» Taylor Swift To Perform On AMAs As Label, Producer Reach Agreement
18/11/19 20:52 from Hypebot
Taylor Swift will perform on the American Music Awards this Sunday, after a public display over clearance to perform her older hit material controlled by Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta's Big Machine Label Group was resolved. The post ...

» When Things Go Wrong: How to Recover from Your Worst DJ Fails
18/11/19 20:24 from DJ TechTools
It’s comforting to think that with the right amount of preparation you can avoid making mistakes in front of other people when DJing. But there’s a cold undeniable truth — you can’t. It’s going to happen, it’s just something people don’t...

» How Live Streaming Is Altering The Music Business For Artists And Fans Alike
18/11/19 18:00 from Hypebot
As technological innovation continues to sweep the music industry, live streaming has become an increasingly important component of bands and artists’ promotional arsenal. Here we look at why you need. Continue reading The post How...

» Eventide’s iOS effects are quietly becoming must-have tools
18/11/19 17:35 from CDM Create Digital Music
Without anyone really making much fuss about it, we suddenly live in an age when we can run effects more or less however we want. The post Eventide’s iOS effects are quietly becoming must-have tools appeared first on CDM Create Dig...

» The Music Industry Needs Bytedance To Disrupt It [Mark Mulligan]
18/11/19 16:55 from Hypebot
TikTock owner Bytedance is poised to launch a Spotify competitor first in Asia, but eventually, in the U.S. The innovation that will come with it is exactly this wakeup call that music streaming and the broader industry needs, writes MID...

» If You Don’t Include a Link in Your Promotional Posts You Need Help with Your Online Strategy
18/11/19 16:30 from Hypebot
If you don't include a link in your promotional messages/posts you need help with your online strategy, remind Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert on this week's Music Biz Weekly podcast. The post If You Don’t Include a Link in Your ...

» Results From My Promote On Soundcloud Experiment
18/11/19 16:05 from Hypebot
In this piece, Brian Hazard recounts his latest experience test-driving a streaming service's promotional engine, this time in the form of the 'Promote on SoundCloud' beta. The post Results From My Promote On Soundcloud Experiment appear...

» Why the Music Industry Needs Bytedance to Disrupt It
18/11/19 15:50 from Music Industry Blog
Back in September 2018 I suggested that Spotify faced a Tencent risk,with the potential of Tencent launching a competitive offering in markets that Spotify is not yet in. This would effectively divide the world between Spotify in Europe,...

» Guide To Finding The Perfect Mentor (And Why It Can Change Everything)
18/11/19 15:45 from Hypebot
Here, Angela Mastrogiacomo breaks down the best way to find yourself a solid mentor, and how it can fundamentally alter how you navigate the choppy waters of the music industry. Continue reading The post Guide To Finding The Perfect Ment...

» Last Week In Music Commentary
18/11/19 15:01 from Hypebot
This week, music industry commentators weighed in on what happens next now that the attention economy’s peaked, why it’s so important to make venues as accessible as possible, and the. Continue reading The post Last Week In M...

» Taylor Swift Offers Proof Of Big Machine’s Song Blockade
18/11/19 14:50 from Hypebot
As the battle between Taylor Swift and Scooter Braun, Scott Borchetta and Big Machine Label Group continues, her team has released a more detailed explanation of the dispute. Taylor Swift. Continue reading The post Taylor Swift Offers Pr...

» Facebook Policies Every Artist Should Be Aware Of
18/11/19 14:02 from Hypebot
While not something many of the platform’s users thing about regularly, Facebook requires its users to agree to a certain set of policies when they join, policies which any band. Continue reading The post Facebook Policies Every Ar...

» Big Changes May Be Coming To Twitter RT In 2020
18/11/19 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
The luster has come off Twitter in the last few years as it’s gotten nastier and nastier to the point where its usage has plateaued. The company has been paying attention though, and has indicated that it will be making at least so...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) November 18th 2019
18/11/19 12:02 from Music Industry Blog
Bytedance subscription: Bytedance, parent of TikTok, is reportedly close to launching a music subscription service, initially focused on emerging markets. The big question is whether Bytedance will get the deals to launch something genui...

