» 12 Creative Talent Show Ideas For Musicians
22/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Talent shows are a dime a dozen. But I would be lying if I said they haven’t had a massive impact on my music career. The reason I decided to get into music in the first place was because the rush I felt performing live. And, the first t...

» REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
21/09/19 15:01 from hypebot
In this week's revisitation of the past week's music industry news, we check back in on Spotify's payment of over $120,000 to a hacker, a spike in streaming which The Cars and Eddie Money have seen following deaths related to both perfor...

» Music Think Tank Weekly Recap: Workout Music • Radio On The Raod • Music Education
21/09/19 13:31 from hypebot
This week on MusicThinkTank, industry contributors shared insights on what the optimal playlist is when you're pumping iron, how the music lover's enthusiasm for listening to music on the radio while driving endures, and what a degree in...

» Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
21/09/19 12:08 from hypebot
Our wise counsel to DIY artists this week provided them with tips and ideas on how to identify your fanbase, what every artist ought to be aware of when it comes to Shazam, how to make touring on a budget work, and much, much more! 3 Way...

» TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
21/09/19 08:39 from hypebot
This week, some of our most popular and often read articles on Hypebot dissected a Spotify playlist promotion pitch letter, explained exactly what an EP is and how it's used in the present day, Spotify users feelings on the new Amazon Mu...

» Your fans can now stream your music on Amazon in CD-quality
20/09/19 20:16 from DIY Musician
Amazon creates Amazon Music HD for high-resolution streaming. Amazon Music has become the first of the three major streaming services to offer its library in lossless CD quality, a considerable step up compared to the compressed (or “’lo...

» The independent musician’s guide to digital distribution
20/09/19 17:30 from DIY Musician
Digital distribution is more than just sending music to Apple Music and Spotify. You’re an artist and you’ve recorded a song you want people to hear. You’ve already done the difficult part of working out arrangements and laying everythin...

» Video premiere: Caustic alien dreams and handmade electronics from Balfa
20/09/19 17:13 from CDM Create Digital Music
Balfa sucks us into dystopian reveries, as we premiere a new video – and see some of the home-built instruments making such wonderfully acerbic sounds. First, let’s set the mood with the video, which pairs music artist Balfa ...

» Marketing Tip: Piggyback On Current Trends Via Hashtags
20/09/19 16:28 from hypebot
There's no promotion quite like free promotion, and one of the best ways to drum of some PR on the house in today's social media landscape is through the use of hashtags. By tapping into current trends, either among your fans or in the b...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) September 20th 2019
20/09/19 15:30 from Music Industry Blog
Amazon, hi-def bet: Amazon has launched its long-slated Amazon Music HD service,delivering lossless FLAC files to a new HD streaming tier. Amazon is betting on its older, higher-income user base to care more about quality than Spotify us...

» BUSINESS OF INDIE: Independents Join Climate Protest • Kobalt Hires • Music Row N.B.T. • Tireless Pup • More
20/09/19 15:20 from hypebot
In a new edition of the Business Of Indie, Independents join global climate protests, Kobalt makes some key hires, Music Row launches the N.B.T. directory. a look at the punk band Pup and much more. Like Hypebot's More News section, The ...

» How to choose the best music promotion team for your release
20/09/19 14:52 from The Prescription
As is often remarked upon in this blog, a technological revolution has brought about a massive drop in the cost of access to professional recording equipment whilst at the same time furnishing musicians with an easy way to distribute mus...

» 3 Ways To Identify Your Target Fanbase
20/09/19 14:50 from hypebot
When it comes to finding success with your music, you can't rely on fans coming to you, and instead, have to put the elbow grease to seek them out. Here we develop three essential tactics for finding your target audience before zeroing i...

» Robbie Robertson. Ringo Starr Play ‘The Weight’ With Musicians On Five Continents [VIDEO]
20/09/19 14:20 from hypebot
Robbie Robertson, the co-founder of The Band and Ringo Starr have joined forces with Playing For Change, a grassroots multimedia music project dedicated to “inspiring and connecting the world through music,” for an epic, global rendition...

