» Multi-tasking protein at the root of neuropathic pain
20/08/19 14:16 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Neuropathic pain is a chronic condition resulting from nerve injury and is characterized by increased pain sensitivity. Although known to be associated with overly excitable neurons in the spinal cord, the mechanisms leading to chronic p...

» Brain takes a beating as arteries age
20/08/19 12:18 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Researchers have presented a model that explains why memory deteriorates as the body ages. With age, the brain receives an increased load from the heart's beating as the body's large arteries stiffen over the years, causing damage to the...

» Alzheimer's drug reverses brain damage from adolescent alcohol exposure in rats
20/08/19 12:18 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
A drug used to slow cognitive decline in adults with Alzheimer's disease appears to reverse brain inflammation and neuron damage in rats exposed to alcohol during adolescence.

» Regulating blood supply to limbs improves stroke recovery
19/08/19 17:21 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Cutting off and then restoring blood supply to a limb following a stroke reduces tissue damage and swelling and improves functional recovery, according to a new study.

» Researchers refine guidelines for pediatric brain injuries
16/08/19 23:14 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
There are no guidelines on whether a noninvasive method of measuring carbon dioxide from patients' exhalations, known as end-tidal capnography, is as effective as drawing blood through a child's artery. This study found that measuring th...

» Tissue model reveals role of blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer's
12/08/19 17:08 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
A new study shows how the Alzheimer's disease allows toxins to pass through the blood-brain barrier, further harming neurons.

» More than just jaundice: Mouse study shows bilirubin may protect the brain
12/08/19 13:45 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
In studies in mice, researchers report they have found that bilirubin, a bile pigment most commonly known for yellowing the skin of people with jaundice, may play an unexpected role in protecting brain cells from damage from oxidative st...

» Routine hits playing football cause damage to the brain
07/08/19 18:22 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
New research indicates that concussions aren't the sole cause of damage to the brain in contact sports. A study of college football players found that typical hits sustained from playing just one season cause structural changes to the br...

» Knowing where the center of a space is helps inform spatial awareness
02/08/19 16:27 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
As you enter a new environment such as visiting a classroom for the first time, your brain takes in information about your surroundings to help inform where you are and what direction you are facing. Knowing where the center of the room ...

» How side hit to the head could damage brain, lead to concussion
01/08/19 13:33 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Play contact sports for any length of time and at one point or another you're probably going to have your 'bell rung' by a powerful blow to the head from a hard hit or fall. Researchers have reconstructed ting the inertial stresses and s...

» Nearly three-quarters of traumatic brain injuries in under-19s caused by consumer products
29/07/19 13:45 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
A vast report, looking at the products and activities associated with non-fatal traumatic brain injuries for youngsters aged up to 19, in 66 US hospitals' emergency departments, has revealed that floors, beds and American football are po...

» Exploring genetic 'dark matter,' researchers gain new insights into autism and stroke
24/07/19 17:37 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
For the brain to function smoothly, its cells must carefully regulate which proteins are produced and when. By studying gene regulation, researchers are now shedding light on complex brain conditions like autism and stroke.

» Hit your head, lose your sense of smell
23/07/19 22:22 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
People who suffer even a mild concussion can find it difficult to identify smells in the day that follows, and have anxiety problems a year later, a new study finds.

» Epileptic seizures reduced in mice after removal of newborn neurons
22/07/19 12:58 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Epileptic seizures happen in one of every 10 people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI). However, new research has uncovered an innovative approach to possibly slow the progression of epilepsy. Researchers have successful...

» Cell types affected in brains of multiple sclerosis patients pinpointed
17/07/19 17:27 from ScienceDaily: Brain Injury News
Scientists have discovered that a specific brain cell known as a 'projection neuron' has a central role to play in the brain changes seen in multiple sclerosis (MS). The research shows that projection neurons are damaged by the body's ow...

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