» MON. BRIEF: Bytedance To Take On Spotify • Swift Fights Back • Tencent Seeks UMG Deal Partners • Much More
18/11/19 11:45 from Hypebot
MONDAY 11.18.2019 Music Business News From Across The Web Updated Continuously Under The More News Tab The post MON. BRIEF: Bytedance To Take On Spotify • Swift Fights Back • Tencent Seeks UMG Deal Partners • Much More appeared first on ...

» Ways To Make Merch For Musicians, How To Get Started
18/11/19 00:01 from Music Industry How To
If you want to make money as a gigging band, you must sell merch. Unfortunately, unless you’re a Photoshop whiz kid, it can be hard to know where to get started. Dimensions? Specifications? CMYK? What do these words even mean? And, that’...

» Music Publishing Explained
15/11/19 19:59 from DIY Musician
What is music publishing? Music publishing is the exploitation of a song’s composition copyright. The composition of a song is the lyrics and melody as written by one or more songwriters. This is an important distinction to make between ...

» If You Don’t Include a Link in Your Promotional Posts You Need Help with Your Online Strategy
15/11/19 16:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Assuming your fans know where to buy is wrong! If you don’t include a link in your promotional messages/posts you need help with your online strategy. Never make your fans have to search the internet for a link to buy your music, b...

» Bitwig Studio 3.1 lets you do loads of creative stuff with pitch, tuning, slicing
15/11/19 15:27 from CDM Create Digital Music
The latest update from Bitwig offers variations on a theme - from microtuning to lots of new features for working with pitch editing and playing live. Oh, and it's easier to learn, too. The post Bitwig Studio 3.1 lets you do loads of cre...

» Musically Speaking with Luis and Pedro – Episode 32 – Albums Of A Lifetime (Part 1)
15/11/19 13:51 from Luis Marte Music
On this episode, Luis and Pedro discuss some of their favorite albums and how it influenced their love of music. Albums discussed and who it influenced: The Sesame Street Monsters! (1974) from Luis Ace of Base – The Bridge ...

» 8 Best Pickguard Material Sheets 2019 [To Protect Your Guitar], & Overview Of How To Make Your Pickguard
15/11/19 00:01 from Music Industry How To
We’ve talked about pickguards in great depth on the blog. But in case you’ve forgotten, here’s a summary. Pickguards: a) affect how your guitar looks and b) protect your guitar’s finish from scratching. There’s not a whole lot more to it...

» Facebook Policies Every Artist Should Know
14/11/19 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Those that use Facebook a lot don’t often think about it, but there are a number of terms that you agreed to when you first created both your personal and fan page. These are worth being aware of since a violation is enough to get you su...

» Gumroad Review: How Gumroad Helps Musicians Make Money With Music
14/11/19 13:27 from Musicgoat.com
The post Gumroad Review: How Gumroad Helps Musicians Make Money With Music appeared first on Musicgoat.com .

» 16″ MacBook Pro, a better MBP at 15″ prices, as Apple responds to user feedback
14/11/19 09:04 from CDM Create Digital Music
Apple has a 16″ MacBook Pro that improves performance, adds a bigger, better display, and makes promising changes to the keyboard – without increasing price. Next question: should you upgrade? Apple’s flagship laptops s...

» Why you never get an email response
13/11/19 16:27 from Bandzoogle news

» The Music Long Tail Might Not Be That Long After All
13/11/19 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
In 2004 Wired editor Chris Anderson wrote about an economic theory that seemed tailor-made for the digital universe called “The Long Tail.” The concept proposed that 20% of all music transacted would come from the current pop...

