DATALITE UK LTD - Short Break 7 Apr 2008
DATALITE UK LTD is taking a short staff break for period 8-10 April 2008. Products may be ordered, but will not be despatched until Friday 11th April 2008.
New Products & Website Enhancements 17 Mar 2008
Datalite UK Ltd is pleased to announce that expansion continues with three new pages added to Datalite Frames (Delivery, Options, new K Range Wedge Frames). Also that new Name Meaning certificates are under development for its personalised gift range at Dayborn, availability antipated before end March 2008. Both sites available direct from web page.
Datalite UK Ltd - eBay Erroneous VAT Resolved 3 Mar 2008
A solution has been found for the eBay VAT problem. The glitch has been discovered at the interface between eBay and Paypal at the checkout stage. eBay auctions & shop sales have consequently resumed.
Datalite UK Ltd - eBay Erroneous VAT 27 Feb 2008
Datalite UK Ltd has regrettably temporarily suspended its products on its eBay Shop. This is due to a technical eBay software issue with adding erroneous VAT to customer's invoices on checking out. This has been reported to eBay, but still awaiting their resolution Datalite UK Ltd has repaid these amounts to customers as they occur, but together with queries the eBay VAT problem has resulted in an untenable administrative burden. All our products may be purchased from its respective website, and direct links are available from
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