» Survey: We care what you think, and we need your help
07/12/18 15:51 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
We’ve prepared a survey about the blog that will take you at most five minutes to fill out and that will help us improve SCOTUSblog for you. We would really appreciate it if you would participate by clicking here. We take your feedback s...

» One new grant today
07/12/18 15:50 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
This afternoon the justices issued an initial set of orders from their private conference today. They added just one new case, involving maritime law, to their merits docket for the term; they did not act on any of the higher-profile cas...

» Now available on Oyez: This week’s oral argument audio aligned with the transcripts
07/12/18 15:32 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
Oyez has posted the aligned audio and transcripts from this week’s oral arguments at the Supreme Court. The court heard argument this week in: Dawson v. Steager Lorenzo v. Securities and Exchange Commission Biestek v. Berryhill Helsinn H...

» Argument analysis: Majority appears ready to uphold “separate sovereigns” doctrine
06/12/18 15:20 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
When Terance Gamble was pulled over by police in Alabama three years ago for having a faulty headlight, he probably didn’t think that prosecutors would make a federal case out of it. And he certainly wouldn’t have imagined that his case ...

» Argument transcript
06/12/18 14:32 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
The transcript of oral argument in Gamble v. United States is available on the Supreme Court’s website. The post Argument transcript appeared first on SCOTUSblog .

» Argument analysis: Justices wrestle with scope of cross-examination of social security experts
06/12/18 13:57 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard argument in an important Social Security Disability Insurance case, Biestek v. Berryhill. At issue was whether the Social Security Administration may ground a decision to deny benefits on the opinion o...

» Government files invitation briefs, recommends just one grant
05/12/18 18:15 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
In the past few days, the federal government has filed a bevy of briefs expressing the views of the United States on issues ranging from the interpretation of the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to California’s ban on foie gras. The jus...

» Relist Watch
05/12/18 12:54 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
John Elwood reviews Monday’s relists. With just one conference left in 2018, all is quiet on the Supreme Court’s shadow docket. Scarcely a creature has been stirring among the returning relists, which – with one exception – have been nes...

» Justices call for more briefing in dispute about Oklahoma prosecutions of Native Americans
04/12/18 20:59 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
Now that the justices have had a few days to consider last week’s oral argument in Carpenter v Murphy, it appears that they are looking for creative ways to resolve the dispute. As explained in my earlier posts, the case as presented to ...

» Argument analysis: Justices debate revised language in patent-priority statute
04/12/18 20:50 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
This morning’s argument in Helsinn v. Teva Pharmaceuticals brought the justices their first patent case of the year. As expected, this argument included little of the technical concerns that so often dominate patent cases.  This case com...

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