» 5 Top Ways to Promote Your Event Via Eventbrite
23/08/19 15:30 from hypebot
Once you've poured the necessary blood, sweat, and tears into your event required to ensure your attendees will have a good time, how do you guarantee anyone will actually show up? Here we look at five key ways in which you can boost you...

» PledgeMusic's Winding Up Petition Is Now Public
23/08/19 15:21 from hypebot
PledgeMusic's official Winding Up petition is now public and it shares little new information, including which assets are still available to be sold to pay off the failed crowd funders substantial debt to artists, labels and other credit...

» Last Day To Vote On SXSW PanelPicker, Including Our Data Driven Touring Panel
23/08/19 15:00 from hypebot
Friday is the last day to cast your vote using the SXSW PanelPicker to help choose which panels should be presented at SXSW 2020. Check out all the great panels and consider giving our own SMART TOURING: GUIDE BOOKING + MARKETING WITH DA...

» Producing Tracks For Licensing – How To Boost Your Chances For Success [Part 2]
23/08/19 14:35 from hypebot
In this second part of a breakdown on how to improve your odds for success when producing tracks for licensing, we look at what you need in order to ensure you have your organizational ducks in a row with respect to your digital audio wo...

» Why Songwriters Neeed To Embrace Authenticity Over Trends
23/08/19 14:00 from hypebot
While consumers often focus on an artist's ability to perform and their technical expertise, there is significant evidence suggesting that having a unique, authentic creative voice is in fact more important than ability. ________________...

» Warner Music Licenses Music Discovery App Audiomack
23/08/19 13:39 from hypebot
Warner Music Group has entered into a licensing deal with fast-growing music discover app Audiomack. The partnership marks Audiomack’s first with a major label. The streaming service, which allows independent artists to upload an unlimit...

» Apple Music Adds New Music Daily Playlist
23/08/19 13:30 from hypebot
of "the latest must-hear songs." According to Apple, "When the most important artists—from across the world and across genres—have something new to drop, this will be the place to find it first." New Music Daily replaces Apple Music's Be...

» Why Spotify and Netflix Need to Worry About a Global Recession
23/08/19 13:23 from Music Industry Blog
A growing body of economists is becoming increasingly convinced that a global recession is edging closer. The last time we experienced a global economic downturn was the 2008 credit crunch. Although the coming recession will likely be a ...

» Apple Music for Artists and Spotify for Artists, We Look at Both
23/08/19 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
This week we look at both Apple Music for Artists and Spotify for Artists. Apple Music for Artists is now out of beta and open to everyone. This week we look at both Apple Music for Artists and Spotify for Artists. Why you need too using...

» HostBaby To Transfer Accounts To Bandzoogle
23/08/19 12:45 from hypebot
Established as one of the biggest online distributors in the game, CD Baby has consistently provided a number of online features, including the option for artists to host their website through a company called HostBaby. No more, however,...

» Hasbro Buys Dualtone, Death Row Owner eOne For $4B Cash
23/08/19 12:25 from hypebot
UPDATED: Hasbro has acquired Entertainment One in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $4 billion. The multi-platform entertainment company is home to the popular children's franchises Peppa Pig and PJ Masks, as well as one of...

» FRI. BRIEF: Hasbro's $4B eOne Buy • Taylor, Missy Drop • Apple Adds 'New Music Daily' • Techstars Music 2020 • More
23/08/19 11:56 from hypebot
FRIDAY 8.23.19 Music Business News From Around The Web Updated continuously under the More News tab

» Interview: Kim Ann Foxman Shares Her Perspetive on DJing
23/08/19 07:01 from DJ TechTools
Continuing our series of quick DJ vignettes, we’re back with another quick interview. This time, Hawaii-born multi-talented DJ and producer Kim Ann Foxman (Firehouse Records) shares her views on DJing, creating balance when touring...