» What do Booking Agents Look For?
13/11/19 12:00 from Music Consultant
Sharron Elkabas is the Managing Director of MN2S, an international talent and music agency with offices in London and Miami. Largely unimpressed by the service... Read more »

» Music Business School 101: Should You Go - And If So, Where?
13/11/19 11:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Young people receive mixed signals all the time when it comes to the question of whether or not they should attend college before entering the music industry. There are countless examples of people who have ju...

» Game Boy music classic Nanoloop is coming to two dedicated mobile gadgets
13/11/19 09:27 from CDM Create Digital Music
Nanoloop, the ingeniously simple pocket music making tool, is being reborn. Two new dedicated pocket hardware devices promise to do what once required Nintendo's Game Boy. The post Game Boy music classic Nanoloop is coming to two dedicat...

» 8 Types Of Pianos Compared, Including Size, Style & More
13/11/19 00:01 from Music Industry How To
As far as instruments go, pianos are diverse. There are few other instruments that range so widely in size, shape, sound and history. From acoustic pianos to digital pianos to synths to spinets, it’s hard to know where to begin. I’m goin...

» The Attention Economy Has Peaked. Now What?
12/11/19 16:34 from Music Industry Blog
Regular followers of MIDiA will know that we’ve been writing about the attention economy for a number of years now. Throughout 2019 we have been building the concept that we have arrived at peak in the attention economy – that all …...

» You can learn a lot from Surgeon’s live rigs
12/11/19 14:04 from CDM Create Digital Music
Our friends at Resident Advisor took a peek at the techno legend's battle-tested live rigs. And it's not so much about gear - it says a lot about musical technique. The post You can learn a lot from Surgeon’s live rigs appeared fir...

» Album Compilations Return, My Podcast Gear, And Post Engineer Jason Brennan On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast
12/11/19 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is Jason Brennan, who’s a re-recording mixer, supervising sound editor and sound designer with numerous feature film and television credits for Warner Bros. His 10 years of experience...

» My Promote on SoundCloud Beta Results
12/11/19 13:00 from Passive Promotion
Three weeks ago, I received the following email from SoundCloud with the subject line “You’re invited to an exclusive promotional opportunity.” I immediately created a campaign to promote the opener from my new album: As it c...

» Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-XZ: Two Decks Standalone, Two Other Channels As Inputs
12/11/19 08:44 from DJ TechTools
We’ve been staring down the barrel of a new Pioneer DJ piece of gear for the last few weeks. Today we finally are getting to see the XDJ-XZ, a brand new standalone and controller hybrid unit. The big surprise: instead of being 4 de...

» DJ Fundamentals: How Phrasing Can Make or Break a DJ Mix
11/11/19 20:47 from DJ TechTools
For new DJs, phrasing is a challenging concept to grasp. Even for practiced musicians, the idea of layering songs on top of one another isn’t the easiest to explain, so in today’s video, Ean breaks it down. Learn how to count...

» All the ways to make money from your recordings
11/11/19 20:47 from DIY Musician
How do I earn money from my sound recordings? Making money from your sound recording involves the exploitation of that copyright. But what is your copyright?  As we covered in our Copyright 101 article, copyright signifies the ownership ...

» We’re Hiring: Business Development Manager
11/11/19 17:02 from Music Industry Blog
MIDiA is hiring for a new position: a Business Development Managerfocused on the TV/video space. Over the last year we have been fast building our capabilities and profile in the TV and video space, including delivering the opening keyno...

» HUMAN EXTINCTION PARTY is all the AI-generated gore and death metal you can stream
11/11/19 15:48 from CDM Create Digital Music
If we've learned one thing about artificial intelligence, machine learning, and music generation, it's that AI makes some damned fine death metal. The post HUMAN EXTINCTION PARTY is all the AI-generated gore and death metal you can strea...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) November 11th 2019
11/11/19 15:39 from Music Industry Blog
BTS, fandom 3.0: The management of BTS’s distributor was trying to work out who had greenlitan un authorized billboard campaign for the South Korean boy band. When it turned out that the fans had paid,it pulled back the veil on … C...

