» Organ Vs Piano; The Difference, Which Is Harder & More
25/05/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Learning to play piano opens up a whole world of keyboard instruments. Piano skills are transferrable to synthesisers, electric pianos, harpsichord, clavs, and organ. Most of these instruments are pretty similar to the piano – they all i...

» Building Your Go-To Vocal Chains for Recording and Mixing
24/05/20 19:39 from Music Promotion Blog

» This Week In Music Commentary
24/05/20 12:07 from Hypebot
This week in music commentary, we heard conversation surrounding the importance of acoustic covers of electric songs, some informed speculation from a medical professional on what the future of live. Continue reading The post This Week I...

» Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music
23/05/20 14:16 from Hypebot
In our tips and advice section this week, we offered guidance on what artists can learn from entrepreneurs, music skills you can focus on learning while your stuck at home,. Continue reading The post Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. a...

» MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap: Going On Tour • Setting Up Your Stage • Transporting Musical Equipment • More
23/05/20 13:10 from Hypebot
On MusicThinkTank this week, our contributors shared articles on what you need to remember before going on tour, key elements to a solid stage setup, how to safely transport musical. Continue reading The post MusicThinkTank Weekly Recap:...

» REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Review
23/05/20 12:14 from Hypebot
In this flip back through the past seven days of music industry news we revisit what the future of live streams could look like, why physical music sales continue to. Continue reading The post REWIND: The New Music Industry’s Week In Rev...

» InMusic acquired Stanton: here’s what the acquisition could mean for DJs
22/05/20 18:45 from DJ TechTools
This week, InMusic announced that they’re buying Stanton and bringing it into their brand family. It’s an interesting decision to purchase Stanton (previously owned by Gibson) right now, especially consdiering how many other ...

» TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most Read Posts On Hypebot
22/05/20 17:00 from Hypebot
This week on Hypebot, some of our most popular articles covered a plea from the National Independent Venue Association to help save locations hit hard by the pandemic, an unannounced. Continue reading The post TOP POSTS: This Week’s Most...

» How To Work With Agents And Promoters In A Live Streaming World
22/05/20 15:50 from Hypebot
Musicians and the entire music industry are scrambling to understand the wild wild west of live streaming. As each finds their own path forward, it’s important that they include all. Continue reading The post How To Work With Agent...

» Understanding Music Royalties, Rights
22/05/20 14:55 from Hypebot
In this piece Disc Makers’ CEO Tony van Veen offers a quick crash course in the basics of how royalties and rights work, and what you, as an artist, need. Continue reading The post Understanding Music Royalties, Rights appeared fir...

» Facebook Finally Hops On eCommerce With “Shops”
22/05/20 14:23 from Hypebot
Already a tech behemoth, Facebook has finally figured out a way to hop on the ecommerce bandwagon with its latest announcement that “Shops” will be the latest feature bringing online. Continue reading The post Facebook Finall...

» The Music Industry’s Next Five Growth Drivers
22/05/20 13:44 from Music Industry Blog
The risk with trying to imagine what the future might look like is to simply think it is going to be a brighter, shinier version of today. At this precise moment in time, this has perhaps never been truer. The … Continue reading &#...

» The Finances Behind A Physical Distribution Deal
22/05/20 13:40 from Hypebot
Despite streaming’s popularity, physical distribution remains a major part of development for artists and labels. Here we look at some of the financial details surrounding a physical distribution deal that. Continue reading The pos...

» 8 Things You Can’t Forget To Do Before Going On Tour (Remember Those?)
22/05/20 13:24 from Hypebot
While touring is still off the table for the moment, the time will come again when you and your band can hit the road and deliver your music live and. Continue reading The post 8 Things You Can’t Forget To Do Before Going On Tour (...

» Ep. 419 Are You Prepared to Be Unprepared? Dealing with the Death of a Client or Artist.
22/05/20 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
This week Michael shares his recent experience of dealing with the death of a client. How you can prepare to be unprepared for something like this. What is the most important thing you can do today to be ready. Music Biz Weekly podcast l...

