DAYBORN Website Upgrade Project 18 Oct 2023
Datalite UK Ltd is in the process of upgrading several of its websites. This will include The aim is to complete by mid December 2023, and to make all sites mobile and tablet friendly as well as to provide a fresh modern look. Existing websites including will be operational in the interim.
Despatches to Republic of Ireland 4 Apr 2023
We at Dayborn have been vigorously working to try and find a solution to the apparent bureaucracy blocking despatches to Republic of Ireland. Ireland's AN Post has been patently unhelpful, it looks like no attempt was made in delivering items to Ireland last Autumn, even on a pay VAT on arrival basis. Royal Mail have been more proactive - and highlighted that the basic problem is that VAT needs to be seen to have been paid or accounted electronically prior to despatch; but no solution at a reasonable price can be found yet. It appears the whole system blocks small to medium businesses from despatching from UK to Republic of Ireland, whilst favouring large enterprises such as Amazon. There appears no obvious solution at this juncture, but we're not giving up on trying to resolve this.
Despatches to Republic of Ireland - Update 29 Mar 2023
It was with regret that we were forced to suspend despatches to Republic Ireland, due to high level of returns (unhelpfully 2-3 months after despatch) from Ireland's AN Post. This was despite CN22 Custom forms, HS Codes, and checking by Royal Mail. We have been corresponding with AN Post to find a solution, they so far have not been unhelpful, indeed taking several months to reply to eMail correspondence and directing us to another department within AN Post. Ireland's AN Post appear to be rejecting packages for no apparent reason other than 'failed electronics customs clearance', but so far have not provided any explanation or guidance. This is a ridiculous situation, and we are currently being proactive to find a solution, with the aim of resuming despatches to Southern Ireland.
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