» Mad Max prequel: Charlize Theron says being replaced as Furiosa by younger actor was 'tough to swallow'
07/07/20 06:09 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
George Miller is recasting role with actor in her 20s

» Hamilton: Criticism of Disney+ musical is 'valid', Lin-Manuel Miranda says
07/07/20 05:52 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
Show has been accused of whitewashing history of US founding fathers

» 'I vow to be an ally': Halle Berry pulls out of transgender film role after backlash
07/07/20 05:15 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
Actor was in discussions for a part in a mystery project

» At Least 50 Dead in Japanese Natural Disaster
07/07/20 04:16 from Arts & Entertainment - Voice of America
Three days of heavy rains have triggered floods and mudslides that has wrecked roads and bridges, hampering rescue efforts

» In Nick Cordero’s Death, a Reminder of Covid-19’s Unknowns
07/07/20 02:27 from NYT > Arts
The Broadway star died from the coronavirus, despite being just 41 and in apparent good health. Cases like his, experts said, are growing.

» At Least 166 Killed in Ethiopia After Week of Violence
07/07/20 02:19 from Arts & Entertainment - Voice of America
Police said about 2,000 people have been arrested in Oromia Regional State after Hachalu Hundessa was killed June 29 by unidentified attackers

» Children Among Dozens Killed, Hurt in Holiday Gun Violence
07/07/20 01:55 from Arts & Entertainment - Voice of America
In Chicago alone, victims include 13 children, with 2 fatalities

» Coast Guard Alters Training for Incoming Class Due to Virus
07/07/20 01:42 from Arts & Entertainment - Voice of America
Service academies and military training centers, have made major changes because of the coronavirus pandemic

» Paapa Essiedu Knows ‘I May Destroy You’ Is Hard to Watch
07/07/20 01:40 from NYT > Arts
The actor, who plays Kwame on the HBO show, discusses assumptions about sexual assault, his character’s survival mechanisms and why the show needs room to breathe.

» Trump Cabinet Members Look to Reassure Battleground Voters
07/07/20 01:20 from Arts & Entertainment - Voice of America
Questions arising about whether these agency heads are running afoul of a law meant to bar overt campaigning by federal officials on the taxpayer tab

» Facebook, Others Block Requests on Hong Kong User Data
07/07/20 01:09 from Arts & Entertainment - Voice of America
Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google and Twitter will deny law enforcement requests for user data in Hong Kong as they assess the effect of a new national security law enacted last week

» Gig Workers Face Shifting Roles, Competition in Pandemic 
07/07/20 00:44 from Arts & Entertainment - Voice of America
Coronavirus pandemic is pummeling the global economy and US unemployment is reaching heights not seen since the Great Depression, leaving gig workers clamoring for jobs that often pay less while facing stiff competition from a crush of n...

» Broadway Actor Nick Cordero Dead at 41 of Coronavirus
07/07/20 00:37 from NYT > Arts
The Broadway actor’s battle with the coronavirus was followed closely by many as his wife chronicled his experience on social media.

» Charlie Daniels, Fiddling Force in Country and Rock, Dies at 83
07/07/20 00:31 from NYT > Arts
He was a singer, songwriter, bandleader and a blazing fiddle player on hits like “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” His politics swung, too, from left to right.

» US Pandemic Aid Program Saved 51.1 Million Jobs, But Wealthy Also Benefited
06/07/20 23:45 from Arts & Entertainment - Voice of America
Data show $521.4 billion in taxpayer cash was injected into small businesses, but also into the pockets of well-heeled and politically connected companies

» North Korea Rules Out Talks, as US Diplomat Visits Seoul
06/07/20 23:45 from Arts & Entertainment - Voice of America
Pyongyang dismisses ‘untimely rumor’ of another Trump-Kim summit

» Islamic Militants May Have Committed War Crimes in DRC, UN Says
06/07/20 23:37 from Arts & Entertainment - Voice of America
Allied Democratic Forces have killed more than 1,000 civilians in unusually brutal attacks on villages

» ‘Hamilton’ and the Historical Record: Frequently Asked Questions
06/07/20 23:14 from NYT > Arts
The Disney+ filmed version has fans wondering what’s accurate. Historians are fans, too, and they have answers, along with caveats.