» The First Socially-Distanced Concert, Slick Quarantine Band Videos, And Zack O’Malley Greenburg On My Latest Podcast
22/05/20 12:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is My guest today is Zack O’Malley Greenburg, who’s a senior editor of media & entertainment at Forbes and author of four excellent music oriented business books.  His latest, A-List Angels, is how a...

» 6 strategies to increase engagement with your music on TikTok
22/05/20 11:51 from Bandzoogle news

» Music Marketing Tools: The Essential Stack To Promote Music Online
21/05/20 20:32 from Musicgoat.com
The post Music Marketing Tools: The Essential Stack To Promote Music Online appeared first on Musicgoat.com .

» Fall into the dislocated, glitching rituals of Microhm, latest project of Mexico’s Leslie Garcia
21/05/20 15:43 from CDM Create Digital Music
Life post-apocalypse is mysterious, but somehow comforting – a digitally generated, AI-assisted woven blanket of sounds. There is calm in uncertainty – once you adapt. At least that’s the feeling I get personally, liste...

» Facebook Finally Gets Into eCommerce With “Shops”
21/05/20 12:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
If you thought that Facebook couldn’t possible get any bigger or more powerful you were wrong. The company has never quite figured out a way to participate in ecommerce until yesterday’s announcement of “Shops,” w...

» How to advertise your music on Facebook
21/05/20 11:40 from Bandzoogle news

» Feed yourself with a free cookbook from Korg and the electronic music and synth community
21/05/20 11:13 from CDM Create Digital Music
Here's a different sort of compilation and synth collaboration - KORG Germany in Berlin invited the likes of Joan La Barbara, Suzanne Ciani, Alva Noto, Dave Smith, and a lot of us relative newcomers, too, to make a cookbook. And it's fre...

» How I’m Promoting My Spotify Playlist with Instagram Stories Ads
20/05/20 22:17 from Passive Promotion
If you were wondering how I found your work, it was through Spotify. I was looking for vocal synthwave playlists. Yours had the most followers and I really enjoyed the first song. a new fan My Spotify playlist is getting a lot of action ...

» The Future of Live
20/05/20 16:01 from Music Industry Blog
The almost total cessation of live music has sent shockwaves throughout the wider music industry. Though live companies are clearly at the epicentre, labels and streaming services are the in the blast radius too as the gaping hole left i...

» Scene flashback – a who’s who of Detroit techno, circa 1997 on MTV
20/05/20 11:16 from CDM Create Digital Music
Simone Angel from MTV Party Zone did an extended set of interviews with the Detroiters in 1997. And it’s honestly about as many people from this scene as you can cram into one place. If I had posted this this time last year, it mig...

» How to turn your next Netflix binge into a songwriting gold mine
20/05/20 11:02 from Bandzoogle news

» UMG increases recorded-music market share lead, indies enhance publishing dominance
20/05/20 09:40 from Music & Copyright's Blog
Music & Copyright’s annual survey of the recorded-music and music publishing sectors has revealed the changes in global market share for the three major music groups and the independent sector. In a repeat of the last review, UMG enh...

» New issue of Music & Copyright with Finland country report
20/05/20 07:30 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. UMG increases recorded-music market share lead, indies enhance publishing dominance Music & Copyright’s annual s...

» Valhalla Supermassive is the reverb at the end of the universe – and it’s free
19/05/20 19:11 from CDM Create Digital Music
How big is it? The latest from developer Sean Costello has networks of delays up to two seconds - as in, each delay - for lush shorter reverberation all the way to epic stretches of minutes at a time. The post Valhalla Supermassive is th...

» Arturia recreates Oberheim OB-Xa – and it’s somehow even more massive
19/05/20 18:35 from CDM Create Digital Music
Arturia today has unveiled a software reproduction of the epic OB-Xa – and it might feel as powerful in 2020 as the original did in 1980. I would presume there are two major markets for remakes and clones of past synths. You’...

