» 35 Songs About Change; Embracing It, Dealing With It & More
25/02/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Change. If there’s one thing we can count on in life, it’s change. Everything is changing around us. Even you and I are changing, even though we don’t always notice it. But change isn’t always comfortable or easy. There are times to embr...

» 7 Cities To Hit On Your Spring Tour
24/02/20 21:51 from Music Promotion Blog

» The Importance of Streaming and Social Media
24/02/20 19:19 from Cyber PR Music
Streaming and social media platforms have completely revolutionized the music industry. With how fast they change, it can often feel impossible to wrap your head around it all. Jimmy Iovine, co-founder of Interscope Records and Beats Ele...

» A musician’s guide to websites
24/02/20 18:06 from DIY Musician
The indie musician’s guide to building a professional website  Whether you’re making a website for your music for the first time, or looking to improve your current site, this guide will show you how to build an effective website t...

» Wendy Carlos, pioneering composer, will finally get the biography she has earned
24/02/20 17:56 from CDM Create Digital Music
Wendy Carlos, a giant of electronic music composition, should at last get a complete, well-deserved biography. The book is set to be published next month. Michigan-based musicologist Amanda Sewell is set to profile the music legend in a ...

» Trademark Your Name: A Musician’s Guide
24/02/20 17:50 from Hypebot
While you certainly can perform shows and release music with a name that isn’t trademarked, doing so isn’t generally recommended. Here Randi Zimmerman walks us through the necessary steps for. Continue reading The post Tradem...

» Alleged Music Pirate Also Stole Dozens Of Hypebot Articles
24/02/20 17:31 from Hypebot
RikiMusic is pirating dozens of articles from Hypebot as well as allegedly uploading tracks from indie artists to Spotify and Amazon Music without authorization. Last week, Brett Basil of the. Continue reading The post Alleged Music Pira...

» UK’s 2021 work visa for European DJs, musicians poses challenge to cultural exchange
24/02/20 17:14 from CDM Create Digital Music
Europe's cultural integration has made it an oasis for electronic music and music exchange. That makes new hard-line British policy a potential setback. The post UK’s 2021 work visa for European DJs, musicians poses challenge to cu...

» Music Subgenres Are Dominating Top Streaming Playlists
24/02/20 16:20 from Hypebot
The Chartmetirc team tales a look at the oddly named subgenres dominating streaming networks from Spotify to Deezer and share some of the most popular genres you’ve never heard of,. Continue reading The post Music Subgenres Are Dom...

» Pandora’s Michelle Solomon: How To Use AMP, Stories and More [Music Biz Weekly Podcast]
24/02/20 15:50 from Hypebot
Michelle Solomon from Pandora joins Music Biz Weekly podcast co-hosts Michael Brandvold and Jay Gilbert to discusses Pandora’s free artist platform AMP and Stories. AMP, Pandora’s artist marketing platform, provides. Continue...

» MGT148: Don’t Enter a Recording Studio Without the Splits App – Marcus Cobb (Jammber)
24/02/20 15:29 from Dotted Music
Marcus Cobb, the CEO of Jammber, explains the three key features of their Splits platform: tracking the creators working on a song and their ownership, automatically registering that song across North American agencies, and collecting ro...

» Is Email Marketing Still Important For Musicians?
24/02/20 15:20 from Hypebot
With so many different social media platforms available and easy to use, it can be tempting to forego an old school resource like email altogether. In reality, however, email remains. Continue reading The post Is Email Marketing Still Im...

» Warning Signs For Radio As Country Music Embraces Streaming
24/02/20 14:50 from Hypebot
Streaming of Country music was up 36% in the US last year according to new data from MRC Data/Nielsen Music 54% of American country radio listeners now report streaming music. Continue reading The post Warning Signs For Radio As Country ...

