» Justices allow Texas execution to go forward
24/04/19 21:24 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
Today the Supreme Court refused to block the execution of John William King, who was scheduled to die by lethal injection tonight for the 1998 murder of James Byrd, Jr. Byrd, who was African-American, was the victim of a gruesome crime t...

» Reschedule Watch Returns
24/04/19 17:23 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
John Elwood reviews Monday’s relists. A lot of movement on the relist front this week. Most noteworthy of all, the Supreme Court granted the long–simmering trio of cases involving whether Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 a...

» Argument transcripts
24/04/19 14:19 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
The transcript of oral argument in Quarles v. United States is available on the Supreme Court’s website; the transcript in Taggart v. Lorenzen is also available. The post Argument transcripts appeared first on SCOTUSblog .

» Argument analysis: Court leaning toward requiring the government to prove that a felon in possession knew he was a felon
24/04/19 11:41 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
Tuesday afternoon’s oral argument in Rehaif v. United States was not, as a formal matter, about the well-known “felon-in-possession” provision of 18 U.S.C. §§ 922(g) and 924(a)(2). It was supposed to be about a much les...

» A “view” from the courtroom: Counting to five
23/04/19 18:43 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
Today is the oral argument in one of the term’s biggest cases, Department of Commerce v. New York, about the Trump administration’s efforts to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. It is also a rare day for afternoon arguments, ...

» Argument analysis: Divided court seems ready to uphold citizenship question on 2020 census
23/04/19 17:30 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
The Supreme Court heard oral argument this morning in the dispute over the Trump administration’s decision to include a question about citizenship on the 2020 census. The federal government says that the Department of Justice wants data ...

» Argument analysis: Justices appear likely to endorse broader reading of FOIA exemption for “confidential” commercial information
23/04/19 17:25 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
An observer might be excused if she was confused by Monday’s oral argument in Food Marketing Institute v. Argus Leader Media. The case concerns the application of the term “confidential” commercial or financial information in Exemption 4...

» Argument analysis: Justices debate warrantless blood draw for unconscious drunk driver
23/04/19 17:11 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
Under Wisconsin law, anyone who drives on the state’s roads is assumed to have consented to have his blood tested for alcohol and drugs. The state’s laws also assume that a driver who is unconscious has not withdrawn that consent. Today ...

» Justices pass on opportunity to define liability for inadequate disclosures about tender offers
23/04/19 14:50 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
The Supreme Court this morning dismissed Emulex Corp. v. Varjabedian a week after oral argument, passing on an opportunity to clarify the standard of liability under the securities laws for misleading disclosures about tender offers. Bec...

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