» This design company made the illusion of ocean waves trapped in architecture
19/05/20 17:37 from CDM Create Digital Music
Korean-headquartered d’strict produced this digital architecture via “anamorphic illusion.” As it’s been making the rounds, let’s look at what’s going on – and yeah, move over, projection mapping...

» New: Tip Jar to collect online donations
19/05/20 13:30 from Bandzoogle news

» Do I need to license a cover song if I give it away?
19/05/20 12:15 from Music Consultant
Entertainment lawyer Barry Heyman answers a question about what needs to be done legally if you are giving away a cover song.

» Physical Product Is Still The Chink In The Armor Of The Recorded Music Business
19/05/20 12:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
The recent release of the IFPI’s annual Global Music Report brought the news that the industry was back on the right side of $20 billion. While streaming growth had slowed a bit from previous years, revenue from that part of the bu...

» 7 Tools & Apps To Optimize Your Instagram Account
19/05/20 11:00 from Cyber PR Music
There are countless Instagram Apps out there that will help you get to the next level of Instagramming. We share Cyber PR’s 7 favorites here… Flick.Tech Flick.Tech an incredible hashtag researching tool. Their Hashtag Suite i...

» Future DJ Gear Concepts: Pioneer DJ CDJ-3000
19/05/20 00:38 from DJ TechTools
Over the past few years, Pioneer DJ’s CDJ has slowly descended from being an innovative, powerful tool to an outdated piece of gear. CDJs continue to get heavy use in club settings, but we suspect that the lack of a new flagship player m...

» Optimizing Your Musicians Website
18/05/20 21:05 from Cyber PR Music
Our friends over at Bandzoogle just released A Complete Guide to SEO for Musicians. This has inspired us to share some of our favorite tips and tricks to optimize your musicians website! Getting your SEO to be completely optimized can be...

» FL Studio 20.7 adds MIDI Scripting, new music video tools, in latest free update
18/05/20 18:27 from CDM Create Digital Music
FL Studio just never slows down. The latest free update offers new MIDI scripting features opening up more hands-on controller support – and new powers to make your own music videos, among other add-ons. FL is funny, in that it jus...

» Ep. 418 Medical Professional Adam Stuart Discusses COVID-19 and What the Future Will Be Like
18/05/20 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Medical professional and music fan Adam Stuart joins us to discuss COVID-19. What we know, what we don’t know. Treatments. What the future of COVID-19 may look like. Procedures to limit the transmission. And when as a medical profe...

» How To Put On A Guitar Strap – Acoustic & Electric Straps Covered
18/05/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
When you’re new to guitar, there’s a lot of things for you to figure out, such as how to put on a strap, which is what we’re looking at here. Fortunately, once you’ve got this figured out, you’ll never have to think about it again. So, d...

» How to Use Facebook Groups to Build Your Network
16/05/20 18:44 from Music Promotion Blog

» Demystifying Streaming Royalties, Inside Gear Reviews, And Agent Jack Forman On My Latest Podcast
16/05/20 00:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is Jack Forman, who’s a senior vice-president at BiCoastal Productions, the New York City-based concerts and theatrical booking agency.  Originally spearheading the agency’s coverage of the Western Unite...

» How to update your Mac to Mojave – not Catalina – for the new Logic and more
15/05/20 15:25 from CDM Create Digital Music
Unless you have brand new Mac hardware, it's likely you want to run macOS Mojave for now for greater compatibility. Here's how to do it (including links to advice for when your App Store isn't cooperating). The post How to update your Ma...

» How Them Vibes stays connected to fans with live streaming
15/05/20 14:23 from Bandzoogle news

» Ep. 417 Radiant the AI Hosted Digital Radio App with Founder Patrick Quinn
15/05/20 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Patrick Quinn the founder of Radiant, the AI hosted digital radio app discuss what the app currently does and some of the cool features in their roadmap. Radiant is a smart radio host that infinitely curates a playlist based on your pref...