» Behringer 303 clones revealed: $149 street
11/11/19 15:31 from CDM Create Digital Music
Behringer's analog remake of the 303 is now out in the open - a $199 set of red, blue, and silver synths called the TD-3. The post Behringer 303 clones revealed: $149 street appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music .

» What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers
11/11/19 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
One of the problems with starting out on a new platform is that your account begins with zero followers, which is never a good look. In order to get in the game quickly, it’s pretty tempting to buy followers, and there are plenty o...

» Inside A Social Media Management Campaign
11/11/19 11:08 from Cyber PR Music
Raise your hand if keeping your social media channels updated and compelling feels like an overwhelming task. It’s okay, I understand! It’s a lot of work to keep your online presence fresh and engaging – especially if y...

» Do I Still Need to Get Signed to be Successful in Music?
11/11/19 11:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via pexels.com Spoiler alert: the answer is no. And you know what? It’s pretty empowering.

» 7 Blogging Tips For Musicians; Number 5 Is Very Important
11/11/19 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Blogging isn’t for everyone. But some people love it. If you’re a musician with a blog, there’s a good chance you want to make the most of the content you publish. After all, writing isn’t easy, and having to do it regularly isn’t easy. ...

» MOTU’s new audio interfaces may finally be what we all need – $169.95
08/11/19 14:13 from CDM Create Digital Music
The no-compromise and entry-level audio interface - it's something that should be impossible, but MOTU might have just cracked it. The post MOTU’s new audio interfaces may finally be what we all need – $169.95 appeared first ...

» Ryan Star from Stationhead Discusses How You Can Create Your Own Radio Station
08/11/19 14:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
This week we discuss a very exciting new app which we think has a lot of potential… Stationhead. Ryan Star the Co-founder and CEO talks about what makes Stationhead different from other internet radio. How artists can use Stationhe...

» Don’t miss bangers from DutchAfro, more, in compilation for Dutch LGBTQIA+ refugees
08/11/19 13:27 from CDM Create Digital Music
When it comes to activism, talented music producers still speak best in music. And now hear this - the Netherlands might be a different place than the one you imagine, starting with this killer cut from DutchAfro. The post Don’t mi...

» Spleeter: Signal Separation Tool Trained on Deezer’s Library is Pretty Impressive
08/11/19 07:10 from DJ TechTools
We’re written about signal separation before – it’s the process of taking a finished work (a track, for instance) and separating up into its parts (stems). We’ve seen a number of academic and commercial attempts a...

» 13 Best Pickguards 2019 For Telecaster, Stratocaster & More (& What A Pickguard Even Is)
08/11/19 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Guitars are made up of a variety of parts. And, not all guitars are created equal because they don’t always come with the same parts. There can be variations in terms of volume and tone knobs, pickups, tuners, potentiometers and more. On...

» White Privilege and the Electronic Music Artist – BELP shares one European take
07/11/19 19:30 from CDM Create Digital Music
Don't go offline yet - there's an opportunity to discuss deeper issues around race, politics, power, and electronic music. Guest writer BELP delves into the core of the challenges in those issues - and invites more discussion. The post W...

» MGT139: The Artists Who Make It In The New Music Business – Ari Herstand
07/11/19 14:18 from Dotted Music
Ari shares what's new in the second edition of his best-selling "How To Make It in the New Music Business" book, and provides numerous examples of indie artists who have built successful music careers.

» Cold Email F&*k-ups
07/11/19 14:00 from Music Consultant
5 reasons artists' cold emails are not making contact.

» Grow Your Audience With These 10 IGTV Tips
07/11/19 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Instagram’s video feature known as IGTV is really hot at the moment, but just posting doesn’t lead to automatic success. IGTV videos require quality product to get people to watch for any length of time. These 10 IGTV tips wi...