» How To Become A Beat Making Machine (in 7 Steps)
24/02/20 14:20 from Hypebot
Being able to make quality music quickly is one of the major factors behind the success of some of hip hops biggest stars. Fortunately for aspiring beat makers, this type. Continue reading The post How To Become A Beat Making Machine (in...

» It’s A Good Time To Be A Songwriter As Universal Music Publishing Joins Others With Royalty Portal
24/02/20 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Many classic songwriters lament days gone by when mechanical royalties from vinyl and CD’s ruled, but the fact of the matter is that the accounting back then was archaic. You never knew how well you were doing until you received a ...

» Virgin Fest Partners With StubHub For Verified Ticketing
24/02/20 13:50 from Hypebot
StubHub has been named the exclusive Verified Ticket Marketplace for VIRGIN FEST, a new music and tech festival to be held June 6 + 7, 2020 at the Banc of. Continue reading The post Virgin Fest Partners With StubHub For Verified Ticketin...

» Brandi Carlile and The Twins Named Record Store Day Ambassador 2020
24/02/20 12:50 from Hypebot
Brandi Carlile and “the Twins” have been named Record Store Day 2020 Ambassador. The Identical Twins, Tim Hanseroth and Phil Hanseroth make up the hear of Carlile bands” playing guitar and bass, respectively.. Continue ...

» Here’s how to update KORG’s wireless nano controller, and use it with iOS 13 (and more)
24/02/20 12:43 from CDM Create Digital Music
In case you missed it, in November, KORG fixed issues with their portable Bluetooth MIDI controllers/keyboards and iOS 13. Wireless operation works with desktop OSes, too - and it's really cool. The post Here’s how to update KORG&#...

» How to generate organic buzz for your band
24/02/20 12:43 from Bandzoogle news

» Apparat Wins IMPALA EU Indie Album Of The Year
24/02/20 12:15 from Hypebot
The 10th IMPALA indie Album of the Year award has been won by German experimental ambient artist Apparat, for their “LP5”, released on UK indie label Mute. Apparat was chosen. Continue reading The post Apparat Wins IMPALA EU Indie Album ...

» Xylophone Vs Glockenspiel Vs Marimba Vs Vibraphone Vs Xylorimba Vs Marimbaphone – What Is The Difference?
24/02/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Xylophones, glockenspiels, marimbas, vibraphones, xylorimbas and marimbaphones are basically all considered members of the percussion family of instruments. So, what exactly is the difference? Why is there a need for so many instruments ...

» Strokes is a powerful Euclidean drum sequencer, inspired by a real-life master drummer
21/02/20 20:49 from CDM Create Digital Music
The latest pattern tool for Ableton Live and Max for Live is a source of complex rhythms, new ideas, and performance tools. And it all started with a good read about a real drummer. The post Strokes is a powerful Euclidean drum sequencer...

» Pandora Stories, AMP and More with Michelle Solomon
21/02/20 14:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Michelle Solomon from Pandora joins us this week. We discuss AMP and Stories. AMP provides powerful insights about your audience to get your music in front of more fans. It helps you promote your music, shows, merch, and more. You can al...

» 16 unexpected items every touring musician should be packing
21/02/20 12:25 from Bandzoogle news

» 12 Best Patch Cables For Guitar Pedals – Hook Up Your Pedalboard Today!
21/02/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Your extensive compact guitar pedal collection is all for naught if you can’t order and hook them up how you want them (preferably on a quality pedalboard). To hook them up, of course, you’re going to need some patch cables. Shorter cabl...

» Here’s Why Your Email Marketing Is Still Important
20/02/20 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
It’s very tempting to rely on social media as the major avenue to reach your fans and followers, but you might be surprised that even though it can be effective, it doesn’t come close to an old standby format that’s eas...

» 7 Conferences To Up Your Networking Game
19/02/20 22:00 from Music Promotion Blog

» Good Musician Health Habits
19/02/20 14:30 from Music Consultant
Dr. Arkady Lipnitsky, DC, a specialist in the physical rehabilitation of musicians, athletes and dancers talks about common musician injuries and conditions and how to treat and prevent them in order to build a long-lasting career in music.

