» DIG DEEPER: JARED KUSHNER AND HIS FAMILY ARE THE MONEY MANAGERS FOR THE NEW ABWEHR! They robbed both the Jews and Poles BLIND during WW2, serving the Hitler's Germans. They sent their looted stuff by trainloads from Italy to America with Mafia's help
» Путин выступает в МИДе: НАТО, Европа, безопасность в мире
» Владимир Путин наградил героев труда и вспоминал князя Рюрика.
» AI gene editing tools have power to modify human DNA, say researchers | BBC News
» The Lion Hunt
» The Lion Hunt, a short story by Michael Novakhov
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» The growing power of Israel's racist far right - 100 Tweets
» Iran did not suspend cooperation agreement with Russia, ambassador says - Al Arabiya English ... Iran did not suspend cooperation agreement with Russia, Ambassador says - Deccan Herald ... Putin's Hidden Game in the South Caucasus - Foreign Affairs Magazi
» Russia's new co-operation pact with Iran suspended, RIA agency reports - News Review: Russia and Iran
» A Deep State of His Own: “I am your warrior, I am your justice. … For those who have been wronged and betrayed ... I am your retribution.” - Tweets Review - 5 AM - 6.11.24
» Putin being pushed to breaking point over nuclear weapons - 06-09-2024 12PM EDT - Selected Articles - 20
» Putin's Russia is the Potemkin's Russia! The World does not need the Putin's Potemkin Russia. And the Russians themselves do not need it either. It is not the real Russia, it is the historical deviation which needs to be corrected, and the sooner the bet
» Джо подвёл черту: вступление Киева в НАТО ослабит шансы Байдена на переизбрание — BI | Selected Articles - 100
» Prince Harry hit by setback after being told not to 'jump the queue because of his status' - Selected Articles - 100 | 8:09 AM 6/9/2024
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» Drone footage of Israeli special forces running to a waiting helicopter with the four rescued hostages - Tweets Review
» My Opinion: Russia is the Fascist Mafia State: The same Imperial Nazi Ideology and Fascist Homophobia served by the powerful State Secret Police: Российские чиновники повсюду ищут "ЛГБТ-пропаганду", и им помогают доносчики. "Вторжение в Украину и преследо
» Ukraine-Russia war latest: Moscow warns it could go to war with NATO over US move - as Germany follows ... - Sky News
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