» Instant audio mastering just got better
22/05/19 18:24 from DIY Musician
Master your audio tracks for just $4.90 per song! You may’ve tried automated mastering before, but things just got a whole lot more exciting. Through CD Baby’s partnership with CloudBounce, you can now have your audio tracks ...

» CD Baby Partners With CloudBounce For Mastering
22/05/19 16:13 from hypebot
A new partnership with CloudBounce means that CD Baby users can now instantly master music from within their CD Baby dashboard for just $4.90 a track. The startup is an Abbey Road Red music tech incubator graduate. “A large segment of th...

» Sofar Sounds Adds $25M While Musicians Make $100 A Show
22/05/19 15:55 from hypebot
Sofar Sounds has announced $25 million in new funding led by Battery Ventures and Union Square Ventures with participation from existing investors Octopus Ventures and Virgin Group. That brings total investments in Sofar to $31 million. ...

» New issue of Music & Copyright with Finland country report
22/05/19 15:50 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. UMG fires back in US termination rights class action case Major record company UMG has hit back in a case involving ...

» Mine S: Customizable Modular MIDI Controller Has Successfully Crowdfunded Their 2019 Redemption Campaign
22/05/19 15:36 from DJ TechTools
Every once in a while there are DJ technology products that give us flashbacks here at DJTT. Modular MIDI controllers are one of those topics – many people have come to the conclusion that a build-it-yourself MIDI controller that c...

» Make The Most Of Social Media Marketing Using Email And Instagram
22/05/19 15:25 from hypebot
For music biz entrepreneurs, it's important to always be on top of your game when it comes to staying ahead of your market competitors. In the current era, Instagram and email are the two best platforms for making this happen. Here Pete ...

» The Almighty Record Deal
22/05/19 14:58 from hypebot
Love it or hate it, a record deal is a big deal, and while it may only be words on a page, those words can ultimately make or break your career. Here we break down the ins and outs of what's in a record deal, and what red flags you...

» Rules For The High Road To Music Success
22/05/19 14:33 from hypebot
Long term planning and careful preparation goes a long way toward achieving success in music. Erin Frankenheimer, Manager, Entertainment Relations at TuneCore looks at three guideposts to help artists navigate the music industry's choppy...

» Jay-Z , Timbaland Sued Over 1990's Copyright Infringements
22/05/19 13:48 from hypebot
Jay-Z and Timbaland are being sued by soul singer Ernie Hines for copyright infringement over the use of his 197o single “Help Me Put Out the Flame (In My Heart)” on two separate songs released 20 years ago, documents filed in U.S. Distr...

» Sony/ATV, Music App Developer Gismart Ink Content Deal
22/05/19 13:16 from hypebot
Sony/ATV Music Publishing has signed a global content licensing deal with music app maker Gismart. Titles from music apps and games publisher have over 350 million downloads and 17 million monthly active users across its product portfoli...

» These 10 Fake Artists Have Over 1 Billion Streams
22/05/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
It’s difficult enough for a legit artist to make it these days, but it’s particularly infuriating when fake artists get big streaming numbers. As pointed out in a previous post, Spotify hired a Swedish production music house ...

» Which Merch Items Sell Best In Your Genre?
22/05/19 12:45 from hypebot
Selling merch is a great way for artists to pull in additional revenue while they're on the road, while simultaneously expanding their audience and growing their brand. But how do you know which items will sell? Here we help to take some...

» Your Email is an Unwelcome Kiss from an Ugly Stranger
22/05/19 12:30 from Music Consultant
(And the Other Top 4 Reasons Your Email Isn't Being Returned)

» WED. BRIEF: Sofar Raises $25M • Pandora Predicts Summer • Leadership Music Turns 30 • eOne Earnings • More
22/05/19 11:15 from hypebot
WEDNESDAY 5.22.19 Music Business News From Around The Web Updated continuously under the More News tab

» Enter the freaky trippy acid 90s German synth world of Air Liquide
22/05/19 11:02 from CDM Create Digital Music
If you need a break from buttoned-up techno, dance music as business and fashion statement and morose wallpaper – take a holiday with some “trippy mindfkk-muzzikkk.” Here, we’ve got 170 tracks from 1991 Cologne to...