» The Beatles Fake Merch Lawsuit Win Shows How The System Works In Real Life
19/02/20 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur or musical artist, as soon as you get some level of success there will be others trying to steal a bit of it. Many times this is in the form of counterfeit merchandise that may bear...

» Website design inspiration: best electronic press kits
19/02/20 13:49 from Bandzoogle news

» What To Say Between Songs At A Gig; Top Banter & Crowd Interaction Tips
19/02/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
You’re playing a set. The crowd is into it – you know your songs forwards and backwards, the sound is great, you glance at your band mates and flash a satisfied smile. People start clapping as soon as the song ends, you let them finish, ...

» Traktor Pro 3.3.0 is coming with XDJ-1000MK2 support, Kontrol S2/S3 get MIDI mode
18/02/20 23:44 from DJ TechTools
In Native Instruments’ “Traktor Pro Public Beta Test” forum, there’s been a fair amount of activity since early January. The news is that Traktor Pro 3.3 is coming out in the near future, and a number of new featu...

» How to get a Songwriter Page on Spotify
18/02/20 19:30 from DIY Musician
Spotify launches “written by” playlists and Songwriter Pages, using credits to group tracks. For years I’ve been dreaming of a world where ANY piece of metadata could be used by listeners to explore and group songs: son...

» SoundCloud mobile app is now an equal citizen – including enabling uploads
18/02/20 17:14 from CDM Create Digital Music
SoundCloud have been gradually adding or restoring features to mobile users - and now uploading is available on iOS (and soon, Android). The post SoundCloud mobile app is now an equal citizen – including enabling uploads appeared f...

» How to book corporate gigs and make big bucks
18/02/20 14:21 from Bandzoogle news

» The Health Of Major Streaming Services, 6F’s Of Taking A Gig, And Drummer Daniel Glass On My Latest Podcast
18/02/20 14:10 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
My guest on the podcast this week is drummer Daniel Glass, who has worked with a wide variety of artists that range from Brian Setzer to Bette Midler, to the Budapest Jazz Orchestra, to KISS front man Gene Simmons.  D...

» 7 Reasons Artists Strongly Resist Social Media
18/02/20 13:30 from Cyber PR Music
There are 26.9 million people on Instagram to connect with right now. Anyone can connect with a few hundred people, forge great relationships, and then market music to those fans who want it and like it. Simple. What is NOT simple is get...

» The No 1 Music Marketing Question to Ask Yourself
18/02/20 05:39 from Indie Music Promotion – Bob Baker
The No 1 Music Marketing Question to Ask Yourself   I’ve seen a lot of music marketing mistakes over my 25+ years of covering and living this topic. I reveal one of the biggest blunders in this episode. The good news is, you c...

» 43 Songs About Missing Someone You Love & Want Back
18/02/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
We’ve all been there. Missing someone isn’t easy. It could be a friend, a family member or even a significant other. And, it could be for a host of different reasons. People move. Sometimes you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend....

» Bionic synthesis: artists make music with a prosthetic arm, eye motion
17/02/20 17:47 from CDM Create Digital Music
Accessibility in music can mean expanding expression beyond what is normally physically possible. For one artist, that means jacking a prosthesis as CV – for another, overcoming paralysis to make music with eyes alone. Bertolt Meye...

» MGT147: A Powerful One-Sheet for Booking Shows You Didn’t Know You Had – Vasja Veber (Viberate)
17/02/20 15:33 from Dotted Music
Vasja Veber is a co-founder of Viberate: a network of over a million artists, events, venues and booking agents, on a mission to become the world’s biggest marketplace for underrepresented performing artists.

