» Study investigates data needed to improve UK’s resilience to floods and droughts
29/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology is leading a new £500,000 study to scope the requirements for a national floods and droughts research infrastructure.This Natural Environment Research...

» Working for UKCEH
29/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

» NSW water officials knew decades of unmeasured floodplain harvesting by irrigators was illegal
28/05/20 17:30 from Water | The Guardian
Senior group meeting in January discussed the legal implications of practice that critics blame for preventing water flowing further down the Murray-Darling system New South Wales water officials have acknowledged that decades of unregul...

» Animal feedlots are a likely threat to drinking water in Minnesota, says report
28/05/20 10:00 from Water | The Guardian
Manure from the state’s 80 million farm animals risks overloading its rivers and lakes with nitrogen and phosphorus Millions of tons of manure from Minnesota’s animal feedlots is a risk to consumer health as it threatens to raise nitrate...

» Instagram
28/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

» Improve water supply in poorer nations to cut plastic use, say experts
26/05/20 23:01 from Water | The Guardian
Report calls for urgent action to tackle developing countries’ reliance on bottled water Focusing on improving the water supply in developing nations could be a powerful way to fight the scourge of plastic waste in the oceans, experts ha...

» UKCEH statement on COVID-19 business continuity
22/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Statement - 22 May 2020: The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) continues to be committed to delivering our important environmental science safely, and we are putting in place a...

» Right to work in the UK
22/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

» Applying for a job at UKCEH
22/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

» Detroit families still without clean water despite shutoffs being lifted
20/05/20 10:30 from Water | The Guardian
Families say city has not made them aware water is back on City turned off taps under criticized debt-collection plan Officials in Detroit have claimed the city has restored the water supply to its residents, but a number of families are...

» Long-term monitoring sites are key to assessing impacts of COVID-19
20/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
Europe’s extensive network of field research sites will play a crucial role in assessing the impacts of COVID-19 on the essential benefits that the natural world brings to humans.There are 450...

» Taking things further
19/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
We hope that you enjoy taking part in one or both of the PoMS surveys (FIT Counts and 1km square surveys). There are a number of other pollinator survey and recording projects that you may also be...

» BT Tower measurements show London’s CO2 emissions have fallen almost 60% during lockdown
19/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
The atmospheric observatory at the top of the 190m-tall BT Tower is ideally placed to measure the changes in greenhouse gas emissions in London as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. It reveals there...

» London’s CO2 emissions cut by almost 60% during lockdown
19/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
A new comprehensive analysis has revealed carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in London have reduced by almost 60 per cent during the COVID-19 lockdown.Previous analyses of CO2 emission reductions have...

» Dust bowl conditions of 1930s US now more than twice as likely to reoccur
18/05/20 15:00 from Water | The Guardian
Climate breakdown means conditions that wrought devastation across Great Plains could return to region The agricultural conditions known as a “dust bowl” , which helped propel mass migration among drought-stricken farmers in the US durin...

» As the driest inhabited continent, Australia should listen to the oldest water science on the planet | Bradley Moggridge for IndigenousX
14/05/20 03:59 from Water | The Guardian
There is not much water out there in many parts of the country – unless you know how and when to find it Australia is often acknowledged to be the driest inhabited continent on Earth. It has been the traditional lands of Australia’s firs...

» UK Hydrological Status Update - May 2020
14/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
For 2020 so far, the hydrological situation has been extremely mixed. In February we saw record-breaking rainfall and river flows, and one of the most significant flood events of recent years. Just a...

» UKCEH supports UK’s emergency response to COVID-19
13/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
The UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) has provided scientific expertise and donated personal protective equipment (PPE) to support the emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic.The UK...

» Murray-Darling lower lakes were largely fresh before European settlement, CSIRO review finds
12/05/20 02:12 from Water | The Guardian
River mouth is being managed correctly, scientists say – despite the claims of irrigators in NSW and Victoria A CSIRO review of the lower lakes of the Murray-Darling system has found that the lakes were largely fresh before European sett...

» Do the numbers add up? Calculating a COVID-19 exit strategy
07/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
There is no doubt that the world has changed as a consequence of COVID-19. As infections rapidly increased many countries, including the UK, implemented ‘lockdown’. While we can all see this...

