» The Marathon: Ethiopia And Bitcoin
17/06/21 17:34 from Bitcoin Magazine
The African country is primed to embrace bitcoin, culturally and economically.

» Banning Bitcoin Is Like Herding Cats
17/06/21 15:50 from Bitcoin Magazine
If the U.S. attempted to ban bitcoin, an endless digital game of whack-a-mole would ensue.

» Bitcoin Mining Firm Bitfarms To Be Traded On Nasdaq
17/06/21 15:06 from Bitcoin Magazine
Toronto-based Bitcoin mining firm Bitfarms expects to begin trading under “BITF” on the Nasdaq stock market on June 21.

» Lolli Bitcoin Rewards App Available On iOS
17/06/21 14:40 from Bitcoin Magazine
Bitcoin rewards platform Lolli has launched a mobile app available on iOS devices.

» Lightning Network Capacity Breaks 1,500 BTC
17/06/21 14:00 from Bitcoin Magazine
The Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s Layer 2 solution for fast and cheap transactions, has crossed the 1,500 BTC capacity milestone.

» National Republican Congressional Committee To Accept Bitcoin Donations
17/06/21 13:04 from Bitcoin Magazine
The National Republican Congressional Committee has become the first national party committee to solicit bitcoin donations.

» Inside The Scam: Victims Of Ledger Hack Are Receiving Fake Hardware Wallets
17/06/21 12:47 from Bitcoin Magazine
A new attack vector following the Ledger data breach of July 2020 involves sending convincing but fake hardware wallets to victims.

» World Bank Refuses To Help El Salvador Implement Bitcoin, Citing “Transparency Shortcomings”
17/06/21 11:11 from Bitcoin Magazine
Revealing misunderstandings, the World Bank has rejected El Salvador's request for assistance in implementing a bitcoin standard.

» FastBitcoins Expanding Bitcoin Buying Services To Australia
17/06/21 09:51 from Bitcoin Magazine
Bitcoin investment platform FastBitcoins has announced an expansion to Australia to meet growing demand for BTC investment there.

» Breaking Down Elon Musk’s Misunderstandings About Bitcoin
17/06/21 08:03 from Bitcoin Magazine
In a recent tweet explaining why Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin, Elon Musk displayed a poor understanding of Bitcoin’s energy use.

» Powell Admits Inflation Could Be Higher Than Expected, Making Case For Bitcoin
17/06/21 08:00 from Bitcoin Magazine
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell conceded that inflation could be higher than expected, leaving no alternative to Bitcoin.

» Bitcoin Is The Steak Of Money
16/06/21 17:44 from Bitcoin Magazine
The connection between carnivory and bitcoin is one that intrigues those outside and inside of this niche culture-cross.

» Lessons From The Winklevoss Twins On Overcoming Mental Health Stigma
16/06/21 15:58 from Bitcoin Magazine
Mental health is a serious issue that affects the Bitcoin community as much as any other — and should not be stigmatized.

» NYDIG, FS Investments File To Offer Another Bitcoin Fund Through Morgan Stanley
16/06/21 12:45 from Bitcoin Magazine
A new filing with the SEC indicates that another Morgan Stanley bitcoin fund will stem from the partnership of NYDIG and FS Investments.

» Video Showing Media Bias Around Bitcoin And Black Audiences Prompts Questions About Culture
16/06/21 12:13 from Bitcoin Magazine
A video suggesting that a local news producer omitted Bitcoin stories for black audiences raised questions about biases and Bitcoin culture.

» Genesis Digital Assets Buys 10,000 Bitcoin Mining Rigs From Canaan
16/06/21 11:40 from Bitcoin Magazine
Bitcoin mining firm Genesis Digital Assets has bought 10,000 bitcoin mining rigs from Canaan, advancing a partnership that started in April.

» Bitcoin Optech #153: Locking In Taproot
16/06/21 11:07 from Bitcoin Magazine
This week’s newsletter celebrates the lock-in of Taproot, describes a draft BIP for improving transaction privacy and more.