» Using Video to Promote Your Music
22/05/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock This article originally appeared on TuneCore .   There are a lot  of different ways to promote your music. You can post to social media, send out email newsletters to your fans, seek out press, do live st...

» Sometimes, one chord is all you need
21/05/19 18:27 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Scott McCormick While it might be difficult to keep a song interesting if you limit it to one chord, it can also help create tension, highlight your lyrics, or drive a hypnotic groove. Read the post . This Disc Mak...

» No More Genres: Making Your Musical Niche Work For You
21/05/19 17:00 from hypebot
Yesterday, top music industry analyst Mark Mulligan wrote that Niche Is Music's New Mainstream. But how do you find your own unique niche and connect with what Mulligan calls "a passionate cluster of fans?"Tarryn Meyers says that it is b...

» Gorgeous electro-acoustic instruments mix sculpture and noise
21/05/19 16:56 from CDM Create Digital Music
Forget analog pedals or digital boxes – 10cars have made a series of electro-acoustic inventions covered in wires and springs. And they sound wild and strange. “10cars” is a Berlin-based multimedia artist. He presented ...

» It's No Longer A Major Label World
21/05/19 15:59 from hypebot
If there was still any doubt in your mind that you didn't need to be signed to a major label in order to succeed in the music industry, wonder no longer, as new data reveals just how much of market share indies have gained in recent year...

» 5 Crowdfunding Myths Exposed
21/05/19 15:30 from hypebot
While many artists view crowdfunding as their ticket to music industry success, recent events like the PledgeMusic train wreck may have them second guessing the concept. That said, crowdfunding can still be effective if you know what you...

» How To Prepare To Release New Music [Ariel Hyatt]
21/05/19 15:00 from hypebot
Many artists spend so much time and energy writing and recording their music, that they almost ignore the essential steps needed to prepare for and launch its release. Veteran music publicist Ariel Hyatt has created a template to help ar...

» Getting A Booking Agent
21/05/19 14:44 from Music Consultant
One of the most common questions I get asked by developing artists is “How can I find a booking agent?” This question seems more cut... Read more »

» How To Unlock Dozens Of Revenue Streams From A Single Song
21/05/19 14:30 from hypebot
In this piece, the people at Disc Makers break down the multitude of ways in which artists can earn revenue from just a single song, via the fans and musicians seeking access to source tracks, samples, stems, and more. __________________...

» How Pandora Royalties Really Work: A Complete Guide [infographic]
21/05/19 14:16 from DIY Musician
How to collect all your royalties for Pandora plays. What kind of royalties are being generated when someone hears your music on Pandora, and how do you collect them? Since Pandora has both a non-interactive radio component AND an intera...

» SC5000 + Prime 4 are getting Beatport, Beatsource, Soundcloud, and Tidal Streaming
21/05/19 14:00 from DJ TechTools
Wondering when streaming music libraries will show up in standalone DJ hardware? Denon DJ announced their standalone Prime Series DJ hardware (SC5000, SC5000M, and Prime 4) will all have streaming services added to them in Summer 2019. T...

» Music WorX Startup Accelerator Opens Applications
21/05/19 13:58 from hypebot
Music WorX Accelerator 2019, the start-up funding program of the German Ministry of Culture and the Media and the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, is accepting applications. Music WorX Accelerator helps music and music tech founders from al...

» NBC Supervising Sound Editor Robert Siciliano On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast
21/05/19 13:10 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is Robert Siciliano, who started as a music recording engineer, but by almost a quirk of fate got a temp job at NBC that turned into a career. In the interview we talked about making the t...