» Akai’s current MPC matures as gear hub, with new MPC Live II hardware and 2.8 software
14/05/20 21:38 from CDM Create Digital Music
Akai’s recent 2.8 software offers some powerful new features – and a revised MPC Live II could be a sweet spot in hardware, with expanded connectivity and built-in speakers. And finally, you get MIDI multi capability, like on...

» Metagrid 1.5 gives your iPad shortcuts for everything – DAW, notation, Ableton Live
14/05/20 20:34 from CDM Create Digital Music
Sure, theoretically you should memorize a bunch of keyboard shortcuts and painstakingly map macros for tools you use every day. Or you could use Metagrid instead. The post Metagrid 1.5 gives your iPad shortcuts for everything – DAW...

» Case Study: 2 Story Cabin [Instagram Campaign]
14/05/20 12:16 from Cyber PR Music
Artist: 2 Story Cabin | Cyber PR Service(s) Athena Received: Social Media Campaign: Instagram Only About 2 Story Cabin 2 Story Cabin is a couple from Brooklyn turned indie-pop duo comprised of Italian-Vietnamese singer-songwriter Eu...

» 2020 Posting Frequency Recommendations For Social Media
14/05/20 12:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
While many have the opinion that you can never post too much on a social media network, research shows that there’s definitely a threshold after which additional posts begin to feel like spam. That point varies for each network however. ...

» The benefits of virtual collaboration
14/05/20 11:28 from Bandzoogle news

» Akai’s new MPC Live II: a standalone tool with built-in monitors
14/05/20 07:40 from DJ TechTools
Akai Professional is back with a new piece of gear: the launch of the MPC Live II. The latest member of the MPC family is the first of its kind to offer a unique, handy feature for producers everywhere: built-in stereo monitors. It also ...

» New website template: Slice
13/05/20 14:28 from Bandzoogle news

» How to Up Your SoundCloud Game
13/05/20 12:17 from Cyber PR Music
SoundCloud is a free music streaming platform created by musicians, for musicians. The importance of this platform has grown during the global pandemic. Fans, as well as artists, are flocking to it. Why? Because it’s a deeply conne...

» Apple releases major Logic Pro X update with Live Loops, Step Sequencer
12/05/20 23:29 from DJ TechTools
Apple’s Logic Pro X saw a huge update today – referred to as the “biggest update” to the production software since its launch in 2013, by Apple themselves – with its latest edition, 10.5. Some of the most notable additi...

» Moog releases new synthesizer: The Subharmonicon
12/05/20 20:59 from DJ TechTools
Moog is back with the launch of their newest synthesizer: the Subharmonicon. It’s a semi-modular polyrhythmic analog synth with a 6-tone sound engine and a multi-layered clock generator. The Subharmonicon was built, according to Mo...

» Numark introduces new Serato controllers: Mixtrack Platinum FX & Pro FX
12/05/20 13:59 from DJ TechTools
Numark is making quarantine for DJs a bit more exciting today, launching two brand-new Serato DJ controllers: the Mixtrack Platinum FX and Mixtrack Pro FX. Built to appeal to both beginner and advanced DJs alike, these controllers sit an...

» Artists – Have Your Voice Heard
12/05/20 13:40 from Music Industry Blog
MIDiA is fielding its third biannual Artist Survey. Our two surveys last year were very successful and got hundreds of artist responses. MIDiA’s artist surveys takes the pulse of the artist community and provides this information back to...

» Your Studio Might Be Safe From Wildfire, But Not From The Insurance company
12/05/20 12:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
When composer Richard Gibbs and his wife Linda lost their home in Malibu in the Woolsey Wildfire of November 2018, the one silver lining was that their world-class recording studio was left standing and mostly untouched. Woodshed Recordi...