» Spotify Has Paid Hackers $120,000+
20/09/19 13:50 from hypebot
Spotify stepped up its efforts to thwart hackers by paying some of them more than $120,000.Since May of 2017 Spotify teamed with bug bounty platform HackerOne to offer rewards to hackers who find and report bugs and vulnerabilities. "365...

» What Every Musician Needs To Know About Shazam
20/09/19 13:40 from hypebot
Since Apple Music for Artists recently added a feature which shows musicians their Shazam stats, more artists are looking to get their music added to the song-recognition program's database. Here we walk through the surprisingly easy pro...

» How Couples Working In Music Make Relationships Work [VIDEO]
20/09/19 13:25 from hypebot
While there are certainly a plethora of often deserving stereotypes about how disastrous an idea it is to try and make a relationship work when both members of a couple work in the music biz, but contrary to popular opinion, industry rel...

» 5 areas where musicians can get MORE by doing LESS
20/09/19 13:10 from DIY Musician
Downsizing for DIY musicians. Striving independent artists want MORE. More listeners, more money, more opportunities, more recognition. But there are a few areas where you could actually benefit by doing less. If “downsizing”...

» The Cars, Eddie Money Streaming, Sales Surge
20/09/19 13:01 from hypebot
Music from both Eddie Money and Cars frontman Ric Ocasek saw a significant bump in sales and streaming following the deaths of the two artists. Sales of albums by The Cars jumped in the days following Ocasek’s death, up by 3,700% (about ...

» Protect Yourself Don’t Allow Your Manager to Have Sole Access to Your Distribution Account
20/09/19 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Get control and access to everything related to your career… today! We are going to say it AGAIN! Get control and access to everything related to your career… today! We share a real story of a musician’s ex-manager who ...

» What's The Best Music To Work Out To?
20/09/19 12:45 from hypebot
Whether you're a gym rat or simply enjoy the occasional light trail run, most people who work out prefer doing so accompanied by some sort of music, something which the industry is, of course happy, to capitalize on, with many songs and ...

» LiveCore is a free low-level, live patching for Reaktor
20/09/19 12:31 from CDM Create Digital Music
Reaktor lovers no longer have to be jealous of live coders - now they get a performance-ready, free, low-level tool of their own. Sonic mayhem awaits you. The post LiveCore is a free low-level, live patching for Reaktor appeared first on...

» Being a musician in the audience (What we REALLY think)
20/09/19 12:21 from DIY Musician
What every musician is secretly thinking during someone else’s show. Just as teachers can make the worst students, so too can musicians make the worst audience members. Sure, we’d like to think we lead by example, but the truth is ...

» FRI. BRIEF: YouTube Verification Revamp • Tencent Music's Muscle • Instrumental + Corite • 1st On Soundcloud • More
20/09/19 11:49 from hypebot
FRIDAY 9.20.19 Music Business News From Around The Web Updated continuously under the More News tab

» 20 Highest Paid Hip-Hop Stars 2019 [Forbes]
20/09/19 01:31 from hypebot
Kayne West finally beat Jay-Z to top this year's Forbes Top 20 Hip-Hop earnings chart despite the later's hit tour with Beyonce. Drake tounds out the top three. Top 20 Earning Hip-Hop Stars 20. Pitbull ($18 million) 19. Wiz Khalifa ($18....

» 8 BEST Locking Tuners 2019, & When To Use Locking Guitar Machine Heads
19/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Guitars don’t always come equipped with the best parts. If you’re willing to spend more on the axe, oftentimes it features better components. Even then, sometimes it’s not exactly what you need. Swapping out pots, bridges, frets, and eve...

» Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 is yet another tiny keyboard – so how does it stack up?
19/09/19 19:49 from CDM Create Digital Music
Mobile keyboards continue to be fruitful and multiply. But Novation's latest includes standalone mode, so it isn't just a computer accessory - so let's see how this category looks now. The post Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 is yet another ...