» NSW and Queensland coal industry uses as much water as all Sydney households, report finds
03/05/20 17:30 from Water | The Guardian
Coalmining and coal-fired power use about 383bn litres a year, roughly equivalent to needs of 5.2 million people The coal industry in New South Wales and Queensland is using as much water as all of Sydney’s households, according to new r...

» 'It feels like nobody cares': the Americans living without running water amid Covid-19
01/05/20 09:00 from Water | The Guardian
As the pandemic leaves millions without work, taps are turned off even as the CDC calls for frequent hand-washing Joshua Haynes was raised to work hard and take care of his family without asking for outside help. But when the utility bil...

» Cholera and coronavirus: why we must not repeat the same mistakes
01/05/20 05:00 from Water | The Guardian
Cholera has largely been beaten in the west, but it still kills tens of thousands of people in poorer countries every year. As we search for a cure for coronavirus, we have to make sure it will be available to everyone, not just to those...

» New modelling system will transform UK air pollution research
01/05/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
A diverse range of UK experts will develop a user-friendly modelling system that provides a consistent and sophisticated approach to producing data on pollutant emissions.The two-year project, led by...

» Mental health and wellbeing
24/04/20 00:00 from Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

» How Pepsi and Coke make millions bottling tap water, as residents face shutoffs
23/04/20 09:30 from Water | The Guardian
The drinks giants were allowed to keep bottling in Detroit, despite substantial unpaid water bills, a Consumer Reports investigation finds In recent weeks, on a quiet stretch of Detroit’s west side dotted with vacant homes, a 262,000 sq ...

» 'It'll cause a water war': divisions run deep as filling of Nile dam nears
23/04/20 06:00 from Water | The Guardian
Despite Egypt’s fears of ‘hydro hegemony’ and concerns it will worsen water shortages in Sudan, Ethiopia’s controversial dam project is close to fruition From his office in central Khartoum, Ahmed al-Mufti prepares every day for what he ...

» Proposed Queensland coal-fired power plant under cloud over emissions and financing
23/04/20 04:23 from Water | The Guardian
New information casts doubt on claims about environmental merit and commercial viability of Collinsville station Carbon emissions from a new coal-fired power station at Collinsville in north Queensland would be comparable to generators b...

» Climate change likely to blame for dwindling Murray-Darling inflows, report finds
17/04/20 04:16 from Water | The Guardian
Mick Keelty’s review urges governments to stop playing politics with the basin and calls for greater transparency on water sharing The amount of water in the Murray river system is now only about half of what it was in the preceding cent...

» By failing to protect our water we have failed everything New Zealanders value | Tom Kay
17/04/20 00:13 from Water | The Guardian
Delaying freshwater reform would be a disastrous step backwards and could be the final nail in the coffin for our rivers, lakes and wetlands New Zealand is blessed with water. Fresh water flows from our snow and glacier-clad mountains, t...

» Research debunks claim Australia may face coronavirus food shortages
16/04/20 17:30 from Water | The Guardian
Government agricultural body says low stocks of pasta, rice and flour are due to panic buying, not supply shortages Sign up for Guardian Australia’s daily coronavirus email Download the free Guardian app to get the most important news no...

» Waters of Murray-Darling rivers join for first time in two years
13/04/20 07:07 from Water | The Guardian
Residents celebrate as waters meet 70km north of Wentworth, but more rain is needed to ease drought The waters of the Murray River and the Darling River in NSW have joined for the first time in two years, in a milestone for drought-stric...

» Millions in US at risk of 'water shutoffs' amid layoffs triggered by pandemic
06/04/20 11:00 from Water | The Guardian
Two-fifths of Americans rely on water utilities which have not suspended the policy of shutoffs for non-payment Millions of Americans risk losing running water if they fall behind with bill payments in coming months, as mass layoffs trig...

» Fears for water quality after NSW allows coalmining extension under Sydney's Woronora reservoir
30/03/20 23:52 from Water | The Guardian
Berejiklian government gives green light to Peabody Energy to extract coal beneath reservoir for its Metropolitan mine The New South Wales government has approved the extension of coalmining under one of Greater Sydney’s reservoirs in a ...

» After years of drought, water reaches parched Menindee
30/03/20 16:30 from Water | The Guardian
The site of mass fish kills in 2019 has received significant inflows and the lower Darling River will finally reconnect with the Murray “It’s hard to put into words,” Graeme McCrabb says of seeing water flow again into the Menindee Lakes...

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