» Swiss Bitcoin Investment App Relai Raises $2.7 Million
16/06/21 09:40 from Bitcoin Magazine
Switzerland-based bitcoin investment app Relai raised more than $2.7 million in a series A round and now seeks to build a proprietary broker.

» MicroStrategy Is Writing The Corporate Bitcoin Accumulation Playbook
16/06/21 09:22 from Bitcoin Magazine
An excerpt from Bitcoin Magazine's Deep Dive: Michael Saylor's MicroStrategy continues to lead the corporate world in BTC accumulation.

» Plebs Versus Patricians In Ancient Rome — What Can Bitcoiners Learn?
15/06/21 18:39 from Bitcoin Magazine
The ancient lower class struggled against the ruling patricians, much as bitcoiners struggle against modern monoliths today.

» Bitcoin And The Illusion Of Reality
15/06/21 17:01 from Bitcoin Magazine
The current metrics and systems posed by the federal reserve are designed to beguile and disguise the reality of money.

» The End Of Bitcoin’s Beginning
15/06/21 16:04 from Bitcoin Magazine
We are fast approaching sovereign state adoption as game theory plays out in front of bitcoiner’s eyes.

» Interview: How Bittr Reopened In Europe
15/06/21 14:06 from Bitcoin Magazine
In this episode of the "Bitcoin Magazine Podcast," Ruben Waterman of Bittr explained how his bitcoin DCA app relaunched in Europe.

» These U.S. States Want Your Bitcoin Mining Business
15/06/21 12:57 from Bitcoin Magazine
Several U.S. states, including Texas, Wyoming and Illinois, are actively vying to attract bitcoin mining businesses.

» Report: Global Investment Funds Hold More Than $43 Billion In Bitcoin
15/06/21 12:05 from Bitcoin Magazine
Investment funds worldwide hold a collective bitcoin supply worth $43.2 billion, spread across various investment vehicles, per a new report.

» Bitcoin Water Trust, With Unique HODL Charity Model, Quickly Raises $1.3 Million In BTC
15/06/21 11:32 from Bitcoin Magazine
The Bitcoin Water Trust, a fund that accepts and holds bitcoin donations for charity: water, has received over 33.75 BTC since inception.

» Following $500 Million Sale To Buy Bitcoin, MicroStrategy Exploring A $1 Billion One
15/06/21 09:43 from Bitcoin Magazine
MicroStrategy, which holds more than 92,000 bitcoin, laid the groundwork for a potential $1 billion stock sale in order to buy more BTC.

» Bitcoin Emits Less Than 2% Of The World’s Military-Industrial Complex Carbon Emissions
15/06/21 08:28 from Bitcoin Magazine
Published research shows Bitcoin mining produces a mere fraction of the carbon emissions coming from the world’s military-industrial complex.

» Despite The Dip, The Bitcoin Market Is Bullish As Ever
14/06/21 18:36 from Bitcoin Magazine
There are several reasons why this bull market is set to continue, as reviewed in This Week In Bitcoin.

» Interview: Self Sovereignty With Btc_Log
14/06/21 18:09 from Bitcoin Magazine
In this episode of “Meet The Taco Plebs,” Bitcoin Magazine’s Casey Carrillo sat down with btc_log to talk about all things bitcoin.

» Thinking Too Small And The Pitfalls Of The Inflation Narrative
14/06/21 17:02 from Bitcoin Magazine
It may be that the most-cited narrative of bitcoin is simply one of many aspects in this global technological adoption.

» Bitcoin Versus The Great Financial Bubbles Of The Past
14/06/21 16:05 from Bitcoin Magazine
The previous crises are actually quite different from what we are currently experiencing if we examine history.

» Investor Paul Tudor Jones Highlights Bitcoin's Strengths As An Asset
14/06/21 13:31 from Bitcoin Magazine
Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones told CNBC that he looks at bitcoin as a portfolio diversifier to protect his wealth over time.

