» How to Use Mindfulness to Boost Your Music Career & Income
16/10/19 22:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock You likely know by now that in order to build a sustainable career in music you must have multiple streams of income. With CD sales essentially non-existent and a single Spotify stream earning you fractions of a pe...

» Help is Here: Mental Health and Wellness in the Music Industry
16/10/19 20:58 from Music Promotion Blog

» Kerry Muzzey, Reluctant Artist-Advocate [INTERVIEW]
16/10/19 17:58 from hypebot
In this interview, Neil Turkewitz sat down to chat with Kerry Muzzey, a composer whose knowledge of intellectual property and performance rights allowed him to act as a one man publisher and record label. Here they discuss the issue of o...

» SEO 2020: Top 15 Google Page Ranking Factors
16/10/19 17:00 from hypebot
If, as you should, you have a website showcasing your music et al, your number one priority should be increasing your site's ranking in Google search results. While there are roughly 200 factors involved in the Google search algorithm, w...

» Cracking The TikTok Code: How To Upload Music and Maximize Engagement
16/10/19 16:04 from hypebot
Everyone is trying to figure out how to get on TikTok. Not only is TikTok one of the most downloaded apps in the App Store, but it can drive enormous engagement for artists. By now everyone knows the story of how Lil Nas X was discovered...

» 14% Of Fans Have Bought A Bogus Ticket According To New FanDragon Survey
16/10/19 15:38 from hypebot
The new FanDragon Fan Experience Index survey confirms how much fans love live music and other events, as well as, how disappointed they are in the ticket buying experience. 99% of those surveyed plan to attend at least one live event th...

» Building A Music Solid Brand (And Why You Should Have Done It Yesterday)
16/10/19 15:00 from hypebot
For many bands and artists, branding may simply not be a part of their day to day vocabulary, or if it is, it likely isn't their number one priority. Here, Angela Mastrogiacomo explains why creating a solid brand is so essential to your ...

» Merck Mercuriadis’ Hipgnosis Acquires Timbaland Catalog
16/10/19 14:30 from hypebot
The Merck Mercuriadis’ Hipgnosis Songs Fund buying spree continues with the acquisition of the catalog of Grammy-winning producer, rapper, singer, songwriter and DJ, Timbaland. The catalog included 108 albums and songs performed by the l...

» BUSINESS OF INDIE: AIM Distro Report • 2 Chainz Goes Indie • Bubba Sparxxx + Symphonic • More
16/10/19 14:00 from hypebot
In this new edition of the Business Of Indie, indie trade association AIM issues a major report on the state of independent music distribution, rapper 2 Chainz signs an indie deal, Bubba Sparxxx partners with Symphonic for a new label an...

» Traktor Kontrol S3: The Middle Child For The MK3 Traktor Generation
16/10/19 13:54 from DJ TechTools
As we reported on last week, the Traktor Kontrol S3 is here. Today we can confirm the official announcement of the DJ controller. Native Instruments has sent over their confirmation and initial specs and photos, which seems to place the ...

» YouTube, Merchbar Partner For Artist Merch, Vinyl Sales
16/10/19 13:47 from hypebot
YouTube and Merchbar have partnered to bring official merchandise sales to the platform. Merchbar has a similar deal with Spotify. Artists with an Official Artist Channel can now add their merchandise and vinyl for sale alongside videos....

» Those Who Can Do, Teach: – Why You Should Consider Teaching Music Online
16/10/19 13:23 from hypebot
While most musicians might not see themselves as educators, prefer the idea of performing to providing lessons, this piece offers a series of compelling reasons why, as a skilled musician, one should give series thought the idea of teach...

» Meditation App Calm Names UMG Exec Head Of Music
16/10/19 13:11 from hypebot
Popular sleep and meditation app Calm and has named its first head of Music, Courtney Phillips, UMG’s former Director of Brand Partnerships. And don't for a minute that Phillips made is to bring more sleep-inducing instrumental music to ...