» From Soviet funk to a NYC DJ school and Playground: meet Ma Sha
22/08/19 17:16 from CDM Create Digital Music
At a time when the world can seem over-saturated with DJs, here’s a different take – teach more, mix more, and don’t forget breakdancing to old Soviet funk records. We have a chat with Russian-born, NYC-based Ma Sha. If...

» How To Get More Fans On Instagram
22/08/19 17:00 from hypebot
As with most social media platforms, bands and musicians operating on Instagram often struggle with getting their posts to stand out on amidst a crowded field, even as the platform's nuances become increasingly inscrutable. Here, we offe...

» 4 Ways Artists, Labels Manipulate Spotify, Apple Streams and How It Hurts Everyone
22/08/19 15:59 from hypebot
Music streaming manipulation - artificially boosting stream counts to improve chart positioning, increase market share and royalty payments, or for other non-legitimate purposes - is a real problem. Not only does streaming manipulation d...

» 3 Ways The Lines Between Songwriter, Music Producer Are Blurring
22/08/19 15:00 from hypebot
With technology advancements running rampant in the industry, it has become incredibly easy for any artist with a laptop to create and release their own music. In this piece, we look at three major ways in which songwriters are edging in...

» Taylor Swift Shares More Album Record Details, Dates
22/08/19 14:24 from hypebot
During an interview and performance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday, Taylor Swift offered new details about her plan to re-record songs from her past six albums.

» How To Add Lyrics To Instagram Stories [Have You Read Hypebot's Most Popular Post So Far This Year?]
22/08/19 13:58 from hypebot
Move over Spotify and Apple Music, Hypebot's most-read post of 2019 is about Instagram. Written by our friend Kevin Cornell, TuneCore Editor Content & Blog, Adding Lyrics To Your Instagram Stories offers practical how-to advice for a fai...

» How to build a music teacher website
22/08/19 13:55 from Bandzoogle news

» Advice from a Mixer / Engineer.
22/08/19 13:15 from Music Consultant
The interview below was originally published in September 2009 but the advice is evergreen.  Most recently Tim Latham mixed the Grammy Award winning, multiple Tony... Read more »

» 30 Ways To Keep Your Fans Interested Online
22/08/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
When it comes to success online, the secret is engagement. Any way that you can elicit a response from your fans and followers has to be used, but you can’t keep using the same thing over and over. Here are 30 ways (culled from 71 ...

» The Advanced Guide to Music PR for DIY Bands
22/08/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Knowing how to promote your music and get it in front of the right audience is crucial for any artist. No matter how amazing your music is, word of mouth alone is unlikely to get you the exposure you need to grow y...

» How To Make Money As A Music Producer – The 5 Best Ways
21/08/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Are you looking to turn your passion for music production into a full-time job? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Many musicians and producers look down upon doing things for money, but the fact is, if you want to sustain your passio...

» Making a stage powered by AI: inside GAMMA_LAB
21/08/19 18:53 from CDM Create Digital Music
What happens when you apply machine learning research to experimental sound - and then play live in front of a festival crowd? Recently, in St. Petersburg, RU, we got to find out. The post Making a stage powered by AI: inside GAMMA_LAB a...

» HostBaby Transferring Accounts To Bandzoogle
21/08/19 18:48 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
CD Baby has been one of the largest online music distributors for some time, and it’s always offered a number of additional features. One of these features is a place for an artist or band to host their website, which the company c...

» The Web’s biggest guide to electronic music genre just got a huge update
21/08/19 10:45 from CDM Create Digital Music
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music is back. Its third major overhaul gives it a new look, and brings its sprawling map of electronic style to 166 genres, 11,321 tracks, and exhaustive descriptions to match. The post The Web’s bigge...

» What’s The Best Beginner DJ Gear in 2019? Let’s Discuss.
21/08/19 07:01 from DJ TechTools
What makes a great piece of beginner DJ gear? In today’s article, we’ll dive into a few ideas about starter DJ equipment and seek to provide a clear path for a DJ who – today – says they want to start DJing. The N...

