiple reports are that the #FBI seized ten boxes of documents from the basement of Mar-A-Lago. Trump spent his whole life getting away with everything; Until Now. #FreshResists #ArrestTrumpNow
» Michael Novakhov retweeted: “They’re looking for presidential records… and anything that could potentially be classified,” said Christina Bobb. The #FBI agents who raided Trump’s resort were looking for certain records, according t
» With FBI raid, Merrick Garland has no choice but to go big on the Trump probe - Mother Jones
» Timeline: The Justice Department criminal inquiry into Trump taking classified documents to Mar-a-Lago - kuna noticias y kuna radio
» FBI 'had the authority to break down the door' at Trump's home, Dilanian reports - Yahoo News
» Why the Trump search warrant is nothing like Hillary's emails - Yahoo Sports
» Donald Trump says FBI searched Mar-a-Lago estate in major escalation of probe into classified documents - South Florida Sun Sentinel
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