» WED. BRIEF: YouTube + Merchbar • $3.8M Mixcloud Loss • SAG-AFTRA Music Video Deal • Stem Offers Help • More
16/10/19 12:27 from hypebot
WEDNESDAY 10.16.19 Music Business News From Around The Web Updated continuously under the More News tab

» New website template: Filter
16/10/19 12:23 from Bandzoogle news

» Funding for musicians: music grants in the USA
16/10/19 10:34 from Bandzoogle news

» 15 Best Piano Books For Beginners 2019, Adults & Kids Options Compared
15/10/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Whether you’re teaching yourself piano or taking lessons from a professional, you’ll probably end up learning from a piano method book. There are dozens of them out there, but there are a few clear winners. Your piano teacher will probab...

» One Music Marketing Trick Every Artist MUST Avoid
15/10/19 18:00 from hypebot
Marketing your music is a complex challenge. What works for one listener or fan could fall flat with another, and artists will often jump through hoops and try all kinds of schemes as they fight against anonymity. While it's good to try ...

» Former Busker Tones and I #1 In 16 Markets with Help From Spotify's Global Editorial Team
15/10/19 16:38 from hypebot
Australian busker-turned-breakout-artist Tones and I, whose single “Dance Monkey” is #1 on Spotify’s Global Chart, is the first Australian to achieve this position. The rapid chart accession of her catchy pop song comes in large part bec...

» Publishers Are Driving A Full Stack Music Revolution [MIDiA's Mark Mulligan]
15/10/19 16:20 from hypebot
As the value of music publishing catalogs have multiplied, so have the ways in which forward-thinking companies like Downtown, Round Hill, Kobalt, ole/Anthem, Primary Wave and Create Group monetized those catalogs, says MiDiA entertainme...

» Rock Hall Of Fame 2020 Nominees Include 12 First-timers
15/10/19 16:02 from hypebot
The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame has announced the nominees for its Rock Hall Class of 2020. 16 artists are shortlisted and of those nine are first-time nominees. Pat Benatar, Dave Matthews Band, The Doobie Brothers, Motörhead, The Notorious...

» Novation Launchpad X, mini are the latest take on the hit music grid controller
15/10/19 15:48 from CDM Create Digital Music
Novation’s new grids remain straightforward, but now offer updated expressive and portable versions. And a separate bonus – DIYers wanting to make custom apps for these grids will find it easier than ever. It’s now a fu...

» Funding for musicians: music grants in Canada
15/10/19 13:27 from Bandzoogle news

» CD Baby And TuneCore Enter China, Digital Patchbays, And Producer-Engineer Yoad Nevo On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast
15/10/19 13:10 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is Yoad Nevo, who’s credits include over thirty #1 singles, more than fifty Top 10 albums and over sixty Top 10 singles worldwide as a producer, mixer and mastering engineer. Among the artists he’s worke...

» How to Build Your Music Brand
15/10/19 13:00 from Music Consultant
The words “brand” and “branding” are so ubiquitous that it is hard to even remember their real meaning. According to Wikipedia, a brand is “a name,... Read more »

» A poetic choreographic vision of change, in Hercules & Love Affair video
15/10/19 10:25 from CDM Create Digital Music
It's called "dance music," but it's rare to find music, movement, and emotion captured to film. That's what makes this new music video must-watch. The post A poetic choreographic vision of change, in Hercules & Love Affair video app...

» Fractal Bits is a drum synth with over 4 billion sounds, for iOS and Android [warmplace.ru]
15/10/19 09:58 from CDM Create Digital Music
Alexander Zolotov, genius creator of SunVox and other tools, strikes again. This time, you get a "fractal" drum synth capable of producing some four billion unique sounds. The post Fractal Bits is a drum synth with over 4 billion sounds,...

» Autechre streamed a 12-hour set live on Mixlr Sunday; listen to all of it
15/10/19 09:21 from CDM Create Digital Music
With eclectic sounds ranging from experimental hip hop to IDM, the legendary Warp act seems to have made an unexpected virtual DJ appearance over the weekend. The post Autechre streamed a 12-hour set live on Mixlr Sunday; listen to all o...

