The data opportunity

How CEOs can build a stronger business using data; from collecting it and protecting it, to getting value from it in a responsible way.


The fujiwhara effect of cyber and deals

With the increasing rise of data, GDPR and changes in the technology landscape. Are you considering cyber security and data privacy at the right time in your deals process? Read our latest blog by John Nugent, Andrew Turner and James Rashleigh.

‘Resilient Seas’ - Cyber Security threats to the maritime industry

From organised crime to hacktivists targeting individual companies or ports; there are a whole range of actors that may target maritime-related systems.


Seven habits of highly successful Primary Care Networks

The NHS Long Term Plan (LTP) rests highly on the success of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) as the core of integrated care systems. In this blog, Dr Jonathan Steel and Rose Taylor discuss the factors that GPs and other health professionals should be adopting to ensure the success of PCNs to deliver better and more efficient care within communities.

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