» Poland’s electronic underground called for support; the world answered with this music
20/08/19 16:37 from CDM Create Digital Music
In Poland, as queer groups and allies face a rising threat of violence and hate, the Oramics collective chose to respond with music. The result: a sprawling compilation of 121 tracks and international outpouring of support. I definitely ...

» Amazon Sells Counterfeit CDs, Mixing With Your Eyes, And Amuse CEO Diego Farias On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast
20/08/19 13:10 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is Diego Farias, who’s a digital music and tech expert with experience from some of the world’s most successful tech companies. He now serves as the CEO and co-founder of record label and music distribut...

» MGT135: Your Shopify Music Store On Steroids – Tommy Stalknecht (Single Music)
20/08/19 09:11 from Dotted Music
The founder of Single Music, a Shopify app tailored for the music industry, talks on what Direct To Fan means today, the importance of great design in ecommerce, and how major artists increase "scans" on Billboard charts through their st...

» Take Five (The Big Five Stories and Data You Need To Know)
19/08/19 14:41 from Music Industry Blog
Spotify, price hike: Pricing is streaming’s big problem. With premium revenue growth set to slow and ARPU declining due to family plans, discounts, bundles etc., the business needs another way to drive revenue. Unlike video, where pricin...

» Spotify Is Testing Higher Prices In Scandinavia
19/08/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Now that it has a healthy number of subscribers, Spotify would like to raise its prices and the first place it’s trying is in its own back yard. The company is planning on increasing the price of its family plan by 14% in Scandinav...

» Rachael is the flexible ring mod companion to Deckard’s Voice
19/08/19 11:58 from CDM Create Digital Music
Black Corporation turned a lot of heads when they launched the Deckard's Voice Eurorack module, following their Yamaha CS-inspired Deckard's Dream flagship. Now they've got one more clever idea going. The post Rachael is the flexible rin...

» 7 Vocal Methods (And Magic Tricks) to Make Your Voice Rule the World
19/08/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock This article originally appeared on Cari Cole's Standing in the Spotlight blog .   As one of the top celebrity vocal coaches in the world, I’ve seen it all. From stars to rock legends and Grammy winners to ten...

» Tips For Avoiding Burnout As An Independent Musician, & My Personal Story
18/08/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Are you feeling burnt out? Or, are you wondering what it looks like in real life? One thing I will say upfront is that burnout is real, and it can happen to anyone. With that in mind, it doesn’t ever need to reach a point where your heal...

» Facebook Video vs. YouTube Video How to Release Your Music Video to Both Channels
17/08/19 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
This week we discuss why you should release your video to both YouTube and Facebook One of the most common questions we get asked by clients and even non-clients is… I have a new music should I release it to both YouTube and Facebo...

» MeeBlip cubit go: USB MIDI anywhere, with ultra-tight timing
15/08/19 14:57 from CDM Create Digital Music
Today, we’re announcing MeeBlip cubit go – a unique USB MIDI interface with incredibly tight timing. cubit go has the ports you most often need when mobile – one input, so you can perform, and four outputs, for sending notes ...

» Inside the immersive kinetic laser sound world of Christopher Bauder, Robert Henke
15/08/19 13:18 from CDM Create Digital Music
Light and sound, space and music - Christopher Bauder and Robert Henke continue to explore immersive integrated AV form. Here's a look into how they create, following a new edition of their piece Deep Web. The post Inside the immersive k...

» How To Write A Country Song That’s Authentic (In 6 Steps)
14/08/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
There’s something about a great country song, isn’t there? I mean, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but those who love it love it to death. As with many other genres, topics often include love and heartbreak, fun and adventure, faith and ...

» Arturia’s KeyStep just got way more useful
14/08/19 14:03 from CDM Create Digital Music
Arturia's KeyStep was already appealing - a mobile MIDI keyboard with sequencer and arpeggiator. But the 1.1 update improves some details and adds major new musicality. The post Arturia’s KeyStep just got way more useful appeared f...