» How to convert your fans into paid monthly subscribers
12/05/20 11:35 from Bandzoogle news

» Musically Speaking with Luis and Pedro – Sn2 – Ep 50 – Vinyl, Cassette, CD, Mp3 to Streaming (part 2)
11/05/20 20:55 from Luis Marte Music
Luis and Pedro continue their music consumption conversation focusing on what how the public moved on from CD’s to the digital age (Mp3 and streaming) and what to expect in the future. RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST!! https:...

» LEFT FOR DEAD Announce The Release Of Their Sixth Album
11/05/20 18:44 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
LEFT FOR DEAD release a 10 song barrage in the hard rock/classic metal style. If you like your music hard, heavy and most of all… FUN… you are sure to find something to love here. SAUSALITO, CA (May 11, 2020) — LEFT FOR DEAD ...

» MGT154: On Raising 30k Through A Crowdfunding Campaign – The Portnoy Brothers
11/05/20 15:50 from Dotted Music
The Portnoy Brothers share it all about the their new album called No Complaints, and how they successfully raised over $30,000 in an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the record.

» Free Webinar: How to generate recurring revenue with fan subscriptions
11/05/20 13:47 from Bandzoogle news

» Ep. 416 COVID-19’s Impact On and the Future of Touring with Dean Swett from the Paramour Group
11/05/20 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Dean Swett from The Paramour Group joins us this week for a very real and honest discussion on the impact COVID-19 is having on the touring world. Dean shares with us his thoughts on when touring will return and the challenges that will ...

» How To Create A Fan Culture That’s Awesome For All Involved
10/05/20 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Everything you do should be centered around your fan base. Without a fan base, it’s virtually impossible to build a profitable and sustainable music career. Conversely, if you can create loyal, superfans within your tribe, you’ll be able...

» David Morales talks gear, crate digging, and his favorite rotary mixer
10/05/20 00:06 from DJ TechTools
With an upbringing attending iconic clubs like the Paradise Garage and the Loft, David Morales has had a long history with the music world. We had the opportunity to sit down with this legend to talk shop, learn about his crate digging h...

» How to make a live “Zoom call” video that your fans will love!
08/05/20 16:00 from DIY Musician
The “Zoom call” style video can be a great alternative to a live stream. As tours and shows were being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw artists jump immediately into the live stream world in order to stay connect...

» Ep. 415 Jason Hobbs from Found.ee Talks Advertising and Retargeting Campaigns
08/05/20 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Jason Hobbs from Found.ee Talks Advertising and Retargeting Campaigns. Found.ee is a free web platform that allows you to generate retargeting pools consisting of interested consumers/fans through clicks. found.ee acts as a link shortene...

» Music Exec Camille Barbone, YouTube Views Increase And So Do Music Gear Sales On My Latest Podcast
08/05/20 12:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is Camille Barbone, who’s done just about every behind-the-scenes job in the music business you can think of.  From working as a label executive for Columbia and EMI, to managing Madonna, to owning the f...

» Join Us Tuesdays & Wednesdays on Instagram LIVE
07/05/20 19:57 from Cyber PR Music
Last week we started our Cyber PR Instagram Live weekly series! So far we’ve had hundreds of artists and music industry friends join us and we have sparked some great conversations during these sessions. Please come and join us. He...

» Traktor DJ 2.4: Transport Control UI Improvements, Genre Sorting
07/05/20 18:40 from DJ TechTools
If you haven’t looked at Traktor DJ, Native Instruments’ iOS app (it runs on Mac and PC too) recently, a new update and the concurrent global stay-home happening seems like the perfect time to do it. The update to Traktor DJ ...

» Why Is Stairway To Heaven Banned In Guitar Stores? The Forbidden Riff!
07/05/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Stairway to Heaven is an iconic rock song by one of the greatest rock bands of all time – Led Zeppelin. It was a huge hit and it earned itself a place in pop culture as one of the most epic rock songs of all time. And yet, Stairway to He...