» Nikolai Fadeyechev, Elegant Bolshoi Dancer, Is Dead at 87
06/07/20 22:04 from NYT > Arts
Acclaimed for his noble style, he was also praised as a “self-deprecating” partner who showed off his ballerinas and did not compete with them.

» Dulce Nunes, Bossa Nova Star of the 1960s, Dies at 90
06/07/20 21:30 from NYT > Arts
She was best-known for the 1964 album “Poor Little Rich Girl.” Ms. Nunes died of Covid-19.

» Cherokee Women Aim for a Better Life in ‘Crooked Hallelujah’
06/07/20 20:56 from NYT > Arts
In her debut novel, Kelli Jo Ford summons the details of minimum-wage existence in the last quarter of the 20th century.

» Ennio Morricone, Oscar-Winning Composer of Film Scores, Dies at 91
06/07/20 20:14 from NYT > Arts
His vast output included atmospheric music for spaghetti westerns in his native Italy and scores for some 500 movies by a Who’s Who of directors.

» Actors’ Equity Signs Off on Live Theater in the Berkshires
06/07/20 20:09 from NYT > Arts
Theaters in the Berkshires are planning live shows, “Godspell” and “Harry Clarke,” with limited audiences and virus-related protocols in place. One will be indoors, and one outdoors.

» Simon & Schuster Names Dana Canedy New Publisher
06/07/20 19:34 from NYT > Arts
Ms. Canedy, a former journalist at The New York Times and the administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes, will run the namesake imprint at one of the country’s largest book publishers.

» How a Brooklyn Artist Is Making Black Women Her Focus
06/07/20 19:29 from NYT > Arts
Through her Essential Workers series, Aya Brown, 24, has shined a spotlight on the Black women in New York who work in hospitals, schools and retail.

» University of Kentucky Is Sued Over Mural With Slavery Scene
06/07/20 19:13 from NYT > Arts
An alumnus has filed a suit to save a fresco at the University of Kentucky that depicts enslaved people; a Black artist whose work is shown with it also wants the mural to stay.

» Comfort Viewing: 3 Reasons I Love ‘Grand Designs’
06/07/20 18:34 from NYT > Arts
It’s a bit like “The Great British Baking Show,” but in this series, the goal is to build dream homes, not frangipane and iced buns. It’s also deeply human.

» David Walliams: Comedian's children's books accused of 'sneering fatshaming nonsense'
06/07/20 17:36 from The Independent - Arts & Entertainment RSS Feed
Activist and food writer Jack Monroe called out the comedian's 'grim' stories

» Charlie Daniels death: Country Music Hall of Fame member dies aged 83
06/07/20 17:22 from The Independent - Arts & Entertainment RSS Feed
He is best known for 1979 hit song The Devil Went Down to Georgia

» 8 Picture Books That Let Young Minds Wonder and Wander on Their Own
06/07/20 16:58 from NYT > Arts
These journeys of the imagination explore what it means to be human.

» Hip-Hop’s Deluxe Editions Rule the Billboard Album Chart
06/07/20 16:56 from NYT > Arts
The Atlanta rapper Lil Baby notched a fifth week at No. 1 and Lil Durk returned to No. 2 with recently refreshed releases.

» Jarvis Cocker Keeps Hearing That Voice
06/07/20 16:13 from NYT > Arts
Returning with a new band, Jarv Is …, the onetime Pulp leader explains how David Bowie saved his life and why he can’t give up songwriting — yet.

» Greyhound review – Tom Hanks goes to war on the high seas
06/07/20 16:00 from Film | The Guardian
Hanks plays a ship’s captain under attack from a wolf pack of Nazi U-boats in a tense and poignant second world war drama T om Hanks has often found that the military or quasi-military uniform of a much-loved authority figure rather suit...

