» I Don’t Need a Firearms Training Audit… Do I?
17/06/24 12:30 from AmmoLand.com
No matter how good, or how far you believe your skills have progressed, you will ALWAYS derive benefit from having a training audit performed.

» May 2024 Continues Trend of Over a Million Guns Sold a Month
17/06/24 12:00 from AmmoLand.com
May 2024 continues the trend noted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation of gun sales of over a million a month for the last 58 months.

» Home Invasion in Carmichael, CA, Ends in Deadly BUT Justified Self-Defense Shooting
17/06/24 11:19 from AmmoLand.com
A physical altercation ensued, during which the new boyfriend, acting in self-defense, retrieved a legally registered firearm and shot the intruder, who was pronounced dead at the scene...

» Walther Arms P38 Post War Mil-Surplus 9mm Pistol $499.99
17/06/24 10:48 from AmmoLand.com
Walther Arms P38 Post War Surplus 9mm Pistol for $499.99 each. Collectors, you will want one of these before they are gone.

» DeSantis Receives Bill to Restore the Ability to Shoot Bears in Defense
17/06/24 10:46 from AmmoLand.com
The bill to restore the ability of people in Florida to defend themselves, their pets and their dwellings from black bears has been sent to Governor DeSantis.

» Democrats Are Panicking Over Supreme Court Gun Rulings – And It’s Hilarious
17/06/24 10:22 from AmmoLand.com
Democrats are acting like the Second Amendment is going to turn us into a nation of gun-toting patriots; oh wait, it may be too late.

» Winchester Target & Practice Service Grade 9mm 115 Grain FMJ Ammo $0.23 Each FREE S&H
17/06/24 10:21 from AmmoLand.com
1000 rounds of Winchester Target & Practice Service Grade 9mm 115 Grain FMJ ammo and pick them up for $232.74 or $0.23 each a round with FREE shipping.

» SCOTUS Makes Clears: When a Semiautomatic Rifle is NOT a “Machine Gun”
17/06/24 10:18 from AmmoLand.com
The Supreme Court ...emphasized that the legal definition of machine gun hinges on the mechanical action of the trigger, not the speed of fire or the shooter’s actions.

» NY Mandates “Health Warning” Labels On The Second Amendment
17/06/24 09:41 from AmmoLand.com
The NY Government’s raw, rabid hatred and fear of firearms is palpable, and its constant, contentious vilification of New York firearms is shameful, undeserved, and insulting.

» Norma 9mm 108gr Monolith Hollow Point Ammo 20 Rounds $6.99
17/06/24 09:38 from AmmoLand.com
Norma 9mm 108gr Monolith Hollow Point self-defense Ammunition in 20 Round boxes for $6.99.

» Oakley Straightlink Black Frame Sapphire Iridium Sunglasses $79.99 FREE S&H
17/06/24 08:33 from AmmoLand.com
Oakley Straightlink Black Frame Sapphire Iridium Sunglasses: $79.99 with FREE shipping. The sale ends shortly.

» Chicago Wife & Husband Attacked By Teens, Unborn Baby Killed ~ VIDEO
17/06/24 08:06 from AmmoLand.com
As a result, the woman’s unborn child died, a fact the leftist media, little more than a branch of the DNC, tried to keep secret...

» Three Budget Friendly 1911 Magazine Designs
16/06/24 10:00 from AmmoLand.com
When discussing 1911 magazines, normally one hears names like Wilson Combat, Chip McCormick, Springfield, etc. Here are some budget-friendly 1911 magazines.

» BERETTA APX-A1 Carry 9mm Pistol …just $199.99 FREE S&H +REBATE
16/06/24 08:38 from AmmoLand.com
A good price on the popular BERETTA APX-A1 Carry Pistol that you can buy for just $199.99 after an MFG's rebate & FREE shipping.

» Hunter Biden Personifies DOJ’s Two Tiers of Justice
15/06/24 12:00 from AmmoLand.com
Those looking for a near perfect comparison to Hunter Biden’s criminal gun charges need look no further than The United States of America v. Miracle Star Vaughn.

» Pew Data Reveals What Gun Control Supporters Expect From A President Biden Reelection
15/06/24 10:37 from AmmoLand.com
The Biden administration peddles in lies when they tell the American public the disproven claim that firearms are the leading cause of death among children...

» Bushnell AR73940 AR Rifle 3-9X40mm Optic $77.77!!!!!!
15/06/24 10:33 from AmmoLand.com
A crazy cheap price on quality Bushnell AR73940 AR Rifle 3-9X40mm rifle scope Optics only $77.77. Yeah that is cheap!

» What Is The Most Dangerous Threat? One You May “See” But Erroneously Discount
15/06/24 09:54 from AmmoLand.com
Had that brick not been there, this woman surely would not have lived through the attack, as there was no one around to help her....

» US Cartridge 9mm 147-Gr. JHP LE Contract Overrun 200 rounds $78.99 Free S&H over $149
15/06/24 09:33 from AmmoLand.com
US Cartridge 9mm 147 Grain JHP LE Contract Overrun ammunition, 200 rounds for $78.99 or $0.39 each. There is FREE shipping for orders over $149.

» SAF Hails SCOTUS Ruling on Bump Stocks: ‘ATF Can’t Rewrite Law’
15/06/24 09:05 from AmmoLand.com
The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is hailing the U.S. Supreme Court’s 6-3 ruling that a semiautomatic rifle equipped with a bump stock is not a machinegun.

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