» The 5 Best Studio Microphones Under $100
06/05/20 16:45 from Music Promotion Blog

» 7 TikTok Rockstars To Follow & Emulate
06/05/20 16:14 from Cyber PR Music
TikTok is the latest social media app taking the world by storm – with more than 800 million users worldwide. The app revolves around sounds and trends, making it the perfect place to promote your music. We’ve put together so...

» Sex, Drums, Rock n Roll
06/05/20 12:30 from Music Consultant
Kenny Aronoff is a much sought-after drummer, professional speaker and author. He began his rock career performing with John Cougar Mellencamp for 17 years. Throughout... Read more »

» What is the value of exposure when exposure is all there is?
06/05/20 09:35 from Music Industry Blog
There is an existential debate going on at the moment, around whether streaming is paying artists enough. It may feel like a rerun of old debates but it is catalysed by COVID-19 decimating artist income. These are some of the … Con...

» New issue of Music & Copyright
06/05/20 07:57 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. Digital gains continue to boost rights collections for KOMCA South Korean authors’ society KOMCA has reported an inc...

» Musically Speaking with Luis and Pedro – Sn2 – Ep 49 – Vinyl, Cassette, CD, Mp3 to Streaming (part 1)
05/05/20 23:52 from Luis Marte Music
Luis and Pedro take a stroll down memory lane to talk about how listening to music has evolved in the last 50 years. In part 1, they focus on the 80s and 90s decades. RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST!! https://itunes.apple.com...

» Zoom 201 for Musicians: Beyond the Basics
05/05/20 16:15 from Music Promotion Blog

» How to get your lyrics on Instagram Stories with Musixmatch
05/05/20 14:10 from DIY Musician
Automatically add words to your music in Instagram Stories. You can create quick Instagram Stories that feature your lyrics. The words to the songs are auto-populated, so you don’t have to type out the lyrics. Pretty sweet, huh? &#...

» The Cyber PR Music Podcast EP 14: Breaking Down The Business with Ryan Kairalla
05/05/20 13:01 from Cyber PR Music
In this episode of The Cyber PR Music Podcast, I catch up with my friend Ryan Kairalla, entertainment lawyer and author of Break The Business where we discuss the importance of creating a solid foundation for your music career that you c...

» The IFPI Confirms 2019 was the Independents’ Year for Streaming
04/05/20 15:53 from Music Industry Blog
Recently I wrote about how a little-known Spotify statistic revealed that independents (labels and artists) outperformed the majors on its platform in 2019. The IFPI’s latest global revenue estimates provide further evidence of 2019 bein...

» Ep. 414 Dr. Portia Sabin from the Music Business Association Shares Initiatives to Deal with the Coronavirus
04/05/20 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Dr. Portia Sabin from the Music Business Association Shares their Initiatives to Deal with the Coronavirus. The Music Business Association (Music Biz) is the only membership organization that unites players from the content, commerce, an...

» 13 Hardest Piano Songs In The World; These Are The Most Difficult Pieces Ever!
03/05/20 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Trying to list the ‘hardest songs ever written’ on any instrument is a difficult task. Everybody has a different perspective on what makes a song ‘difficult’. On the piano, the technique, endurance, and rhythmic/harmonic complexity of th...

» How To Contact Record Labels Looking For Artists To Sign In 2020
03/05/20 18:43 from Musicgoat.com
Want to contact record labels looking for artists to sign? Would you like a list of record labels accepting demos in 2020? If you create folk, pop, EDM, country, gospel, whatever, and you want to contact a record label to get your music ...

» 2020 Indie Bible Review Through The Eyes Of A DIY Musician and Music Blogger
03/05/20 06:00 from Musicgoat.com
Want an Indie Bible Review from the perspective of someone whos a musician like you? Want to use the see how the Indie Bible can help grow your fanbase with 9000 music resources like Radio Stations, journalists, labels, publicists, and m...