» How to write a stand-out biography (and what it can do for your music career!)
19/09/19 14:49 from DIY Musician
Effective music PR begins with a good artist bio. As an independent artist, it’s your job to wear a plethora of hats if you want to make it in the music business. You’re basically an entrepreneur—congrats on the new job title!  One of th...

» How to build a great band website bio page
19/09/19 13:47 from Bandzoogle news

» This Chart Tells You What Streaming Services Are Paying (Maybe)
19/09/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Everyone wants to know the royalty rate paid by the various streaming services, but when they compare most charts with their own royalty statements they’re surprised. That’s because there are so many variables that goes into ...

» Is Releasing an Album or Single Better? (And Does It Actually Matter?)
19/09/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Albums vs. singles — it’s the big argument of today in the music industry. Which is better for your career? What if you pick the wrong one?  In this post, I’d like to present both sides of the argument, how ea...

» How Do Songwriters Get Paid, 5 Ways They Make Money Writing Songs
18/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Songwriting is not generally looked at as a lucrative venture. The majority of people writing songs are not doing it to make money. But songs are worth money. People care about music and music has value. So, how do you get paid as a song...

» Highlights from the 2019 DIY Musician Conference
18/09/19 15:01 from DIY Musician
Favorite moments from a weekend full of music community, education, and performances. In 2019, the best and biggest conference or independent musicians in the U.S. moved out west from Nashville to Austin, Texas. From August 16th to 18th,...

» $29 album distribution is BACK!
18/09/19 14:53 from DIY Musician
The best music distribution just got better. CD Baby has made a big change to our pricing and we think you’re gonna like it: $29 Standard Album Distribution! That gives you an extra $20 to put towards reaching new listeners, purcha...

» The Future of Music: A Vision of Post-Format
18/09/19 14:31 from Music Industry Blog
Formats have shaped and dictated the evolution of recorded music. The constraints that formats set have, in turn, become the creative frameworks within which music has operated. Now, in the internet era, formats are becoming a thing of t...

» How Do I Get My Music Licensed?
18/09/19 13:45 from Music Consultant
There are a variety of ways an artist can make a living from their music these days, so it can be overwhelming for those trying... Read more »

» Hi-Res Streaming Comes to Amazon As It Launches Its New Amazon Music HD Tier
18/09/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
It’s been rumored for weeks but now it’s finally a reality. Amazon has announced its new Amazon Music HD tier with both higher resolution music that also comes at a higher cost. Amazon Music HD features 50 million songs avail...

» Extreme dub delay, in the new Ninja Tune-Erica Zen Delay
18/09/19 12:39 from CDM Create Digital Music
We can talk a lot about engineering. But at some point, you pack vacuum tubes and DSP and chips together, and you get a delay that's extreme enough to have Ninja Tune and Coldcut printed on it. The post Extreme dub delay, in the new Ninj...

» Promoters + Clubs Paying Boiler Room Licensing Fees For “Non-Broadcast” Branded Parties
18/09/19 04:52 from DJ TechTools
What happens when you have a highly recognizable brand and you want to monetize it more? This article spotlights an instance of party branding that might have gone too far (we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments). There ar...

» How focusing on one tool cured writers block, and made one sharp, chilly, ‘stoic’ EP
17/09/19 16:04 from CDM Create Digital Music
Tools and technology are often described as obstacles. But sometimes focusing on a tool can refine musical process and composition - as main(void) reveals. The post How focusing on one tool cured writers block, and made one sharp, chilly...

» Free Webinar: How to start selling fan subscriptions
17/09/19 15:29 from Bandzoogle news

» Here’s the editor-plugin the underrated Elektron Model:Samples is missing
17/09/19 14:12 from CDM Create Digital Music
We've been following Momo Müller's software add-ons for a while. But this latest addition for Elektron's Model:Samples is special, because it unlocks some of the power of this budget box. The post Here’s the editor-plugin the under...