» 4 ways musicians can use an EPK
21/05/19 10:51 from Bandzoogle news

» Television Performance Measurement Is Falling Short
20/05/19 17:12 from Music Industry Blog
TV measurement needs a new measurement currency for the streaming era. At MIDiA we’ve spent the last year working on a solution: MIDiA Index. So excited to be able to share news of it with you. Let me know your … Continue rea...

» Turn your iPad or iPhone into a scriptable MIDI tool with Mozaic
20/05/19 17:07 from CDM Create Digital Music
Its creator describes it as a “workshop in a plug-in.” Mozaic lets you turn your iOS device into a MIDI filter/controller that does whatever you want – a toolkit for making your own MIDI gadgets. Oh yeah and it’s ...

» Should I change my artist name if my music changes?
20/05/19 15:36 from DIY Musician
5 reasons you probably SHOULDN’T change your band name. Re-branding your music? It’s something you should consider carefully. When companies change their names, they can spend years sometimes figuring out how to do it right, ...

» It’s Not A Major Label World Anymore
20/05/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
If you thought that you needed to sign with a major record label or publisher in order to have success, that’s no longer true and there’s a lot of data to prove it. No metric is more valuable in seeing this picture as market ...

» How to Buy the Perfect Guitar Amp
20/05/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock

» Are Transparent CDJs Art? Vigril Abloh’s Transparent CDJ/DJM Setup Head To Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art
20/05/19 09:30 from DJ TechTools
What happens when modern pop art meets DJ technology? Virgil Abloh’s transparent CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2 are headed to Chicago Museum of Modern art. The post Are Transparent CDJs Art? Vigril Abloh’s Transparent CDJ/DJM Setup Head To...

» MGT130: How To Register Your .MUSIC Domain Name – Constantine Roussos (DotMusic)
20/05/19 08:26 from Dotted Music
.MUSIC is now a community-based top-level domain that is supported by thousands of music organizations worldwide, representing over 95% of global music (probably including yours).

» 10 Bad Singing Habits You Should Quit Right Away
19/05/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
You voice is an instrument unlike any other – you use it for so much more than just singing. It’s also intricately tied to your physical well-being and health. A healthy lifestyle leads to a healthier voice. Singing is strange, because i...

» No, Beatport’s subscription will not kill music – here’s how it really works
17/05/19 18:18 from CDM Create Digital Music
Pioneer and Beatport this week announced new streaming offerings for DJs. And then lots of people kind of freaked out. Let’s see what’s actually going on, if any of it is useful to DJs and music lovers, and what we should or ...

» Set Realistic Expectations and Goals for Your Next Release
17/05/19 15:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Jay and Michael discuss why you need to set realistic expectations and goals for any project you are working on. It’s your very first release, thinking that Rolling Stone will review is not realistic. You can’t sell out a sho...

» The Biggest Streaming Earners In 2019 So Far
17/05/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
It’s really easy to think that even the big music star streaming earners aren’t making that much, but they’re making more than you might think. That said, everything now is on a different scale than in the music busines...

» Niche is the New Mainstream
17/05/19 11:07 from Music Industry Blog
Fandom is fragmenting. Streaming personalization and falling radio audiences are combining to rewrite the music marketing rulebook, ushering in a whole new marketing paradigm. Hits used to be cultural moments; artist brands built by trad...

» Acoustic piano on stage and in the studio
16/05/19 19:39 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Michael Gallant While an acoustic piano may be the preference for a studio or live gig, it's not always the most practical choice. Here are tuning tips and suggestions for alternatives when it comes to providing pi...

» Get People to Show Up at Gigs – A Brilliant Idea
16/05/19 18:44 from Indie Music Promotion – Bob Baker
A Brilliant Way to Get People to Show Up Early at Your Live Shows (Episode 138) I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this frustrating question before: What do I have to do to get people to show up for my live music events? Never mind getting t...