» You should delay upgrading to iOS 13, too, music makers – but don’t sweat the future
14/10/19 17:32 from CDM Create Digital Music
Okay, so you got the message not to rush into macOS Catalina. But we didn't talk about the new iOS and what it means for musicians using iPads and iPhones in their work. Let's explain. The post You should delay upgrading to iOS 13, too, ...

» Musically Speaking with Luis and Pedro – Episode 30 – What Does An Artist Manager Do Anyway? with guest Katrina Hirtz
14/10/19 14:08 from Luis Marte Music
On this episode we invite Katrina Hirtz from Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment to chat with us about what does an artist manager do and how the role has changed with rapidly evolving technology. Please follow Katrina on instagram her...

» Bandsintown Launches City-Specific Live Music Charts
14/10/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
There are a ton of music charts these days, many that replicate one other. Some are meaningful to a certain audience and in turn, mean nothing to another. Others are fading in relevance with the arrival of newcomers. But there’s al...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) October 14th 2019
14/10/19 12:55 from Music Industry Blog
Fortnite black hole: In what may be the most audacious global games marketing stunt ever, Epic Games killed off Fortnite in Sunday’s end-of-season event, which one million people viewed live on Twitch. The game got sucked into a black ho...

» How Music Publishers Are Driving a Full Stack Revolution
14/10/19 12:34 from Music Industry Blog
Music publishing catalogues are gaining momentum fast as an asset class for institutional investments, with transactions ranging from large catalogue mergers and acquisitions (M&A) through to investment vehicles for songwriters’ shar...

» Why You Should Only Take Music Advice From Trusted Sources
14/10/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Why should you only take music-career advice from legit sources? Because your music career depends on it, at least partially. If you get bad advice, you could end up wasting years of your life chasing a facet of yo...

» Why Nobody Cares About Your Music, & What You Can Do About That
13/10/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
You work hard to make great music. You try to create a connection with your fans. You play shows, post to social media and send emails. Day in and day out, you put your best foot forward. Yet, it seems like the more you do, the less you ...

» Some brutal handmade electronic sounds live, from Balfa
11/10/19 18:42 from CDM Create Digital Music
It's Friday night; you want to set the mood. How about some violent electronic sounds from the handmade electronics of Spain's Balfa? ¡Por supuesto! The post Some brutal handmade electronic sounds live, from Balfa appeared first on CDM C...

» Quick! This ffmpeg cheat sheet solves your video, audio conversion needs, for free
11/10/19 18:33 from CDM Create Digital Music
Video, audio, convert, extract - once, these tasks were easy with QuickTime Pro, but now it's gone. ffmpeg to the rescue - any OS, no money required. The post Quick! This ffmpeg cheat sheet solves your video, audio conversion needs, for ...

» Around VCV Rack modular community, eclectic flowing sounds
11/10/19 17:44 from CDM Create Digital Music
A funny thing happened on the way to the VCV Rack forum. In a paradigm many still stubbornly imagine as chin-scratching noise, software modular makers are producing beautiful, liquid electronic sounds. The post Around VCV Rack modular co...

» Launching Your Own Streaming Service Using Waterfall by Neal Morse
11/10/19 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
The legendary Neal Morse joins us this week to talk about Waterfall Streaming. Waterfall is a new platform that allow you to create your own subscription streaming service. The artist makes 85% of the monthly subscription fee, which you ...

» This Streaming Nightmare Shows Why Blockchain Won’t Save The Music Business Just Yet
11/10/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
I started getting blockchain music pitches about 4 years ago. In every single one the central theme was the same – “Blockchain is going to save the music business and allow artists to charge a fair price again.” I’...

» Kontrol S3 Spotted In Traktor Pro 3.3 Public Beta
11/10/19 02:20 from DJ TechTools
Remember how the Native Instruments team promised there would be new Traktor hardware before the end of the year? There’s a chance that the first hints of that are coming true, with a new preferences menu appearing in the public be...

