» Crystal Valley Farm Coop Hit with Ransomware
22/09/21 15:17 from Threatpost
It's the second agricultural business to be seized this week and portends a bitter harvest with yet another nasty jab at critical infrastructure.

» "Python is eating the software development world right now"
22/09/21 14:45 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» [Writing Prompt] 'Things I Wish Existed' Interview
22/09/21 14:43 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» [Writing Prompt] Tech Trends Interview
22/09/21 14:25 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» NASA's NIAC Program Gives a Sneak Peek at the Future of Space Travel
22/09/21 14:04 from Wired
As the agency develops plans for exploring the moon and Mars, it's seeking cutting-edge research that could turn science fiction into reality.

» [Writing Prompt] Cool Tech Abroad Interview
22/09/21 14:03 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» [Writing Prompt] Your Home Gadget/ DIY Project Interview
22/09/21 13:42 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» [Writing Prompt] Life Hack Interview
22/09/21 13:34 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» the inevitable rise of the player owned game economy
22/09/21 13:30 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» Meet the Writer: Mikhail Kirilin Did 12 Hours of Research for His Latest Piece
22/09/21 12:43 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» Netgear SOHO Security Bug Allows RCE, Corporate Attacks
22/09/21 12:41 from Threatpost
The issue lies in a parental-control function that's always enabled by default, even if users don't configure for child security.

» How to Bridge the Physical and Digital World Through Digital Twinning
22/09/21 12:41 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» CryptoBadger on His Goal of Helping 1 Million Lives Changed via Crypto
22/09/21 12:41 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» Data Impact in Public Health Accuracy: A Healthcare Expert's Quest to Educate the Public with Data
22/09/21 12:31 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» Keep Trackers and Advertisers at Bay with these Browser Privacy Tips
22/09/21 12:20 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» How to Create Apps With The Laravel PHP Framework
22/09/21 12:18 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» 16 Deals to Help Deck Out Your Home Office
22/09/21 12:15 from Wired
Is your work space lacking in form and function? Some of our favorite desks, webcams, and keyboards are discounted right now.

» Comparing The Top 10 Kubernetes CI/CD Tools
22/09/21 12:14 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» A Step-by-Step Content Marketing Guide for IT Companies
22/09/21 12:08 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» Does "Ready Player One" Foreshadow Our Future Virtual World?
22/09/21 12:06 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» From Zero to Hero: A Defi Startup Story
22/09/21 12:01 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» WTF Happened to Solana's Proof of History?
22/09/21 11:59 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» Productivity Hack: How Developers can Reduce Context Switching
22/09/21 11:52 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» From Rejections to $21M in Funding: A Founder Story
22/09/21 11:45 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» Unpatched Apple Zero-Day in macOS Finder Allows Code Execution
22/09/21 10:22 from Threatpost
All a user needs to do is click on an email attachment, and boom -- the code is silently executed without the victim knowing. It affects Big Sur and prior versions of macOS.

» What Social Media Needs to Learn From Traditional Media
22/09/21 10:05 from Wired
Government regulation will never fix everything wrong with online discourse. The industry needs to develop professional norms—just as journalism once did.

» How REvil May Have Ripped Off Its Own Affiliates
22/09/21 09:50 from Threatpost
A newly discovered backdoor and double chats could have enabled REvil ransomware-as-a-service operators to hijack victim cases and snatch affiliates’ cuts of ransom payments.

» VMware Warns of Ransomware-Friendly Bug in vCenter Server
22/09/21 09:17 from Threatpost
VMware urged immediate patching of the max-severity, arbitrary file upload flaw in Analytics service, which affects all appliances running default 6.5, 6.7 and 7.0 installs.

» Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 Is a Lovable Weirdo
22/09/21 09:00 from Wired
The second time around, Microsoft’s foldable mobile comes closer to what it actually is: a phone.

» Privacy-focused Linux Distributions to Secure Your Online Presence in 2021
22/09/21 09:00 from Linux Journal - The Original Magazine of the Linux Community
by Suparna Ganguly Linux distros are usually more secure than their Windows and Mac counterparts. Linux Operating Systems being open-source leaves very less scope of unauthorized access to its core. However, with the advancement of techn...

» What Poses a Challenge to Security in a Multi-Cloud Environment
22/09/21 08:57 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» Everything Microsoft Announced, Including a Wacky Flippy Laptop
22/09/21 08:53 from Wired
The latest hardware out of Redmond is a vibe.

» Everything Microsoft Announced, Including a Wacky Laptop
22/09/21 08:53 from Wired
The new hardware includes an updated Surface Duo 2, which you can finally call a phone, and a cute eco-friendly mouse.

» An Unboring Guide to Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
22/09/21 08:15 from Hacker Noon - Medium

» TikTok, GitHub, Facebook Join Open-Source Bug Bounty
22/09/21 07:52 from Threatpost
The initiative, run by HackerOne, aims to uncover dangerous code repository bugs that end up going viral across the application supply-chain.

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