» KORG’s nutekt NTS-1 is a fun, little kit – and open to ‘logue developers
16/05/19 15:50 from CDM Create Digital Music
KORG has already shown that opening up oscillators and effects to developers can expand their minilogue and prologue keyboards. But now they’re doing the same for the nutekt NTS-1 – a cute little volca-ish kit for synths and ...

» Sex, Drums, Rock n Roll
16/05/19 13:30 from Music Consultant
Kenny Aronoff is a much sought-after drummer, professional speaker and author. He began his rock career performing with John Cougar Mellencamp for 17 years. Throughout... Read more »

» 5 Crowdfunding Myths Busted
16/05/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Many artists and bands see crowdfunding as a major avenue to their musical success. As we saw from the recent Pledge Music debacle, that’s not always the case. But even failing platforms aside, crowdfunding is a lot more difficult ...

» Denon DJ Engine Prime 1.3.1 Update: Rekordbox Import, Key Sync, On-Device Playlist Editing
16/05/19 09:10 from DJ TechTools
Denon DJ is finally starting to ship the Prime 4 all-in-one standalone player this week (check it out in the just-refreshed DJTT store here). Alongside this product release comes a very large update to the Engine Prime preparation softwa...

» 7 Nashville Record Labels And What Genre Of Musician They Sign
15/05/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Looking for a record label in Nashville to potentially sign to? Or just want to see some record labels in the state of Tennessee? Well here are seven of Nashville city’s coolest independent labels. We show who they are, what they do, and...

» Mapping Music Genres with Musicmap
15/05/19 18:42 from The Music Maze
I always find it extremely difficult to identify genres for music. This is especially challenging for me when I publish new music, where each target platform might have a different set of “primary” genres to choose from. Well...

» Post-album techno: 9 years of live sequence data, from Shawn Rudiman
15/05/19 16:45 from CDM Create Digital Music
Here’s techno as it’s lived in the moment – the actual improvised grooves of nine years of live sets, echoed as a flood of glitchy, modem-like sounds from a war-tested Alesis MMT-8 sequencer. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...

» Rolling Stone To Launch Music Charts To Compete With Billboard
15/05/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Ever since the beginning of the new music business, the Billboard charts have been the bible of the industry. Artists and labels vied for a #1 on almost any chart that the company presented, not only for bragging rights, but as a way to ...

» Why We Still Use Music Genres (And How to Actually Define Yours)
15/05/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Let’s talk about something that a lot  of musicians complain about whenever it is brought up – answering the “who do you sound like/what genre is your music?” question. Most artists hate  it, and some eve...

» The ultra-rare Sequential Prophet T8, reborn as a flagship add-on
15/05/19 07:41 from CDM Create Digital Music
It was the stuff of legends – a richly capable polysynth from the mind of Dave Smith, with only 800 units making it into the world. But now as makers chase the same clones on repeat, the T8 finds its way onto another innovative and...

» Heard it all before? Talking sound, discovery, and inspiration
14/05/19 19:37 from CDM Create Digital Music
Sometimes lost in conversations about technology or specific musical genre or minutia of social media is the fundamental question of what sound is and what we can discover. From Berlin’s tech/culture conference re:publica, we got t...

» How to unlock dozens of revenue streams from one song
14/05/19 18:00 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan Your one song can create dozens of hidden revenue streams. Make more income from the fans and musicians who want access to your source tracks, stems, sounds, and more. Read the post ...

» Harder software: Reason Rack Extensions, in actual hardware racks
14/05/19 17:55 from CDM Create Digital Music
Once upon a time, Propellerhead ran an ad showing a bunch of hardware synths in a trash bin to make a point. This time, we get the opposite – a KORG Polysix for Reason running back in hardware. By now, these arguments about analog ...

» New: Blog image options, MySites icons, and fonts
14/05/19 13:34 from Bandzoogle news

» Microphone Builder Dave Pearlman On My Latest Inner Circle Podcast
14/05/19 13:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is Dave Pearlman, who after years as a touring pedal steel guitarist with everyone from Dan Fogelberg and Phil Everly to Pat Boone and Bobby Womack, opened his Rotund Rascal Studio in North Hollywood in ...