» Streaming Royalties May Change For The Better, SM58 Facts, And Engineer Jesse Ray Ernster On My Latest Podcast
17/09/19 13:10 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is engineer, mixer and composer Jesse Ray Ernster, who grew up in a musical family with both his parents playing in bands and making records. Jesse’s entrance in the music business began at age of 16 tou...

» Erica’s Pico System III is a tiny, 450 EUR West Coast modular rig
16/09/19 17:08 from CDM Create Digital Music
The newest Erica system is an exercise in minimalism - analog, fit in a single unit. The price and size are absolutely as low as you can go - but with some deep sound capabilities. The post Erica’s Pico System III is a tiny, 450 EU...

» Gorgeous new music from Hainbach, like dreams above radio antennas
16/09/19 16:55 from CDM Create Digital Music
Hainbach may be known to most as the YouTuber with a bespectacled gaze, talking to you about weird old sound gear. But his ambient music is absolutely beguiling. The post Gorgeous new music from Hainbach, like dreams above radio antennas...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) – September 16th 2019
16/09/19 14:52 from Music Industry Blog
Spotify – small step, big step: Spotify has announced that it is acquiring musician marketplace company Soundbetter. Back in July, Spotify halted its artist direct offering. Some quarters viewed that as the end of Spotify’s disruptive la...

» iPad Eurorack: An unofficial port is bringing VCV Rack to iOS
16/09/19 14:10 from CDM Create Digital Music
Get ready for some tablet patching. A developer has revealed a port of popular open source modular environment VCV Rack to the iPad. The post iPad Eurorack: An unofficial port is bringing VCV Rack to iOS appeared first on CDM Create Digi...

» Instagram Reportedly To Replicate TikTok Features
16/09/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
TikTok has taken the world by storm over the last couple of years, especially with the teen crowd. Launched in 2017 by the Chinese tech company ByteDance for markets outside of China, the mobile app allows its 500 million active users to...

» Spotify PR Spotlight: Virtuoso Music
16/09/19 12:00 from Passive Promotion
It’s always a good sign when a Spotify PR company rejects your song. It means they’re selective, a prerequisite to establishing fruitful relationships with influential curators. Virtuoso Music rejected my first submission, so...

» How to Get Venues' and Promoters' Attention Every Time
16/09/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via pexels.com You want to play festival stages. You even want to tour the world. Or maybe you just want to start to get recognition in your own hometown. But, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to land a gig. Whatever the dream...

» Will “The End Of iTunes” Break DJ Software in macOS 10.15 Catalina?
16/09/19 06:13 from DJ TechTools
Since the macOS Catalina was announced in June, many DJs have expressed serious concern about potentially losing one of the most commonly used organizational tools: iTunes playlists. iTunes is set to disappear from macOS in 10.15 Catalin...

» What Do Record Labels Do, And How Can They Help You As A Musician?
15/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
What exactly is it that record labels do? Today, you can go about building a music career in a variety of ways. And, you don’t even need to rely on a label for your ultimate success. There are so many paths you can pursue that don’t invo...

» 30-Day Challenge! Master Your Mindset!
14/09/19 01:06 from Indie Music Promotion – Bob Baker
The Secret Ingredient to Creative Success If you’ve followed my books and teachings for any length of time, you know I always stress the importance of a positive mindset. Based on the hundreds of interviews I’ve done over the...

» We Read and Dissect a Spotify Playlist Promotion Pitch Letter
13/09/19 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Spotify playlist promotion offers, we see them all the time, maybe you do as well. These are becoming as frequent as website SEO offers. In this episode we read the actual Spotify playlist promotion proposal, dissect it and point out var...

» Let’s talk leftfield techno, with moody synth gems from Lars Hemmerling
13/09/19 12:09 from CDM Create Digital Music
Known for his collaborations with Dasha Rush, Lars Hemmerling shows off on her Fullpanda label his full spectrum of synthesis and production chops. We spoke to him about how he works. In turns as murky as a depressive overcast German day...