» You’ll Be Amazed At The Number Of Fake Followers These Music Celebs Have
14/08/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
We all know that we can buy just about any kind of signs of social authority these days. Likes, streams, views – yep, they’re for sale. So are followers, and you’d be surprised just how many fake followers some of the b...

» The Difference between Mixing and Mastering
14/08/19 12:14 from Music Consultant
Mark Christensen of Engine Room Audio clarifies the differences between the mixing and mastering processes and shares some advice for artists and producers who want to build sustainable careers in music.

» 71 ways to reward your music fan subscribers
14/08/19 11:18 from Bandzoogle news

» 7 Facebook Groups for Musicians to Join in 2019
14/08/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock If you asked me today what I think one of the most underutilized tools in online marketing is, I would say: Facebook groups. Sure, Facebook has become a bit of a dead zone for a lot of us lately — we don’t use our ...

» New issue of Music & Copyright with Poland country report
14/08/19 07:55 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. Algorithms may have rhythm, but questions remain over who gets the credit Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to mak...

» Here’s how the Sensel Morph’s custom touch control works
13/08/19 17:57 from CDM Create Digital Music
The Sensel Morph's specialized touch control lets you apply both multi-touch position and force (how hard you press). Some new and recent videos make it clear how to customize that for your different tools. The post Here’s how the ...

» Roland Launches DJ-707M, A $999 Hybrid Controller and Live Sound Audio Console
13/08/19 17:44 from DJ TechTools
What happens when a company decides they want to really pay attention to the demands of mobile DJs when releasing a product? Today, Roland is announcing their new DJ-707M, which is being touted as a four-channel Serato DJ Pro controller ...

» Producer Joe Solo, Re-recording Old Songs, And The 64 Bit World On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast
13/08/19 13:10 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is Joe Solo, who turned a chance meeting with Macy Gray into a 17 year journey that culminated in a Grammy win, a double platinum album, and a hit MTV video.  Soon afterward Joe transitioned into the wor...

» Apple Music for Artists mobile app now available with Shazam insights
12/08/19 20:33 from DIY Musician
An easy way to see your music’s performance on Apple Music. Apple Music for Artists is now available as a mobile app. When you’re at the gig, on tour, or in the studio, you can get a quick look at how your songs are doing on ...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know)
12/08/19 16:29 from Music Industry Blog
Apple ups its artist analytics but do artists care? Kobalt and Spotify both helped reshape the music industry’s understanding of what role data should play and how it should be presented. Apple announced its Apple Music for Artists (AMFA...

» One little MeeBlip meets one giant Hainbach wall of sound
12/08/19 16:22 from CDM Create Digital Music
Mobile synth, meet wall of synths with knobs bigger than your hand. I got to take our new MeeBlip geode for a friendly visit with the legendary Hainbach and his lair of huge vintage analog gear. Here's what happened. The post One little ...

» Apple Music For Artists Program Launches
12/08/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Even though Apple Music has always paid a lot more in per stream royalties than Spotify, artists and managers still felt something was missing. Spotify provides some deep insights into the listening audience thanks to its Spotify For Art...

» 5 Emerging Bands Who Are Killing It on Social Media Right Now (And How You Can Too)
12/08/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Left: Shadow of Whales (Fox & Florals Media); Top right: Rivals (Matt Bender); Middle right: Jon Pattie ( Mario Devón ); Bottom right: Anja Kotar ( Jani Ugrin ) Have you ever found yourself idly staring at your computer screen, tryin...

» How To Become A Songwriter, From Beginner To Paid Songwriter
11/08/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Writing songs is both an art and a big business. Artists around the world are making a go of it either playing and recording their own music or writing music for other artists. How do you become a songwriter? How do you make money as a s...

» Beatport Will Remove Tracks That Have Never Sold
11/08/19 00:47 from DJ TechTools
Everyone in the electronic music industry knows there’s dramatically more music being released than there is music that people want to listen to or DJ with. But what happens when one of the biggest online stores for digital music s...

