» Ammo InStock: Federal Top Gun Target 12 Gauge, 2 3/4 Ammo 250 Rounds $95.99 FREE S&H
04/06/23 08:22 from AmmoLand.com
Federal Top Gun Ammo 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 1-1/8 Oz #8 Shot, 250 rounds for $95.99 at check out.

» SIG MCX-SPEAR LT Rifle in 7.62x39mm – Over-Hyped or Gucci AK?
03/06/23 14:12 from AmmoLand.com
The 7.62x39mm SIG MCX-SPEAR LT Rifle is the pre-2016 fedora-wearing Portland hipster of AK alternatives; scoffing at opulence while carrying a $6,000 laptop

» Start Planning Your National Shooting Sports Month Events Now
03/06/23 14:11 from AmmoLand.com
National Shooting Sports Month isn’t until August, but spring is the time to plan your events for maximum exposure and success.

» Gun Mag Deals: ETS HK VP9 9mm 17/21/30/40 Round Magazines $11.98 Each
03/06/23 10:33 from AmmoLand.com
Botach with some great prices on some ETS HK VP9 9mm 17/21/30/40 Round Magazines all $11.98 each regardless of capacity.

» Keeping Old West Traditional Ammunition Loads Alive Through Modern Technology
03/06/23 09:56 from AmmoLand.com
Fredericksburg, Texas – Cimarron Firearms, makers of quality replicas of Old West firearms, have been quietly filling a hole left wide open when manufacturers of traditional hunting calibers slowly rode off into the sunset. Since 2...

» Maine: House to Vote on Anti-Shooting Range Bill
03/06/23 09:48 from AmmoLand.com
Tomorrow, the Maine House is scheduled to vote on Legislative Document 1000, which would establish a firearm range safety group...

» Reloaders: Assorted Powders Back InStock ~ Some Will Sell Out, $24.99 & Up
03/06/23 09:22 from AmmoLand.com
Attention ammunition reloaders! So it seems we have turned a corner on reloading powders, as many are now back in stock and have been...

» Tactical Deals: 5.11 A/T Trainer Shoes $54.49 FREE S&H FREE Returns
03/06/23 08:33 from AmmoLand.com
5.11 A/T Trainers for just $54.49 each with FREE shipping & FREE returns.

» California Wants Gun Mag BAN Case to Go Away, Not So Fast Freedom Haters
02/06/23 16:26 from AmmoLand.com
California has been stubbornly defending what amounts to a confiscatory effort to deprive state residents of magazines which are commonly owned by millions of citizens.

» Polymer80 Settles With L.A. For $5 Million
02/06/23 12:00 from AmmoLand.com
The L.A. suit is just one of many lawsuits that are using taxpayer money to try to put companies out of business for selling a product they are legally allowed to sell.

» New York ‘Gun Violence’ Medicaid Bill a Wealth Redistribution Boondoggle
02/06/23 10:00 from AmmoLand.com
“Medicaid would reimburse violence prevention programs in New York under a proposal advanced Tuesday in the state Senate”...

» Aero Precision’s Graphite Drab JUNE Builder Sets Are Available Now!
02/06/23 09:53 from AmmoLand.com
The June edition of Aero Precision 2023 Builder sets features a "graphite drab" finish expertly applied by Eli Yerian Designs. These will sell out.

» ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6x50mm Thermal Rifle Scope & QD Mount $740.99 FREE S&H
02/06/23 09:33 from AmmoLand.com
ATN OPMOD Exclusive ThOR LT 3-6x50mm Thermal Rifle Scope & QD Mount for $740.99 with FREE shipping and returns.

» New Premier Danielle Smith: A Win For Canadian Gun Owners
02/06/23 09:33 from AmmoLand.com
Albertans hitched their wagon to liberty and a free market economy, electing Danielle Smith. That is good news for gun owners.

» Many Successful Defenses Against Bear Attacks are Recorded as Harvested During Legal Hunting
02/06/23 09:30 from AmmoLand.com
Many successful defenses against attacks by bears on people are not recorded/reported as attacks because the bear is killed and reported as a legal hunting harvest.

» Florida’s New Unlicensed Concealed-Carry Law Explained
02/06/23 09:14 from AmmoLand.com
Maligned & mischaracterized by the gun-ban industry, Florida's new unlicensed concealed-carry law restores our gun rights.

» Lacrosse Alpha Lite 16″ 5mm Neoprene Boot Starting @$59.99 that is 55%+ OFF
02/06/23 09:04 from AmmoLand.com
A crazy cheap price on Lacrosse Alpha Lite 16" 5mm Neoprene Boots starting at $59.99 with plenty of real men's sizes in stock.

» Honolulu Can Not Arbitrarily Deny Gun Registration on Made-up Pretext
02/06/23 09:00 from AmmoLand.com
In 2021, LTJG Michael Santucci attempted to register his legally owned firearms in Honolulu. He was prevented from doing so, and filed suit in the US District Court, based on the Second Amendment. A settlement was reached on May 23, 2023.

» Riding Shotgun With Charlie, #171, Nayara Andrejczyk, The Gun Evangelist
02/06/23 09:00 from AmmoLand.com
Training and competitive shooting are things that Nayara started really getting involved with. She took some NRA training courses with Todd Ellis (NRA BOD member & soon to be RSWC episode) and started expanding her knowledge base.

» Tactical Deals: 3-Pack MTM Gun Safe Storage Cases $17.44 FREE Returns
02/06/23 08:33 from AmmoLand.com
3-Pack of Gun Safe Storage Cases for just $17.44 and that is 18% OFF, and FREE shipping on orders $25+.

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