» Amazon’s tech is a hit: Seattle Mariners add three more stadium stores featuring ‘Just Walk Out’
28/03/23 12:26 from GeekWire
Technology and tech culture are taking a permanent spot in the lineup at T-Mobile Park this season. The Seattle Mariners are adding three more food and beverage stores with Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” cashierless technolog...

» Tech Moves: Convoy vet joins Xembly; Seattle climate firm hires Goldman Sachs exec; and more
28/03/23 12:11 from GeekWire
— Ziad Ismail is now chief operating officer of Xembly, a Seattle startup that offers an artificial intelligence “chief of staff” designed to automate tedious tasks such as meeting notes, scheduling, to-do lists and mor...

» Apple iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 (2023): How to Download, New Features, Supported Devices
28/03/23 10:11 from Wired
The latest versions for iPhones and iPads are now available, complete with a revamped lock screen, Freeform, and Apple Pay Later.

» Film review: ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ marks a new era for Wizards of the Coast
28/03/23 10:00 from GeekWire
The most Dungeons & Dragons thing about Honor Among Thieves is that its protagonists are all complete screw-ups. One of the things you have to get used to in a tabletop role-playing game is that sooner or later, you’re going to...

» New ‘Security Copilot’ is Microsoft’s latest integration of OpenAI’s GPT-4
28/03/23 09:28 from GeekWire
Microsoft previewed new technology that uses artificial intelligence to defend against hackers by identifying, analyzing, and understanding the inner workings of malicious cyberattacks. The new “Security Copilot,” announced T...

» One Man’s Quest to Revive the Great American Vacuum Tube
28/03/23 08:34 from Wired
The prized retro audio components are mostly manufactured in Russia and China. Now, a small Georgia company is rebooting US production.

» Microsoft's ‘Security Copilot’ Sics ChatGPT on Security Breaches
28/03/23 08:31 from Wired
A new security tool aims to actually deliver the network insights and coordination that “AI” security tools have long promised.

» North Korea Is Now Mining Crypto to Launder Its Stolen Loot
28/03/23 08:00 from Wired
A spy group working for the Kim regime has been feeding stolen coins into crypto mining services in an effort to throw tracers off their trail.

» Vote for Startup of the Year: Arrived Homes, Lexion, Phaidra, Shipium, WhyLabs
28/03/23 07:49 from GeekWire
Real estate ownership. Legal contracts. Industrial AI. E-commerce fulfillment software. Machine learning monitoring. The finalists for Startup of the Year at this year’s GeekWire Awards come from a variety of industries, but all sh...

» Will the new capital gains tax cause businesses to leave Washington state?
28/03/23 07:12 from GeekWire
Now that Washington state’s new capital gains tax has the legal green light, many business leaders are sounding the alarm. The state Supreme Court ruling Friday prompted a one-sentence press release from Camas, Wash.-based Fisher I...

» 25 Best Cat Toys and Supplies (2023): Scratchers, Window Perches, Modern Furniture, and More
28/03/23 07:00 from Wired
Between litter boxes, beds, scratchers, and trees, felines need a lot of stuff. Here’s what the cats of WIRED have tested and loved.

» Amazon says Sidewalk reaches 90% of U.S. population, as it opens network to developers
28/03/23 06:43 from GeekWire
Amazon says its Sidewalk community wireless network, formed by pooling internet bandwidth from users of Amazon devices, now covers 90% of the U.S. population. The milestone, less than two years after Amazon launched Sidewalk, is a testam...

» Amazon Sidewalk Releases a Hardware Developer Kit
28/03/23 06:00 from Wired
The massive public mesh network taps into wireless bandwidth from Echo and Ring devices. Now, developers can build Sidewalk connectivity into their own gadgets and services.

» Technology Addiction Has Created a Self-Help Trap
28/03/23 06:00 from Wired
The history of other industries shows that individuals aren't always personally responsible, and that there's a way out.

» Employee engagement startup Mystery rebrands as Glue and uses software and AI to boost stickiness
28/03/23 06:00 from GeekWire
After a series of pandemic-induced pivots, Mystery was looking for the thing that would stick. And in becoming an employee engagement company, the startup was focused on helping companies boost morale and stickiness among a distributed w...

» 24 Best Wireless Chargers (2023): Pads, Stands, iPhone Docks, and More
28/03/23 05:00 from Wired
Stop fumbling for cables in the dark. These WIRED-tested stands and pads will take the hassle out of refueling your phone, wireless earbuds, and watch.