» Best Cheap Keyboard Pianos 2019, Portable, Pro & Beginner Friendly Options Compared
12/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
There are plenty of people wanting to learn piano. But there are a variety of issues that can get in the way. Maybe you have a small room and can’t fit a grand piano. Maybe you can’t afford an upright piano. Perhaps noise is a bit of a c...

» MGT136: An Ethical Way To Spotify Promotion – Michael Sloane (Streaming Promotions)
12/09/19 14:19 from Dotted Music
From avoiding companies who offer "guaranteed" streams and the differences between third-party and Spotify playlists to how the platform's algorithm works, and why music will soon be mostly curated by robots.

» Website design inspiration: best rock band websites
12/09/19 13:22 from Bandzoogle news

» 8 Tips To Make Your Email Newsletters Mobil Friendly
12/09/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Every band, artist, producer and engineer needs to stay in touch with clients and fans, and the best way is with email newsletter. I’ve covered newsletter content and frequency in posts in the past, but it’s now essential tha...

» 25 Easy Classical Piano Songs For Beginner Pianists
11/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
When starting out on the piano, playing boring sounding classical pieces may not be what you had in mind. But it’s important to learn some songs that sound and feel impressive to play. Knowing that you can pull off some music that ...

» Marketing Your Music On YouTube
11/09/19 14:21 from Music Consultant
Marketing Your Music on YouTube At almost 15-years old, YouTube is one of the oldest – and most feature-filled – social media sites out there... Read more »

» A New California Law Could Give Musicians Exactly What They’re Trying To Avoid
11/09/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
One major attraction of being a musician is that most want to avoid a real job as much as possible. That’s the dream, after all, to just spend your day creating without being beholden to “the man.” A new bill by the Cal...

» New issue of Music & Copyright
11/09/19 07:50 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. Retail sales of recorded music in the US set to break the $10bn mark US trade group the RIAA has reported another po...

» New website template: Frontier
10/09/19 15:06 from Bandzoogle news

» Songwriters Aren’t Getting Paid Enough and Here’s Why
10/09/19 13:47 from Music Industry Blog
Music Business Worldwide recently ran a story on how Apple has proposed a standard streaming rate for songwriters, with Google and Spotify apparently resistant. Of course, Apple can afford to run Apple Music at a loss and has a strategic...

» Latest Music Sales Data, 40th Anniversary Of The Walkman, And Miles Davis Nephew Vince Wilburn Jr. On My Inner Circle Podcast
10/09/19 13:10 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is Vince Wilburn Jr. who has both toured and recorded with his uncle Miles Davis on many legendary recordings from 1984 through 1987. He is also a producer on the Grammy-winning Miles Ahead soundtrack fo...

» What is an EP?
10/09/19 13:10 from DIY Musician
The difference between an EP, LP, and single on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Pity the poor EP, that oft-overlooked music format; the middle child between the single and long playing album (LP). Often misunderstood and forever ...

» Rekordbox 5.6.1 adds Beatport LINK and Soundcloud Go+ streaming libraries
10/09/19 06:59 from DJ TechTools
Today’s streaming music library news comes from Pioneer DJ, who are announcing a new version of Rekordbox DJ 5.6.1 – which adds Beatport LINK and Soundcloud Go+ libraries to the app. The What happens when you completely remov...

» Two DIY Musician Conference attendees featured on All Songs Considered
09/09/19 21:35 from DIY Musician
Bob Boilen highlights music heard at the DIY Musician Conference Congratulations to CD Baby artists EB and Anna Larson! Both artists were featured in the August 21st entry of NPR’s All Songs Considered after co-curator Bob Boilen selecte...

» Are you REALLY monetizing your content on YouTube?
09/09/19 12:13 from DIY Musician
How to know if your channel is eligible for monetization through the YouTube Partner Program. Are you really monetized on YouTube? That might seem like a silly question since most musicians have some level of monetization happening, whet...

» 5 Creative Ways to Find New Bandmates
09/09/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via pexels.com We talk a lot about how to find success as a band — how to book more shows , how to get on more Spotify playlists , and how to engage your fans . What if you’re missing a few key components, like band members?