» A Look At Spotify’s New Songwriter Pages Feature
17/02/20 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
There’s been a lot of bad blood between songwriters and publishers after the streaming service appealed a royalty rate increase by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) last year. In fairness, Apple Music was the only service that agre...

» How To Tell What Key A Song Is In
17/02/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Although there are some situations in which you don’t need to know what key a song is in, there are many others in which it’s beneficial and even critical to know. If you’ve been called upon to improvise on stage, for instance, and you d...

» Inner Circle Podcast Named #2 Best Audio Podcast
16/02/20 17:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Many thanks to Feedspot for naming my Inner Circle Podcast at #2 in their list of Top 10 Audio Podcasts. After 300+ episodes I think we’re getting the hang of this podcast thing! Seriously though, thank you for your support as that...

» Bandcamp is an ecosystem; this guide explains how that can help your music grow
14/02/20 19:05 from CDM Create Digital Music
Bandcamp can work best when you're both an artist and a fan on the platform. And if you care about actually connected with people, that's a big deal. The post Bandcamp is an ecosystem; this guide explains how that can help your music gro...

» DJTT Loves You: 10% Off + exclusive swag in our store this week only
14/02/20 17:59 from DJ TechTools
We started a tradition a few years ago at DJTT where each February, we’d do something cool in our store. This year, we’re offering a 10% off discount for a few days, and exclusive 2020 swag packs with every single order. Keep...

» What UMG’s IPO Means for the Business of Music
14/02/20 15:02 from Music Industry Blog
Finishing 2019 on $6.4 billion, Universal Music is to go to IPO hot on the heels of Warner Music’s announcement to do the same. This of course also follows the Tencent-led agreement to acquire 10% of UMG for $3 billion … Continue r...

» How Is Super Hi-Fi Transforming Digital Music Services with their AI
14/02/20 14:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Zack Zalon from Super Hi-Fi joins us this week. Super Hi-Fi is a company dedicated to the creation of powerful artificial intelligence tools to help digital music services deliver amazing listening experiences. Their technologies seem li...

» Every Melody Possible Is Copyrighted And On This Hard Drive
14/02/20 14:00 from Music 3.0 - The Blog Behind The Book
Songwriters are super cautious these days since plagiarism lawsuits are flying and the winner in court is usually the one you’d least suspect. One of the reasons why it’s so tough to defend a copyright lawsuit is because the ...

» 5 things to love about being an indie band
14/02/20 12:58 from Bandzoogle news

» 12 Best Pocket Trumpets 2020; We Review The Top Brands For The Money
14/02/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Maybe you play in a marching band. Perhaps you are regularly called upon to perform in jazz groups. You could even be an absolute beginner trumpeter. If so, a full-sized trumpet may not be what you’re looking for. Fortunately, there are ...

» New On Spotify: “Songwriter Pages” Beta Launch
13/02/20 20:29 from Cyber PR Music
Today is a big day for artists on Spotify! They just launched their pilot version of the new Spotify Songwriter Pages. This feature allows fans and industry personnel alike to find out more about the voices behind their favorite songs. A...

» Cyber PR LABS Valentine’s Day Sale!
13/02/20 17:03 from Cyber PR Music
Cyber PR LABS is a series of focused Master Classes where you can learn from industry experts including, but not limited to, booking agents, full-time independent artists, proven marketing agency owners, self-made music entrepreneurs, an...

» The Musician’s A-Team
13/02/20 13:10 from Dotted Music
Who are the main team members an artist works with in the music industry and when/why do you need them? With patience, the right partners will come along at the right time and will be able to access opportunities and open doors that an a...

» Why venues aren't returning your emails
13/02/20 12:50 from Bandzoogle news

» 3 Reasons Indie Artists Have More Power Than Ever
12/02/20 22:02 from Music Promotion Blog
  Never before have indie artists had the kind of freedom to create their careers that they do now. While their predecessors had record labels and management to guide their every move, today’s indie artist finds themselves at the co...

