Feb 4 61: Defending Against Nation Sponsored Attacks
Companies who don’t have their systems up to date are to this day running into variants of WannaCry ransomware taking over business-critical systems. Most of these businesses are not even the intended target for these types of advanced persistent ...
Jan 24 60: A Different Perspective on Shadow IT
Shadow IT usually is the crux of IT teams. It creates an issue of visibility within the IT stack that leaves IT in the dark, hence the name. Often, when shadow IT happens though, it’s because IT is not allowing for fast workflows or certain operat...
Dec 30 59: Using Automation to Protect Your Business Networks
On the phone today, we have someone who is helping IT and Security teams do just that. Alex Bauert has more than 25 years of IT experience, with 15 of those years spent in architecture and application security leadership roles. He has built and en...
Oct 28 58: IT Horror Stories
IT professionals join the Defrag This podcast to tell the spookiest stories of their careers.
Sep 11 57: Information Governance Report by Osterman Research
Greg Mooney and Jeff Edwards discuss a new report released by Osterman Research and sponsored by Progress about how Information Governance is often overlooked when it comes to IT operations cost savings.
Aug 7 56: MOVEit 2019.1 Dedicated Cloud
Aug 5 55: Data Collection and the Open Source Intelligence
Jul 31 54: Archiving Data Today and Into the Future
Jul 29 53: Big Business Facing GDPR Fines in the UK
Jul 19 52: EMA Report - Network Performance Management Tools
In the case of network performance management, what are the most important metrics? Also, which tools are IT teams using to get this data to support the business infrastructure? The answer is “many” depending on who you ask.
Jul 12 51: Have You Met? QBITS
In this latest  Have You Met?  podcast series, Greg Mooney chats with Daniel Hotz  about manage file transfer solutions and how  QBits  is implementing manage file transfer tools in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.
Jun 14 50: Right and Wrong Way of Entering Infosec
Apr 16 49: Have You Met? L8 Solutions
In this latest Have You Met? podcast, Greg Mooney chats with L8 Solutions on their continued success as an Ipswitch partner and how they are providing stellar IT solutions and services to their clients in the UK.
Apr 8 48: MOVEit Integration with Mulesoft
Apr 8 47: What is DevSecOps?
Apr 3 Defragging March 2019
We're bringing you March's security and IT news!
Mar 12 46: How DevOps Teams are Using Network Monitoring Tools
If your company isn’t developing software, just wait five minutes.   Many companies that never dreamed they’d be developing their own software are having to “roll their own.” Sometimes it’s an internal use only, as a custom layer over an existing ...
Feb 14 45: Log Management Basics - What should You Collect?
Log Management is a hot topic these days, especially in the way it pertains to organizational data security. So in this episode of Defrag This your host Mark Towler sits down with Jim Cashman to quiz the latter on his sysadmin experience with Log ...
Feb 12 44: 12 Years Later: How the TJX Hack Changed Security and Compliance
In this episode of Defrag This, we’re taking a look back at one of the most monumental events in hacker history—the 2007 hack of TJX companies, which was, at the time, the biggest breach of consumer data in the history of the United States.        
Feb 1 43: AI vs Automation For SecOps Teams
Automated systems are not always AI, but AI is an automated system. It’s easy to get the two terms confused because they both run off the same thing—data. However, the differences are far reaching and it’s important to know the differences between...
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