» The Rise of Skywalker Fan-Edit Brings Force Ghosts to Rey Vs. Palpatine Fight
06/07/20 18:02 from MovieWeb News
A YouTuber has edited the climax of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to include a ton of Jedi Force ghosts.

» Summer game fest: how to watch this summer’s digital gaming events
06/07/20 17:23 from The Verge - All Posts

» This week’s summer gaming events: Ubisoft Forward and Limited Run Games’ #LRG3
06/07/20 17:23 from The Verge - All Posts

» Watch this Pokémon Go commercial directed by Rian Johnson
06/07/20 16:05 from The Verge - All Posts

» CWK Show #349: Cultivating a Positive Star Wars Community
02/07/20 20:27 from Coffee With Kenobi
Join Dan Z, Greg McLaughlin, and Franc Mulder as they discuss what makes a positive Star Wars community. The hosts talk about how to make a positive impact, what is great about our fandom, and so much more. This is the podcast you’...

» The Mandalorian Universe Expands with New Star Wars Books and Comics
01/07/20 22:30 from MovieWeb News
Lucasfilm has announced The Mandalorian publishing program, which will see Mando and Baby Yoda return in new adventures.

» STAR WARS: New LEGO Art Sets Celebrate The Dark Side, Plus Other Pop Culture Icons
01/07/20 19:34 from Coffee With Kenobi
Transform your passion into art: the LEGO Group puts pop-art back in the picture for adult builders. New LEGO® Art sets featuring Marvel and Star Wars characters and famous celebrities help adults get into the right ‘frame’ of mind while...

» Is Luke Suggesting That Qui-Gon Jinn Is Also a Skywalker in Older Star Wars Book?
01/07/20 19:27 from MovieWeb News
The Secrets of the Jedi book features a passage that could lead to Qui-Gon Jinn being a member of the Skywalker family.

» Lego has a new line of buildable pop art ‘posters’ featuring Iron Man, Darth Vader, and The Beatles
01/07/20 18:02 from The Verge - All Posts

» Die Hard and Star Wars named among UK's 20 most re-watched films ever
01/07/20 07:56 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
A study conducted by Now TV has laid bare the nation's comfort viewing habits

» Mark Hamill explains how deleted Star Wars scene is key to understanding Luke Skywalker's character
01/07/20 06:18 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
The scene is currently available to stream on Disney+

» Wild Star Wars Rumor Claims Disney Will Erase the Sequel Trilogy and Reset Canon
01/07/20 00:12 from MovieWeb News
An unsubstantiated Star Wars rumor claims that Disney is ready to junk everything that happened in The Force Awakens and its Sequels.

» CWK Show #348: Genndy Tartakovsky’s Star Wars Clone Wars-A Closer Look
25/06/20 12:05 from Coffee With Kenobi
Join Dan Z and Drew Taylor as they break down Genndy Tartakovsky’s Star Wars Clone Wars 2d animated micro-series. The hosts look at its history, what it brought to the lore, and how it is different from other iterations of Star Wars. Thi...

» Book Review: Star Wars: Book of Lists: 100 Lists Compiling a Galaxy’s Worth of Trivia
24/06/20 16:20 from Coffee With Kenobi
In Star Wars: Book of Lists: 100 Lists Compiling a Galaxy’s Worth of Trivia , author Cole Horton (Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know and Ultimate Star Wars New Edition: The Definitive Guide to the Star Wars Universe)...

» Star Wars Book/Audiobook Review: ‘Shadow Fall: An Alphabet Squadron Novel’ by Alexander Freed
23/06/20 14:24 from Coffee With Kenobi
This a review of the book and audiobook for Star Wars Shadow Fall: An Alphabet Squadron Novel by Alexander Freed. The audio is read by Carol Monda. There may be minor spoilers. In Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron, author Alexander Freed intr...

» Hasbro’s Star Wars Fan First Monday Product Reveals
22/06/20 22:24 from Coffee With Kenobi
Earlier today on the Hasbro Pulse Facebook page, members of the Hasbro Star Wars brand and design team exclusively revealed several new Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 offerings, with the lineup including a third wave of Star Wars: The Black S...

» Oscar Isaac suggests he won't return to Star Wars, unless 'I need another house or something'
22/06/20 08:25 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
Actor played Poe Dameron in the Disney-produced sequel trilogy

» Celebrate ‘(I Am Your) Father’s Day’ With Great Star Wars Gifts!
18/06/20 22:47 from Coffee With Kenobi
Celebrate (I Am Your) Father’s Day this Sunday, June 21, with great deals on Star Wars products for the father figure in your life.  Below are a few highlights of the new products and deals available: The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Sk...

» CWK Show #347: Star Wars Celebration Rescheduled For 2022 & Reasons For Optimism About The New Date
18/06/20 16:09 from Coffee With Kenobi
Join Dan Z, Tom Gross, and Cory Clubb as they share reactions to the news of Star Wars Celebration being cancelled for 2020. They provide plenty of reasons to be optimistic and excited about the new date, August 18-21, 2022, and share al...

» New LEGO Star Wars Sets to Celebrate LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
17/06/20 21:31 from Coffee With Kenobi
StarWars.com revealed several new LEGO Star Wars sets today, all of which feature in the highly-anticipated, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga video game. While some elements like minifigures and/or vehicles will automatically be includ...

» Star Wars: Adam Driver's Kylo Ren theory that never made it into The Rise of Skywalker
17/06/20 16:44 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
It would have made his character's journey more tragic

» Star Wars: Behind-the-scenes image of an Ewok without fur leaves Star Wars fans terrified
12/06/20 05:59 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
Image, shared by creature designer Jake Lunt Davies, stemmed from the making of The Rise of Skywalker

» Star Wars: Jar Jar Binks actor says he would return to franchise, 'but it really depends on the story'
08/06/20 08:19 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
Ahmed Best played the divisive character in all three prequel films

» John Boyega addresses 'love and support' in first post since powerful Black Lives Matter speech: 'I know you're all thinking, what's next?'
07/06/20 09:54 from The Independent - Films RSS Feed
'One man can't do it alone – I need you, and we need each other!' the Star Wars actor wrote

» Ep. 157 - Henry Rollins Never Died, Either
24/12/15 23:46 from RottenTomatoes
Matt and Grae discuss holiday movie releases and how much it sucks to be on the prairie. They argue a little over Star Wars, but don't linger on it, because HENRY ROLLINS CAME TO THE STUDIO.

» Ep. 156 - Star Wars Special!
18/12/15 02:42 from RottenTomatoes
The new Star Wars film is finally here!  Matt Atchity is joined by critic Christy Lemire (filling in for Grae Drake) to discuss the biggest movie of the year.  After a quick rundown of the other wide releases, Christy and Matt share thei...

» Ep. 123 - Six Reasons Age of Ultron is Just Okay & A Visit From Method Man
01/05/15 07:00 from RottenTomatoes
Age of Ultron is a mixed bag, so Matt and Grae take it upon themselves to sort through what works and what doesn't. The emails from the TomatoPatch segment reunite old friends, and make some new ones with keen powers of Star Wars Observa...

» Ep. 120 - Star Wars Teaser Recap, plus Dohmnall Gleeson
17/04/15 07:05 from RottenTomatoes
This week, Matt Atchity totally geeks out with a deep, shot-by-shot analysis of the latest Star Wars teaser, and Grae Drake and Beki Lane join in the fun.  In the second half of the show, Grae interviews Dohmnall Gleeson, star of the new...

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