» Prototypes are free, open-source plug-ins – use them for sound, or to learn Csound
12/02/20 18:24 from CDM Create Digital Music
Get a free algorithmic bass drum generator, a lo-fi modulator, a massive granular workstation, for free - and that's just the beginning. The post Prototypes are free, open-source plug-ins – use them for sound, or to learn Csound ap...

» The music business is evolving and we’re evolving with it
12/02/20 17:03 from DIY Musician
CD Baby is doubling down on the tools that matter most for today’s musicians. 2020 is already off to an exciting start! CD Baby recently announced we’re delivering your music to TikTok. This week we partnered with Boomplay, the fas...

» Someone made a Pomodoro timer for Ableton Live, so you can stay productive, take breaks
12/02/20 16:45 from CDM Create Digital Music
Productivity engineering has come to music production. A popular method for timeboxing is now available as a free Live add-on. The post Someone made a Pomodoro timer for Ableton Live, so you can stay productive, take breaks appeared firs...

» Musically Speaking with Luis and Pedro – Sn2 – Ep39 – Industry News Mashup February 2020
12/02/20 16:13 from Luis Marte Music
Luis and Pedro dive in on the latest news in the music industry. Topics discussed: Eminem’s latest surprise album Music to Be Murdered By The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2020 Ozzy Osbourne Parkinson’s disease diagnosi...

» Booking your next tour: what to do in which order
12/02/20 15:25 from Bandzoogle news

» 7 Great Instagram Rockstars to Follow & Emulate
12/02/20 11:19 from Cyber PR Music
At Cyber PR, we get a lot of questions from artists about what they should be posting on Instagram (and Twitter, and Facebook, and all other sites and socials). If you’ve read our previous Instagram posts (here and here), then you ...

» New issue of Music & Copyright with India country report
12/02/20 08:41 from Music & Copyright's Blog
The latest issue of Music & Copyright is now available for subscribers to download. Here are some of the highlights. European live assets remain prized assets as acquisitions mount There’s been a huge amount of consolidation in...

» Trumpet Vs Cornet; What Is The Difference & Which To Get?
12/02/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Whether playing brass instruments is in your family tradition or you’ve just picked up the hobby for fun or in band class, the trumpet is one of the most popular choices for brass players. As you do a little research on your brass instru...

» The Self Made Musician
11/02/20 13:30 from Music Consultant
Gabe Roth the bass player, producer and founding member of Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings (and engineer for Amy Winehouse) discusses how he built his business.

» In quarantined China, concerts and clubs are going online as a safe place to meet
11/02/20 12:18 from CDM Create Digital Music
Even in the capital Beijing, once-crowded streets are now empty, as the 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak forces people at home. The solution for live musicians: turn to streaming. The post In quarantined China, concerts and clubs are going...

» 15 Best Dj Controllers For Beginners 2020, Get The Perfect Mix With These!
11/02/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Interested in becoming a DJ? Want to light up a party and get people up and dancing? Or, would you like to start playing around with your gear at home? In that case, you’re going to require the right gear and it all starts with a DJ cont...

» Your music available on Africa’s fastest-growing music service
10/02/20 22:50 from DIY Musician
Get your music heard in Africa! CD Baby is always looking for new avenues to get our artists heard in more markets. That’s why we’ve partnered with Boomplay Music, the fastest-growing music application in Africa. With over 50 million use...

» 3 Ways Guest Blogs Can Boost Your Career (And How To Find Those Opportunities)
10/02/20 22:16 from Music Promotion Blog

» MGT146: New Revenue Opportunities for Artists in the Gaming Industry – Andres Lauer (Five Vectors)
10/02/20 19:08 from Dotted Music
Learn how an LA- and Berlin-based company Five Vectors is creating a new music interaction layer for gamers, while introducing new revenue opportunities for indie artists.