» China's Yunnan Province To Inspect Bitcoin Mining Operations As Rumors Of Ban Swirl
14/06/21 12:21 from Bitcoin Magazine
China's Yunnan province will be investigating bitcoin mining operations that are using power supplies illegally.

» Small Bitcoin Transfers In El Salvador Have Surged
14/06/21 11:37 from Bitcoin Magazine
El Salvador, where Bitcoin is being embraced on an unprecedented level, has seen BTC transfers under $1,000 surge this year.

» Elon Musk Capitulates On Bitcoin, Says Tesla Will Resume BTC Payments When Mining Gets Greener
14/06/21 10:57 from Bitcoin Magazine
In Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s latest on Bitcoin, he said the company will resume bitcoin payments once the mining industry gets greener.

» With Bitcoin 2021’s Iconic Graffiti Wall, Muralist Greg Mike Captured The Community
14/06/21 08:37 from Bitcoin Magazine
Renowned muralist Greg Mike discussed the inspiration for his iconic graffiti wall at the Bitcoin 2021 event.

» With Bitcoin 2021’s Iconic Art Wall, Muralist Greg Mike Captured The Community
14/06/21 08:37 from Bitcoin Magazine
Renowned muralist Greg Mike discussed the inspiration for his iconic art wall at the Bitcoin 2021 event.

» Another Way To Think About Bitcoin’s Value
13/06/21 13:00 from Bitcoin Magazine
One’s opinion on the value of bitcoin depends on one’s definition of value, as it is with anything.

» An Open Letter To The Nigerian Government: Pursue A Bitcoin Standard
12/06/21 19:58 from Bitcoin Magazine
NFL star and Nigerian descendant Russell Okung asks the Nigerian government to adopt a Bitcoin standard or risk falling behind.

» Taproot Activation Brings Massive Upgrades To Bitcoin
12/06/21 15:00 from Bitcoin Magazine
Taproot brings new optimizations to security and usability to the Bitcoin network as the activation is locked in.

» Despite Criticism, Bitcoin Is A Superior Investment To Gold
12/06/21 11:00 from Bitcoin Magazine
What’s been a hedge against inflation for thousands of years has had its throne usurped by bitcoin, and for good reason.

» Taproot Locks In: Bitcoin Protocol Upgrade Will Activate In November
12/06/21 08:12 from Bitcoin Magazine
Taproot has locked in with the Bitcoin protocol upgrade now set to activate in November.

» Why Ron Paul Is Bullish On Liberty And Bitcoin
11/06/21 18:00 from Bitcoin Magazine
The legendary politician, who advocated for many of the underlying principles present in sound money, believes liberty is inherent to Bitcoin.

» Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) And The BIP Process
11/06/21 14:45 from Bitcoin Magazine
This episode of “The Van Wirdum Sjorsnado” covered Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) and how the process works.

» Texas Clarifies That State-Chartered Banks Can Custody Bitcoin
11/06/21 13:54 from Bitcoin Magazine
The Texas Department of Banking issued a notice reaffirming that state-chartered banks can provide bitcoin custody services.

» Why Bitcoin, Not S***coin
11/06/21 12:50 from Bitcoin Magazine
Why bitcoin is not only the best investment of our time, and the only good “crypto,” but the only moral, economic and philosophically sound place to store your wealth.

» Bitcoin Mining Council Launches Mission Statement, Seeks Members
11/06/21 12:25 from Bitcoin Magazine
The Bitcoin Mining Council, initially set up by influential CEOs Michael Saylor and Elon Musk, has formally debuted and seeks members.

» U.S. Inflation Hits Highest Rate Since 2008, Outlining Case For Bitcoin
11/06/21 11:48 from Bitcoin Magazine
With inflation in the U.S. hitting its highest mark since the 2008 financial crisis, Bitcoin is serving as a critical lifeline.

» Interview: The Epic Of Bitcoin With Allen Farrington
10/06/21 18:10 from Bitcoin Magazine
Allen Farrington joined the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” to discuss his articles and Bitcoin’s cultural alignments.

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