» What TikTok Users Want to Hear
07/11/19 11:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock This article originally appeared on Haulix .   TikTok   is making superstars, but what kind of musicians are most likely to get ahead on the fastest-growing social media platform?

» What to do before you release your music
06/11/19 23:16 from DIY Musician
You’re an independent artist who has recorded new music. You’re ready to get your tunes out to the world, but you don’t know what to expect from the wide world of digital distribution. Where do you start? What do you need? CD Baby is her...

» There’s A Brain Drain Going On At Spotify
06/11/19 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Despite the good news that Spotify is now up to 113 million paid subscribers, behind the scenes there’s a lot of turmoil in the company. There’s been a brain drain of 33 senior company executives in the last three years, and ...

» New issue of Music & Copyright with Spain country report
06/11/19 09:18 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. Big gains for SoundExchange and PPL boost producers’ and performers’ rights to new level Performance-rig...

» Don’t tie all your music marketing to Facebook
06/11/19 03:59 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Johnny Dwinell and Brent Baxter Johnny Dwinell and Brent Baxter dig into the pitfalls of social media marketing and not owning your fans' contact info. You should have alternate and viable means to stay connected a...

» How To Become A Better Songwriter In 9 Easy Steps
06/11/19 00:01 from Music Industry How To
How exactly do you become a better songwriter? It’s easy to feel stumped when trying to answer that question. Your first few songs probably came to you in a fit of inspiration or through some intense feelings. They may be amazing o...

» Why Music Streaming Could Really Do with a Disney+
05/11/19 15:47 from Music Industry Blog
The music and video streaming markets have long been best understood by their differences rather than similarities, but the flurry of video subscription announcements in recent months have upped the ante even further. New services from t...

» Confirmed: An XDJ-XZ All-In-One Will Soon Be Announced
04/11/19 23:06 from DJ TechTools
It’s rare that Pioneer DJ gear gets confirmed before it is announced, but a tip from friend of DJTT Teo Tormo today shows that an XDJ-XZ will be released by Pioneer DJ. Keep reading for what we know so far. Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ Confir...

» 11 things to do once you book a show
04/11/19 12:02 from Bandzoogle news

» Spotify PR Spotlight: Midnite Blaster
04/11/19 12:00 from Passive Promotion
You’ll recall from my last installment that streams don’t equal fans. Two campaigns yielded 180K streams for $1600, with no obvious boost in followers. Keep those results in mind as we break down my two Spotify PR campaigns w...

» Take Five (the big five stories and data you need to know) November 4th 2019
04/11/19 11:27 from Music Industry Blog
Music manager shift: A new ‘Managing Expectations’ report from the MMF indicates the role of music managers is transforming. Headline: music managers are doing an ever wider and more complex range of tasks. As artist income streams fragm...

» What 'Fundamental Frequencies' Have to Do With Recording a Great Song
04/11/19 11:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock What are “fundamental frequencies”? And why are they important? Great questions! Let me answer them. Here’s why you need to know about them in order to record a great song.

» DJ Fundamentals: Using Reverb To Make A DJ Mix Sing
04/11/19 08:12 from DJ TechTools
Ean returns with yet another video in his series on YouTube that’s focused on the fundamentals of DJ effects. This time, he’s focused in on reverb effects, and how – if used properly – they can make magic happen i...

» 8 Music Conferences Worth Attending (& Which I’ve Been To)
04/11/19 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Feeling stuck in your music career? Not sure what your next steps might be? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that relationships are what propel our careers to new heights. But where are those connections built? There are plenty of places yo...

» If You Don’t Care Enough, Hire Someone that Does Care
01/11/19 15:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Caring about your career. With the fires and power outages in CA we weren’t sure if we would be able to record this week. Thankfully we are safe and all power has been restored so we sat down and hit record… this week we talk...

» 9 Best Stratocaster Pickups For Your Guitar 2019 [Get The Best Strat Parts]
01/11/19 00:01 from Music Industry How To
At Music Industry How To, we’ve talked a lot about how to get the tone you want as a guitarist. One of the most important components that determines how your guitar sounds is your pickups. In this guide, we’ll be looking specifically at ...