» Be Your Own Tab Manager
28/03/23 05:00 from Wired
WIRED's spiritual advice columnist on the tendency to keep tabs open and the desire to reduce the infinite possibilities of the internet.

» Sonoma Bio inks $75M deal with Regeneron to advance cell therapies against autoimmunity
28/03/23 04:30 from GeekWire
The news: Sonoma Biotherapeutics is partnering with Regeneron to co-develop cell therapies for Crohn’s disease and other autoimmune conditions. The agreement comes with a $75 million upfront payment and a potential $45 million milestone ...

» The Trans-American Race to Build Chargers for Electric Trucks
28/03/23 04:00 from Wired
Startups and investors are rushing to build networks of charging stations. But it’s still unclear when—or if—battery-powered  big rigs will rule the roads.

» Your Speech May Reveal Early Signs of Alzheimer’s
28/03/23 04:00 from Wired
Startup Accexible says the way you talk can indicate preclinical Alzheimer’s or other underlying health conditions.

» TikTok and Amazon Bet on China’s Ecommerce Model. It’s a Dud
28/03/23 04:00 from Wired
Selling over livestreams is a $40 billion business in China. But Americans just aren’t responding.

» Now That ChatGPT Is Plugged In, Things Could Get Weird
28/03/23 04:00 from Wired
Letting the chatbot interact with the live internet will make it more useful—and more problematic, too.

» When a Vintage RV Is Your Home, Repair Is a Way of Life
28/03/23 03:00 from Wired
Six years ago, I moved my family into a 50-year-old RV—not just to see America, but to test my belief that anything worth fixing can be fixed.

» To Fight Coastal Erosion, Design a Bespoke Artificial Reef
27/03/23 23:00 from Wired
Reefy, a startup in the Netherlands, makes modular reefs that double as living breakwaters for coastal areas suffering the effects of the climate crisis.

» What Time Is It on the Moon?
27/03/23 23:00 from Wired
Lunar astronauts will need to synchronize their watches on future missions. But on a rock that rotates much slower than Earth, time gets weird fast.

» Microsoft job cuts surpass 2,700 in Seattle region; security technology group hit in latest round
27/03/23 17:43 from GeekWire
Microsoft made another 559 job cuts in the Seattle region on Monday, according to a filing with the state Employment Security Department (ESD), bringing the regional total to 2,743 layoffs since the company started making cuts in January...

» Filing: Blue Nile laying off workers and shutting down Seattle fulfillment center
27/03/23 13:58 from GeekWire
Online jewelry retailer Blue Nile is shutting down a fulfillment center in Seattle and laying off 119 workers, according to a new filing with the Washington state Employment Security Department. The layoffs are set to begin July 14, acco...

» New climate marketplace aims to move clean energy cash into impactful projects
27/03/23 08:00 from GeekWire
As international scientists are frantically raising alarms about climate change, corporations, public policy and tech innovation are coming together to potentially unleash a large-scale rollout of solar, wind, batteries and other renewab...

» New climate marketplace raises $6.1M to move clean energy cash into impactful projects
27/03/23 08:00 from GeekWire
As international scientists are frantically raising alarms about climate change, corporations, public policy and tech innovation are coming together to potentially unleash a large-scale rollout of solar, wind, batteries and other renewab...

» Plastics Are Devastating the Guts of Seabirds
27/03/23 08:00 from Wired
New research shows that seabirds’ ingestion of the pollutant scars their insides—a new disease called “plasticosis”—and may disturb their microbiomes.

» 5 Best Password Managers (2022): Features, Pricing, and Tips
27/03/23 08:00 from Wired
Keep your logins locked down with our favorite apps for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and web browsers.

» 7 Best Electric Toothbrushes (2023): Cheap, Smart, Kids, and Alternatives
27/03/23 07:00 from Wired
These rechargeable and battery-powered models put better oral hygiene within easy reach.

» Sonos Era 100 Review: The New Smart Speaker Standard
27/03/23 06:00 from Wired
The $249 speaker streams in stereo, and it comes with some of the best room-tuning software I’ve ever heard.

» I Could Play 'Disney Dreamlight Valley' Until the End of Time
27/03/23 06:00 from Wired
It’s hard to design the perfect, infinitely bingeable game. This is one of them.

» Klipsch The Sevens Review: Bigger Is Bolder
27/03/23 05:00 from Wired
These powered speakers work well for both TV and vinyl in my modern living room.

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