» Empower Your Employees to Negotiate More Challenging and Satisfying Roles
20/10/17 22:34 from Catalyst Site Feed
Your success as a manager hinges, in large part, on your employees’ development, innovation, and commitment to the organization. And those very employees’ ability to negotiate more challenging and satisfying roles fuels both of your succ...

» Petition of the day
20/10/17 20:20 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
The petition of the day is: Ferrellgas Partners, L.P. v. Morgan-Larson, LLC 17-441 Issue: Whether, or in what circumstances, a plaintiff adequately pleads a “continuing violation” of the antitrust laws, sufficient to satisfy the statute ...

» Chief Justice Salmon Chase on the permanency of the Union, and Cynthia Nicoletti on Chase’s political ambitions
20/10/17 15:56 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
In Texas v. White in 1869, Chief Justice Salmon Chase famously wrote for the Supreme Court that the “Constitution, in all its provisions, looks to an indestructible Union composed of indestructible States.” Chase’s opinion rejecting stat...

» Women in Academia
20/10/17 13:36 from Catalyst Site Feed
Quick Take October 20, 2017 Australia Canada Europe India Japan United States Women in Leadership Gender, Race, and Ethnicity A statistical overview of women in academia in Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Japan, and the United States.

» Role Negotiation and the Pursuit of Hot Jobs
19/10/17 21:00 from Catalyst Site Feed
Report December 8, 2016 Organizational Change Talent Management Women in Leadership Role negotiation is a win-win-win strategy that benefits individuals in their pursuit of hot jobs, leaders who want to foster innovation in their teams, ...

» Negotiate Your Way to a More Challenging and Satisfying Role
19/10/17 18:00 from Catalyst Site Feed
Want to feel more empowered? Take charge of your own career and begin to successfully negotiate your role today with these seven tips.

» Catalyst Canada Roundtable: Removing Bias From Talent Management
18/10/17 21:50 from Catalyst Site Feed
Catalyst Event In Person 0 Many organizations want to strengthen and diversify their talent pipeline to attract and retain top employees but don’t know which actions to take. Join Catalyst Canada at a bilingual (English & French) rou...

» Sexual Harassment: Enough is Enough
18/10/17 13:17 from Catalyst Site Feed
Catalyzing Deborah Gillis October 18, 2017 I recently gave a speech where I called for organizations to adopt a “zero tolerance policy” for practices and behaviors that marginalize women—all the inertia that pushes men forward into leade...

» Hardly any federal employees are fired for poor performance. That could be a good sign, report says.
18/10/17 06:00 from Federal Eye
The low rate at which federal employees are fired for poor performance doesn’t prove the government accepts it but instead “could actually be a positive sign,” the agency that decides appeals of discipline against federal employees has s...

» GOP health insurance plan for feds part of larger assault on compensation
17/10/17 16:19 from Federal Eye
After repeatedly failing in their cynical efforts that would cut millions from health insurance rolls, congressional Republicans now are attacking the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP). Together with President Trump’s ear...

» Catalyst Information Center Guide to Benchmarking
17/10/17 16:07 from Catalyst Site Feed
Tool October 17, 2017 Global Organizational Change Talent Management This tool provides links to global, country-specific, and industry resources that contain publicly available benchmarking data about women.

» Kagan on Marshall: “Greatest lawyer of the 20th century”
17/10/17 10:19 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
Justice Elena Kagan momentarily hedged her bets yesterday afternoon in front of an audience of law students at Chicago-Kent College of Law. But after struggling to find proper qualifiers, she didn’t hold back: “I don’t see how anyone cou...

» Q&A for federal workers: Timing retirement
17/10/17 06:00 from Federal Eye
Question: I’m trying to decide on a retirement date. Should I go out before the end of the year to capture the COLA? Answer: There always is a surge of federal employee retirements around the turn of the year. Often this is for personal ...

» Petitions of the day
16/10/17 20:20 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
The petitions of the day are: Philip Morris USA, Inc. v. Naugle 17-400 Issues: (1) Whether, when there is no way to tell whether a prior jury found particular facts against a party, due process permits those facts to be conclusively pres...

» The Journey to Inclusion: Building Workplaces That Work for Women in Japan
16/10/17 17:26 from Catalyst Site Feed
Report October 17, 2017 Japan Inclusive Leadership The Journey to Inclusion: Building Workplaces That Work for Women in Japan explores workplace culture in Japan and, specifically, the impact of inclusion on women. 

» The Journey to Inclusion: Building Workplaces That Work for Women in Japan (Japanese)
16/10/17 17:26 from Catalyst Site Feed
Report October 17, 2017 Japan Inclusive Leadership この『インクルージョンへの道:日本における女性が働きやすい職場づくり』は、日本の職場文化、特にインクルージョンが女性に与える影響について調査したものです。

» Court adds four new cases to merits docket
16/10/17 11:55 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
This morning the Supreme Court issued orders from its October 13 conference. The justices added four new cases to their merits docket for the term, and several justices commented on some of the cases in which the court denied review. The...

» OT2017 #3: “Nowheresville” (ft. Nina Totenberg)
16/10/17 09:19 from SCOTUSblog » Cases and Controversies
The October sitting has ended—and we’re here to wrap it up for you. On this episode, we begin by discussing the biggest news of the month: our new microphones, brought to you courtesy of our Patreon supporters. We also break down the Dec...

» Why Inclusion and Gender Equality Need Everyone on Board - Perth
13/10/17 10:55 from Catalyst Site Feed
Catalyst Event In Person 0 Join us for a lively interactive discussion about how this can be achieved and how organisations are focusing on flexibility, inclusion and shared responsibility for building high-performing teams.  2 November ...

» Catalyst India Event: Working Across Generations
13/10/17 10:55 from Catalyst Site Feed
Catalyst Event In Person 0 Join this panel discussion to hear how your organization can build engagement across generations to create more inclusive workplaces. 31 October 2017 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. IST Prestige Corporate Park Basement ...

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