» Modern fraud detection need not rely on PII
» Microsoft delays Windows Recall rollout, more security testing needed
» YetiHunter: Open-source threat hunting tool for Snowflake environments
» Week in review: JetBrains GitHub plugin vulnerability, 20k FortiGate appliances compromised
» Pakistani Threat Actors Caught Targeting Indian Gov Entities
» Microsoft Delaying Recall Feature to Improve Security
» Oscilar’s AI-powered ACH Fraud Detection identifies and prevents fraudulent transactions
» IRONSCALES boosts email security with GPT-powered training feature
» In Other News: Fuxnet ICS Malware, Google User Tracking, CISA Employee Scams 
» CyberLink launches FaceMe Security version 7.15
» The biggest downsides of digital ID adoption
» Rockwell Automation Patches High-Severity Vulnerabilities in FactoryTalk View SE
» Datos de geolocalización de visitantes de la isla de Jeffrey Epstein filtrados por broker de información
» Docenas de vulnerabilidades en terminales biométricas
» Edge Devices: The New Frontier for Mass Exploitation Attacks
» Alleged Boss of ‘Scattered Spider’ Hacking Group Arrested
» OpenAI Appoints Former NSA Director Paul Nakasone to Board of Directors
» Vermont Governor Vetoes Data Privacy Bill, Saying State Would be Most Hostile to Businesses
» CISA Warns of Progress Telerik Vulnerability Exploitation
» Ascension Says Personal, Health Information Stolen in Ransomware Attack
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