» 7 Best Small 5.1 Receivers 2019 – Feature Heavy Compact AV Receivers Compared
10/10/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Audiophiles will often stop at nothing to get the best sound possible. This doesn’t just apply to music but all forms of media they consume – TV shows, movies, YouTube videos and more. There’s no denying that a compact 5.1 receiver can f...

» Update To Catalina? Here’s How To Manually Export Your Music.app As XML
10/10/19 20:10 from DJ TechTools
Yes, here’s another article in the thread of many about the release of macOS Catalina. We decided instead of only revising the previous article, more people might see this manual fix for the loss-of-connection between DJ software a...

» Testing G-Stomper Producer on Android – and how it helped unlock new rhythms
10/10/19 17:19 from CDM Create Digital Music
It started with some feedback from a musician and music theorist to a developer. What happened next: this powerful set of Android music tools evolved some new rhythmic chops. The post Testing G-Stomper Producer on Android – and how...

» 15 Top Google Page Ranking Factors For 2020
10/10/19 16:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
If you have a website (I hope you do) displaying your musical wares, you want it to rank high in a Google search. But page ranking requires site optimization in order to get the utmost attention from all search engines. Since Google is t...

» Accusonus Rhythmiq is an AI assistant that works with your rhythms and control
09/10/19 15:20 from CDM Create Digital Music
"AI" in the popular imagination has become a vision of machines making the music. Rhythmiq is a new plug-in that's the opposite - software that promises to let you do more with your own grooves. The post Accusonus Rhythmiq is an AI assis...

» Your music now available in China
09/10/19 14:57 from DIY Musician
How to get your songs onto streaming platforms in China, the world’s largest music marketplace. Wondering if your music can be heard by hundreds of millions of streaming subscribers in China? Here’s the short answer: Yes, if ...

» This Example Shows How Much It Costs To Get Radio Airplay
09/10/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
We’ve all heard of payola where radio DJs or program directors get paid in order to ensure they’ll play a song on their station. When it happens, it’s all done under the table, but one station in California actually has...

» When is the Best Time of Year to Release an Album or EP?
09/10/19 13:00 from Music Consultant
Regardless of the time of year, getting people to pay attention to the music you release is very difficult, but we have found that there... Read more »

» You Can Make a Professional Song with $0
09/10/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock This article originally appeared on Soundfly .   It’s true. You can make a song that can hang with Charlie Puth’s or Avicii’s on a Spotify playlist. And you don’t have to spend a single penny. That’s right, I ...

» New issue of Music & Copyright with South Korea country report
09/10/19 07:55 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. Rollout of 5G networks offers a whole new dimension of music collaboration and connection With the distribution of r...

» How To Play Piano For Beginners In 7 Steps
08/10/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Interested in learning how to play the piano? Great! As with learning any instrument, it can take time. But rest assured it’s a fun and worthwhile journey. In this guide, we’ve broken down the basics into seven easy steps. Ar...

» 10 principles of great musician website design
08/10/19 17:19 from Bandzoogle news

» Spotify Losing Market Value, Producers Working For Free, And Agent Bruce Houghton On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast
08/10/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is Bruce Houghton, who started his boutique Skyline Artists Agency more than 25 year ago. The agency now grown to offices in Los Angeles, Nashville, New England, Virginia, Florida and St.Louis, and serve...

» Read this before updating your DJ computer to Catalina! Wait For Serato/Traktor/Rekordbox Updates.
08/10/19 04:27 from DJ TechTools
If you’re an early adopter, a DJ, and use a Mac, take note: iTunes is officially done in macOS Catalina, out today. The software is replaced with a music-only app, called simply Music (we’ll call it Music.app occasionally for...

» A pioneer of Digital Marketing Strategy and an industry thought leader on music merchandising and branding, Michael Brandvold’s podcast is required listening for our music industry majors.
07/10/19 17:31 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
A pioneer of Digital Marketing Strategy and an industry thought leader on music merchandising and branding, Michael Brandvold’s podcast is required listening for our music industry majors. Michael Olson, D.A. the Department Chair /...