» Is Being A Full Time Musician Right For You? 10 Pros And Cons
08/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Many artists dream about one day becoming a full-time musician. In my experience, it’s altogether too easy to envision a rosy future when a humdrum or unwanted future is just as likely. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a chance. Far ...

» Stuart Epps Has Worked with Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Bill Wyman, Paul Rogers and More!
06/09/19 15:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Stuart Epps has toured America with Elton John, produced and engineered records for Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Bill Wyman and Paul Rodgers and is now focusing on the Next Generation of up-and-coming artists. Stuart shares his stories alon...

» How Technology Is Radically Reshaping Politics
06/09/19 10:58 from Music Industry Blog
This is a bit of a departure for this blog: a post on how technology is reshaping politics…. As I write this, the UK is in the midst of a potential constitutional crisis following the UK government’s proposed changes to … Con...

» How to Get Your Music on Spotify Playlists
05/09/19 13:15 from Music Consultant
It’s true that there are multiple methods for promoting your music, and musicians need to pursue those activities that have a lot of potential. That... Read more »

» DDJ-400 Gets Algoriddim djay Support + DDJ-400-S Silver Edition
05/09/19 06:59 from DJ TechTools
We recently touted the DDJ-200 as a great buy for beginner DJs because of the access to streaming libraries (making it a low investment way to start DJing), but now the DDJ-400 is getting similar functionality. Algoriddim’s popular...

» Why Is Music Important? 7 Reasons
04/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Making art is a basic human function. For whatever reason, we feel the need to leave a mark on the world. We have a burning desire to create, whether it’s folk songs, rock art, or movies – it’s all human expression. Music is important. B...

» NI Confirms 20% Layoffs, Plans New “Unified Platform” for Digital Music Production, New Traktor Controller
04/09/19 18:49 from DJ TechTools
You might have heard that Native Instruments just went through a massive, tumultuous layoff cycle last Thursday. While we’ve heard from a number of individuals who have been impacted by these cuts, we weren’t expecting to hea...

» Fifth time’s the charm: The Carpenter’s smash hit, “Close to You”
04/09/19 18:33 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Disc Makers Before and after the Carpenters scored a massive hit with "(They Long To Be) Close To You," others tried, but they all seemed to miss what Richard Carpenter figured out: When you have a great melody, gr...

» Do I Need Mixing or Mastering for My Music? What’s the Difference?
04/09/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock This article originally appeared on Soundfly .   I still recall being a young aspiring musician recording my first ever album with my bandmates. We spent weeks working on perfecting our recordings, getting the...

» Spotify Ad Studio Revisited
04/09/19 01:00 from Passive Promotion
Spotify launched their Ad Studio platform early last year. I was giddy with excitement. For the first time, I could make potential fans hear my music. If they liked it enough to click through, my entire catalog was at their fingertips, A...

» Shakeups, Layoffs – What’s Happening At Native Instruments?
03/09/19 21:27 from DJ TechTools
What’s happening at Native Instruments? Over the last week, a number of sources have shared news of significant layoffs at Native Instruments. Specifically, according to sources close to the company, around 100 people were let go last Th...

» 6 Instagram Story Features Musicians Should Be Using In 2019
02/09/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Instagram may be the most important social media platform at this point, as it allows you to do so much and there are now hundreds of millions of people using it every day. You’re probably already posting great pho...

» 10 Best Speakers For Vinyl 2019, Hear Your Records At Top Quality
01/09/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Listening to vinyl requires a bit of a commitment on the part of the listener. Typically, you don’t just put on a record unless you plan to sit and listen for a while. But even among younger people, listening to vinyl has become a favori...

» Lessons from Simon Tam and the CD Baby Music Conference
31/08/19 20:09 from Indie Music Promotion – Bob Baker
Lessons from Simon Tam and the CD Baby Music Conference (Episode 143) Fresh off my return from Austin, where I attended the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference, I’m sharing some of my biggest lessons, tips, and take-aways. It was great...

