» Diagramming the brain with colorful connections
10/05/21 15:35 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
BARseq2 is a new brain mapping technique that can identify cells by the unique sets of genes they use. Neuroscientists can use this tool to understand how brain cells are organized and connected.

» New finding suggests cognitive problems caused by repeat mild head hits could be treated
10/05/21 14:43 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
A neurologic pathway by which non-damaging but high frequency brain impact blunts normal brain function and causes long-term problems with learning and memory has been identified. The finding suggests that tailored drug therapy can be de...

» Damage to white matter is linked to worse cognitive outcomes after brain injury
07/05/21 17:09 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
A new study challenges the idea that gray matter (the neurons that form the cerebral cortex) is more important than white matter (the myelin covered axons that physically connect neuronal regions) when it comes to cognitive health and fu...

» Chronic exposure to low levels of blast may be associated with neurotrauma
04/05/21 15:26 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Scientists demonstrated that TBI biomarkers were elevated among law enforcement and military personnel, including those without a diagnosed brain injury or concussion, repeatedly exposed to low level blast. Repeated exposure have been li...

» Brain changes following traumatic brain injury share similarities with Alzheimer's disease
26/04/21 18:07 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Brain changes in people with Alzheimer's disease and in those with mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have significant similarities.

» Supplement treats schizophrenia in mice, restores healthy 'dance' and structure of neurons
19/04/21 15:01 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
A simple dietary supplement reduces behavioral symptoms in mice with a genetic mutation that causes schizophrenia. After additional experiments, including visualizing the fluorescently stained dancing edge of immature brain cells, resear...

» Biologists investigate effects of bisphenols on nerve cells
12/04/21 15:48 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Bisphenols contained in many everyday objects can impair important brain functions in humans, biologists warn. Their study shows that even small amounts of the plasticizers bisphenol A and bisphenol S disrupt the transmission of signals ...

» Altering traumatic memories
08/04/21 19:22 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Scientists could be a step closer to finding a way to reduce the impact of traumatic memories.

» 'Brain glue' helps repair circuitry in severe TBI
06/04/21 17:19 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
In a new study, researchers have demonstrated the long-term benefits of a hydrogel, which they call 'brain glue,' for the treatment of traumatic brain injury. The gel protects against loss of brain tissue after a severe injury and might ...

» Controlled scar formation in the brain
26/03/21 14:46 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
When the brain suffers injury or infection, glial cells surrounding the affected site act to preserve the brain's sensitive nerve cells and prevent excessive damage. A team of researchers has been able to demonstrate the important role p...

» New genetic clues point to new treatments for 'silent' stroke
26/03/21 01:30 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Scientists have identified new genetic clues in people who've had small and often apparently 'silent' strokes that are difficult to treat and a major cause of vascular dementia, according to new research.

» DNA damage 'hot spots' discovered within neurons
25/03/21 19:00 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Researchers have discovered specific regions within the DNA of neurons that accumulate a certain type of damage (called single-strand breaks or SSBs). This accumulation of SSBs appears to be unique to neurons, and it challenges what is g...

» Leaky blood-brain barrier linked to brain tissue damage in brain aging disease
24/03/21 21:08 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Now a new study has found that people with cerebral small vessel disease who have blood-brain barrier leakage had more brain tissue damage over two years than people with less blood-brain barrier leakage.

» Could birth control pills ease concussion symptoms in female athletes?
16/03/21 17:21 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
A new pilot study has shown when a female athlete has a concussion injury during the phase of her menstrual cycle when progesterone is highest, she feels less stress. Feeling stressed is one symptom of a concussion. Feeling less stressed...

» Injectable porous scaffolds promote better, quicker healing after spinal cord injuries
09/03/21 16:43 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Researchers have developed materials that can interface with an injured spinal cord and provide a scaffolding to facilitate healing. To do this, scaffolding materials need to mimic the natural spinal cord tissue, so they can be readily p...

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