» Beatport LINK streaming for DJ Software launches today, Beatport CLOUD goes into beta
14/05/19 09:52 from DJ TechTools
Beatport LINK will start streaming music from the massive Beatport library directly into Pioneer DJ's new WeDJ 2.0 app today - for $15/month. The post Beatport LINK streaming for DJ Software launches today, Beatport CLOUD goes into beta ...

» DDJ-200: Pioneer DJ’s new $149 beginner controller – built with Beatport streaming + smartphone DJing in mind
14/05/19 08:56 from DJ TechTools
Pioneer DJ announces their brand new DDJ-200, designed to be their newest entry level beginner DJ controller. The post DDJ-200: Pioneer DJ’s new $149 beginner controller – built with Beatport streaming + smartphone DJing in m...

» Polyend puts presets in your modular – plus run on a battery, anywhere
13/05/19 17:09 from CDM Create Digital Music
Hey, modulars are great. But you can’t call up presets at will, like on a computer. And you can’t head for a day of patching to the shore of your local lake. Or – can you? The folks at Polish maker Polyend are breaking ...

» Releasing a single song: The 10 best strategies for 2019
13/05/19 16:15 from DIY Musician
How to plan your next single release: promotion and distribution tips for a standalone track. It all starts with a song. You write a song, or you find a song; the song moves you and you want it to move the world. So you record and distri...

» How streaming is changing the way music is produced, and what you can do about it
13/05/19 14:18 from DIY Musician
Get more streams by understanding the new structure and sound of popular music. Streaming platforms are measuring success through new metrics, which is changing the way musicians are creating music, which is changing the whole industry. ...

» 5 Ways To Repurpose Old Content Into Killer TBTs
13/05/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock Many people see Throwback Thursdays, or as they’re known on social media, #TBT, as just another hashtag, but in reality, they can be a fantastic way to put more content out into the world which has probably been si...

» 7 Best Cheap Microphones For Recording Singers And Rappers 2019 [In Your Home Studio]
12/05/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
You may be a producer or engineer. Or, you might be a singer or rapper. Whatever the case, you’re interested in recording your voice from home studio. These days, recording software and hardware can be gotten for cheap, which is quite co...

» Become a student of the songwriting craft — Indie Music Minute
10/05/19 17:37 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Tony van Veen Want to know the number one reason why artists fail? I'm gonna be blunt about it: their songs aren't good enough. Read the post . This Disc Makers post Become a student of the songwriting craft — Indi...

» PledgeMusic to Enter Administration as Sale Falls Through
10/05/19 15:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
We discuss the news that it appears PledgeMusic is entering Administration, the equivalent of bankruptcy.   What does this mean? Our reactions? Is there an opportunity for someone to fill this space with a new service?   Visit ...

» NI to release a brand new Komplete Audio 6 MK2
10/05/19 05:22 from DJ TechTools
Digging well into their product vaults, Native Instruments has just announced that they’re releasing a new Komplete Audio 6 MK2 soundcard. This is a refresh of the original Komplete Audio 6 that they put out way back at the start o...

» 5 signs your band is doomed
09/05/19 16:37 from DIY Musician
Does your musical project have an expiration date? For what seems like a lifetime, but is probably just a few short years, your band has been your life. Every waking hour is spent rehearsing, perfecting and writing your material, and eve...

» Playlist Malfeasance Will Create a Streaming Crisis
09/05/19 15:02 from Music Industry Blog
Streaming economics are facing a potential crisis. The problem does not lie in the market itself; after all, in Q1 2019 streaming revenue became more than half of the recorded music business and Spotify hit 100 million subscribers. Nor d...

