» Intelligence Operations | Abwehr and Psychoanalysis - Tweets Review | US "Psychoanalysts", many of them German Jewish charlatans, SPIED ON THEIR PATIENTS to find out the roots of TOTALITARIANISM!
» US-American psychoanalytic community began to collaborate with the US-Intelligence Community (IC) ... psychohistorical studies on Adolf Hitler... history & consequences of this rather unexpected liaison. Psychoanalytic & the U.S. Intelligence Communities:
» Among Those Who Marched Into the Capitol on Jan. 6: An F.B.I. Informant - The New York Times
» @SecondGentleman Are you behind the attempts to unseat Chris Wray of the FBI? Do you plot to rule America behind the scenes? What are your relations with the Intelligence Services, including the Mossad, KGB, BND, and the New Abwehr?#FBI #NEWS #KamalaHarri
» 9:12 AM 9/21/2021 - #CI (Attention, #CounterIntelligence!!!) Clearly, this is the vicious, targeted political attack on #ChrisWray, & it is orchestrated by Kamala Harris #VPHarris to control FBI #FBI. She is agent of "#ProgressiveLeft", & also of #NewAbwe
» #IMPEACH #KAMALAHARRIS FOR THE ATTEMPTED COUP D'ETAT!!! Investigate this #Trojan in depth! - Tweets Review
» 9:43 AM 9/20/2021 - M.N. - My opinions IN BLACK AND WHITE: #FBI Investigate #KamalaHarris IN DEPTH! Investigate her attempts to take over and to control the FBI, the domestic policies, and the National Security issues. She is not what she seems, & ther
» Kamala Harris and Chris Wray: The attack on the FBI Director is politically motivated, in my opinion. Ms. #Harris, are you following this assignment, apparently given to you by the so called "#ProgressiveLeft ("Socialists" & "Communists"?) to unseat #Chri
» I formed an #opinion, in the wake of #GymnastsSexScandal: #VPHarris' plan is to #fire #ChrisWray & put #SallyYeats at the helm of the #FBI to assure its support in the next Elections
» SHARED LINKS - AUDIO POSTS: The German-Russian involvement & management of 9/11 is so evident and so much in plain sight, that EVERYONE REFUSES TO SEE IT ... | The 9/11 Inquest: Now Americans Say Germans Bungled | Interviews - Tyler Drumheller | The Dark
» FBI kicks out Michigan agent with lead role in Gretchen Whitmer plot case | Josh Hawley singled out as instigator of possible domestic attacks by former FBI terrorism expert | 6 US Capitol police officers recommended for discipline in Jan. 6 riot | Brothe
» Right-wing and left-wing authoritarians, pretty much the same: report - 9:52 AM 9/11/2021
» 9:54 AM 9/10/2021 - FBI News Review | Are we safer now? Homeland security leaders reflect, 20 years after 9/11 - Police News | The role of Robert Hanssen in 9/11 is the visible tip of the iceberg. The hypothetical and probable roles of the others includin
» FBI IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR 9/11! INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS! DISBAND THE CRIMINAL FBI-KGB GANG! | Current Headlines - 5:04 AM 9/10/2021: Sept. 11 united America. Twenty years later, the nation stands divided. - NBC News | 'A heavy price': Two deca
» ProPublica: Declassifying the 9/11 Investigation | Selected Articles Review - 7:29 AM 9/9/2021
» News Review In Brief: 08/09/21 23:56 - 09/09/21 06:41
» German federal police acquired Israeli Pegasus spyware in secret -report - The Jerusalem Post 08/09/21 03:21 | Trial Begins Over November 2015 Paris Terrorist Attacks - The New York Times 08/09/21 09:41
» Far-right terror poses bigger threat to US than Islamist extremism post-9/11 - The Guardian
» Why a New Vaccine for the Delta COVID Variant May Be Needed - Newsweek
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