» Mixcloud To Limit Free Playback (Slightly), Aims To Build Paid Listeners
09/08/19 19:54 from DJ TechTools
At the end of July, Mixcloud posted a Medium article addressing their community and sharing a few fundamental changes that were forthcoming on the platform. In short, the new changes will mean less freedom of listening for unpaid, free l...

» Why You Need to Double Check that your Distributor Successfully Uploaded Your Music
09/08/19 15:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Jay and Michael share some real world experience as to why you need to double check your distributor every time you release music. Music Biz Weekly podcast listeners can go to http://www.Bandzoogle.com to try it free for 30 days, and use...

» Interview: Marco Faraone shares his favorite DJ tools, current must-plays, and career advice
09/08/19 01:42 from DJ TechTools
Marco Faraone (Uncage, Rekids, Drumcode) is a prolific and versatile producer whose incendiary live sets have earned him the attention of all the right people. Hit play in the video to watch and listen to some of his set at BPM Portugal ...

» How to make your home studio sound spectacular on the cheap
08/08/19 14:12 from DIY Musician
Effective and affordable sound treatment for a bedroom studio When you set up your home studio for the first time you probably wondered how you could make it sound more like a studio and less like a bedroom. That’s where acoustic t...

» How to sell fan subscriptions on your music website
08/08/19 11:46 from Bandzoogle news

» 6 Videos That Make Up an Ideal Music-Video Rollout
08/08/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock It might seem that when you have a new music video to share with fans, all there is to do is post it to YouTube and move on... but nothing could be further from the truth! We could talk for days about what you can ...

» Review: Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-1000SRT Controller brings NXS2-style control to Serato DJ
08/08/19 06:59 from DJ TechTools
Meet Pioneer DJ's newest controller: yes, it's a DDJ-1000SRT for the Serato DJ Pro. The post Review: Pioneer DJ’s DDJ-1000SRT Controller brings NXS2-style control to Serato DJ appeared first on DJ TechTools .

» How Many Keys Are On A Piano? We Reveal All [Standard White & Black Keys Counted]
07/08/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
If you’re in the process of buying a piano or keyboard, you may be wondering what a full-size piano is. What’s the difference between a keyboard with 73 keys, and a full-size piano? In this quick guide, I’m going to take you through how ...

» Is crowdfunding dead?
07/08/19 19:27 from DIY Musician
We want to hear your thoughts about fan-funding for musicians. We’re about to record an episode of the DIY Musician Podcast on the state of crowdfunding, and we’d love your input. If you have a sec, please fill out the quick ...

» Overview: Why We Dig Arturia’s MicroFreak
07/08/19 01:29 from DJ TechTools
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting gear we think is awesome. It’ll include some solid new pieces of production, performance, and DJing equipment. Up first is the Arturia MicroFreak, a powerful hardware synth that,...

» Cover to cover: “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”
06/08/19 16:45 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Scott McCormick Not only does “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” hold the distinction of the being the first and last number one R&B song in 1968, it is the only song to have been a number one R&B hit for...

» Backing Both Horses: The Thinking Behind Tencent’s UMG Stake
06/08/19 16:06 from Music Industry Blog
As long expected, Tencent is poised to take a stake in Vivendi, reported to be 10%. While the news might not be surprising, there are a number of important factors at play: Tencent fast-tracked? Given that various entities stated their i...

» New: Sell fan subscriptions on your band website
06/08/19 13:05 from Bandzoogle news

» Do I need to license a cover song if I give it away?
06/08/19 12:15 from Music Consultant
Entertainment lawyer Barry Heyman answers a question about what needs to be done legally if you are giving away a cover song.