» 5 mindset tips to ace your next vocal performance
31/10/19 14:41 from DIY Musician
Having the right mindset when you perform is just as important as vocal technique! The truth is as a voice teacher, a huge part of my job is helping singers find the right headspace for their next performance. And it doesn’t matter wheth...

» Top Music Business Mistakes
31/10/19 10:00 from Music Consultant
There are lots of pitfalls and mistakes for artists out there but here is a several part article on some of most common. #1 Waiting... Read more »

» Insights and takeaways from today’s music biopics
30/10/19 22:58 from DIY Musician
What can we learn from movies about famous musicians? It’s no secret that music biopics are on the rise. Nostalgia, the potential for renewed fame, and box office earnings have all contributed to their popularity in recent years. Though ...

» Serato DJ Pro Advanced Control Added To Denon DJ’s Prime 4, SC5000Ms
30/10/19 20:06 from DJ TechTools
What happens when two companies truly work together to build better experiences for DJs? Denon DJ and Serato seems to have done that with a new update for their entire Prime standalone line. The update adds Serato DJ Pro controller mode ...

» How this artist grew to 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify without playlists
30/10/19 13:40 from DIY Musician
This is an excerpt from Ari Herstand’s book How to Make It in the New Music Business (second edition). Three years ago the northern Virginia conscious hip hop artist Lucidious was struggling to get listeners to his music. He had about 15...

» How to get your music on streaming music stations
30/10/19 13:31 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan There's a universe of streaming music stations to explore where you can get your music played to grow your fanbase and get coverage of you and your music. Read the post . This Disc M...

» How to Use Mindfulness to Boost Your Music Career & Income
30/10/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock You likely know by now that in order to build a sustainable career in music you must have multiple streams of income. With CD sales essentially non-existent and a single Spotify stream earning you fractions of a pe...

» A Midi Fighter 64 Rigged Into An MPC Live, Plus Whitney Houston
30/10/19 07:44 from DJ TechTools
What happens when you combine three great things? In today’s featured routine video, Carl Rag is back with an amazing new live remix performance. He’s taking on Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know”, and chopp...

» Why Are Pianos So Expensive? The Truth Revealed
30/10/19 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Many musicians begin learning how to play music on a piano or keyboard. When you start out on the instrument, you’re likely going to be playing a family member’s old upright piano or a cheap digital piano. So, when you’re ready to make t...

» How To Submit Songs To Spotify Playlist Curators Without Getting Ripped Off
29/10/19 19:16 from Musicgoat.com
Do you want to submit your songs to Spotify playlists without getting ripped off by playlist submission services? Here’s why I ask… I saw this the other day: “I just recently paid about 65 dollars for a playlist promotion service. I can ...

» Spotify Podcasts Q3 2019: Solid Start
29/10/19 15:30 from Music Industry Blog
Word count is always a useful guide for how important something is to a company’s ambitions. It is therefore no small detail that Spotify’s Q3 2019 earnings release mentioned the word ‘podcast’ thirteen times. Spotify has bet big on podc...

» Musically Speaking with Luis and Pedro – Episode 31 – Industry News Mashup – October 2019
29/10/19 13:57 from Luis Marte Music
On this episode Luis and Pedro dive in on what has been happening in the music industry lately. They cover a bunch of several topics. Tekashi 6ix9ine’s multi million dollar record deal from prison. Super Bowl 54 performers (J. Lo & S...

» 7 ways to find an artist manager
28/10/19 11:19 from Bandzoogle news

» 5 Free or Cheap Ways Musicians Can Make Their Instagram Killer
28/10/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock

» How To Become A Musician – From Beginner To Professional
28/10/19 00:01 from Music Industry How To
There’s something glamorous about being a musician, isn’t there? Yet the road to fame and fortune is rarely easy, and if you aren’t prepared for what’s ahead, you could easily get knocked off course. Perseverance is important, but it’s n...