» Google Will Link Searchers to Key Moments Within Videos
07/10/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Here’s a new feature that’s being rolled out by Google that could change a lot of video searches. The search engine will now link users to specific key moments within a YouTube video as an answer to their search query. Google...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) October 7th 2019
07/10/19 10:33 from Music Industry Blog
Streaming pricing, emerging questions: Music Business Worldwide raised the question of why streaming is discounted in emerging markets when BMWs and Amazon Echoes are not. There are many layers to this, but the key one is – who is going ...

» Abbey Road 50 Years On: The Two Worlds of Music Listening
07/10/19 10:24 from Music Industry Blog
Half a century after it first after it first topped the charts, the Beatles’ Abbey Road is back at the summit of the UK charts. With the anniversary editions retailing for between $20 and $100, the impact on Universal Music’s revenue wil...

» 4 Types of Emails You Should Send to Your Fans
07/10/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Social media has taken over as the primary form of marketing in almost every field, but that doesn’t mean that email is useless. In fact, a smart artist utilizes everything they have, and a healthy mix of social an...

» My Family Doesn’t Support My Music, What Can I Do About It?
06/10/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
You’ve found your passion. You’re ready to embark upon a magical journey with your music. But your family doesn’t support you. They don’t want you wasting your life on something you can’t make money at. Or, maybe they want you to become ...

» Narada Michael Walden One of Billboard Magazine’s Top 10 Producers of All Time
04/10/19 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Producer and musician Narada Michael Walden joins us this week. Producing Hits for Artists as diverse as Aretha Franklin (including the platinum “Freeway of Love.”), Steve Winwood, Ray Charles, Wynonna Judd, Whitney Houston, George Micha...

» Five Trends Changing Music Marketing
04/10/19 11:42 from Music Industry Blog
This is a guest post from MIDiA Research analyst Keith Jopling Marketing music has never been straightforward. That’s why back in the day, label executives would use the single as the shortcut to finding an audience on which to propel &#...

» 9 Best Klon Centaur Clones Compared 2019 – Which Is The Best For Your Pedalboard?
03/10/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
The Klon Centaur, in case you don’t know, is one of the most expensive (it can cost about as much as a high-end guitar amp) and famous guitar pedals of all time. That’s because this is the pedal that changed how people thought about over...

» Showcasing Value in your Brand
03/10/19 13:00 from Music Consultant
The following is a guest post from Chris Bianchi. Chris is an Artist Manager, Musician, and Entrepreneur and has over fifteen years of experience handling... Read more »

» Music Marketing: How to Dominate in a Niche Market
03/10/19 12:54 from DIY Musician
Finding more creative and focused ways to reach, impress, and engage your audience. Throughout his music career, Simon Tam has dominated not just one niche market, but many. It’s impressive, it’s inspiring, it’s frustra...

» Beatsource (Beatport for Open Format DJs) Officially Launches Into Beta
02/10/19 19:29 from DJ TechTools
We covered the rebirth of Beatsource earlier this year, and now the music store has launched into beta. Beatsource is designed specifically for open format DJs who regularly play hip hop, top 40/pop, latin, dancehall and other similar ge...

» Website design inspiration: best music teacher websites
02/10/19 13:56 from Bandzoogle news

» 20 Secrets Promoters Use to Book Bands
02/10/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via subscribepage.com When it comes to getting booked, it’s no secret there are a couple of key ingredients that go into a venue’s decision to say “yes.” But for many, what those secrets are, remain largely a mystery. And the truth...

» How Much Do Singers Make Per Song, Concert, Album & More
01/10/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
When you Google “How Much Do Singers Make”, you get a confusing list of answers. Some sites will tell you that the average singer is making $30/hour, which works out to between $45,000 – $65,000 per year if they were working ...

» How to choose the best headphones
01/10/19 21:52 from DIY Musician
Finding the right headphones for the job. One fine evening last June I sat down after a workout to eat dinner and enjoy a few episodes of Frasier. I plugged my headphones into my computer so as not to disturb my neighbors (thin walls in ...