» Kontrol S1: DJDoubleYou sawed a deck off a Kontrol S4 to make a new DIY controller
10/02/20 07:41 from DJ TechTools
We’ve heard it for years: when will Native Instruments make a single deck DJ controller? What if they made a single-jogwheel device? In a new DIY project, DJTT forum user DJDoubleYou has chopped off a single deck of a Kontrol S4 an...

» How To Restring An Acoustic Guitar; Easily Change Your Guitar Strings Today
10/02/20 00:01 from Music Industry How To
Every guitarist should learn how to restring their acoustic guitar. The first time you break a string, it can come as a bit of a shock. People don’t necessarily tell you that breaking a string is an inevitability, so when it happens, you...

» What is Engagement and Why It Matters with Symphonic Distribution
07/02/20 14:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
Randall Foster from Symphonic Distribution joins us this week. We focus on engagement. Randall talks about what engagement is and why it matters… especially to distributors. Symphonic Distribution is a 100% independent music distri...

» How to decide whether or not to accept a show offer
07/02/20 12:31 from Bandzoogle news

» WMG to IPO: Here’s What You Need to Know
07/02/20 11:33 from Music Industry Blog
Throughout the last decade more than $10 billion has been invested into music catalogues. UMG bookended the merger and acquisition (M&A) boom with the Tencent-led $3 billion stake in its business, but was exceptional in that the majo...

» How To Choose The Best Music Distribution Site
06/02/20 21:28 from Music Promotion Blog

» 3 types of song forms and their main uses
06/02/20 12:06 from Bandzoogle news

» How to double the impact of the last email you sent
05/02/20 20:23 from DIY Musician
A simple trick to get more conversions from your email list. Did you just send an important email to your list? Here’s how to get more results from that same message: Duplicate the email Change the subject line slightly Segment you...

» XDJ-XZ will get full Virtual DJ 2020 support (including On-Device Waveforms)
05/02/20 19:51 from DJ TechTools
The XDJ-XZ, Pioneer DJ’s most recent all-in-one release, has created mixed emotions for a lot of DJs. It’s got those full-sized platters, jog displays, and four channel mixer – but it’s lacking more than two stand...

» Spotify Q4 2019: First Signs of the New Spotify
05/02/20 14:55 from Music Industry Blog
Spotify’s Q4 2019 results reflect another strong quarter and a good year for Spotify. Look a bit deeper, however, and there are the first signs of the new company that Spotify is building – and they point to a very … Continue readi...

» The new way to think about music videos
04/02/20 23:16 from DIY Musician
How to quickly make good (and short) video content.  In 2020, artists need to be posting a steady flow of videos. Video content rules the music world. Here’s why: Musicians are getting famous from short viral videos on TikTok. Fans...

» Show4me: Music Interaction Network with Handy Crowdfunding Tools
04/02/20 18:16 from Crowdfunding For Musicians
Guest Article by Mary Ivanova of Show4me Show4me Music Interaction Network is a UK-based SaaS company offering a range of tools for musicians and their teams to use. We are taking a look at all the tools and ways you… Continue Read...

» Best Practices for Spotify Playlist Submission
04/02/20 18:10 from Cyber PR Music
Spotify is a confusing platform for many artists who don’t fully understand how to effectively leverage it. A lot of artists want to get on official Spotify playlists, but don’t know how. Here’s what you need to do:   First: You nee...

» How to Get Over Stage Fright
04/02/20 17:52 from Music Promotion Blog

» Case Study: Athena Burke [TTU/Artist Development Plan]
03/02/20 20:43 from Cyber PR Music
Artist: Athena Burke | Cyber PR Service(s) Athena Received: Total Tuneup (12 Month Artist Development Plan) About Athena Athena Burke is a singer-songwriter who found her voice through inspiring others and bringing hope and faith in...

» Nightmares In Clubland: Spryte’s Worst DJ Gig Ever
31/01/20 20:54 from DJ TechTools
Every DJ loves to talk about their very best nights behind the decks…but what about when things horribly wrong? We regularly get a veteran club DJs to talk about their dreaded “worst night ever” on the job. This month, ...