» What You Need to Know About the Music Modernization Act and the CASE Act
25/10/19 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
How do they benefit you? What do you need to do? Will you make more money? This week Rachel Stilwell from Stilwell Law joins us to explain everything you need know about the Music Modernization Act and the Copyright Alternative in Small-...

» Distribute Your Music in Time for the Holiday Season: End-of-Year Digital Delivery Deadlines
24/10/19 17:28 from DIY Musician
By the end of the year, Alexa and Siri will join many more households. Vinyl records and CDs will be wrapped under the tree. Apple and Amazon gift cards will be stuffed in stockings. And tons of people, inspired by their new devices, wil...

» Getting a record deal in 2019
24/10/19 13:00 from Music Consultant
The following is a guest post by Jason Davis.   Jason Davis is a music business veteran with two decades of experience. He’s co-founder and... Read more »

» Does the Fans on Demand Formula Add Up?
23/10/19 15:43 from Passive Promotion
John Gold, founder of Hypeddit, recently published a course called Fans on Demand Formula, promising a thousand new fans in one week. I put it to the test! Well, kinda sorta. I took three weeks, and experimented with different audiences ...

» The case for playing every style of music
23/10/19 15:00 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant While it might be impossible to play EVERY style of music there is, you can gain confidence, experience, and new ideas playing in musical genres outside of your regular routine. Read the post . This...

» 8 Tips for Writing Kickass Songs
23/10/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock This article originally appeared on   Cari Cole's Standing in the Spotlight blog .   I was just in the office of one of the biggest players in the music business, and we were having this conversation abou...

» Marketing Tips For Music Artists on the Road
23/10/19 09:57 from Dotted Music
Going on the road as a music artist is an exciting, busy, and even exhausting experience. You’ll be playing a lot and may have other obligations, too, like album signings or meet-and-greets. It’s a lot to juggle, and it’s easy for your m...

» New issue of Music & Copyright with France country report
23/10/19 07:49 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. Global royalty collections see positive year, with growth at reported and constant currency rates The world’s ...

» Livestream on Twitch to grow your fanbase
22/10/19 16:34 from DIY Musician
How musicians can use Twitch to build an audience. In all my years advising digital music companies on what they should do with their services and how to grow them (let’s just say I’ve seen every idea come and go at least twice), I’ve ne...

» The Cyber PR Music Podcast EP 8: Full Time Music is Possible with Manafest
22/10/19 15:46 from Cyber PR Music
Chris Greenwood, whose artist name is Manafest has long been an artist I deeply admire.  Back in 2010, he was a Cyber PR client and I helped him publicize his album The Chase which went on to sell over 50,000 copies. Chris and I had many...

» What is music mastering and why do I need it?
22/10/19 15:05 from DIY Musician
What is music mastering? Music mastering is the final step in the recording process. During mastering, additional audio treatments are applied to your mix to correct problem frequencies and enhance the musicality of your track.  Since ma...

» Use the zesty Neapolitan chord in your songs
22/10/19 13:24 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Scott McCormick A touch of exoticism could be all you need to lift your song up from the mundane. The flat-second, a.k.a. Neapolitan chord, can be just the ticket. Read the post . This Disc Makers post Use the zest...

» 26 ways musicians can make money
22/10/19 11:44 from Bandzoogle news

» 29 ways to market your music right now
21/10/19 19:11 from DIY Musician
Right now CD Baby’s Standard Album Distribution is just $29. To celebrate, we came up with this list of… … quick ways to promote your new music today. Make a lyric video. Create a playlist of artists who influenced the ...

» The Politics of Music, Part 2: Being Environmentally Friendly
21/10/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Recently, we brought you the first in a two part series about combining two of the most incredible gifts you have to offer the world: your music, and your voice. In the first article, we talked about artist advocac...

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