» What do you want from a vocal coach?
01/10/19 18:09 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Johnny Dwinell and Brent Baxter Johnny Dwinell and Brent Baxter interview Salt Lake City-based A-list vocal coach Mindy Pack to discuss vocal health, vocal technique, and various critical topics that relate to impr...

» How to be wildly successful at licensing your songs to TV, film, and ads
01/10/19 17:35 from DIY Musician
The 3 things you can do right now to increase your chances of getting your music licensed for sync. This article was written by Cathy Heller, a singer/songwriter who has had great success licensing her music to hundreds of TV shows, comm...

» 18 CD Baby Artists Nominated for Latin Grammys
01/10/19 17:17 from DIY Musician
Congratulations to all the CD Baby clients nominated in 2019 for a Latin Grammy! CD Baby artists have made huge showings at the Latin Grammys in recent years, and 2019 is no different. This year’s ceremony in Las Vegas will see 18 Latin-...

» Should I change my artist name if my music changes?
01/10/19 15:36 from DIY Musician
5 reasons you probably SHOULDN’T change your band name. Re-branding your music? It’s something you should consider carefully. When companies change their names, they can spend years sometimes figuring out how to do it right, ...

» Booking the right venue for your band: what you need to know
01/10/19 14:32 from DIY Musician
How to get the gig at a venue that fits your music. If you’re an up-and-coming musician, you’ve come to terms with an undeniable fact. Your art is also a business. The success of your enterprise depends on your marketing acumen just as m...

» DDJ-XP2: Pioneer DJ’s New Controller Unlocks Powerful Rekordbox and Serato DJ Functionality
01/10/19 06:58 from DJ TechTools
Say hello to the DDJ-XP2 – this is a new accessory controller designed for use in either the Rekordbox/CDJ ecosystem or alongside Serato DJ Pro. The controller not only maintains the original functionality of the DDJ-XP1, but also ...

» The Politics of Music, Part 1: Advocating as an Artist
30/09/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via pexels.com Now more than ever, it’s crucial we make our voices heard. We have the power to speak up to our beliefs and change the trajectory of not only our own lives, but the lives of those around us — all we have to do is get...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) September 30th 2019
30/09/19 08:00 from Music Industry Blog
Music licensing hubs: Monokromelaunched its Rights Hub, contractual rights and file management platform for rightsholders, while Soundfeed put its label sub-licensing platform into open beta.Fragmented fandom sees streams more widely sha...

» How To Sell A Song To An Artist, Everything You Need To Know!
29/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
“Wouldn’t it be fun to be a professional songwriter?” If you love making music, I’m sure that thought has crossed your mind. And, I’ve had guitar students in the past that managed to work their way into the songwriting game, just by appl...

» Have We Reached Peak Tech?
27/09/19 14:26 from Music Industry Blog
In last week’s Take Five I highlighted a Vox story which reported that over the last year the number of companies using terms like ‘tech’ or technology’ in their documents is down 12%. This is an early indicator of a much more … Co...

» How to get your lyrics on Instagram Stories: The REAL info (that’s actually helpful)
27/09/19 14:10 from DIY Musician
Make instant lyrical moments in Instagram Stories. You can now create quick Instagram Stories that feature your lyrics. The words to the songs are auto-populated, so you don’t have to type out the lyrics. Pretty sweet, huh? Here...

» Why artists loved the 2019 DIY Musician Conference
27/09/19 13:24 from DIY Musician
Why should independent artists go to the DIY Musician Conference? What makes this weekend so much better than other music industry events? We asked artists who were there, and it’s clear they loved attending as much as we loved hos...

» Protecting Your Intellectual Property, How to Track Down Internet Pirates
27/09/19 12:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Learn how to track down an internet pirate! A wealth of valuable information this week. We are joined by Jason Tucker from Intellectual Property HQ. They are experts in global IP management and campaign focused enforcement. They are one ...