» BeatChain, Bringing All the Tools and Data Musicians Need Into One App
30/08/19 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
We are joined this week by Ben Mendoza, CEO of BeatChain. BeatChain brings all the tools and data musicians need into one app. With the right tools and guidance, you can build a supportive fanbase, who get everything direct from you: you...

» Nightmares in Clubland: Justin Nyce’s Worst Gig Ever
30/08/19 07:01 from DJ TechTools
DJ Techtools regularly sits down with a veteran club DJ to ask them about their “worst night ever” at the club. While Justin has been a staple on the East Coast for over 10 years, he’s most commonly seen bouncing back a...

» Using suspended chords in your songwriting
29/08/19 23:19 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Scott McCormick Suspended chords offer more than just a frilly little something to add to your music. They work as substitution chords, they can smooth out chord progressions, and they can add tension to your music...

» 13 Record Labels Based In London, Some Looking For Artists
28/08/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Record labels are not dead. Even though people are more connected than ever, labels offer a framework that many independent artists find useful. These days, labels are more than just labels. Some manage artists, promote shows or even hav...

» Smart Music Shopping Tips for DJs: Dig For Music With Intention
28/08/19 15:45 from DJ TechTools
Today, new contributor Amanda shares an amazing article focused on doing smarter shopping for music for your DJ sets. These are practical strategies that you can apply when you next go hunting for tracks on Beatport, Traxsource, Bandcamp...

» What Artists Should Know About Songtrust
28/08/19 15:00 from Passive Promotion
Did you know that each time your song is streamed, it generates a mechanical royalty that is not paid through your distributor? You need a publishing administrator like Songtrust to collect it. For a $100 setup fee and 15% commissio...

» How to Keep the Momentum When Your Bandmates Are Dragging Behind
28/08/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock It’s hard enough being a DIY musician with all of the hats you’re required to wear to build your career. But when you add in other members to your band who each have their own goals and motivations for building a c...

» How to make more money at your merch table
27/08/19 22:55 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan Your merch table, along with the stage, is the place in the music venue representing you and your music. It's also a key source of income, so it's worth planning it out so you can ma...

» Why Co-Write?
27/08/19 12:00 from Music Consultant
Should Musicians Co-Write? There are few more loaded topics than whether an artist should co-write. While the argument for co-writes is varied, the argument against... Read more »

» Next Big Sound introduces: Pandora Programming Notifications
26/08/19 13:01 from Next Big Sound — Medium

» How to Handle the Guilt as a New Parent Pursuing a Career In Music
26/08/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Full disclosure: I’m not a parent. So where do I get off discussing this topic and chiming in with my perspective? These days, the majority of my friends have young children, as well as many of my clients, and I’ve...

» Leather Leone Signs with Michael Brandvold Marketing for Management and Begins Writing for a New Album
24/08/19 16:14 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
SAUSALITO, CA (AUGUST 23, 2019) — LEATHER LEONE is hailed by many as one of the most powerful and most influential female vocalists in history of Heavy Metal music. LEATHER is excited to announce she has signed with Michael Brandvold Mar...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) August 23rd 2019
23/08/19 16:07 from Music Industry Blog
Taylor Swift, pre-sale love: Taylor Swift tends not to adhere to prevailing industry trends. As a millennial artist with a strong Gen Z following, streaming should rightly be the core of her recordings career. Having started her career v...

» The 5 Podcasts Every Musician Should Be Listening To
23/08/19 16:04 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Thank you to Edwin Garcia Music for including The Music Biz Weekly podcast in his list of 5 podcasts that every musician should listen to. For all discussions, training, tips and tricks related to music marketing don’t miss any epi...

» Why Spotify and Netflix Need to Worry About a Global Recession
23/08/19 13:23 from Music Industry Blog
A growing body of economists is becoming increasingly convinced that a global recession is edging closer. The last time we experienced a global economic downturn was the 2008 credit crunch. Although the coming recession will likely be a ...

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