» Virtual reality warps your sense of time
14/05/21 17:42 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Psychology researchers found that playing games in virtual reality creates an effect called 'time compression,' where time goes by faster than you think. The research team compared time perception during gameplay using conventional monit...

» Our dreams' weirdness might be why we have them, argues new AI-inspired theory of dreaming
14/05/21 17:42 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Why we dream is a divisive topic within the scientific community, and the neuroscience field is saturated with hypotheses. Inspired by techniques used to train deep neural networks, a neuroscience researcher argues for a new theory of dr...

» Politically polarized brains share an intolerance of uncertainty
13/05/21 21:35 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
A new study on political polarization showed how an aversion to uncertainty is often associated with black-and-white political views.

» Study of 70,000 individuals links dementia to smoking and cardiovascular disease
13/05/21 19:48 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
In the largest study of the associations between smoking and cardiovascular disease on cognitive function, researchers found both impair the ability to learn and memorize; and that the effects of smoking are more pronounced among females...

» Brain mechanism of curiosity unraveled
13/05/21 18:24 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Researchers have discovered a new brain circuit underlying curiosity and novelty seeking behavior. Using several innovative techniques, the scientists uncovered a whole path of multiple brain regions that converts curiosity into action i...

» The emergence of cooperation
13/05/21 18:24 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Cooperation plays a crucial role in evolution. A team of scientists has now created a new model that shows how different kinds of cooperative strategies among humans develop. Using their unified framework, they show how an individual's e...

» Adolescents and older adults lack attention in social situations
13/05/21 18:24 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
New research has found that adolescents and older adults pay less attention to social cues in real-world interactions than young adults.

» Songbird neurons for advanced cognition mirror the physiology of mammalian counterparts
13/05/21 18:23 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Neuroscientists examining genetically identified neurons in a songbird's forebrain discovered a remarkable landscape of physiology, auditory coding and network roles that mirrored those in the brains of mammals.

» Study: Drivers with shift work sleep disorder 3x more likely to be in crash
13/05/21 18:23 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
People who work nontraditional work hours, such as 11 p.m.-7 a.m., or the 'graveyard' shift, are more likely than people with traditional daytime work schedules to develop a chronic medical condition -- shift work sleep disorder -- that ...

» Eating more fruit and vegetables linked to less stress, study finds
13/05/21 14:00 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables is associated with less stress, according to new research. The findings revealed people who ate at least 470 grams of fruit and vegetables daily had 10 per cent lower stress levels than those wh...

» New study reveals where memories of familiar places are stored in the brain
13/05/21 14:00 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
As we move through the world, what we see is seamlessly integrated with our memory of the broader spatial environment. How does the brain accomplish this feat? A new study reveals that three regions of the brain in the posterior cerebral...

» Count your blessings: Short gratitude intervention can increase academic motivation
13/05/21 12:49 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
In a recent study, researchers explore how nurturing feelings of gratitude can enhance motivation among college students. Their results show that a keeping a daily gratitude journal for only two weeks has a positive impact on academic mo...

» Academic skills least valued when assessing the 'ideal student' by academics and peers
12/05/21 23:45 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
The 'ideal student' - valued by both learners and university staff - is a punctual, organized, hard worker and enthusiastic learner - rather than someone with excellent academic results, high intelligence and good employability.

» Measuring brain blood flow and activity with light
12/05/21 23:45 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
A new, noninvasive method for measuring brain blood flow with light has been developed by biomedical engineers and neurologists and used to detect brain activation. The new method, functional interferometric diffusing wave spectroscopy, ...

» Study reveals structure of key receptors involved in memory and learning
12/05/21 18:36 from ScienceDaily: Mind & Brain News
Scientists have for the first time revealed the structure surrounding important receptors in the brain's hippocampus, the seat of memory and learning. The new study focuses on the organization and function of glutamate receptors, a type ...

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