» How to create a context for your music
09/05/19 11:42 from Bandzoogle news

» How To Get Good Instagram Pictures For Musicians
08/05/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Crafting a good brand on Instagram is an artistic challenge, separate but intertwined with all of your other career pursuits. Back in the day, artists didn’t need to have dozens of up-to-date promo shots at the ready. You only needed two...

» 5 areas where musicians can get MORE by doing LESS
08/05/19 16:10 from DIY Musician
Downsizing for DIY musicians. Striving independent artists want MORE. More listeners, more money, more opportunities, more recognition. But there are a few areas where you could actually benefit by doing less. If “downsizing”...

» Michael Beinhorn on Business and Creative Process
08/05/19 15:31 from Music Consultant
Renowned music producer Michael Beinhorn has had a legendary career working with superstar acts such as Soundgarden, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Hole, Red Hot Chili Peppers,... Read more »

» Global recorded-music and music publishing market share results for 2018
08/05/19 14:44 from Music & Copyright's Blog
Music & Copyright‘s annual survey of the recorded-music and music-publishing sectors has revealed the changes in global market share for the three major music groups and the independent sector. Recorded-music leader UMG maintai...

» Using augmented chords in your songs
08/05/19 13:17 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Scott McCormick Augmented chords can add drama and tension, as shown in these examples from popular songs from the '60s through the '80s. Read the post . This Disc Makers post Using augmented chords in your songs a...

» Some Quick Tips for Writing a Professional Music Résumé
08/05/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Soundfly This article originally appeared on Soundfly .   Are you a talented musician but struggling to find your dream job — whether as a teacher/tutor, working in a recording studio, or at a sync music firm? There’s...

» New issue of Music & Copyright with Canada country report
08/05/19 07:55 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. Difficult year for SME as UMG, WMG, and the indies make recorded-music and publishing share gains Music & Copyri...

» Circle Of Fifths: What It Is, How To Use & More [With Free Downloadable PDF]
07/05/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Music theory can sometimes seem confusing, as there’s a lot to learn. But there are certain building blocks that can quickly open a new world to you. The circle of fifths is a great example. Once you understand how it works, music sudden...

» Pioneer DJ Might Be Sold Again In 2019, But They’re Not “Exiting The DJ Business”
06/05/19 18:28 from DJ TechTools
Initial reports are coming out that Pioneer DJ is going to be sold off to to new buyers later this year. According to an article published on the Nikkei Asian Review, both Pioneer Corporation and KKR (an investment firm that owns the maj...

» Johnny Rotten Meets Barney the Dinosaur!
06/05/19 15:02 from Indie Music Promotion – Bob Baker
The Story of Johnny Rotten and Barney the Dinosaur (Episode 137) It was 1994. My band had just started some intense sessions for our debut release. At the end of one long day of recording, our bass player had to leave for a family commit...

» How to get your Spotify URI before your music is released
06/05/19 14:20 from DIY Musician
In order to set up a Spotify pre-save, you’ll need the URI for your unreleased music. A URI is Spotify’s unique identifier for music on their platform. If you’re looking for the URI for music that is already available o...

» 7 Expert Songwriting Tips From the Masters to Help You Write a Hit
06/05/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Photo by Dana Nalbandian via Shutterstock Whenever someone uses the word “should” when talking about songwriting, ignore them. There are no "shoulds" or "should nots." Songwriting has one rule: there are no rules. Instead, there are tips...

» What Is Coda In Music? Definition Revealed And More
05/05/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
So you’ve heard the word coda, and know it’s music related, but aren’t quite sure of the meaning. Well in this article, we’re going to look at exactly what that is, how coda works and more. What Is Coda In Music? ...

» 13 Best Harmonicas 2019 For Beginners, Pros, Blues And More
04/05/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
Looking for a quality harmonica? Whether you’re a beginner, pro, blues player or singer-songwriter, there are plenty of products to choose from. But for the most part, there are only a few brands that have the market cornered because of ...

