Jul 7 How to Set Up Your First Corporate Card Policy
Jun 24 What's Spend Management? It's Eliminating Expense Reports!
  Managing expenses is a tedious and tiresome task for both the employees who submit expense reports and the finance team members who review and approve them. It drains productivity, and pulls people away from more important, growth-oriented ...
Jun 16 When is it Safe to Travel for Business Again?
  While many states are beginning to open back up after COVID-19 closures, you may be wondering: when is it actually safe to let my employees travel again? The answer, as you can probably expect, is it depends. On a lot of things. Let’s go th...
May 28 How We're Adapting our Onboarding While Remote
May 22 The Best Corporate Cards for May 2020
Apr 20 Refunds in the age of COVID-19
  If you are anxiously looking at your calendar, wondering whether you will be able to take that business trip next month or the family vacation in summer, you are not alone. The travel industry has been decimated and there’s a good chance th...
Apr 16 Tightening Up Policies for a Post-Coronavirus World
  Life after COVID-19 is going to be different. One difference is that all of us, especially SMBs, are going to need to be more aware of and conservative with what we're spending.
Mar 27 Easily Hop on Teammates' Trips with Lola!
Mar 24 How To Travel Home During COVID-19
Mar 16 Best Travel Startups for Business Travel
  Entrepreneurs are transforming the travel industry. The days of relying on an internal or external travel agent might be coming to an end. Why? Travel start-ups are taking the travel-and-hospitality industry by storm. 
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