» Newt Gingrich and the Dawn of a Toxic Political Era
06/07/20 15:05 from NYT > Arts
In “Burning Down the House,” Julian Zelizer shows how Gingrich was able to exploit the profound developments since Watergate to his lasting advantage.

» Ryan Adams: Mandy Moore wants ex-husband to apologise to her privately after sexual misconduct allegations
06/07/20 14:48 from The Independent - Arts & Entertainment RSS Feed
Musician and actor said she finds Adams's actions 'curious'

» Michaela Coel compares incident on set of Chewing Gum to being on a 'slave ship'
06/07/20 14:46 from The Independent - Arts & Entertainment RSS Feed
Actor described a number of incidents on set of Channel 4 comedy

» U.K. Announces $2 Billion Bailout to Help Keep the Arts Afloat
06/07/20 14:40 from NYT > Arts
After a weekslong campaign, artists in Britain welcomed the move, which will provide support to recipients like “local basement” music venues and museums.

» Commuting, and Confronting History, on a Remote Canadian Railway
06/07/20 14:14 from NYT > Arts
The Tshiuetin line, the first railroad in North America owned and operated by First Nations people, is a symbol of reclamation and defiance for the communities it serves.

» Ryan Adams writes apology letter one year after being accused of sexual misconduct and psychological abuse
06/07/20 13:12 from The Independent - Arts & Entertainment RSS Feed
Musician was accused by multiple women of emotional and psychological abuse

» Jarvis Cocker says David Bowie 'saved' him after 1996 Brit Awards arrest
06/07/20 12:58 from The Independent - Arts & Entertainment RSS Feed
'Among many other things I'm grateful to David Bowie for, that was amazing'

» Marc Fumaroli, Defender of French Culture, Is Dead at 88
06/07/20 12:32 from NYT > Arts
A leading historian, he wrote and taught in defense of the French language and its heritage and against “globish English.”

» Dalai Lama review – Inner World: Music you'd find in a luxury spa
06/07/20 11:39 from The Independent - Arts & Entertainment RSS Feed
The Tibetan spiritual leader's wise teachings at its core – on compassion, humanity, children and the future – are intended to effect positive change

» From ‘Game of Thrones’ to Digital Couture
06/07/20 11:32 from NYT > Arts
Carice van Houten, the Red Priestess, brings an Iris van Herpen dress to life in a short film.

» Hollywood stars to be exempt from UK's coronavirus quarantine rules
06/07/20 11:10 from Film | The Guardian
Mission Impossible’s Tom Cruise among key personnel who can resume filming as part of a drive to kickstart film production in the UK The government has announced that major Hollywood stars, including Tom Cruise, will be exempt from quara...

» The Tax Collector: Director David Ayer clarifies Shia LaBeouf role amid 'brownfacing' accusations
06/07/20 10:37 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
'This is a Jewish dude playing a white character'

» The Tax Collector: Director David Ayer clarifies Shia LaBeouf role amid 'brownfacing' accusations
06/07/20 10:37 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
'This is a Jewish dude playing a white character'

» Ennio Morricone: a composer with a thrilling ability to hit the emotional jugular | Peter Bradshaw
06/07/20 10:19 from Film | The Guardian
With his brilliant, haunting scores for Sergio Leone, Quentin Tarantino and dozens more, Morricone was the master of film music The film industry has its elite squad of composers who can produce a complete orchestral score at the request...

» Tom Meighan: Kasabian frontman quits band over 'personal issues'
06/07/20 10:12 from The Independent - Arts & Entertainment RSS Feed
Musician had been with the rock group since its formation 23 years ago

» Kanye West: Rapper ridiculed by celebrities after announcing presidential bid
06/07/20 10:11 from The Independent - Arts & Entertainment RSS Feed
Paris Hilton joked she wanted to become president and paint the White House pink

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