» Dragica Brayovic, one the the World's Premier Facial Super-Recognizers, Employed Her Talents on the the Question of the Identity of Sister Lucy dos Santos. Result, Beginning in 1967 there was an Imposter who Posed as the real Sister Lucy dos Santos. See t
22/05/22 00:01 from RadTrad Thomist

» Dr. David Allen White, on the John-Henry Weston Show, Speaks about a Fake Sister Lucy.. Starts around the 29 min. mark. As John Adams once said after Defending the British Soldiers at the "Boston Massacre": "Facts are Stubborn Things."
21/05/22 21:19 from RadTrad Thomist

» Dr. Chojnowski interviewed by Dr. Kevin Barrett on Revolution Radio on Fatima and the Russian-Ukrainian War. Russia is the Instrument to Chastise the West, just as Our Lady said to Sister Lucy dos Santos. The Real One.
19/05/22 02:18 from RadTrad Thomist

» "Shooting the Messenger of Fatima." Fake Sister Lucy had Occult Eastern Yin Yang Balls.
06/05/22 16:05 from RadTrad Thomist

» New "Transformed in the Spirit of Vatican II" "Sister Lucy" had a set of Yin Yang balls to access the "Universal Energy" of the NewChurch of the Prayer Meeting of Assisi. Check out this video proof at around the 5:43 second mark. It is surely not "Yin Ya
02/05/22 15:56 from RadTrad Thomist

» Paul VI, in 1966, one year before presenting the "transformed" "Sister Lucy," urges all to "transform" themselves into the "image of the conciliar Church." Isn't this the exact reason why everything Fatima was "transformed" after 1965? Terrifying when you
30/04/22 17:14 from RadTrad Thomist

» Portugal, We Need Your Help! New Portuguese Webpages for sisterlucytruth.org Skyrockets Portugal to the 5th Spot for National Readership at the Sister Lucy Truth site!
30/04/22 12:49 from RadTrad Thomist

» Daily Updated Additions to Portuguese Section of Sister Lucy Truth site! Taking the Investigation to where the Crime Happened!
12/04/22 14:57 from RadTrad Thomist

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