» 5 Ways to Make the Most of Quarantine
01/05/20 19:40 from Music Promotion Blog

» Travis Scott has Only Scratched the Surface of Music Games Tie Ups
01/05/20 14:33 from Music Industry Blog
In February 2019 Marshmello caused ripples of almost tidal proportions across the music business when 10.7 million Fortnite fans watched him perform a ‘concert’ in the game. Then in April 2020 Travis Scott followed in his shoes with his ...

» How To Get Your Music On TikTok
30/04/20 18:19 from Cyber PR Music
TikTok is the latest social media platform to go mainstream. More importantly, it has become a giant hub for music and viral videos. Want to know how to get your music used as a sound on TikTok? Symphonic has just announced that they hav...

» Biggest Bio F&*k-Ups
30/04/20 13:00 from Music Consultant
A collection of five major mistakes that can ruin an artist's bio.

» 5 Ways to Connect with Fans During the Coronavirus Quarantine
30/04/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Due to the coronavirus crisis, millions around the world are suddenly out of work, and artists feel the pain of this unexpected loss of income as hard as anyone else. In fact, if you’re a working musician or artist, you’re probably feeli...

» Spotify Q1 2020: Choppy Waters Ahead
29/04/20 15:54 from Music Industry Blog
Spotify’s first quarter earnings were a mixed bag, with a largely positive picture for Q1 but some warning signs for the remainder of the year: Subscribers: Spotify’s Q1 earnings may not have matched Netflix’s for over-performance but su...

» Tools To Help Musician’s Make Money During COVID 19
29/04/20 03:25 from Cyber PR Music
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many services that support musicians have stepped in to help you make money as fast as possible. Here is a rundown of some new tools you can start using immediately across your social channels to mak...

» Independents Grew Fastest on Spotify in 2019, But There’s a Twist
28/04/20 14:55 from Music Industry Blog
Tomorrow (Wednesday 29th April) Spotify announces its Q1 2020 results, at which point we will find out whether it had a COVID-bounce like Netflix did (adding 15.8 million subscribers in Q1) or whether growth slowed. But before that, ther...

» How musicians can stay productive while social distancing
27/04/20 22:02 from DIY Musician
The Complete Guide to Productivity During Covid-19 There is nothing like working from home. I’ve done it for over a decade. It requires discipline, a routine, and getting out of my pajamas (most of the time). Working from home provides m...

» Strategies for releasing independent music among COVID-19
27/04/20 16:00 from DIY Musician
None of us could have predicted a 2020 like this Rolling Stone reported at the close of March that music streaming was down during this time of quarantine and social distancing, and then Billboard announced on April 7th that streaming wa...

» MGT153: The Original Songs Marketplace – Jonathan Stone (Rocket Songs)
27/04/20 14:21 from Dotted Music
Jonathan Stone is a music-publishing executive and co-founder of Rocket Songs. On this Music Growth Talks episode he explains how the platform works for music artists who are looking for original songs to record, and for songwriters who ...

» Ep. 413 Ty Taylor from Vintage Trouble discusses the impact Coronavirus is having on the music biz
27/04/20 13:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Ty Taylor from Vintage Trouble sits down with us to discuss how he is dealing with impact that Coronavirus is having on the music business. It is inspiring to hear how Ty is dealing with the pandemic and what will be changing when bands ...

» 3 Core Music Promotion Tactics During Quarantine
27/04/20 10:10 from Dotted Music
Promoting your band in the middle of a worldwide quarantine seems really hard – but there are ways forward, more than you might think. As I look around in my role as a music marketer I have seen some strange successes. People are startin...

» 8 Professional Musician Qualities & Skills; & How To Get Them
26/04/20 23:01 from Music Industry How To
When you go to see a show, all you see is musicians doing what they love to do: play their music for you. What you don’t see is all the work required to get there. Most musicians must work hard at cultivating a set of skills and qualitie...

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