» The Social Media Metrics That Matter in Music (And How to Boost Yours)
05/08/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Excerpts of this post originally appeared in Episode 25 of The Music-Preneur Mindset Podcast.    On more than one occasion, a musician has asked at a music conference, “How do I get enough followers so th...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) August 5th 2019
05/08/19 08:42 from Music Industry Blog
Spotify – steady sailing, for now: Spotify hit 108 million subscribers in Q2 2019 – which is exactly what we predicted. Spotify continues to grow in line with the wider market, maintaining market share. Subscriber growth isn’t the ...

» Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000, $500, $300, $2000 & $200
04/08/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
So, you’re on the hunt for the perfect acoustic guitar. As you are surely aware, there are many to choose from at every price point. Plus, a cheaper guitar isn’t always significantly worse, and an expensive guitar isn’t always measurably...

» We Answer Your Questions About Pressing Vinyl with Tony van Veen from the DIY Media Group
02/08/19 15:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Tony van Veen the CEO of DIY Media joins us this week. DIY Media is home to such leading brands as BookBaby, Disc Makers, and Merchly, which service tens of thousands of authors, artists, and other rights holders every year in the fast g...

» Song Structure For Beginners, How The Parts Of A Song Fit Together [Including Template & Examples]
31/07/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Have you ever thought about how songs are structured? What makes a chorus feel like a chorus? What makes a good verse? Knowing how songs are traditionally structured will help your songwriting – whether you like to follow the structures ...

» Copyright Your Music: The 2019 Guide
31/07/19 19:59 from DIY Musician
Music Copyright 101: How to copyright your music as an artist, songwriter, or producer. As an independent musician, you own your songs and recordings. It’s YOUR intellectual property. That might seem obvious, but it’s worth r...

» New: Sell your latest track with the Single feature
31/07/19 13:24 from Bandzoogle news

» Everything You Need to Forget about the Music Industry
31/07/19 11:00 from Music Consultant
How the media affects musicians' perceptions about the music business and everything you need to forget about the music industry in order to build a successful, lucrative career.

» Secrets for Digitally Advertising Around Your Next Tour
31/07/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock This article originally appeared on TuneCore .   Depending on your personality type, digital advertising can seem like the simplest thing in the world or completely overwhelming. These days, the powers that be...

» New issue of Music & Copyright with Sweden country report
31/07/19 07:53 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. Recorded-music sales for UMG continue to outpace closest rival SME French media company Vivendi and Japanese electro...

» Questlove and DMC will be teaching at the 2019 DIY Musician Conference
30/07/19 20:41 from DIY Musician
JUST ANNOUNCED: 2 legendary Hip-Hop ambassadors — Questlove and DMC — to give keynotes at CD Baby’s DIY Musician Conference. We’re thrilled that Questlove (of The Roots) and Darryl McDaniels, aka DMC (of Run-DMC), will be wit...

» A release strategy to fill your yearly calendar
30/07/19 14:43 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan Your best social media strategy is to entertain your fans throughout the year rather than just drop an album and disappear into the studio for 12 months. Create a strategy to make yo...

» State of the Streaming Nation 3.0: Multi-Paced Growth
30/07/19 05:44 from Music Industry Blog
Regular followers of MIDiA will know that one of our flagship releases is our State of the Streaming Nation report. Now into its third year, this report is the definitive assessment of the streaming music market. Featuring 16 data charts...

» 5 ways to get the most out of your 2019 DIY Musician Conference experience
29/07/19 15:25 from DIY Musician
Tips from an independent artist (and 3-time conference attendee) on how to best spend your time at the DIY Musician Conference. CD Baby’s 2019 DIY Musician Conference is right around the corner (August 16-18 in Austin, TX). I’ve be...

» 4 Creative Ideas to Get Your Music Out There
29/07/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Promotion is so tough. I say this a lot, but I don’t like being salesy or promote-y. It feels fake and I’m not good at it. I mostly write and record songs, not put together “PR packages” (is that even a thing peopl...

