» Лавров заявил о разрушении архитектуры отношений России и Евросоюза. Значит гнилая была эта архитектура, Лавров. Ищи нового архитектора. - M.N.
» "Лавров заявил о разрушении архитектуры отношений России и Евросоюза." Значит гнилая была эта архитектура, Лавров. Ищи нового архитектора. - M.N.
» Putin vows a 'quick and tough' Russian response for its foes - Yahoo News posted at 11:59:31
» Putin's People: How the KGB Took Back Russia | Seven people injured after explosion rips through houses in Kent | Настоящее Время: "Это терпилово, ад". С чем сталкиваются кавказские мусульмане в тюрьмах России posted at 11:41:39 UTC
» President Joe Biden warns democracy is still threatened and former President Donald Trump's looming shadow proves it | Analysis by CNN
» Biden Order To Require New Cybersecurity Standards In Response To SolarWinds Attack
» Biden To Russia: We Don't Seek Escalation But 'Will Respond'
» This points to the Russian Mob, the Russian State, and the New Abwehr ultimately behind them. It also may indicate that this event is related to the Capitol Riot, and that both events were planned together, and well in advance, as the parts of the same op
» Mossad’s Cohen’s spring trip to US worse than axed winter trip – analysis – The Jerusalem Post
» Michael Novakhov on FBI: Dismantle the Inept, Incompetent, Brainless, Psychopathic FBI-KGB MONSTER! They are the main source of the problems, pervasive stupidity and the deeply rooted evil in America!
» Nation’s Largest Pharmacy Chains Now Offering At-Home Covid Tests | NBC News NOW posted at 14:27:36 UTC
» Brooklyn rents became cheapest in a decade in early 2021: report | Russia pulls back troops after massive buildup near Ukraine border - 10:28 AM 4/23/2021
» Capitol riot arrests of military, law enforcement and government personnel rises to 52 - 8:30 AM 4/23/2021
» Russia orders soldiers to begin return to bases after drills near Ukraine - Reuters - 9:02 AM 4/22/2021
» 9/11 Commission, the model for Capitol attack investigation, didn’t learn truth about Sept. 11 terrorism - The Washington Post | Bitcoin is facing an additional drop of 23% from current levels after breaching a key resistance level | Saved Stories - 8:37
» AG Garland Announces 'Comprehensive Review' Of Minneapolis Policing Practices | Selected Articles - 11:49 AM 4/21/2021
» Why Russia’s GRU military intelligence service is so feared – BBC News | Selected Articles - 10:23 AM 4/21/2021
» The world in brief - 8:13 AM 4/21/2021
» Evidence of far-reaching state complicity in January 6 coup attempt - 7:35 AM 4/20/2021 | Audio Post – White Extremists Sought Murders of Politicians and Cops After Capitol Siege | Audio Post | PBS documentary, CBS “60 Minutes” segment add to evidence of
» 5:35 AM 4/20/2021 - NYT > Opinion: America Needs a Jan. 6 Commission | U.S. Ambassador To Moscow Returning To Washington
» Cops searching for swindlers behind jewelry heists in southern Brooklyn
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