» How Yotto Approaches DJ Gigs, Sets, and Mixing
27/09/19 00:28 from DJ TechTools
Finnish DJ and recording artist Yotto specialises in the clean, precise house music that exists in the space between deep and progressive. One of Anjuna’s breakout acts, his productions get plays from DJs including Sasha, Laurent Garnier...

» Best Solderless Guitar Wiring Kit 2019; Change Your Guitar’s Electronics Today (Pickup)
26/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Sometimes it’s necessary to change out the wiring in your electric guitar. It might be to upgrade the existing wiring and improve your guitar’s tone. It might be to fix broken wiring. All things being equal, it’s better to use solderless...

» Songwriting tips from the Beatles’ “Help!”
26/09/19 21:47 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Scott McCormick Few popular songs meld music, lyrics, and theme as potently as the Beatles’ 1965 hit single, "Help!" Here’s how they did it. Read the post . This Disc Makers post Songwriting tips from the Beatles’ ...

» How to make your music stand out in a sea of self-promotion
26/09/19 13:40 from Bandzoogle news

» MGT137: Save Your Rage For The Stage – Bif Naked
26/09/19 13:34 from Dotted Music
Bif Naked, the “Princess of Punk”, talks about social media, activism, vulnerability, veganism, embracing limitations, straight edge being a true representation of the DIY ethic, and a lot more.

» 5 Things I Learned about Releasing Christmas Music
26/09/19 11:00 from Music Consultant
Cameron Mizell, professional musician and co-founder of the website MusicianWages.com, talks about his experiences releasing Christmas music and delivers some tips for artists to think about when they set out to make a Christmas album.

» 8 Ways To Save Money In Your Music Career Without Sacrificing Quality
25/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Music is expensive. Music as a career is almost terrifyingly expensive. Gear is expensive. Recording music is expensive. Releasing music is inexpensive, but the marketing can add up to a hefty sum, especially if you’re releasing pr...

» CD Baby artists placed in major TV shows
25/09/19 18:30 from DIY Musician
BroadwayWorld.com highlights CD Baby sync placements If you’ve watched the most recent seasons of some popular Netflix, Hulu, and basic cable shows, you’ve likely heard songs by CD Baby artists used in an episode. A post on BroadwayWorld...

» Traktor Team Shares Update: Legacy Controllers on Traktor DJ 2, Catalina support for TP3, New hardware
25/09/19 18:27 from DJ TechTools
If you’re a Traktor DJ, or have been recently, it can be hard to read some of the more dire-sounding news recently from the Native Instruments HQ. But today, a message was posted by Friedemann Becker- one of the leads of the Trakto...

» How to Figure Out If That Venue Is Right for Your Music
25/09/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock You don’t have to say yes all the time. “No” can be a freeing word. And sometimes, you’ll need to use “no” when deciding where to play gigs. But how can you figure out which venues to turn away and which to embrace...

» New issue of Music & Copyright with Italy country report
25/09/19 07:50 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. US leading global recorded-music sales to fifth consecutive year of growth With all the world’s major recorded-music...

» Craft three band bios to describe you and your music
24/09/19 21:52 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan Your band bio can compel the press/media to write about you, bookers to contact you to play live, and potential fans to check out your music. But one size does not fit all, so you'll...

» How to promote subscriptions to your music fans
24/09/19 11:53 from Bandzoogle news

» 365 Days on the Road: 5 Things I've Learned
23/09/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via ellisasun.com This article originally appeared on TuneCore .   Me and my partner Ken left one year ago to tour the USA in a 30-foot RV. We’ve played around 180 shows and shared stages with over 120 bands. We dove headfirst...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) September 20th 2019
20/09/19 15:30 from Music Industry Blog
Amazon, hi-def bet: Amazon has launched its long-slated Amazon Music HD service,delivering lossless FLAC files to a new HD streaming tier. Amazon is betting on its older, higher-income user base to care more about quality than Spotify us...

» How to choose the best music promotion team for your release
20/09/19 14:52 from The Prescription
As is often remarked upon in this blog, a technological revolution has brought about a massive drop in the cost of access to professional recording equipment whilst at the same time furnishing musicians with an easy way to distribute mus...

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