» Feeling Like a Fraud? You're Not Alone.
31/01/20 17:23 from Music Promotion Blog

» 10 ways to grow your audience on TikTok
31/01/20 16:36 from DIY Musician
How to get people to use your music on TikTok. Many artists are wondering how to grow their audience on TikTok. Over the past year the video platform has become a huge driver for music discovery and is now viewed as an onramp to larger s...

» How to add your music to TikTok videos
31/01/20 16:35 from DIY Musician
Want to create a video in TikTok using your song’s hook? It’s pretty simple. Here’s how: Get your music on TikTok — CD Baby delivers songs to TikTok (as well as Spotify, Instagram, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and 150+ ot...

» Musically Speaking with Luis and Pedro – Sn 2 – Ep 37 – 2020 Grammy’s Review
31/01/20 15:43 from Luis Marte Music
Luis and Pedro give their review of the 2020 Grammy’s broadcast. They discuss the performances and Billie Eilish sweeping the “big 4” categories. RATE, REVIEW & SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/freestyle...

» We Demonstrate How to Use SmartURL and Show You Many of the Features
31/01/20 14:00 from Blog | Michael Brandvold Marketing
This week we give a demonstration on how to use SmartURL.it This week we give a demonstration on how to use SmartURL.it, illustrating many of the features and discussing why every single artist should be using SmartURL or a similar servi...

» YouTube 2020 Stats – Is YouTube the place to be?
31/01/20 08:00 from Luis Marte Music
Wanted to share this great article written by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0. It speaks to the growth of YouTube in a saturated media content market. While the site has undergone some serious transformations over the years, YouTub...

» Schubert Music Is the Latest Publisher to Push Into Recordings
30/01/20 16:33 from Music Industry Blog
Schubert Music Europe, the holding company of Schubert Music Publishing, today announced a deal with Sony’s independent label distribution division The Orchard. Under the deal, Schubert will distribute ten new record labels. This is just...

» MGT145: Making It as a Sync Licensing Artist – Nat Jay
30/01/20 14:16 from Dotted Music
The Canadian singer-songwriter talks about how signing with a one-stop licensing company has lessened the burden of doing everything all by herself and shares multiple insights on the sync licensing world, applicable to both established ...

» Protecting Your Online Brand by Posting Your Perfect Press Kit
30/01/20 11:52 from Cyber PR Music
There is something crucial that most of you are missing… In the age of social media, we are all so focused on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook that we’ve forgotten an important basic: your press kit – the asset that makes it ...

» Is rekordbox 6 on the way? First signs of a “new service system” from Pioneer DJ
30/01/20 07:08 from DJ TechTools
From the “obscure messages in change logs” department, Pioneer DJ has announced today that there’s a new version of Rekordbox DJ coming soon. As a part of the announcement, they’re suggesting to potential purchase...

» TikTok promotion for musicians
30/01/20 01:23 from DIY Musician
How to promote your music on TikTok, the popular short-form video platform. Many artists today are wondering how to promote their music and grow their audience on TikTok. Of course they are: TikTok is one of the fastest growing social ap...

» How to get your music on TikTok
30/01/20 01:22 from DIY Musician
CD Baby is distributing music to TikTok. We’re now helping independent musicians get their music on TikTok, the popular video platform. Here’s how to get your music onto TikTok as a CD Baby client: For new releases: Opt in fo...

» How To Be An Organized Songwriter
29/01/20 21:24 from Music Promotion Blog

» How to make a DIY Split Cue in (almost) any mixer
29/01/20 20:34 from DJ TechTools
Does your DJ mixer or controller not have split cue? Do you want to mix entirely inside of your headphones? It can be a challenge to be headphones-only and not have a split cue functionality, but in today’s article, DJ Soo shares a...

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