» MGT134: Vevo’s Emerging Artist Program & Music Video Optimization Tips – JP Evangelista
29/07/19 07:31 from Dotted Music
Vevo's JP Evangelista explains how their DSCVR and LIFT programs work for emerging and established artists, and gives us practical tips on optimizing music videos on YouTube.

» How To Make Money Playing Guitar, 13 Ways
28/07/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
So, you’ve been gaining some experience as a guitar player. Maybe you’ve played hundreds of shows. Maybe you’ve contributed to dozens of recordings. Perhaps you’ve worked your way through a handful of Musicians Institute guitar books. It...

» The Feature.FM Marketing Toolbox
26/07/19 15:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
We are joined by Michael Sherman Director of Business Development at feature.fm. Feature.fm builds smart marketing, advertising, and analytics tools for the music industry, making it easy for artists and labels to promote their music to ...

» Get heard by Bob Boilen at the DIY Musician Conference!
25/07/19 19:38 from DIY Musician
Conference attendees can submit a song to be heard by Bob Boilen. Bob Boilen, creator and host of NPR Music’s All Songs Considered and Tiny Desk Concerts, will be back at the DIY Musician Conference this year, meeting artists, lead...

» What multiple listens can reveal about a song
25/07/19 17:11 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant When learning a song or diving into ideas for music production, multiple listens to an inspiring track can help you discover arrangement and recording tricks that you can apply to your own music. Re...

» How To Teach Yourself Piano From Home, 5 Different Options
24/07/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Learning piano is fun and rewarding, but it also takes a lot of dedication and practice. In my opinion, you need two things to learn piano: good instruction and consistent, quality practice time. You are in charge of practicing consisten...

» Getting Music Licensed
24/07/19 13:00 from Music Consultant
Andrea Canter Matos is the owner of Castle Peak Music, a licensing agency that places songs from independent artists in films, television shows, ads, trailers and... Read more »

» The Frank Ocean Days May Be Gone, but Streaming Disintermediation Is Just Getting Going
24/07/19 12:58 from Music Industry Blog
At the start of this month Apple struck a deal with French rap duo PNL. PNL are part of a growing breed of top-tier frontline artists that have opted to retain ownership of their masters. In our just-published Independent Artists …...

» Infographic: Breaking Down Live Music Booking
24/07/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Gig booking is the lifeblood of most musical careers. Sure, album sales are great, but these days most musicians make the lion's share of their cash from getting in front of paying customers.  If you've gigged around at all, you pro...

» The Indie Music Minute’s greatest hits
23/07/19 22:19 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Tony van Veen Here are three of our most popular Indie Music Minute videos so far, tackling the topics of being your own record label, mixing vs. mastering, and getting a mechanical license for YouTube. Read the po...

» Tactics for strategically setting up a release with Guest Amber Horsburgh
22/07/19 19:43 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Tactics for strategically setting up a release with Amber Horsburgh This week we talk with AMBER HORSBURGH about strategically setting up a release by reviewing tactics in her two amazing resources: Amber Horsburgh’s Music Marketer...

» Annual remote team retreat
22/07/19 12:54 from Bandzoogle news

» 7 Unusual Tools to Boost Your Music Career
22/07/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via pexels.com As a savvy emerging musician, you’ve probably made sure to have all the necessary tools going into your career. You have your home recording studio, your social media pages, the best of the best in terms of instrumen...

» 6 Fingerpicking Patterns You NEED To Know As A Guitarist
21/07/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
This is just one man’s opinion, but I think every guitarist should learn how to fingerpick. Just learning the basics can give you access to new ways of approaching your guitar and your parts, which will also allow you to add more color t...

» Ralph Murphy Tribute: The Songwriter’s Secret Weapon
21/07/19 04:42 from Indie Music Promotion – Bob Baker
The Songwriter’s Secret Weapon: A Tribute to Ralph Murphy (Episode 142) If you knew of Ralph Murphy, you know the loss the music business has felt since he passed away in late May 2019. If you aren’t that familiar with him, please ...

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