mini devlog

06/04Soundless AAA & Patreon Survey Results
Lots going on lately! Oooo...
06/03Courtesy Notice: Patreon Survey Closes in 24 Hours!
05/28Soundless AAA: Now, For CGs (+ Special Announcement)
It's finally move on...from sprites...! HUFF
05/21Soundless AAA: Nothing Big So Here's Screenshots
No reading required today, only looking.
05/14Soundless AAA: Coding the Art Switcher
Today is an under-the-hood-look at what goes on with the art switch option!
05/07Soundless AAA: All Main Sprites Complete!
After two weeks of hell, we're so back.
04/16Soundless AAA: Sorry For Late, Here's Your Delivery
All sprites (including special) to be completed by Sunday, CGs begin
04/08Soundless AAA: Sprites Nearly Complete
Only Auma, some of Delilah's expressions, and special sprites remain.
04/02Soundless AAA: No Progress BUT There Will Be A Stream On Thursday
My bad.
i can never figure out subtitles
03/25Soundless AAA Sprite Progress 3: Delilah Still In Progress
Insomnia and work hit like a truck.
03/18Soundless AAA Sprite Progress 2: 3 Left, About Implementation
Plenty of progress was made this time! Only 3 sprites remain.
03/11Soundless AAA Sprite Progress
Progress for the week of March 5th
03/01Okay, we're back! Soundless time!
Work on the Android port, art update patch and artbook (AAA) will now begin!
01/28New Mascot: Meet Monochrome Matrimony!
At last, it's time for her debut!
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