» Paste Magazine Acquires Noisetrade, We Speak with Editor In Chief Josh Jackson
03/05/19 15:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
This week we are joined Paste Magazine Editor In Chief Josh Jackson who discusses Paste’s recent acquisition of Noisetrade.   What are Paste’s plans for Noisetrade? Will they integrate Noisetrade into Paste and Daytrotte...

» Music Sync: A Market Ripe for Change
03/05/19 11:58 from Music Industry Blog
Florence and the Machine’s performance of Jenny of Oldstones, which appeared over the closing credits of the April 21st HBO’s Game Of Thrones episode, has registered the most Shazams in 24 hours ever.The placing of a song has always had ...

» Let’s get physical: why musicians shouldn’t forget about cds, tapes and records
03/05/19 09:55 from The Prescription
Regular readers of The Prescription will have picked up on the fact that much of the advice it contains relates to digital aspects of music industry – whether that’s to do with recording, distribution, PR or marketing. This week, I thoug...

» How To Make It In The Music Industry
02/05/19 13:00 from Music Consultant
Other than How do I get a record deal? or How can I License my music? the question that comes up the most is How... Read more »

» How To Go Solo After Being In A Band
01/05/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
For many artists, playing in a band and then moving into a solo project is a natural progression. There are pros and cons to both. Managing all of the personalities and egos in a band is a challenge. Trying to organize an entire creative...

» Define your persona, find your voice, and build your artist brand
01/05/19 15:47 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Randy Chertkow and Jason Feehan You'll never meet most of the people who will hear your music or encounter your creative work. Instead, what they'll "meet" is your persona. Use these tips to create a genuine and en...

» Does Weed Help You Make Better Music?
01/05/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock You’ve heard the theory: “Smoking weed helps you make better music." But is there any validity to that? Is it just a theory, or can we call it a fact? Read on.

» Grow your email list and make a profit by GIVING AWAY your albums for free
30/04/19 14:46 from DIY Musician
How to build your audience (and NOT lose money) by giving away free CDs. Last year I started doing something kinda unusual. I offered to mail fans a FREE signed CD of my album The Great Make Believer if they’d help me cover the shi...

» How to design a great metal band website
30/04/19 14:07 from Bandzoogle news

» Please Read. Please Share … Please Stop.
30/04/19 13:15 from Music Consultant
Owning and operating a website that gets a fair amount of traffic is a very interesting experience. We often get inquiries from truly bright and... Read more »

» How an indie hip-hop artist, Call Me Ace, charted on Billboard and iTunes
29/04/19 15:27 from DIY Musician
This direct marketing strategy helped me chart at #3 on iTunes and #50 on Billboard. It was all a dream: “I believe I can chart on Billboard with this album!” I convinced my producer, engineer, mentor, and—most importantly—my wife to buy...

» 3 Ways to Get People to Pre-Save Your Music on Spotify (And Why)
29/04/19 10:00 from Music Promotion Blog
Image via Shutterstock You already know that Spotify is one of the best ways to get fans and the industry paying attention, but are you using the platform to its fullest? Are you really taking advantage of all it has to offer and using i...

» The 7 Hardest Instrument To Learn For Children And Adults
28/04/19 23:01 from Music Industry How To
What is the hardest instrument to learn as an adult or child? This is what we’ll share with you today! To become a master at any instrument is going to take a lot of dedication and persistence, regardless of which one you choose to...

» The PA Bill that should worry professional musicians everywhere
26/04/19 19:21 from Disc Makers Blog
By Disc Makers' Author Wade Sutton New "feel-good" legislation passed in the PA House allows venues to hire minors as long as they don't pay them. The implications for professional musicians seems to have been overlooked in the process. ...

» Don’t Get Caught in the Set It and Forget It Trap
26/04/19 15:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Don’t fall into the trap of setting something up and forgetting about it. So many artists forget to change bios, links, call to actions, photos after an album or tour cycle. We also discuss some tips we learned from speaking with Y...

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